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Jerry Remy talks Whitey Bulger, John Lackey and sitting through a rain delay

Jun 23, 2011|

Jerry Remy joins D&C to talk Whitey Bulger, John Lackey and sitting through a rain delay

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This interview -- Whitey Bulger all I mean Jerry Remy I get them confused is brought to you by Lexus of watered down new England's number one volume Lexus dealership call 18882279560. Also by Dunkin' Donuts. America runs on Duncan added. By realty executives -- England sharing your dreams of making that happen. Is the realty executives dot com good morning Jerry Remy how are -- all right guys are doing well why that's interesting isn't it that kind of monitor it is written I'm not a bad place to hang out good weather may play. Not -- he's not going to plays with good weather and nice nights accommodations after this and I guess get the -- David -- real. Yes -- not doing so well just breaks my awful against the best the best via the best available via the U extras that the game like yesterday -- -- we're not awful all. That was that was. It was terrible I mean some that time that deal was just ridiculous I -- and they'll puddles in the infield and you know that's what that's what interleague play brings them -- you gotta you gotta try to play those games and try to get a minimum. It was just terrible conditions were both sides. Do you chalk up losing a serious to the worst offensive team in baseball the last place Padres after this team was just so absolutely not red hot but white -- Just the vagaries of baseball Jerry. I think so I mean you know that was pretty good. Red Sox. You know had opportunities that -- out hit him in every in every game in the series but they just couldn't score many runs you know they had. They get into some some -- with men on base and they -- decided just one of those series like I you know was weird because -- they came in here. You know -- that he -- last in the league in the all kind of locked into categories in the Red Sox you know just the the pitching more than up to -- obviously with a seven the black yesterday. And and they couldn't get big hit when they needed and so you know you have series like that and now they go on this road trip that is going to be ridiculously. You know you played nine straight game to -- and actually -- and so. It's. Then it's a quirk in the schedule let's that's not very good for the Red Sox. I don't know what was more maddening in in the rain delays in the rain in the just took that led to the pace of that game or watching John Lackey started and watching him pitch against this. Totally out of control yesterday despite a seven the night before -- five -- in a -- and and -- the Atlanta hitting about it but you know three into that would bases loaded. Mean haven't done that you know and and I don't know how much of it had -- -- conditions are just the bad -- just about stopped a Lackey. But he'll be pitching obviously the last two days sentiment of the pardon the middle of the road map right now you know back has been -- Buckles on the disabled list so they gonna try to -- things together. Actually get these guys back. You'd given Lackey. Is it is he gonna. And now the and other items and elbow problem and have to go back on the deal would they skip a start -- late senator. I mean I don't know I don't know what he's -- is not right you know but I know I mean I don't think they'll make one up to put my optic -- they need Vinny decided that you right now is. You know he's one of the guys so I mean you got to continue to go all of them and hope hope for better results which it yesterday. About a -- this question before but we talked about the fact when we found out Lackey was coming here. We we referred to the old NASA footage of him giving up a home run to -- Red Sox batter when he was pitching for the angels. They turnaround look at the center field camera and we can read -- -- lips clearly. I hate this -- and place. Do you think you'd think she thinks that now do you think he regrets as any regret about coming here and taken money. You know I -- watching him around around the -- I know you know I didn't seems fine you know but. He's one of those guys -- when he goes to the mound I mean he you know wouldn't get upset and everything that that doesn't go his way. And they've become pretty obvious and we also hit it and it looks like -- -- that totally miserable but you know I don't think that the case I mean you know I you know knowing him from the inside. He seems totally content and happy and you know where he is. With a lot of guys who don't like this in at Fenway Park with that I mean that not a usual. And them but you know I can't I can't say that because that has been no indication to me. That his dislike for this place so that ballpark -- organization of this team. So you know in just one of those guys that shows all those emotions on his -- when he pitches. And it does that that you know competitive -- rubbed people wrong way but but that is when he's he's always been that way he was out when California. As opposed to a Savvis who can walk five guys in a row and expression never changes and I found his two meltdowns in those two separate innings unusual because. He got the first two batters of both innings out easily yeah and that loss of mine. I know I just in the years into what can legally get to a tribe got literally you don't see that there are no. And it'll look like to know that -- the -- -- by an appeal to the plate and you know nothing was going right forum so that he turned around I mean after that he could there out of that pretty well also. You know you get -- -- it's been about a couple of days in the pitching but nowhere in his seventh this situation you gotta give the guy some credit I mean he's. He's done pretty pretty good work for the Red Sox and a lot of different situations where they've really needed them. -- spot side especially at the bullpen he's given implement real good innings out of the bullpen is just. One of those things that that happened the day -- I don't -- -- I can't explain how a guy who walked five guys and girl. And you know but you know on the flip side of it is that he's got some pretty good things from out of -- really saved the bullpen at times where he's going to have that you know -- already in the name and you know -- the other team down so. And and that's really the role I think they want to him and his club. A jury amateur who dislikes in -- league play more you for the manager the difference as the manager has to adapt and and and make some adjustments. What those decisions about David first and and Gonzales in right entailed what what's he afraid of and what -- what does he think he's gonna be okay well. Really bothering him I mean he doesn't you know I -- he said he's got to figure out they would gonna do but I think. I think one of the things you think I think you will see. But Gonzales go to the outfield and a couple of occasions I really do think you'll see that because you can't sit David. -- nine straight games to make the pinch -- you just can't do that and you know I think the only other option they have is to put them out in the outfield where he. You know says he can play where he's played a couple of times. And they would pick up our where they have a small right feel that from my understanding. Pittsburgh end and -- both have pretty small right fields. And I think those of those look for the places that -- probably considered going to get lucky in the lineup so. It's a dilemma that you know and it's bothering him is no question -- bug them as the bug in a prolonged time. And you know that would drive American League managers crazy they go to these actually cities in the case is that -- And you can't have a guy -- -- -- out of this game series OK you know you could he could sneak through mid European Union and attention but nine games as a long time to go without getting. And and that could -- -- in -- when he comes back when they get back to American League play in his living without want to he's got to get and they have. And I think the only actually haven't spoken about in the outfield is one that he's afraid of the do because he doesn't want to got to get hurt. -- wanna take them out of his element of Brisbane but there's no other options. What do think he's more worried that the case of Ortiz and or Gonzales playing out of position is -- more worried that they would be. Her embarrassed or or lose again pissed off a little bit. All I think a little bit of everything you've said -- I I really don't you know and and -- the I think I think that you know I iPad experience going to another position of the war coverage -- familiar and. And did you did you play it isn't. Feels weird you know when that in your own comfort zone. And you know we've seen what he's -- -- -- plug and play it. We've seen it you know over the over the last few years when they've they've put the first -- league player and he's been fine. At a debate concerns Gonzales in the outfield and and I think that's what's really you know concerning the manager right now and -- You know we'll find out today more about how he's gonna -- -- -- -- but I did like I -- they wouldn't be surprised at all at the only option they have. What where did you play there was that you're you're you're famous catching days so. Not allowed to right field and I boxed up the first flight rollicking and -- my -- out so. There was a lot of fun. So what did you blame but why we human right. -- little -- used just about everybody. And Zimmer said you can anybody play the outfield like an idiot I erase my game I play well I blame myself -- falls. With the go ahead out there and they've they've come as soon as they get out there now. It seems to me that that out I would I only I would be worried about Gonzalez getting out of his element by playing right field he's anybody's brain seems to be set. To -- just be a professional hitter whether he's playing you know first base to right field -- whatever it would be this guy you think injury might be a concern is what Juan Puerto muscle trying to run on a fly ball. Who knows I mean you know -- -- you know helping is you know crazy things happen but. I'm not that worried about injury and the united I am really not you know last item I I'm more or. To me I think it's okay. I mean I just think it's gonna be okay it's gonna work out -- -- you could result defensively it to position right and you know the outfield and at first base but. Do you weigh that against haven't looked decent in nine days I mean I've I think DOB is that an option that they're gonna have to do. I don't think they have many choice and and and and I'm not that concerned about it. Now I I know again you don't like interleague play but onto at least interest in the see what -- a World Series preview look like between the Red Sox in the fills. Are you not -- -- How can -- the World Series -- then. Guys excited about spending weakened this. I -- -- that I mean I I just I just don't like can I say I I never happened it to me it's getting worse and and I I I think it's run its course. You know I I wouldn't mind one interleague series of per year. I think that'd be fine. But it's so much it's it's too much and it. I just I just can't want to that I never have. And well at a budget to closure on an American League team and played in the American League and they are at a disadvantage though the DH if you were nationally guy I don't like -- I mean that I mean I couldn't believe it still feels like an exhibition yes I just can't get past that feeling and and you know the rules such -- but I mean you know he could use the agent -- I mean what let everybody -- DH. But make it more -- I mean I'd I'd just I just don't get it and I and -- you know -- -- -- people lot but I mean that we had to believe you know the other bits so like I guess the private debt to largest crowd and got those lands. And so people apparently loved -- play in the you know that's why it's still around but for me personally it's to play them doesn't delay in -- What happens when your -- changes like the color of the bath towels in your bathroom does Detroit go from blogger like the brand of of of butter in the fridge does that. That's -- -- bill and an out of the ordinary. A daily using gives the wrong color Alexis no good right and I never go to I know it right on target -- to -- Rep Doug docket yet are right talk to other -- -- hey guys I've interviewed Jeremy brought to by Alexis Watertown new England's number one volume dealership call 888227956. Albeit using the greatest general manager. In the history of the automotive industry and. Do you guys think you can -- -- -- yes I can't go to that keeps people that wanna hear when it's all ahead it's. Out also by Dunkin' Donuts America runs on Duncan and by realty executives New England shared the dreams of making them happen visit them at realty executives dot com now they know people know -- to little more conversation. -- that that'll leave so. Yes or -- does this experiment. Ortiz at first it's Ellison right worked out. Just fine or no it is in disaster one -- -- -- just -- just I mean I agree -- I agree to where it's a lot of the F out of theory right signifying nothing and it's also make a few catches -- -- -- down balls in the gap yeah. But he'll go free for make up toward the plate amend their you'll blow what is the -- -- -- -- a -- -- -- Pittsburgh -- -- Ortiz is always better than we expected first this -- in my -- said the election he's not that bad we are comparing him. When he -- first to some great first baseman whether it's -- Gonzales Kevin Youkilis or Doug Mientkiewicz year. JT snow that there's been some great defensive first baseman here so we get used to that. They'll have been exhausted yesterday that while yeah yeah yeah you're right -- -- everybody has a bad player a bad day. Hey John I'm sure -- audio and took a bad hop that it I guess it but he'll be fine at first and Gonzales will be adequate and right and both of more makeup for any defensive deficiencies. With the events we'll take a quick to about Peter tells us we'll talk more about Whitey Bulger's capture in Santa Monica California ninety seconds from now.

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