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SI's Chris Mannix talks about the Josh Smith trade rumors and other draft tidbits

Jun 22, 2011|

SI's Chris Mannix talks about the Josh Smith trade rumors and other draft tidbits

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Joining us sunny AT&T outlined official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins our friend from us like has led up congress medics the morning Chris Soria. What Garrett of everybody is up in arms all interested disinterested angry happy with this Josh Smith the Boston for May be Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen does that on its surface make any sense to you whatsoever Chris now and. And I would slow roller over his shoulder a little bit on this deal because it's coming straight out of Atlanta and Austria adjustment can't let me get. Just told everybody fairly never threatened anyone -- really -- him that he what you out of Atlanta. It's been seven long years down their seven tumultuous years where he'd been heavily criticized for a -- it to complaint. Is his perplexing affection for jump shot. He worked out and the yet feel -- bought that load teams but he will go to I don't put much -- and academic you can easily go to pretty much twenty to 29 other teams. The -- for other Atlanta and right now I think it's only deal. That Atlanta and exploring that judgment is at least I'm not sure what the level of interest is on Boston -- right now to give the Celtics. You very careful -- adjustment I mean I could set yet incredibly consistent mean that the reason. Atlanta having gotten out of the second round for the last few years mean jobs as. Incredible talent I mean either -- high flyer he's great rebounder when he attacked the rim you want a better power board. In the entirely the problem is he really does that about 60% are either massive head to. Noon Billick and the reason -- and it will depart with a that's I would be real careful. About any kind of deal you know believing they can deal I'd be willing to talk about accept any kind of deal for judgment. Do you think Danny is busy right now exploring any trades. And and do that. Due to the two would do the Big Three Kevin Garnett and the reality is he talking about moving them. I think you got it would everybody I really do it I covers eight different people -- in the league alliteration Rondo. On -- list as well it'll. Don't know what -- all gone. Right now Danny and just talking to some people about trading Rhonda. Yet explored -- -- -- in the past he has talked to the GMs about him in the past and -- opinion there would pull the trigger. In the past a regular -- have been on the table. In in you know in the past year so I mean it could just up the big guy he's not operate. To make the blockbuster deal that they could help him in the long terms like -- -- absolutely working on right now I think every one of those guys. Is on the table for potential deal he sure. Is gonna help from the typical backcourt but the second after darker respond that five year extension -- at the -- five years to be part of a team that decomposed that the goes back the Gerald Green -- and -- rookie years ago he believed he was going to be -- contend. In your story -- -- would presumably. Kevin Garnett Ray Allen gone but to do that. I think -- -- to shake up a roster and absolutely right now before the draft after the draft you know in the offseason when he -- -- able to talk to be seen again. What a lock and split it he is going to be aggressive on a full line try to prove it game. Do you think big will be back if you had to guess intact. If I had to get yet only because the window popped up they'll be pretty offseason going to be microscopic guys right at 11 o'clock that let that would -- September October. You're basically have a week to week to make any kind of deal -- it starts I would think that barring something you know -- coming -- in any way right now I would say yet. The team intact but again there are variables out there you know Orlando. If there's a long walk out and look at peddled like art because they know that next year he's not and Hillary -- with them. You all the chips that are out there that could potentially be dealt -- out. Regular -- debate chip and -- into bottom and LA Brook -- multiple traffic majority if you're -- the -- down there. The package Rajon Rondo drafting committee -- -- in a bit player on the roster I think that -- -- went out there so I would rule anything else. -- portable anti Obama wrote when what are we talking Chris about this. I say that we run when we say. Let's say -- land own boss and talking now Rondo. Rondo and Jeff Green and a draft pick Dwight Howard went look at -- not yet according Chris -- Well when when when that happened that happened. You know the February trade deadline you know whatever that's going to be you know -- to actually call right then because they have to decide. Whether they wanted to Cleveland did work for a vote on a lot lined up or like like -- you talk more Denver would get value in return for a guy that they know would not gonna come back at what Howard. At the thing all the right things right now as Orlando it is cold could actually want to build build a letter but apple talked at all PR rhetoric right there you want to play. Any major market and it seemed to be championship contender. For years to come look at the -- That would seem them Florida Miami indeed but Boston New -- -- -- better over time he's not sure that you can't he do Turkoglu Jameer Nelson -- -- compete with those teams. In the long term so the guy -- -- going to be looking to look elsewhere in NB a couple more guys they decide they want it that they're not gonna rebuild resigning but any skepticism. About the possibility they're amicable. Which -- criticize Chris managed Chris is -- part of the attraction for big name free agents to come to Boston. Absolutely I think anytime you have a coach like chocolate a great reputation throughout the league. -- yet he would absolutely an outfit for the team but again it comes that the money this way whatever the PDA is gonna look like it's gonna be ugly but boy I mean you're talking about the book coming out of the labor talks in New York about it hard capped. A lack of guaranteed contracts. You know that the percentage of that already come going weighed down for the players I mean they're gonna looking for the best dollar available. So I'm expecting a big name player to come to block just because Doc Rivers today I would expect. That in the -- James Posey are the -- thirty something year old players too -- looking for a they might be more inclined to come to Boston to Miami because docket -- there because Kevin Garnett Ray Allen are still there next year I think and secure while we're going to be absolutely. Able to compete for these you know aren't calling chasers over the -- you know old during the season. Chris of the following two diametrically opposed philosophies both of which Danny Ainge has espoused at one point or another number one. Read our back waited far too long to trade members of the Big Three -- original Big Three Larry Kevin and Robert. Before all the value was gone. Verses I think there is some championship basketball left in our current Big Three which what do you think he believes more which what does he leaning toward more going forward. I think it's 5050 right now -- -- talked all about whether or not you get the right deal and he's not gonna let these guys. -- glove in in a blaze of glory not to let them make the playoffs as the number four seed. In the collier their contracts and they just ride off into the sunset and -- team that won one championship he's not going to be parade. For a second to making major deal involved -- -- got about being -- You know it -- I'd still probably believe Chris Rock didn't get hurt Boston wins game four it's entirely different here is gone back Miami like this team does still have. Change about bullet -- him the question is going to be. What -- -- -- to do this summer when they do the other last summer. They got Jermaine O'Neal the -- keel O'Neil you know that worked out to a certain degree that -- something like that when it's gonna -- they cannot go into next year. Would just media Jermaine O'Neal -- big baby Davis got that hot spot it's just not from the going to be able to do. There's nobody in the draft -- going to find to do that isn't that fair to say. You know one guy keep your mind mr. -- now he's he's that it provides a look at the -- left after his junior year. You know -- the big -- got that that would oversee an aptly tank. Up -- -- -- -- -- -- completely black Jerry with a back up but he's working out right now in California got a -- rob McClanahan widget that. -- -- the train got Kevin Love was electric Derrick Rose. God that's phenomenal years and I talked Iraq. The other day about Jerry -- larger -- has been getting rave reviews from the guy -- have always believed ballot that. If you have a guy like -- county Kevin Garnett on your roster execute in a QB Kevin Garnett college right on university there and people got Jeremy Tyler. By Kevin Garnett for a year maybe two years later learned from it I think he developed much faster. That if -- if he -- would place for -- the -- -- I think he's the guy but I would strongly consider all the draft. And you think you'll be there at 25. I do I think seemed to really reluctant take it right now because he brings all lot of baggage. You know everybody brings value to that spot kick put a medium that popular in the twenties. That'll be it talk far away from the drop that we just don't wanna take -- -- they're gonna commit two years to guarantee might it is believed that much. In the Stratford your -- and you take our project I think -- and whipped without a deal Andre Jordan did you yet -- -- -- years ago I spoke to be left. Way to get everybody over -- -- James Anderson -- -- Antonio and it's built a really good things about him you beat that guy quit major oxide and accept spot I think Jerry Kelly has the most. No chance of -- slip in that -- is there. Well did you love it and a little budget of the magazine last week it but now I think Germany and any follow the New York. At seventeen I really believe it's not gonna be oh that turned into the neck at a more -- or DaJuan Wagner shot arrest particularly big time college scores but it could build up in the NBA that it. -- -- NBA record arrangement. Shooter that sport has great meaning he'll have a lot to prove to disagree with his ability to run into shock you know beautiful thing to JJ Redick. -- -- prolific at literate career but I think you're gonna be able group that I think what he goes 7UP fifteen or seventeen -- slippery spots have been hearing operative for that I think he's going to be very good. You have you have an interesting. Paragraph in there I believe Chris where you. He proved he was faster than -- fastest -- correct. Yeah -- -- record Britain and faster than somebody else another stunt men and tonight but it got Brandon I would. And you think automatically just 'cause he's a white guy from BYU you -- and no way can he run with Tamba buddies yes again. The I thought the same thing -- -- on the lateral -- which are basically a measure defensive acumen he finished first. Among all the guard he beat out ambush in and -- I -- great it would that with a grain of salt being drilled on the -- Indicate what kind of NBA player he's gonna be but yeah he definitely succeeded in the -- That actually silicon people expect it to recognize that. Everybody you worked out port that positive thing to say about I've had very few negative things. Upsets me about your court on or off the record I think a lot to really believe in him. And certainly noticed that think it's full circle if he was there you know I'd get the public -- any would scoop him up and RB. Based on what Ricky rubio has or hasn't done overseas is Minnesota getting all hot and bothered for no apparent reason in your estimation Chris. Not I don't think Paula you're a big advocate of Ricky rubio because -- said that while the beauty of plot code in last couple years playing Barcelona but nobody can be -- in why. You know number one I think they don't have very good individual coaches out there I mean a lot Ricky rubio film. I'll be opaque and you know -- -- -- the ground at all yet added much multiple at all. In the last couple years number two they played it highly differences -- -- like putting up in a lottery in traffic I mean basically -- -- rubio got need to play a couple. They played very methodical system out there that -- Barcelona explain that he's put up by the guy. What one called tomorrow with a very good NBA player in the year he was over here so I think what you put repeat. Optical system with optical player like Derrick Williams this is gonna be absolute star expected to be and compete for all star spot within three or four years. Is our friend from Sports Illustrated and SI dot com Chris medical recovering the draft for those entities. Thursday night. In beautiful downtown -- is that correct -- That's correct in that Matt we're gonna undergoing renovations oral expecting to take much longer. The anatomy of anticipated but yet the commitment on the -- -- straight now to -- which isn't exactly the nicest neighborhood. At 11 o'clock at night when you're coming back. Give us the name the name of the guy that goes to the Celtics at 25. You know I think acute Tyler advocate for BC Reggie Jackson I think Reggie are you not a working up a lot of guys. I'd feel he's gonna promise from somebody later in the draft but its -- there. -- economic god has great potential play that to guard spot like that it can be -- one of those. Oh with a man X though that managed it may managed just made me to probe poised to take and they watched every game he played and always loves him in my opinion and demoted back to be worried at five point game come back they're that good -- They get the suite six covenant men expressed class since Michigan's. Up systematic thanks to the time to talk India. I get from Sports Illustrated Chris -- Tbilisi Callahan on the AT&T outlined the official wireless provider. -- the Boston Bruins will be right back with -- phone calls.

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