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Bruins Defenseman Andrew Ference talks Bruins partying, new tattoos and his carbon footprint.

Jun 21, 2011|

Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference joins Dino and Dale to talk about the Bruins partying, new tattoos and his carbon footprint.

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Welcome back and Dennis and Callahan Dale Arnold in for Jerry today of course we're not done talking Bruins hockey. Joining us on the AT&T hotline the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins -- defenseman Andrew -- good morning at how aria. We're doing very well -- off the top your head Andrew well what's the shelf life of this continuous celebration is -- beginning to wind down. -- that we gestured leaving town and got -- -- that commitment that it gets here. But I played good I'm having a blast -- slot and. How how that's how you guys communicate with one another in terms of this is where we're going to be this is where would go on this is where the cup gonna be -- -- could you have done something and -- and somewhere with the cup. Every day since the finals ended. -- -- Now. It's it's been spoken or revise any weather picture caller I think because they weren't shall -- on the project on the but the first couple days it was. A lot of text messages aren't back and forth then restaurant revive her little bit of time whether it's. It mostly from apple. Computers. Because. Who's the first our of the celebration in your mind which team that is the first our celebration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He might be the second and thirds are still -- -- the -- by our that they I. Think the highlight one of the highlights for me on Saturday with a remarkable. Parade that you guys got to take part in in the city of Boston one of the highlights for me tool on. Where's the data which are riding up to the TD garden on his bike. And you when your wife pushing the stroller and walking your daughters from your house over to the garden. And being a part of the crowd the days where you could walk the streets of Boston and not be recognized are probably over aren't that. Although it's taken me a lot longer to do future that are sure to me now. You know it that. It's it's -- immunity to. Who Colombian carrier now dictating that that. The people or people -- prompt I mean it and even lecturer neighborhood I mean we know a lot of people's so. You know most most the time it's actually people -- burning fat burning though. Just you know past the regulations are told stories. You know where -- lobster whatever it was -- Don't get premium that's you know older -- that wafer and number of years now living in you know -- in these incredibly -- You know lock in -- reluctance to walk over there anyways so I don't think -- you're -- A change too much -- Register. Showed up late for practice gets tougher but that they were recovered this. Peter surely told the story after the the Stanley Cup run was over he said he was talking to his dad after game four against Vancouver. Any told us debt we're gonna win the cup because that team is is so determined meaning your team they're so determined they're so focused. When did -- hate you that you're gonna win the cup. Our. -- even before the plaster that I had a really really good feeling a little scared and I have that feeling and and innocuous to -- talk to at least you know. We've had good years and two teams in the past where. We thought we had a chance. On but I think there's fewest. Talking about it we we do that this year more than just chance we knew that. There's something different teams and and you know it was as legitimate shot. And I think. You'll really such lows after the first stroke kudos at the first round so -- so toxic it doesn't matter what you're it is. I need to talk mr. around. Well and and to get by the way we did against -- -- Answers so close anarchy that so much better. From the beginning and it's the end of the I think after that first round I think guys are really -- Andrew I don't know yet time to put your feet -- relax and take enough deep -- to have even considered this but what's the one mental snapshot of the finals. That will forever be the iconic image in your mind years from now when you think back about seven game series. Just one snapshot that says yes that's that's emblematic of what we did and how that whole thing went. -- one of the most special -- he was. In the garden and or usually the rally told. I know. There's a whole bunch of two units were on the tensions it was the first period and because you're raptors. A lot of guys actually you tell or your credit teared up and and a lot of guys on the bench actually I think really we had to look -- to your aggregate a little choked up NATO's mature in the game in the crowd is -- He could sense that are coming back or put together. And the -- really was really turning. I wanna ask you about Horton because when he got hit by Aaron Rome and you guys obviously were concerned -- -- know what was going on you went into the dressing -- 00. Both spoke up. Because I've heard it was today you know Chara who spoke up in that dressing room at the end of that have the first period and and said something was at what was set. Com well I mean that he you know the use system in that the -- -- -- -- guys usually speak up currency I think you're there. You know it's I can tell exactly who says that means usually via -- -- team that. Talking a little the loud mr. before -- -- has news constantly chirping and things but you know guys obviously meaningful things and it was just along lines of remaining focused almost the you know chat think channeling your energy -- in the right direction others he conceded that matter get a straighter. Where you know do all things energy and I think is so all these players in the very ordinary matter. So you and it was constructive was it was it angry wasn't profane or was it just construct of this is what we have to do. No idea we we it -- is I think is an emotional lows in the game can be especially moments like that. One of his health particularly who's been really able to control that Britain or direction come. In Angola during -- -- You know her very early in export. Yeah it's -- usual approach -- old school work well -- so we we. You know I think we're we're pretty good -- it's as -- -- a unit do you have any review here. You know he offered -- you have to Locklear emotions you know to a certain. And the manner in which a team will respond to winning a championship bikes opposes a direct result of helping individuals on that team will respond. Can you talk about the two's opposite sides of the coin having won a cup does that quench -- thirst and satisfy a thirst that you had or does it really sort of -- Dick due to winning it and wanting to win it again because it felt so good. You know it or -- two game sevens to as well and and inside literally. Have -- extreme opposites to compare -- I'm losing it. You know he he gives you. -- burning desire to win but it also gives you. You -- -- furious as well never you know what -- have to feel that that lost again. And also. You know knowing that if he didn't get another chance your it to win it. You literally spend you know the rest your wife think. Could that have feelings for -- lose seven illegal it. The destruction was yesterday. -- store outside I'm sorry. Our Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference is our guest here and and I'm curious. What it's been like just around the city is said it takes you longer to do chores when you got at Fenway Park on Sunday was it almost like the parade all over again. And and who did you get to throw the ball to. Yeah a couple of guys about the the -- to be burned in the trade. It is black and in the Red Sox right they they do direct. And it was really impressive and you know we we we sort structure organization and so I was those top -- and about some. A teacher cycle that the person who actually told you can. Let's look at -- -- it's really do lined up -- doctors recommend that doubt about it even. -- And so I didn't do number -- the go look at BQ pit. What was what was it like in the clubhouse with the cup. Loud Hulu I mean -- -- -- and -- you know before I received for the winter classic. You know associated. You know. -- more votes in the players and regional players in in. Some of those guys react to the culprit. And it just shows you know it doesn't matter for world. Well pretty much though you know got a lot of child left and -- it's pretty excited to record those kind of things. I am is and it was great to -- -- instructions just. Is really possible. Andrew what's the one thing you've seen. In the celebration. From the mall which won the cup to today if you still can't believe you saw. The Mike Gonzales and president Paul Marchand again I. I can't say it's over the last duck boats. You know that it looked into literally -- was in the parade -- justice is -- I can't wrap my -- around. How he people over there it is literally can't. Cannot grab the -- just kept going and going you're going in. And -- Bill lol that was just deeper and louder. And and people didn't come as watched it seemed like Korean -- you know another one of the last. Votes that are viewed these you know Peter -- without -- -- but it was crazy. Just. I know that that's something that. You know I'm never -- and probably -- my life in and we -- and lost no no other cities -- like I was incredible. Have you had time to sit down and watch the final game or any of the final series. -- what slot and you want to think about the Hanson hit. Food dirty politics and it hurt. And and and also burrows sitting -- really dirty to. To vote so 56 minutes left right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- During the course of the season and I said this repeatedly is the season was going on. The Bruins always had a response when something happened guys had guys' backs more than I've seen from Bruins teams in the past. And it wasn't just Shawn Thornton I said you -- the guy who stepped in more often than not during the course of the season was that a concerted thought on your part that. If somebody does something -- my teammates I'm going to be the first guy in there this year. Yeah we union you mean you wanna do it every year you know and certain things happened just. You know or Hispanic vote totals scored a game. It was self 88 really only try to get -- when. Incident not. Think period ending her. Certain -- of the lineup was. In Roger in the game captains. And it it's it's more timing of it if you're kind of the first that's closest. It's just that's just political and in. So it's it's somewhat coincidental. And he plans -- what you're gonna do with a cup -- you get it for a day Andrew. Yeah I'm block and Alley -- Boston mark in the north and shortly some pretty good it's like creating letting go let's. Good idea in I batted back and forth and a local involvement and you know whether oracle software in -- that source philosophy and there on -- -- I'm here you know we -- In her -- here social educational neglect. You know girls in schools. An affront document and in the neighborhood. And he noted. It'd mean a lot of people in the city it's really does so that's what you commute flat out some some close friends family. And and have a good time. As far as you know or is -- usually tell -- has anything. Unusual happen the cup so far in in in the -- control we've heard the stories about Mario Lemieux's pool and smuggle things like that. Or know the keepers of the couple that that we did things are related to protect. And and -- at a -- that that we that we got after procedure but -- This sort. I know the -- probably set pretty good. For that. We're respectful -- particularly. -- that hurt you can. Even. Even at the wildest times. We never really leader immediate concerted effort on the ground or -- in October. And every dropped. I think dropped and dropped it on again cause I was OK with a cushion for the -- -- -- on the ground at. Two things that only you can answer for me that I got to know answers to one. As they sip from a 100000 dollar bottle of champagne tastes better than a normal set. Like any until bottle of ten dollar line threw -- 500 dollar lights. That this campaign to get record rep packet. -- -- -- I would buy it that's for -- And the other thing I got -- -- and got a few tattoos as I said yesterday tattoos are forever and -- Actually like your guy -- your tattoo artist to get that's for everybody. Yeah I got mine yesterday. Like to get. At the spoke -- 2011 on. And how many guys has your tattoo -- done since he's been here. Ha -- or. You think you are and he caught on to number nine aggregate total which. And he -- I think. So I assume your getting yours for free. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But my dad got all and in which surprised me his first -- and nephew has an easy. Probably promised that you do that few years ago or I I took a -- on either. These. You actually one of the better -- to together. In North America Soviet. Some pretty some pretty big reshuffling the books. -- incidents and via. He actually did pretty picture. What does a spoke be with 2011 costs a Bruin to get done. -- -- A light I move -- practice. Earlier this. Good answer -- Do me a favor when recchi comes over to get his today is or anyway you can try to talk him out of this retirement thing. Probably not but I can -- to outline a message. At. It's -- collects a cool story that. I think looking back on could be possible. Expert as he told that that start the year equity trading -- that we wouldn't boys I could and so. An elite that is that is mindset on that quite awhile and so. It would agree it can be reached a decision. And Andrew -- with this and I know you'll be surprised that someone in Boston does not approve of view based all the love and adoration you witnessed over the last week or so. But an. All of that and up to us about it. I'm working recovered and that is something there and -- I'll let pleasantries and about and to try to make -- My enlargement for a. He wants he wants to believe the charging get in the Stanley Cup championship back to the 232 format just because of all the plane travel. You -- impressive action any children a few things if for the final I think they got involved and so they water project. Are sort. The water usage -- finals. And -- and program actually to configure this year -- so I don't mean a -- so this year so he told Robert that we're doing their thing. All right you're trying to do the right they ever have one last and I know of -- with kept it to -- whose idea was the important water bottle thing in Vancouver. -- actually there I didn't know what that until after he grew up in excellent letter that is the Ku locker was -- sideline and and yet that water well it's a Boston based on. And he actually took it wasn't just watery didn't run a tap that at the garden he actually took ice from the garden melt and melted area in the morning. And and that's what he scored and on the ice but we don't know whose idea was. Noble and I don't that he claimed it wasn't his idea he actually set somebody else had the idea but he was happy to do -- -- Saturn -- it's. Mr. -- Andrew Ference thanks the timed -- congratulates me the first to congratulate you on jump and I. In order -- enjoy your summer with the couple talked you down the road. Thanks Andrew Andrew Ference with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins right back.

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