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Jack Edwards on being there to witness the Bruins hoisting the Stanley Cup

Jun 16, 2011|

Jack called us from the airport in Vancouver, still smelling of beer and champagne and recaps the big win.

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Once they gave up a goal you can see Longo would change his whole demeanor he never saw. Every looked at them at the puck didn't see it coming. But it changes demeanor. And they lost confidence crowd went corn -- lost confidence now and and what it was over you you guys are seeing it. You know what they've done to the -- from the pictures are unbelievable mutton Maloney were talking about. One photo that you can get overly gathering at that -- -- don't -- credible. But for a lot of different it was great -- so what really what happened the Bruins got a going. The Bruins got a boy they got their first goal in the -- all hell broke loose it broke loose on the ice and it broke loose in the city but you can see it coming. We kept talking about Luongo. He was not ready for this type of games is it seems so simple give up a goal comeback steady yourself I think Tim Thomas can about it -- promising -- the first goal. We know he wouldn't have unraveled. But that was LaJuan that was the story of -- the entire series was the story in Boston for three games in last night when it ultimately matter when it mattered most of the vehicle. Receiving -- finally figured out that you need to be physical you need to have great well. And you need to Iraq people around a little but the problem was they did it outside the arena and didn't do it out there on the ice. And that's that's -- you wouldn't. -- you don't do the stupid idiotic and we'd tipping over cars annually cars up on fire. And you throw -- stuff. At a police. Officers in riot gear it. -- -- tea -- Vancouver's Vancouver. Is a scenic Detroit. That's what I -- that. Detroit has you are -- -- can you do not have a moral high ground over us as long don't even Detroit we're doing anything let's do this before we get them focused and get to your calls and we're. It's gonna be like a lightning round to that. I had a full hour lightning round and it's like hockey talk for four hours went bang come out as. Quickly his weekend so light them up at 617779. 0850. Everybody's got something to say in this what we want you to have your -- toll free 8885250850. We've got to do this. Before to just the kick off the -- and Jack Edwards is standing by right now out of the Vancouver airport and we wanna get Jack on for a couple of minutes. On you flying into their life today -- -- -- lying on your own. Good -- an airplane that's really it's one did you enjoy that one. I am wearing the cold of champions right now the slides spray champagne and beer and I have never been happier in my entire life and that. Absolutely amazing amazing moment to its -- created. Jack tell us about tonight or has it -- -- all -- -- theory was there any kind of any kind of ending to the night or is it just -- one big continuous. Celebrants. Well I was it was -- in continuous until I lost consciousness of rock opera of Q 30 in the morning Vancouver time but it. It was. A night that I I'll never ever forget and and really have the greatest thing about it was. How sincere the players were about. What this meant to them and how hard they worked forest and what they would take out of it and it -- from Kim Thomas. Things like as as great as this moment is it's not as important fuel that Israelis it is just a hockey game and an. I mean that something really -- in your heart that gives you moments that you know you can. Can go back Q at any point for the rest your life. They like me you've got a very emotional to that was to have some good stuff when he's talking about family. We talked yesterday Jack about energy and coming out and playing with the same energy you played in Boston. I thought the best move. They coordinate -- game last night is putting that fourth line that energy line with Campbell important and by playing some minutes. In that first period just to match what he know. Vancouver was gonna throw at the Bruins a -- that it worked. Bingo absolutely right because and and doesn't that justify. The the wall and longstanding. Policy of -- Chilean cities curable form because in the end. That's gonna make the difference at last night's game play goes down middle of the first period. Liberals so often that the woman -- in the attacking on hadn't generated any kind of sold on. And play all load. I'm at work and wars and then commercial online swings it's like over the board they come up and they have a dominant ship. All the sudden the pool and believe in themselves -- -- to be attacked and killed and they are just not in the knocks off the clock and get second chances. Want -- taken ill advised face off in his old the on the satellite built in by Dennis Seidenberg oracle could dump the puck out but he didn't. Brought to win the -- -- -- -- follows you around in circles city loses his -- in front Bergeron -- it off the post. And it's Katy bar the doors that brought the planet that's third block. Arizona and is ideal chuck pointed out that and our goal interestingly enough. It was Daniels -- dean who ends up screwing up so it wasn't just when -- of the park that he did not think. It's when he didn't have -- because this daunting problem. You know I I have to extend this observation is. I get a I'm about the board this plane I was walking past the souvenir stand here and Vancouver airport. And I saw one of those and works sixteen. He sure it's on sale in -- Person that -- there's just enough of a one up to it and I noticed it was very soft. And then the next thing I noticed the side it was that it it would which probably had a minus four on it as signifying the amount of this -- I -- it's hard to believe it's hard to believe. That after the second period. That. This eighteen Brothers were both minus four and and that Patrice Bergeron at the end of two was Austrian at the end of the imports fork. That in a nutshell tells you everything you need to know about those three players that Bergeron did every single little thing right as the most important. Moment of his career and shootings unfortunately for them they're very talented players for the going got tough they disappeared. You're right and -- when the going got tough Brad Marchand stepped up did you see this guy coming Jack in training camp in game five game ten games what what did you know. Okay the Bruins got seven here with his cute. You know on on another radio station that they'll all be named there was a certain afternoon holes it was all in my case went cold in September early October watches partial and yet. Because he's gonna make it different and the attitude -- -- yeah rubbish you know c'mon get equally proud Marshall can change things well the reason I was. Is that the same guy wanted to arrest to be the starting goals and an answer but now he's generally OK but I just. And then whatever we don't we don't need to go there anymore sorry I introduced its art but there's just -- way into the subject because cricket pointed out to me how different -- player. Marchand was in training camp that he was the previous season when he didn't play enough games. He gets all by himself that the rookie right to inflate certain numbers and not disqualify yourself as a rookie -- the next year. -- changed as a player in the offseason he became his confidence that he attacked and the like she got stronger. He got a little bit quicker you put -- on the teacher first to a demand strong. And and then man this guy has just been on an improvement curve that's scary that you started -- on the fourth line. He ends up finishing off the year. As effective a top six forward that you can find anywhere in the NHL -- mean. They got what eleven goals as a rookie in the playoffs will be -- sister rally. In NHL history had a better rookie well on the that. I of course a lot going to be talked about with Tim Thomas made the greatest year goaltenders ever had. But public the first ten minutes last night when he did. Need to stop he had to stop virtually every thing. Or that might have been a totally different game because that first gold did change the whole mood of that -- the whole mood of the two different teams. And it was Tim Thomas for the first ten minutes to stopping everything in sight Jack. -- and and that to me for your right there -- culture who are reporting right now so they have a momentary delay but that's that's the way from Thomas -- played. That's the backbone that is given the -- it's that reassurance that. But you can make a mistake in front of me I got your back don't worry about that and not. It's it's what has made this season the monsters he's -- all monster seasons in the history -- as far as I'm concerned in this community. This this even tops can drive and from I don't know 171 and then winning rookie of the year after all the conflict. The following year in 72. This is. Then the numbers and the performances and Thomas for -- not just decision made one he made them. I'm pretty sure that the -- well or anybody coaches what he did in daily cup finals of allowing only eight goals in seven games that. That's that's what made up folks that -- are made he made it off. Project Milicic earlier today delight remember how it works plenty of fluids not the -- you -- drinking at 2 AM different floor before you get on the plane and if they ask you. If they ask you what customs if you're taking anything back to the country just tell me take in this cup back OK -- You -- I gotta I gotta rest up for the parade. If you had until Saturday 11 o'clock. I just have a great flight Jack Edwards up here in Vancouver might take a break and we'll get right to the -- let everybody else. To the talking awesome -- as it is awesome and the way they played last night. -- -- Was it early it was a Milbury said its skill vs -- really turned out to be that the thing that I thought was so apropos was after the game last night when. There questioning some of these players will be able to as the Vancouver Knox and whenever. And then the line was great and that we won't as the games will -- out that. We will better and that we probably should of had one of those first couple games and maybe game five that gets as we're talking an all out. They fed off for the fact. That they thought they should of won those games right before they were a better team and other don't call -- that -- it was an upset no and in their mind now. In their minds they wouldn't -- -- -- you know they work desperate they're right. You can't caller an upset of some games got a hand. You can't caller upset when you win in game 74 is that an overall. You outscored them 23 to hold an eight goals over seven -- occasion there wasn't enough to -- really well and it keeps you company you're playing at home like that is -- how can we do it out there. Why don't you can't do it up by phone calls next in nineties. How easy and Boston will submit WEEI Sports Radio network and WTI dot com it's.

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