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Jun 16, 2011|

Andy talked about the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup, how great a group of people the Bruins are, what Cam Neely means to the B's, how now there is some vindication for Claude Julien, the importance of the trade deadline deals this year, how Tim Thomas had arguably the best single season goaltending performance of all-time, what he thinks about the play of Brad Marchand and Mark Recchi retiring after winning the Cup.

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Great night in Vancouver last night joining us on the eighteenth -- hot line the official wireless provider. All of the Boston Bruins a guy who was so on the broadcast all year part of the pre and post -- during the post season when the games were on different networks. Andy Brinkley nice not to join us live from Vancouver Andy my -- what's gone out of -- covert today. They parsed through his daily cup champs that's out. -- reality singles. -- surprise you still erupt right now I mean it's not -- it was kind of late but still a long night out imagine. Yeah we we really etiquette it's been a lot of lot of post gave him a lot -- with the players. It although we were on the night he still felt like we -- part of that because of this team you know game inning game out. Yeah it's just -- -- -- government you know had a chance to win in ninety could do it as a player. Surely grow up the Boston area. You know what 1979 considered to -- to the broad in peso. Nice to be part of it -- absorbent soak it all. Want experience who was eating just you know as an observer. Holbrooke got tea people go crazy red phone calls all day long look at the parade Saturday. 11 AM. This city is just this is electric because and and I said before because this scene this team. Was so easy to love and they kind of stood for what we all want in our team here in Boston. Yeah I agree -- -- There are likable. Bunch. You know I'm a little bit closer to a than most in America to know the plays purely personal level. You know these guys get that they understand. What it means to be a professional athlete Boston they understand what hockey means -- sports community in Boston. And the thing I like a bottom most those -- what it means to put that broad security -- that's what can't really -- only in the entire management team. Coach really tried to re establish. What does it mean to be a Boston Bruins put that sweater how much was being published -- -- we're right -- light means that in Boston. And and they get it. It would when you have aptly ticket it that you combine it with -- hockey I Q. There integrity you get some special this is truly chippy cheap cheap. Brick you mentioned Cam -- and that was one of the the real moments for me to see what the hat in the locker room and celebrate next thing with all his guys and say how much of -- team was. You give us an insight in your mind what can really being named president. Of this team man you know what was he able to bring to that front office and and how much of a factor was his presence in this first Stanley Cup and 39 years. You know what it means is. Level of expectation. You know I had the good fortune play the Boston has a little four or five years since you know which was -- cup final he went to conference finals so. This is not a charted waters for -- Billy this is what he expects this is what you want the brutal organization the are you expected to make the playoffs these -- go deep into the postseason and if you're able to establish that level expectation as an organization at the players understand how important is. You have that kind of success. But to expect that kind of success Mecca challenge I think that's the biggest change that's happened with him coming -- that president. But he's done a terrific job as general manager. He's -- -- five years now I'm -- he had any planet he -- -- expected to at least challenge for the Stanley Cup. The wasting broke -- here you know. When you think about it they had an opportunity in the cup final a year ago the -- of of that collapse against Philadelphia. You know it's all the injuries and a lack of personnel so the recognition by the management team to say look at this is what we need to do the option ignored important Campbell. That a trade deadline and -- -- guys like heavily heavily Kelly. It is not afraid to make deals they're dealing draft picks high draft picks pershing road there's in order to get. The players that they -- that they thought they could win right now -- not jeopardize the future of restrictions so I think you really need all that. I think people surely means all that. I don't think it's any coincidence that she had nearly dark Sweeney tied for the 1990. Stanley Cup final team. I think it's a thread that connects what is expected -- -- -- organizations in I think that's changed this to the stretcher. Co Julian was on their a lot of scrutiny here this year and who knows -- -- -- turned out as if stating -- first or second round got to feel good that if got a -- great for him. Yeah I guess she's also a little indication that mean he -- Together it is sometimes stubborn. Definitely believed in how to play the game. Defense first. Try to be opportunistic offensively. But -- trust this is sense of loyalty to players. An update well yeah and Michael -- that -- the series you are the guys because you eat shape outside the blocks your -- coming. He got a lot of attention -- 131. In our interest that I think if you quote. Away from the microphones away from the care reduce I think that challenge teen girl to call a coaches but certainly to be careful. Was probably one of the more exciting college -- and now you're right you want to achieve those first two games to Montreal at all. She's a literal you don't have postseason success he has seen that should challenge at least like -- the culprits violently this silica. It for him that you. It's the ultimate price if it looks good on -- it looks and use he's got you'd eat you satellite -- it yet believability. Yet believability entrusted his players -- -- reward for. Any Berkeley -- and joining us live from Vancouver. -- people talking about this -- us all day when they sort of realized brick that this team had a real opportunity this year and could. Do what they did last night hoist the Stanley Cup is there -- game is -- a series is there a point where in your mind. Having watched his team all year watching them for years -- NASA and that you thought you know what maybe it's possible first time in 39 years they can get this done. Yeah I think it was the deadline deals that they may I think they recognized. As a management group what was lacking with your team. I think they looked around saw. The prohibitive favorites like Pittsburgh with their injury situation Philadelphia with their goaltending issues. Washington they put it out to two win the Hartford's. For a we have an achievement. We -- we -- -- If they could stay healthy which they did that should be overlooked. You know what do we -- add to our team without subtracting. And I think right on the deadline that's what they really believe that they -- it certainly it'll these conferences. And you have to admire that about the -- organization is that they will proactive. They went out we created more depth more balanced more -- more hockey I Q. Quality character people that they had a of that line of the the core group already once. And I would say probably there is right around February. For the decidedly we have which is what -- and include those -- -- -- the Stanley Cup final I think that was the ball with the basic. There's not this is our opportunity. They did not sacrifice the future by Hewlett. We can't talk what this couple outside what Tim Thomas and what what he accomplishment. Is it fair to say at this very well from start to finish -- maybe the best season of any trouble and history. Without a doubt about it -- contrary could make an argument for a couple of the goaltenders they don't actually Q what a couple of our trophies as the VP of the league. But Tim Thomas. It just -- the post game that you know he's achieved -- Eric. He told the emissions -- in July and August. He talked -- surgery. How healthy -- the ministry here that we felt we had something to prove how he ordered compete for the starting job. But. He's such a war is such a competitor. You know his story -- it's old. It's great to get kids to hear how he. Stayed with -- well that was in the minor league Eastern Europe and it we will -- story by now but. Yeah heaps keep this you know this probably is the best single season goaltending performance of an equally able. What about terms of the Bruins brick is he going to be. Is he gonna go down now is that the best goaltender in franchise history. Probably. Being. Up there for the argument and OP is one of president. 83 people talked about that Cheever is in chambers and the -- of the two yeah. Yet Jerry cheers was. You know a big game player money player Stanley Cup champion a lot of personality but. I don't know I mean a pinata with what he needed this year so erected for eight percentage. The winds were -- of the goals against were there and -- it performs in the postseason. What it's a little tougher when you think about comedy generally it in the play out of these delicate chip it. I yeah I think he's in the top of the conversation he talked about before which -- -- I don't know. No it's not what this this what happened last night kind of settling in the very moment last night was it was it charges -- a cup we just set the -- -- can't believe this just happened. Bigger a lot of -- will be honest with yet. -- favorable that was probably. Maybe an hour before the -- had a chance to talk to you know couple guys -- -- coaches. It just the pulpit -- level. Of this team. They just felt like. You know we let three games get away from -- -- Vancouver there's no doubt that we are the better team and we get approved today. It's not about their goalie not a well -- Ellis. To -- the will to live in the culprit well. Before any -- was raised over anybody's shoulders. On this Bruins team in the coaching staff and the players that -- loose. I mean that and he was overwhelming and and I helped save it. -- he was gonna win it wasn't going to be one bowl game they lead the league they've literally by at least 234 Olson. And there will to win. That third period. If you look at vehicle we expect it one -- push. And it just dedicate that there will was broken in -- accomplished that and that's what winning championship is all about. Tim Thomas certainly at the top the list of stories from this thing the other guy's got we've had. Pleasure to talk to during this -- Brad marsh operate cannot I I think that if he was on a different team Mike -- with hate and we US paid a -- we'd create a now this guy somebody hit -- shot him up but he's one of ours and what he did as a rookie and what he capped it off with last night is going to be. I -- lasting memory for Bruins fans for a long long time. You know coming out of salary cap. You know. But new economics of the national -- that you need your young players and not just be in the line up to -- -- -- work. And the Bruins have to be thrilled with the young players that they on the way. Excellent shrugged off the decision makers say you're going to be terrific player Ortiz that was himself has -- Cheer guys in the NHL but is Brad Russia the got a -- Got a little too religion the American Hockey League learned how to be a professional and calm down a little bit on being a test but still placed Easter. When you wanna ignore your opponent. But its production. You put a -- line. With Patrice Bergeron Mark Recchi and what accommodations. They called it -- go into those guys. What he isolates a defense lived there are defending player one on one you can't continue to -- to back -- -- you that you items based because that was. He's only gonna get better I actually give mirrors the -- power play guy in the future can deftly put up 35 goals a year. And you know -- if you. She -- to channel his energy and its focus. -- he's gonna be -- dominant player below shall yeah that's great news Austin you want that kind of performance from somebody. Other than top tier guys when he -- that. Chances are you didn't keep the player options. The Bruins did a nice job recognizing his -- whose skills in and they over the channel that it it may have been very productive for. He does and at the kind of always want Andy career on top. Forget about the career Mark -- I mean not many people play the game as long as he did did you -- moments with him after after the game and just. And talking to -- you know what this meant to him it's a storybook ending for gather some amazing career. Yeah and I hope inevitable that would have to be honest with you -- I can. You don't have a a connection with him because he's almost my age kick -- -- played against our. -- favored to beat three times daily cup champion. And his family obviously the building last storybook ending yet still -- champion in the final game -- the national likely. -- the productive player in the Stanley Cup finals. You know he heard some of the criticisms that he was 43 couldn't keep pace on some games with disputed -- actual like that he was exactly yeah. Had -- -- in the big plays to -- gain to the right. Did have a couple moments with a -- -- -- talk about you know. What it means to Egypt he would. I think because he understands how useful to play the game you play the game the right way you enjoy it. If you don't really have filed false expectations. And when you combine that part of that achievement that kind of experience that kind of will to win then you have championing your -- and I think a lot of players that are. Is that. -- real quick the stuff that happened in that city last night and it was we were aware of that as you guys are getting off the air and doing those great post game. Recaps that you had people outside in some in some cases burning discount parts of that city. Yeah we heard about tell our stories from 94 with a logic seven in New York it was a a little history here with the big coup in base while we stayed in the arena. As late as we possibly could to allow that -- got -- does come down as best we could. On that certainly wasn't short because we have an economic want -- to celebrate with the players in the Boston but. Yeah he got a little check out there. By the time we left the the building and we caught a shuttle that was actually keep -- around the with respect to to the hotel area we really did drive through it. Everybody was texting so we lodging in the news yet TVs are actually below where it was going -- -- outside. But we did -- best -- -- Rick thank you so much for the time here today it would spend a lot of fun throughout the the year get a chance to to watch John NASA now during the playoffs get a chance at talks in hockey with yet. Travel safe back for the parade on Saturday and they'll look for talks to hockey soon. Yeah I appreciated that. What great story this is boss admiral is there a cup champion slaughtering and has to a lot of. And brick by brick and you are. Andy Brinkley a NASA joining us on the eighteenth tee outline AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins tremendously check -- -- brick in Vancouver.

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