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Senator John Kerry calls in to talk about the Bruins win

Jun 16, 2011|

Mut and Lou receive a phone call from US Senator John Kerry who called into the show to discuss the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup Finals.

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Today for everyone to celebrate joining us on the -- TT hotline the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins celebrate the Bruins went Senator John Kerry John it's up my little Sports Radio how Rio. Guys like you know what a great -- a great night. I know how late you stay up last night your senator lot of work to do do you stick with that game you watch the post and give us the recap. What do you mean you don't expect it again I -- I went straight road NBC eight NHL on the fly. That ticket in the post games absolutely. It out relate I got special about it was that got -- back. These guys play -- that basic character. And it just. -- that last last night okay. They just -- They had beaten them into submission to feel the it almost until like 78 that last period. -- outstanding senator. -- we talked about before grunt and the grind. The -- caller I mean that's that this team exemplifies pretty much what the city's about. Well you know I I couldn't agree more and yeah yeah -- -- -- about the way. That just a planet that the company and they go in the corners. You know other big guy wait -- the other side and passed back to somebody came and maybe somebody on the boards where it. It just very disciplined and very possible. And but they did that kind of intensity. They were just that's. Court there ruled that will they wanted to get the art that that it wanted to move. I was really an -- At. -- That it was really altered. How big of -- hockey fans senator are you how quick digit jump on this Bruins team and a success this year. All right -- -- -- after years that I've I've had the privilege of playing a couple of charity games and they all. Let it vote in high school college and now I still get out I -- -- -- about -- are. Definitely. -- -- -- -- -- -- The gap that games like that game Monday. And all their art. You know senator after you watch some of the videos of those unfortunate things that went on at the Vancouver and you look at this series we talked about it before you know. But why not have a viewing party listen we we know what championships about we know how to celebrate unless they kinda showed that needed this in the Boston Police and and the fans. Knew how to celebrate a championship and why now without a. Full. Well actually sure we haven't done it as recently as we'd like you and I keep that we've done it before. I agree yeah I thought that they're gonna stand. I gotta tell you about themselves like that there was some really cheap debt that Charles. Let it -- there are so a couple of others that just. Really bothered. I know a lot I amazed that -- didn't see it at all. Well senator we appreciate -- -- celebrate with fans all day here appreciate your call and an end will see -- Bruins games soon. Okay -- take it's a good good day it broadens the botched and it is good to watch. Great day.

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