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It's not a dream: the Boston Bruins are Stanley Cup Champions!

Jun 16, 2011|

Mut and Merloni talk about Tim Thomas leading the Boston Bruins to their first Stanley Cup Championship since 1972 as they beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-0 in Game 7 of the Finals. The guys discuss what the win means for Bruins fans and the city of Boston.

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Despite that. -- -- -- -- 39 years. And dumbest thing. It's. It's no. -- -- feels about right. 06 -- doesn't beautiful day Boston. And every plant and a parade every -- cop back did this city it's always announce. It is in the city already off the plane that they don't Charlton hoisted him or that huge. -- seven foot frame behaves. Players get off the plane. And this Bruins team. Did something out like a lot of fans the beginning of the year they are being in Gaza. Themselves but this team would do. -- I am so happy for all those diehard Bruin fans it's -- this team for so long so long. Did and lived through the and the -- just gonna let me down. The disappointment at some point coming off of last year that was the lowest of lows what happened last year against Philadelphia. -- of this team to come back in a year later in an accomplished what they've accomplished. I'm so happy for this fan base you know all of Boston sports fans mean the phrases overused his -- being spoiled but we really are. But it's it was true I think people which -- lead lack in gold. Never when the Red Sox first one Randall Foreman I cried you know and I know there's people out there crying last there's an emotional night for a lot of people that fall this team. He's just you fell in love with this team -- the individuals. Throughout this stretch. I mean -- just that Brad Marchand is the state Tim Thomas. Everybody up and down you do your fellow with these guys individually because you wrote this wave with them is a hell of a ride get this out. The way the mayor has announced that the parade to celebrate your 20102011. Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins. Saturday morning 11 AM and as we get more details will pass them along but the official word we're getting. Out of the mayor's office and and City Hall this morning Saturday morning 11 AM. I'm assuming duck boats. And I'm assuming thousands. Of fired up Bruins fans the ones you mentioned Boston sports and to a fallen in love with this team. Along the way here because. This team was easy to enjoy throughout -- -- the resiliency this team showed. -- in the regular season and then when they fell down to zip the Montreal losses at home in the first round Stanley Cup tournament. The comeback in a hoist that cup and a game seven on the road last night which is not easy to do that resiliency. Really was emblematic of what this team was able to do that -- one more I'll remember what this hockey team will talk a lot awards today but resiliency -- This team -- character turns the page better than any. And character and hard work and great and that's what I said that's what this city's all of -- That's what Boston is all about that's what -- Boston Bruins were like all season long especially. In this playoff running. You'll we tried that go talk compared to that the patriots beat rams' greatest team on -- -- yet the problem isn't just one game. Into this for seven people didn't give credit people that the ticket wind. We heard the predictions before the series started there was a 35 to ten across the country of reporters saying big -- was gonna win this series. At the better team. It didn't have the heart. They didn't have the -- the fight that's the reason why that team did win. Say what you want about skill this one guy and that team after the Stanley Cup result that I actually respected now was Ryan Kessler. Yeah I can play to injury he actually picked it up there in game seven used the one guy -- -- know what. I respect that guy that was tough to say about a lot of those guys. I'm sorry go all the skill in the -- in the world sitting twins but you don't have the fire in the belly. And that's what I think everybody in a pro team had in that was the reason why they won the cup. Mike Milbury said it was well -- skill and it was the Bruins will that one out in this series and at last night was it was a it was unbelievable to see it the game itself. The Bruins got that belong -- early and the Vancouver cannot showed very little flight -- game. Had first ten minutes of the game I'll give Vancouver credit but it was all Bruins after that and it was a Bruins team that. Had done that throughout this postseason run impose their will their style of play that defensive Dallek goaltender. Was unbelievable attempt Thomas they they -- down -- pretty good teams on the way in Montreal Philly Tampa Bay. And eventually in seven games Vancouver arguably the best single season from start to finish of any goal in history and nature. -- it now I'm not I'm sure -- forget arguing anymore he broke the regular season save percentage in the national hockey week okay. Then in the post season. There was say there's this he broke the saves record for the post season the Stanley Cup he breaks the same record the Stanley Cup. Get a one point 15 goals against. You give up eight goals and seven games the fewest ever in a seven game Stanley Cup final. He was the best goaltender that I've seen for one season now people are gonna talk about Juan. People -- gonna talk about text on a great Ron. -- when he was plain and Andy and their other names are going to be brought up and that's fine. But the year this guy just had. It's probably the best goaltending year of Benny Boston Bruins certainly. I'm not sure you have argue anymore -- it's the best. -- been better. It was the better than Tim Thompson. -- 238. Saves off in the Stanley Cup finals seven games 238. Thought the whole playoffs Stanley Cup -- 700 in 98 saves. He held the highest scoring team in the NHL 28. Goals. In seven games how the hell you gonna win a cup scoring eight goals and seven games. What's gonna happen it was so what's gonna be the difference in Vancouver got they have given us any reason that we can win there'll re up there yet there in the games. This team came out what the urgency that we saw in the in the garden -- -- on fire. Be the first -- -- like you said Vancouver. -- but the fourth line. Outlook the fourth line up Orton gamble and high eight these are guys that average 89 minutes. -- Campbell ten minutes a game throughout the Stanley Cup finals. Those guys were already around five minutes and at first period. It was early that first period they -- the best line. On this team. Because vehicle was taken right to begin that game film went up what is going on first ten minutes was all BankAmerica Pollock and victims Campbell there comes torn. At all suddenly possessed in the pocket. You hit and people again he changed to -- of that game the fourth line at one point -- at four minutes and go to tiptoe. At one point that first period. They kept running about they had great job I culturally to recognize that -- turn the tide of that game great job like vote Julia -- Claude Julien. As a head coach of the Stanley Cup to. He's a Stanley Cup champion a balance think Indians and I tell you what did he deserve that. With the what the moves that he made about the post season and yeah we sat -- times that we get a lot of we get frustrated with some of the most teammates -- she did not make it in the end. -- he deserves it. If you're going through all that post game video last night he said he felt for. The Bruins diehards like could not agree more those gallery gods people stuck through kept their season tickets through the lean years when this team. -- salary cap in the NHL and an ownership that seemed unwilling to spend a certain amount of money. Yet Democrat the minute they went cap they've spent the max and and Tomas Campbell is a great example this year. But as -- watch in the the highlights of this thing in terms of some of the people that are on the team itself. The one that got me was camp. At camp -- what he's meant to this franchise and to see him with that hat and to see him on the ice after that when is that the president. And -- see him in now locker room and talk about this team and just hammer away -- how it's 88 true essence of a team. I'll admit that one got me because those of the teams I grew up with -- -- Lee and pork and and -- and mold those 80s90s. -- teams those ones that I remember very vividly. Tennessee can -- Have that hat on as the president this franchise that. That one got me that was one of the two real instances that that got me I got a little choked up -- me believes now part. Of this thing -- on after. The -- there's so many about what is -- ready to. I think Mark Recchi kind of got me. Stick to book the career that this guy had. And and how many people. Who go have a career that heated late -- three years old it actually glow on top. Win the last game of the season when it Stanley Cup -- a -- -- -- whichever. Sport it is on the -- to say that. Who deserves it more than him. Really I mean watching this guy. UBE you know that he's not talking about maybe this is gonna be if we win what we say once you start to talk a body had a feeling that this was going to be it regardless. Actually caught on top mean to me that kind of hit home to. A good for him good for this team they rallied. Nathan Horton port of the Boston water on the ice before the game. You've seen him up your full beauty. May hold the cup up what was negate that don't skate around the bloods followed right now I don't want to get a -- could fall and relax a little bit. Not not -- a Marc Savard to. Thought into it is Nathan organic it's all the attention that motivation and this and that it changes series that changed a series we cut. Great deal realities just laughed when your best players changes series skeptic about Marc Savard. All of them. All of a -- at this team was so close and so much fun to watch. And you talk about the hard working nature that blue collar feel to this team it was once again evidence with the fact. You talked about the fourth line. To roll out the fourth line give them not much time in the first period and to recognize that backed group. With high -- and four in camp but that was going to be the group there. Down there at the bottom. And people get on that the coach for playing those guys too much. Well that's that grind line that's that line that went out there and did a lot of work for the steam throughout the year in the biggest game of the season game seven Stanley Cup final. They're Shawn -- With a shot a shelf Doug -- wrote goes down the right side fires a shot a long go big to save their sport keeps Golan and knocked in about three Vancouver players. And starts to reset the tone about the ten minute mark last night. -- that much confidence in that line. Is a great example how blue collar this team was and how they were willing Ted. Go to that fourth group and let them set the tone and from there once they got the first colds -- with a second goal. A court and fight back and fight back a lot in the series whether city was getting punched in his -- call. Whether it was it was an air Hoff who turtle against Adam Quaid whether it was long -- to make comments that couldn't back -- up. It didn't fight back and the Bruins fought and they bought and they bought. And -- -- back going to be a rolling rally on Saturday 11 o'clock the city Boston. Let that once again. Okay and robotic. Believe they won a Stanley Cup because it sunk in yet. It's. It's amazing in watching three hours the postgame notes still -- That brain happens they get the duck boats out their if you those players and icy. I see that -- Adam equate mullet on a duck boat oyster that's bailing out -- -- -- that it will remain and I love -- that's not only alleged that his morning talk about the plane writes that what was it like that. They can do whatever they want at this point. They can do whatever they want and believe that it deserved I would love to the beyond that plane have a little camera Napoli and see what that ride was like. I mean that's five hours appeared joy. Five hours of can even imagine you know -- it's funny too because after the -- see these interviews on the ice. -- I don't know maybe it was me that these these guys who dislikes delicately they're excited obviously. And the people interviewed personally of people interview -- says and they were on the ice after a couple local TV guide's very excited about that.

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