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Brad Marchand just "felt like" punching Daniel Sedin

Jun 14, 2011|

Mut and Merloni talk about their guy Brad Marchand and his "twitch" which was back on display in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, especially when the Bruins forward threw some punches at Daniel Sedin because, as Marchand said, Sedin "was just there" and that he "felt like [punching him]."

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I said it's all last night rather large shot top shelf and over the left shoulder. Ricardo Longo made one nothing. Thirty seconds later threw nothing and the rout was -- we got a game seven. Wednesday night. Back in Vancouver will discuss these guys throughout the show we're 6177790850. Toll free 888. 5250850. Verizon cell phone pound WEE I've free phone call. And the AT&T text -- 85850. Brought to you by AT&T the official wireless provider. All the Boston Bruins Mike Milbury NBC later on this hour -- clues act of NASA and I just after 12 o'clock. How about Brad marsh on last night we told to fix that which I told -- couple weeks ago to fix that to a. All the equipment at all I don't really know or talk or -- friction. -- and collection. -- never tries hits a one it's that torture he's talked about it and very comes on the show when he gets emotional because this guy's got a medical condition he calls to twitch. Cramer called the Jimmy arm and signed fell just beyond just kind of I don't think. You can't control Lou you know and so everyone today saying -- did you see. Did you see Brad Marchand. Hitting Daniel city at the end of the game and the rabbit punches too is not -- coal. In the final ninety seconds to back game people don't realize it's just the twitch got his ball beyond just does things that -- can't control how -- Daniel sitting do when he writes. I mean literally what -- do we could hit six times. Six times. What are you gotta hit them back. Party got pushed him down -- substance instead Wally skate yet he's look at the refereed it is quotes and him mapping bit cooler -- Look at the referee say hey you gonna call also that reprises yeah well as what after the 5 march. But what -- -- -- also that now they call Nokia mug shot but did not bounce back and -- do you coach Mac. The -- -- what do you do when you're a big hit bully you begin pushed around all series LeBlanc and you've got little Brad Marchand. Archie you in the face it you don't respond at all just to -- the game over just took it to just look at. It's just what. It really. I know -- studied it in your blood I understand that you guys are both soft players I very skilled very talented. It got this got to be a certain level that those certain -- -- he crossed no. At least those guys those. -- Sissy baseball fight you guys used to have in Major League Baseball at least one guy got what she kind of responding kind of at least try to hold like he was doing some thing. It's something -- is that it got a shot each other on the -- brawl but it's really bunch -- guys -- -- target and talking about where the going after the game. Sitting just sat there is sixty stood there and took six shots of the cycle. It over and over at all over all our. Like watching little Mac -- on a class Joseph. That's what look like it again. Kicked -- part of it. Brad Russia was asked about that gave us in a moment that's of here news agency news taking. -- -- -- -- -- No incentive for -- street -- At what. Point -- Larry no no. Why did you punch him. I felt like it I felt like news is there. I felt like it so that's him admitting it maybe -- -- was not that much a factor there at the end may be it was more. Authority. I studies that are on the outlets and what to do that felt like. Authority it's it's it's so that maxim Lapierre we do it's up and Alex Barros would do right. I mean to be honest yeah agitator he's our guy that's why we like him. But I received one of those two -- do it a new Britain and the whole body you know but now set up that's up until we -- as it every -- okay. But if they did get to a -- you probably see your response no. What's -- and sit there and let him -- -- six times in the face into stand there while walking. Get the face look at the refereed a -- called a -- you gonna call us out we gonna call this eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- Before you push the little guy out. Right. Like that the committee again and instead his -- back back Michael Beckett Beckett to the left -- to the left. We don't hear it did you. Can't. Spot at the Bruins player we get on hampered responding at all believe it. -- -- -- On the wheel route you take us all some awful things and make calls. To help us. On the campus. Lifeboat. As opposed this in the. Get your permits comic -- kept -- marsh jobs. With different it's unbelievable. That retaliation the department made a black embarked on a club. -- misconduct or so brawl that you took six punches in the face it. Nobody get a -- -- -- huge response. To justify that. I mean seriously main battle a year route to lie overtaken it in not doing anything. Mean -- -- -- a PG doing about these last ninety seconds out champ opus in games -- did -- say anything to you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yours just right there at a delicate. For -- Larry in though. Now right now. Just felt like it might change basically the -- Marcia though isn't he -- we talked but the difference in the Bruins at Holman road to you the difference. Has he been an absolute animal at home where's he -- and wrote. -- talking about that attitude. Brad Marchand is the attitude that the Bruins need to take with them to Vancouver. Is yet to -- head it home. They've become the punks at home okay they've been the agitators they've been the borderline dirty players at all. Embody that road they haven't in that I'd like look at him -- a style hockey that they have not brought on the road. Everything he's done that -- pissed off the conduct and we laugh about it we think is great he's our guy he's done at home. Which have been on a road right. I don't global -- player I mean these are all things that you look to see him -- -- -- the Bruins are gonna -- on the road to Vancouver when -- for the first time in the series in the cup -- boss -- and 39 years. To think Brad Marchand going to be apartment six times. How -- you let's have a Q six. X. People say it for -- well it was flawed TV caught you saw a different pitching in a couple times before the -- even got on. It was 66 and city just -- and volley. Yet that is -- The sixth you're going to go on -- -- sixty interface. Now I about liberal and effects yet. All I was a brewing unit was -- on him for not responding to make it -- second play the game. At that point score three goals last not seconds at 35 on threes. The goal target either -- and stick up for yourself that unhappy -- series. When they are against wade. Glory small late last night matches. It will vs deal Milbury nailed a couple of games back this as well -- scale. We -- a game seven a mark will talk to Mike number -- get all your phone calls here today all your text messages. -- by Mike Milbury this hour will talk to what gore lose act. We get separate game seven Wednesday night recap -- sixty. There's some there if it's. Considered foreigners strict air. --

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