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Fan Reaction to Rome's hit on Horton

Jun 6, 2011|

Bruins fans are not happy with Aaron Rome's hit on Nathan Horton. Everyone calling for his head here is almost certainly scratching the surface on Bruins fans opinions.

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I don't scored a rose -- power play winding down last ten seconds of they had a lot of opportunities off. Obligated to put the puck in the net as. As Horton left the ice on the stretcher and that that power play that bad man advantages now -- nothing nothing in and Vancouver still being very -- in feisty and physical even despite. That -- toward. You know this could get messy -- would definitely -- -- had recchi. Taunting -- Perrier with a finger towards towards the mile and putting it at his mouth. -- by and it probably wishes it wasn't a finger. This guy's you know punk you reared Milbury describe those pretty good -- used to go and let's gives us some of these calls Syria Peter in Boston go ahead Peter. -- or am I doing. Are not to -- again. So desperate Norton -- and ironic that that's inexcusable is that there's no room for that now that's Matt -- sent -- cheap shot it you know what every actor I can vote to over to my house they want doing now we can have a couple weren't. I'm in our guys aren't likely to argue about what year decreased in the age there's no excuse stuff like at. I think you watch the replay -- Lee to see it and. Yes it was a it was likely it's like the that you you get -- you get in trouble in the NFL if you leave your. He did hit somebody you know they'll need an element. I mean as soon as inexcusable. He -- -- patent for at least the next game as far as I'm concerned it's not. To. I mean I like you know my my mercy spirit I live right next kindergarten I don't I don't see him on the team about Thailand saying I hope. Joked Mike Murphy is gonna have a big decision to make apps that let barrels off the on the island -- room gets suspended at least for the next game. I don't see at a CN HL not ruling on that paper in favor of the Bruins. And especially after the but not rule. That's what I'm saying and that was the best thing of that had no effect on his you know on on his play that they have the guy's probably out for its you know I don't -- jump the -- him but he certainly out of the play -- senate might be Korea threatening. They mostly done as early to tell her during that there's this kind of thing organic -- catchy enough flak from there -- -- not ruling on the finger biting which means. Yeah it may have picked -- the securely handle but I can tell you delay obviously. But things like yes you try to get out of the game and it's just picks. It's ugly and it's unnecessary and that guy's a piece of fecal material ear piece of expletive expletive yes. He has -- new villain there's no question about that experience that. Salute you you know what I think recchi cutting look he liked. I hate absolutely love it and eat a lot I hopes. Navigating -- it also really didn't work. And I dare we say you know take DeVon to react to that. Well apparently. Regular you great at bat -- And -- the OIP area exactly the Perry loves that stuff he's just an agitator. Thanks lacrosse coach Jim Brockton next on the planet Mikey showed Jim. They -- might want to know that there was Sherman it was a it was a treat blind side hit the what happened when you have. Ridiculously. -- -- -- and play games with some more than done and at least of this -- -- wireless climate and you know. It took it probably won't quit shortly out of the game was -- got them out and. The best players to buy up it can't really compare it to the finger biting Garmin dollars and enemy lay in the heat of action and and you could see you this you know instantaneous. That's why it's open nights you know this was generated this was a crime or -- wanted yeah it was very bad -- you could see it there right it was a crime against hockey a crime against humanity and it and it's ridiculous. This administration sees the light today for the rest -- -- they should suspend him for the rest of the series could happen. Mikey was against -- -- -- sports and what's been -- decency and -- players are doing the I can say in conclusion. Is. -- want to get to get -- got to get on the scoreboard you gonna be on the scoreboard. It basic or you know these kind of hits you talk about you know -- In certain scenarios on it on the -- -- but there's a hit it's it's common -- yep you know guys get the puck in the corner and becomes a big skate now. They're already they're ready for that when you're at -- right through a deterrent they're your head -- left the pucks on the left side of a sudden boom you know he's just struck confronting here just after defeating an off to a league -- and it was completely -- said nasty as the day is long and that guy what's his name Rome Aaron -- -- -- Rome. He can go -- itself. I got more to say cancer in the year that suffices courses in Maine Chris. Any. That it would absolutely ridiculous and I currently have four and two are relatively close. Cute that senator that would very loved to get their hands on them. For that that that like does the caller said it shouldn't be in the game. -- the -- elected seat near the large role in the NFL per region yup and he did the exact same day. -- he had multiple rescuers carried off on a backboard to -- -- -- are ready and what have you carried -- you don't come back the saint. They don't want our best score than probably short his career by at least two year. Did you say you wrestled. Yes really so you've seen things like that. Yes I have I've I've seen it. People. All wrong or get hit Prague and that's all take. That'll take your head goes one way your body goes the other yeah that you know you can't move and that the united what happened there -- he -- out before -- hit of. He will ask you could tell you is you -- at the inertia. Ares one thing he's movement. The other guy starts to move toward him is that skate Dolly eyes alongside him involved and about the the side no he he did he just waited. Planet marched shoulder bang there -- -- -- hell was -- it ought to think it was a bad car acts a police stuck his elbow out their -- was -- to check it was so long it was brutal I should be in jail. You should be that that was an assault that's what that was the closing out it was an assault. Our guys. I think issued by the Bruins opened up -- like I said earlier article didn't. On the earlier show and told them -- collect Chara in Norton just completely go beep and tell everybody I. Haven't agreed authority made him and -- a government. Your age you may see yet -- latest goings -- with this -- is by the way scored Izturis scoreless a little over six minutes ago an effort this surgeries would mean my you know -- is that. -- Mike -- conscience right now and impurities. Can't wait to make this decision well the -- -- well you know what though it let's say he had come out with a thing and said okay you know years you boroughs you're suspended in the finger by governor. Would that have anything to do with what we just saw appeared to be on probably not I mean the guy that hit there was an unconscionable no matter what came back -- -- after it yeah yeah. If you thought it was gonna be tough -- important vague about how it's gonna be without him unless they they get fired up you know and and use this has some kind of. Row and a big could be I tell they had springboard and they have the advantage I mean they would bureau. Getting some pitchers on him but they'll fire and Adam miles shots -- and good shots and needs is that how did not want to those grueling and very frustrating. Let's see here if -- with a green -- I would leave yesterday. Edwards pulling it from nine -- -- -- you know wanna be tied to too much different than now. What's worse that it's tornado here in western mass not gave the Bruins gave a radio anywhere on here work. That's a little bit of an overstatement but I understand completely area that frustration level tonight we'll -- so we'll continue to update you. I we will and John Ryder will be diligent in the it's. And -- ago. -- still I just saw the finger in the in the mouth feeling recchi he's tough guy. Their own form yet and he also is very fund Patrice Bergeron to so. And that's part of it. The brewers are a pussycat says here and I'd paraphrase that should have been and cannot -- should have been a -- laid out take a -- in penalty and send a message. Why is it that only the games in Boston are on -- that's not very fair and it's taking advantage of a fan base well if there's a game six. Italy on NB CNBC in Boston. Most people won't ever bedroom they were term outlook to an ally nobody answered his question on the text that was a premeditated blind side ridiculous Katie going to be suspended -- -- series not one game our prayers are with him and his family. They sacrifice a bad player to take out a good player -- that's away that's Sankoh's text book for a NHL behavior this -- is all occupied and it does opportunity knock this guy out that's a fair trade for us. It's wrong creep whose faces now right now I hate to -- now I hate to -- -- and Jim from out at that. This is what the NHL has created great job morons. Attacks keep rolling in at 85850 is a text -- digits if you need to send this message here. And presenting another hit Hansen hit there. Can relate that's so bad now that was legal are very end of the barriers and say oh boy oh you do -- guess what -- -- use that. As he -- continue Israel take a break it's the planet Mikey show and -- -- from Brighton Massachusetts on Monday night. Screen time is going to stop the keep it here for the best coverage of your Boston Bruins in their quest for the cup the best guess so most insight here on the WEEI Sports Radio network it WEEI -- come.

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