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Francona Postgame Presser

Jun 4, 2011|

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Well the music's playing so some of set for persistence. Almost exactly like we drew it up but. We you were playing at home and as we settle on on the road you -- games like that. And they're very good reason to lose one on the road. The -- for the. Hard and I'm -- wasn't out there for the conversations. I thought tech was frustrated with. You know his his you know his perception that maybe you know not miserable balls strikes but maybe just some inconsistencies in in his opinion on his -- How -- was talk and a salty. That's -- set him off the united you know. But Tony -- rest of their top. -- -- -- -- So just. Who just. We can't get out there quick enough portion could. But. On things so I ordered off us afloat. Do. Poems audio feed off. Me he can do you first inning and he walked got -- scorers and -- half -- that. He was lights out again as the game progressed. It is RC you could tell me -- take his -- going from both sides shadows everything. He did a really good job and we're we're fortunate these stretched out. -- on one -- short but he stretched salary to do so like that and say it again. It. I'm sort -- problem. And drove in Iran but then. Drove in 12 real positive. Yeah it was a good swing that you're ready to all. Real. -- There. Are. I don't know -- I really don't know I just -- -- what I know I don't know. Tech goes so well. When he's complaining that you normally -- these days welcome and as a particular. -- Now we've always got the sport when he's got loose. Less what we go to four he's gonna pitch we go to five vertebrae and -- and Cowboys nose out. And he understands -- I think -- -- -- You know result loose. If you bring in somebody else he's got to stay up close and that seems like -- so we give him any game we've always gonna go. Yeah we didn't didn't throw a split for strikes and had to battle this fastball gave up hits and news and goes through the topic. -- -- -- When Hernandez. Send them. -- I don't know Gordon I just it look like usual aggressive and it's lets players. It. Weren't working -- give us war no more. Up. You know what's amazing is on me an -- -- -- wasn't the way we judo but I never thought we're gonna lose. And and Els made just two of the players belzer picks -- great swearing in as a great day. Extend the game and his but I think we also what we're gonna ruin a good feel. -- Here. You're like right now I'm just merely -- -- He was he was trying to -- duel tomorrow. We had where you can motion and we're one up to that point. And they just some times guys are consciences to try to do too much. And he -- he. Well probably not that he's that good an open until -- -- -- play -- game was as good pleasure of groceries he just didn't make the play. I gotta go buy a lottery ticket. -- That's kind of lost in the shuffle. Groups along time ago and we minority be home. When we don't you jump on -- school will go to a tough time climate they jumped on him at a good release. Got to -- a good way to throw. -- You know pretty good he's he's in the fourth and fifth he got back into the you know back into the game where we're only nine pitch inning. And and I thought later thought it started -- to lose his command a little bit. Put the -- he's been good he's been solved every.

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