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Brad Marchand, Bruins Forward

Jun 3, 2011|

Brad talked about how there were some nerves before playing in his first Stanley Cup Final game, how they need to focus on their game and not Vancouver's, what adjustments they need to make from their Game 1 performance, the hatred between the Canucks and Bruins, if the extra day off before Game 2 is good for the team, what he thought about Burrows biting Bergeron and what he thinks about the Vancouver Green Men.

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It's time for the Boston Bruins for. A motion to join -- real me. You know heart rate increase beauties of playing in those red heads in the first. My eyes water from Brian -- high pitched homer announcers I don't -- -- food -- thought as inflation fears there. But we didn't. On W year. Look at this Brad marsh Johnny got -- introduction on the show now but -- -- -- -- -- Thank you for public at all special together gutless and what that what the hell -- it up. Hockey Bruno Mars concerts that I do not plan on a Friday night bells going out of Vancouver. Are always go in -- because they're so very hard numbers come out. Even know brutal Mars is 'cause I going to be honest. I never thought -- thought it got his position. Or get into this game won the Stanley Cup but if it here so much about how different this -- your pocket Riley talked all these guys in the Stanley Cup the different animal -- just -- here on the rate. We get nervous at all Brad. Heading -- of that game -- was there more butterflies because this was the Stanley Cup on Wednesday. Yeah -- there was pressure. Just since. Well I didn't really want to respect that never really been essential playoff slowed final. Real -- for the content. There's been so much I've been. A lot of these four active started. There was so much media and other things so we had to do that. A little -- try to keep them there you -- Let's soccer ball game one nearly the deductible that emotion coming into it to somebody like Mark Recchi. This he kind of stepped up that he addressed the team that he talked -- that's -- that's really it's kind of not natively just knows what's going on. Good willow and leadership and ever more that set up in sets and stuff apparent step up and they'll speech for the it was kinda. They actually illegal or flamed for not gonna let it slip them. Well good luck that's step about the different times they're different they're always great deal leadership that there. Mail -- play this team once during the regular season Brad what was the process like in terms of trying to. You know scalp this team and prepare for Vancouver Canucks squad the only saw once during the regular season. It's the -- and you put it can make it utility bill. Alston took a little a little bit out of the Q we've played against some of that. We -- watched. Video from there at the last -- play out Syria and there was -- -- the most recent lord shall. We which are the launch. A little bit a little bit that you know -- vote that description tendencies but for the most -- look folks that are even. All we have to do -- folks -- that too much. Brown was watching at first -- -- a great game what that surprised me was. 05 on five I would tell you guys populated city struggles in the playoffs but that five on five you've you've been a better team. They were -- and at their colonel what it was five on fives it to Vancouver had some momentum. We'll kind of adjustments do you make here having that extra day off maybe prepare. Yeah they did they. You know they had been a good opportunities in the third they're let. You know for the most about it distributing game. You know we we are you an opportunity to let. -- remote earlier so that clean it up a little weir looked sloppy in areas and we we know that put our best import receptive. Look it -- you shoot -- lies. -- well. They got a couple of guys -- that team with the last names to deem Brad they're twins they dress alike they had the same three in facial hair. That's -- we -- -- you play against him but that's weird right when you -- twins who -- the same facial -- tested -- we're. It's very weird. The remote I think we'll let you know. Sit there and they're sick of all I get -- partners are sick. -- that you can't tell apart without the uniforms out there are what you think that. Dealer who -- -- -- who do a -- one passes in one shoots at -- that's pretty much what it looks like me but. You're right lot of talent -- -- -- -- -- covert team we the vertical foresee what to expect that to be two guys -- team. -- would love to hate any -- in effort to talk about say absolutely gonna hate this team not many teams do like this team looks like. You took bought their one point before you get that penalty. Lot of bad blood their game one already. The other group knows it's it's got -- You know I have a little little rattled we'll go on a beard global expansion. I -- have taken solely because of that but. You know we do you know we hate to see and they gave -- you know those lot of guys from around military. Flawed people -- were spherical clauses. Or -- out industrial. Does get any worse than somebody biting. Somebody else I mean what equal no suspension and we're talking biting an NHL here. Yeah that it's tough situation there. It ought to do is different final maybe it might be different but. Or it's possibly give the guys that's in the finals and it's it is so much driver library now full that's that's a situation where. There's you know that you must be to -- When you look at that instant itself you played a bunch of levels rat heavy -- and -- like that and we were talking about it all day today completing get to spend just. Just biting in general is it is it all that come when you put over the face wash your guys try to chop down try to take a bite out your fingers. Yeah -- ticket I think it's pretty common thing bureau official will solicit taught me the -- that problem also involved -- figure. -- -- that the the culprit that well now because there's video everywhere but I think in the nearly without -- more. Revver -- with a power play ethic throughout the post season goal for six but still. At first popular vote at some work and I'll just wondered you ever walked in a closed off and say you cannot planet are playing. All -- -- I don't regard either -- or try to practice go pack a bag and picked out these cool sleek. But. I thought I would probably look really good -- really good that we have a lot of opportunities. And over osu always grateful to you what they have a few opportunities but. I think that's of that flow of oil -- hope we will we will give them more metal oxide in it's over. What can you do Longo right now looks like you got 36 shots maybe. Don't crowd the net a little bit more -- some bad angle shots on him in that looks like he's in the groove right now. There is really more about going to the world -- you there's. You know root root root goalie duel Oscar history written a lot but. We've -- keep Gordon or get locked up to vehicles hopefully they're critical eventually put. Look -- the biggest thing that we're getting -- opportunism. You know we get -- out people that shall vote is keep going and keep more -- -- and also local. Bruins Brad Marchand joining us here on the program we've talked before game one -- about that Tampa series or maybe you got. May be too focused on the extra curriculars in that series -- and I'm in this Vancouver set you're just static you hate them they hate us -- -- the Kaiser is going to be. I'm -- keep an even keel and not get yourself -- in trouble and get yourself the penalty box. Yet -- Leo other if you go over there though it's clear that was. -- but guys didn't and it'll be your emotional guy that would be all right -- -- Collapses. Make sure their. Or. -- be -- -- -- are the costs squeezed our turn right and be aware -- solely. Are you audit you oughta all back that's in the that's not what they want -- Are you always have us believe everything great talent and play between the whistles that we -- that the political structure -- It that's what the peace and we can do. -- having that extra day off present is that a good thing for you guys who would you rather just -- here again tonight. -- I think it's really -- right now. In our minds and their body -- hired from. The -- postseason but. -- monitor begins automatically lead to log in between you let. Audio and art student who wrestle if that's right let's we do like -- ordinary stuff. Haven't that there are in Alaska and undermine him and not people play get -- well. How about that Canadian national let them as a guy from Halifax the other night called -- at fired up. -- who's got a penalty lawyer talk to photo it appears that should really. Well no I don't -- they have been right all consult. Will get a better -- Always outstanding need to stop singing in the crowd kind of took over at one point Canadian national. Did note that yeah it's really know what -- when he came back here you know is pretty well. Or I or -- it means that. While sitting there it always -- it will not appearance at originating city it's well pretty treatment. Well that's another. Southern read what. You spent one year -- -- about to get a pretty good idea of what a Stanley Cup ring went back to Boston would mean to this city after the 39 years. Public Vancouver on the other hand -- though Canadian team to have won a Stanley cups it's 93 to have a 11 and forty years. Pushed by pretty crazy up there -- you notice what that city is like. They're -- it's like outlook your -- I think any any -- city. You know what let me -- that also. And opportunities ahead of the bill without the illegal while calling. Idol because article are seven would merely bought -- -- people showed up. And then Italy come out here. Are currently in Vancouver is not -- the apparently very doubtful. While they want to that we do that eagle -- want -- are -- -- -- -- -- -- other posters here is that somewhat -- I see you got yourself by taking a panel the other night I'm sure your for another year familiar with the green men at what we're gonna get to that here but that one of the green men named force. Apparently came on this radio station yesterday. And Brad your name came up who want to play that for it that's okay. You idiot exclusive. Either -- a bit of a problem with Nathan or spray the water we. We're reporter Barbara Bush on last minute. Right well. We are we're gonna do a little bit and bring water to the -- would you say it's -- We I hope you don't think you'll hated forever but we can't over at about. -- we were in Nashville and we ran into one of the electoral rent. I thought you said skeptically -- bring -- your product demand ex girlfriend. Loaded none out you know -- the -- -- probably deserves. All right mr. marsh on as their a story here involving these green -- what the -- -- talking about. -- -- a lot of act or. Else. Oh. I extra trying to think they need we ever encountered little girl what should go. But. Built for the most part I think though. Those guys vote in. An open to a crucial public restrict over a street or go to regain. SE saudis and just come on near Boston you wouldn't hear u.'s upset of what you hear and -- it. Look at the green men and he wants to have a box but you know if Dick gave tilting these guys out. Yeah lawyer you know of credit and try again the light while they're there -- a little couple read a lot of itself. They cancel it. But at a brat extra day here before tomorrow night how does that that the teams spend it it is it is an all practice series there it is their any sort of down time is to prepare for game two tomorrow night. You know lower oil quarter crack here a little bit and then for most guys -- guys got them or repeat it for. Not -- throughout nightly laughter arms and -- -- delayed we'll look at all. What is indifferent to ensure more or ordering air watch video of detractors meant. There rupiah because Peter Carter election to that they get through security. I will best of luck tomorrow night stay away from three men. Oh let's girlfriends. That. Brad thank you man enjoyed it. There he is Brad marsh on. Appear Boston Bruins joining us here in WE BI's coverage of utterly different the Stanley Cup finals. Presented by south -- a call or stop by any location for the -- -- of the month the bacon cheeseburger. Now that this flights have brought you part by new -- new pro. Call 1800 -- for a. -- we'll fire has now started. Yeah -- Sports Radio network and.

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