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Shaq surprises D&C with a phone call

Jun 3, 2011|

Moments before his official retirement press conference Shaq calls into Dennis and Callahan to thank Celtics fans and the people of Boston

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Joining us on the AT&T outline the newly retired. Shaquille O'Neal Amare and Shaq John and Jerry in Boston how -- In order did Jerry are you Rhode Jarvis who were up just and a -- is this a happy day or a sad day for you. Little bootable. You know business was -- a focus people's organization pupils there. Treated me very very well. Gonna go a little more conservative than. You know for Marc was that would have been in the same situation. I was prepared so. Of those great businessmen listed vehicle you know because you know. So I assume your decision is based almost a 100% on your health or your lack of -- knew what to do about all over again. I don't want that the people local local investors were. And -- and says not quite so sure you -- done Shaq is this 100% certain we will never see you in uniform again. And how we're hopeful that. A the big question is where does Shaq appear in in what line on the mount Rushmore of big man in the NBA is that a question you wanna deal with -- You know I've ever really I really do the -- You know for me. From where I was comfortable. Possibly you know we'll probably use some internal -- in the instrument learn. When you block shots don't go off of -- knock -- -- about -- and then about the idea grip you'll also. They didn't dominate of these availability of these of the change tool for you look at it -- auction. No word from the jump over the resolution from the local court correctly you know from the government management tools and kept good -- Robert Hirsch. There you Chris Russo vocal -- one -- -- -- mentioned -- -- -- -- You know and and the names that are mention our guys who weren't exactly. What's the term looking for user friendly you work you had more fun you engage more people even in your short time in Boston getting out of Harvard Square into an all those kinds of things. Why did you take that approach Shaq. When people like Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain and and Korean for that matter were more standoffish as seven footers who stood out in the crowd. Or warm if you know anything about me multnomah. Putrid and strategize about it. One of growing up -- is always a little afraid of people saw I didn't have a -- -- the other dribble and you know that's been mostly and so and they know that all of all of the -- well so. You know wondering coach notably those because we're so these detention centers in the region so. You know there's the first to do things because there's so much alone in the first statement that people can relate to people correct. -- -- are crippled there. And -- to loosen the presidency is as. Which uses which do. Obviously things worked out for about half the year here -- Q you guys were a 33 in ten when you've played. 21 minutes you guys were almost unbeatable what would have happened. Had you not gotten hurt. Our third recoup -- -- and still are about you know there is a fertile market reversed all the arts -- we'll call. Nobody bought me this is through through the field to work out. There were -- -- call everybody wanted to rematch. In the lakers in America are -- will be Baltimore with the spurs the spurs -- want to. So who wanted to get through my head in the open you don't have pretty much moved so about. You know do everything. And I mean everything and try to do that in no position losers were supportive. Those the wonderful you want to clear those with you know it's so ridiculous. Over Bluetooth work out afterwards also. This noble noble but that doesn't go right. A second you allowed yourself in the last couple of days since you made this decision official. To have a quiet moment where you kind of set by yourself and evaluated. The the depth than the -- of your career a what you accomplish from a basketball standpoint what to accomplish financially. What to provided for your family a hole depth and breath of who and what Shaquille O'Neal has been. What are your thoughts on that new look packet that at what you've done and where you -- American. Men know two things almost real mom bless and that sort of thing listen. Listen -- -- There's an almost quotable player for this bill itself. This new. You know -- no control and all of when the secret -- award. You know personally go ahead also. As Christians. So as well do you know prevention with a glimpse. And everybody knows that you are multi -- with the police and the sheriff's department are going for your Ph.D. you've got some business and all that sort of stuff yet none of those things I don't think scratches the competitive pitch that you would have playing in the NBA you anticipate that being a problem at some point when your feeling better. And training camp rolls around or maybe the playoffs a year from now the Shaquille -- say. I really missed the game. Knows. There really is because and also -- Level and -- -- the last couple years of children who have -- I have a problem with we're going out there look at regular. No -- no pitchers throw home robbed of their ability -- world and there's very little -- Electronically there's there's actually works is okay those you know Clinton. Actually maternal relative. In the nineteen years you played in the nineteen years you played this game Shaq who gave you the most trouble who was the biggest pain in your ass. I truly actually -- it was a little. We're doing that -- of Barkley Oakley. I could do anything with those you know with the -- -- is very compact very mean could do anything Boca. Obviously the Kendrick Perkins trade a lot of it hinged on you and your health and Danny has said he thought EU and Jermaine would be there. To fill that role. From your perspective how did the Perkins trade. Affect the team and and one of that David never pulled the trigger on that would they still would he goes to be planned now. No opened. The Mubarak Arnold you know -- Long. Question you know. Speaker. I think you know little little little book. -- source. Nobody knows anything vocal group alone didn't and maybe -- -- in the future so you know those prison. You obviously wanted to play on a winner when you get here didn't work I'll put. If you would come back if you decided to come back and rehab and all that do you think this team the Celtics team with the Big Three as they get all do you think there will be. Competing for a championship next year. A -- of regular -- -- gold or you know low approval program because there's kind of you know component. You know. Awful -- drove. The all of there's so. You know just. You know we just couldn't -- ago. Jack I know you are. Weeding through about a 150000. Suggestions as to your knicks next nick named to replace the big years old diesel the big shamrock. Have you settled on one are you gonna announce -- edit your press conference and would you consider the big 401K. You know there's going. A different one of them amounts of. So you Marty decided yes. And the press covers his -- your house. Yes and it's going to be a party for everybody down in Orlando yeah that's the way -- do it are you cooking is Dwight Howard at a barbecue -- the day for everyone in Orlando who. A a was set you're trying to show him up -- -- he's doing today. Who were brought that that was the the guy with the Superman -- -- -- -- and a -- it was short and Boston but we enjoyed it your opportunity to to say ago by the Boston. But a blow all the sports fans who fall due in Georgia career. From Los Angeles offer eligible way out to here. We'll have a very good -- Significant role as peace. -- told. Much especially -- people all of a sudden the and so -- the morning. You know. This is the people through walls and longer hospital -- Could do -- Should. Our differences so. And we told -- -- training camp and the offer still stands if you wanna do talk -- you can get up at 3:45 in the morning and join Jerry and me any morning it's 6 AME like Jack Marie. Good luck Jack thanks a -- -- In place if you weren't so charming. He might be not quite so popular in the Americans there was a lot economy and Camelot yet we counting them change was coming on the fans -- -- -- They guarantees -- first -- the -- right and they will forever BT's 'cause what if he were healthy and oh he could -- in better shape where he -- the guy was in the first well I think the past comes not only with his personality but do you think that he wasn't try and now let's be out -- -- absolutely well I'm trying is. It is relative. Mean I think he wanted to be out who's never been a great ship. He is gonna Wallace's -- shape and but if he would just you know reasonably healthy. And -- there banging bodies and in a plane -- you're 25 when they when he played 21 minutes and believe they were 21 and four. -- he did make a difference and he did. Allowed Danny to make that deal now and so -- really count on him and Jermaine. And but I do get credit for this to you know like guys would come back and who was gonna make a lot of money under contract next year. Would come back and see how it goes in would be subjected to that melodrama on a daily basis for the next. 6810 months how's he gonna come back once again and what it meant Doc Rivers and have to be asked about it every damn day. That's not gonna happen makes the clean break walks away Danny has his doubts -- might be coming back but if you in his shape when he was plan. In the Caribbean planned shape when he's not playing probably and probably a --

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