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Vancouver Canucks Superfan - FORCE of the Green Men on the Big Show

Jun 2, 2011|

Michael and Glenn talk to one of the Canucks superfans known as FORCE, one of the two infamous GREEN MEN. The boys have a little fun with this guy in the green body suit.

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-- letter word -- Michael -- back here over the final hour of today's big show jacket which time Willis WEI's coverage of -- of the Stanley Cup finals is presented by cells -- Call or stop by any location for the June pizza promote the bacon cheeseburger. That's a slice that's a -- bingo and proxy and parts of my golf game Biden pro -- 1800. New pro. What I haven't seen it before you get the opportunity last -- you'd agree meant though. NBC out here in the states showed. Very very little -- trying to shut about probably jump shot a shot on a lot of mobile phone like this right now it goes by the Monica of forced the other guy is. So late and a forced joins us live on the -- foresight -- Alabama Glenn may have done. Dog Gracie didn't sense selling to a cease -- would denominated in -- fluorescent wonder why we're out and bought a portrait -- usually don't like Kansas City budget price -- desperate to supplement got to have a selling -- Boston -- a force and Boston is something new -- How -- pocket -- not be with us today. Yeah you know I don't know I don't know what the kids up to we we had a party hard after the -- last night I think you still it's 2 o'clock here but he's postal sweep not a bit of and -- over the. I was asking this question for human hair and England's have you done your research -- agreement as the only the only question I have the biggest question I have this. Why why have you decided to do this what do what what do you get out of dressing up in this green suit. -- it was this -- to be a onetime thing at this kind of exploded so we know we thought it won't be. These immediate gangrene cute one and -- the fans want that back in the we are getting the media requests and it is kind of blew up in a year and a half it got bigger than we ever thought was gonna be in Illinois says we wanna supported public actually cup and the wanted to spend one up there will keep going so the -- the reason we do it and that one -- there. I can tell you this that lot of the techsters are sending investment. Question when Michael was a lot I give you a couple of one what happens when you have to go to the bathroom. Very complicated process but the bigger the worst part about the -- cute. Kendrick any -- and can't sit through it and then you get a drinking beer before the game is gonna wash that thing -- -- -- get in and out of it. -- -- Odd numbers are so so so you don't do -- -- -- sold it bears are -- an ill. Yet Aurilia. I can't let me I'm -- Bedard can act as like any commitment of the games so. And I during the intermission try to get the Washington possible is people are taking photos without -- things. I used illegally into our game and then afterwards street result today is it's cold beverage and of. By another question from the text -- What happens if you're looking at a good looking woman and you get aroused. But you -- requested an idol idol that's separate now there is little bit about what -- support down there. And that is one of the memory from the number of reasons why we can actually end. Getting rid of and over loan agreements you have -- sporting front there's just tell -- -- agreeing Weiner or Durant and I I don't build up referendum you know. They hit a door down there we could give them an audience as always it'll walk that. -- -- Oh -- girl watcher Greg giving public about it. So it shows that jurors that you're a die hard can -- the answer to that Glenn is that he not pay attention is that a paid it needs a benefit in women in the audience he's focused. On hockey at all times. It in every single triple gold at the bigger Obama agree now I know what the lipstick Gupta cheeks after the game -- there any green women. Other computer equipment left him out there and then we also had. Giggled tumultuous swift think babies and is that we -- child for. That that we can -- clinical. Although Mikey that's -- you -- -- but I don't wear body condom or go. Out but I know I thought and I got to read this a few weeks ago. That the NHL came down to you guys are doing the national series gives you get a little carried away. And they were trying to. Keep you out of -- what happened there. It was any children tactic that conduct -- contact about that today and they told me this ruling that you know -- they kind of -- -- and you Lou we got you back we'll support you what you can no longer -- -- stands. He can't touch the glass and can agitate the players. And out of the game two against Nashville and the the security guard in the penalty box. Never seen that 400 absolutely ridiculous he hadn't been back since but I. It's gonna be more creative with that more props and the funeral simple of that and then that the that the cut out. What what player. Or what players have you irritated boast where you you you know you you guys have really gotten to this guy and he has said something or is pointed it to herself. Regarding what they're looking to actually -- that don't think he's from Chicago it's and then and he he'd hate that. And they it's captured that was the very per screen than we ever did and I get to penalties or portable car list after the second gently tossed the towel over the penalty box -- he has so that was pretty cool. So so now what is gadget what it what have you what kind of material have you put on them. To make them hate they just take the green -- you've had something verbally to say or some of some scientists that really put up pushes them over the head to it is. Yeah I mean we try to keep the global climate pretty clean there's a lot of kids in the -- but at least but. About it it will that would take if you shot to them again example Paul Stastny. You put you -- silver medal the American seems so we are given to a national candidate won gold. And he turned to a field generally the megaphone melody guy bought all your YouTube videos go. I don't get it. I was get the feeling it's gone the other direction of the guys are laughing it off to the question we're asking media day. A -- the Bruins players in the pros players were kind of laughing -- -- -- wiping the -- and instantly you guys get to them. So the gadget -- fund. Oh in the other direction. You used to Ben Affleck cut out plastic cardboard wearing the the Nexus One right. Edit the couple -- win today at an option to give Boston celebrity's that I would either that or Denis Leary and that it won't Ben Affleck general was the smartest that this Cuba. And they edited the. Now since -- is a much bigger of Brooksville enrichment and what are the what are your celebrities there's Elvis Costello right. Rick -- -- Michael it -- lieutenant let let it cool. So have you ever talked to those guys you talk to Michael junior varsity topics Costello they greenman fans to. Yeah held -- stolen bank lowered again look at least back in that we could afford to let them and ended up in the Rolling Stone magazine last week. -- critical that we beta Rolling Stones and that is Elvis was often go in this guy and that under which got a temper problems but I. The outcome of the the notable -- reaction we made every single girl thing -- Jealous the other pitcher with a kid from Lee I've never seen the show but my girlfriend loves me now so. He was in attendance. And that's something Michael's been asking for presumption that at a traffic -- Celebrity from Italy are public now a great man has the girlfriend that atmosphere as a result tough one hurt your your your travel schedule pretty. It it's a pretty amazing that you put up with the idea. Don't know how you guys in college -- out of college have real jobs you show up the green you -- forty deal. The art which you realize what. It until I graduated -- graduated. Broadcast journalism. -- -- -- Calling during a late development and a bit about Rwanda but the -- Sixteen and had no I'm not surprised that. Exactly. -- -- -- local radio that -- -- over version of the Connecticut. At the I say you don't local show. Yeah yeah we're able to local radio and we're essentially butchering her journal thinkers -- -- green mental label doing it. I really got steady work and I should get tons appalled that night -- NBC doesn't wanna show you go to that they were they were they showed you very little. We got part of the sea bass but couldn't see the entire silenced unseated since. Because of pictures received a -- there that they don't wanna show you guys at all. It's important like it was a shot that -- -- appear require to be able to pretty cool on that a lot. -- but -- it's CBC appearing at a that it wouldn't say I think kind of avoiding so. And -- -- angered somebody but its okay that they implement and he can anything get on TV production pretty getting. Better thought of triple what he loved the sign you've -- the box with the -- side and the Seidenberg. Around them because they loved it. Come -- outside -- to focus on the game I know your your diehard conducts it. And I I just need to know your take. On what are your guys biting. Dirty and it did agree -- believe in fighting during hockey games. -- -- it can't buy it I I didn't hear that they have seen any of the new. -- could offer. And check the -- after -- -- the finger in the restaurant on the long so I think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it probably got away with a -- because that reputation and that of the dirty player but it. And -- I don't like that at all but. Whenever we walked away with a win. As a hold -- as this. You dress up and aggressive group of the green suit you anybody a silly and you can't see the game. I I would build its finger blade I can't track the -- and I both players are tracking the partner bought what did you. Why you wasting what you. Should do or die hard connect and you can see every minute of the game -- can't every minute get a little escalate -- green lantern if you're if you're giving if you get in Seidenberg a hard time -- And that means you're not focused on the power play that -- focus Seidenberg you're missing all at least 20. Only journalist there. You all you idiot exclusive. If that's the big problem would be ignored Rainwater. We we're spring water Barbara Bush on last minute. Right well. We are we're given it to him a little bit and district water to the glass. Would you say tomorrow what what was the what was the winning sure it was water. -- We Bill Belichick -- hate it forever but we in Vancouver I don't know just hours ago. Now -- -- national and -- to -- atrial rent. So. Straight heard sits at I thought skeptically. At the your product and ex girlfriend. -- here on out you know not -- -- -- it would probably grew older it. It got worse because what I heard in the in the predators series. You had Mike Fisher in the box and what they put out -- by the picture of his now wife Carrie Underwood correct. Correct yeah. We've got Oprah Mikey loves that he thought it was hilarious he should there was a regular hitting any with a leaned over and -- the science pretty cool. While guys like to see you realize you're exposed to Federer. He's a Welsh but so I don't think that would affect the way it ought to really exposed to really get on force. You get -- a bad break upper marsh and that's what. Over the -- you dropped actually memories that's our goal beyond character started -- are you better be careful he's a little dude but he stuff. -- final question you coming up here to Boston. We're trying our best absolutely it's the national -- gonna -- these they -- the luster now. But we're trying to best and will probably find nobody moral afternoon if we're gonna be able to get a third time green line. That's I guess you guys that I am I gonna survive Blake in my eight comeback peace there what. How many -- now alters how important he thought. I can't see your -- media have not only -- like twenty to make or -- -- I went over the other out of town next week earlier here but. You'll come back with a few. Expected it I mean Bruins fans can be a little bit a little bit rough depends on on -- -- get those good seats done. A company we -- Worked for over. An I don't know what that I don't -- old on a roofing company owns two seeds that though. He's. Just. Well it's an important question for you pay them. We do you. Yet the paper defeats and to get pricey so and I guess that just -- to college. You know the game of breaking into radio there's not -- money and so we're gonna think what can we get our metro. All of it is excused by the way it would come -- -- realized. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How often. Do you go to the cleaners for that could mean and it looks like Dick kind of funky and optically knows -- the back -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We we do in order in the season -- -- -- the gold not green and want command -- lead last week -- let me cap. And I rebuilt charity event there and Mike Hsu leaked out this police and arrives. At. That was before you went to McDonald's who. What are all. -- fortunately should it was it was great talking to you and you're available for. Fast food places and bark mitzvahs direct. You know it no no man. I've been a good socket are -- Palin -- force would have to. Greenman out there and in Vancouver for screen eight. And all sorts of text I knew they stole their dying from a and -- likes TV show news that. Is that admitted that all the stories and read about and they are they never denied that they stole. Something in his -- two is -- we're always doing something providing you still some good and he steals on this bad that stupid. So they did steal but I did not know this may -- one of our guys in the other room know this maybe Bernie noses. RBC basketball has a yellow man working as a WEEI into her. Really it would have somebody that's a yellow man or yellow bird gold at these games the Geist is anybody -- and I don't know. Like a waste and really just builds up and it just -- hurt. It hurt her away so if your VC. What you have a yellow man BC you stand out. So I don't -- Ed Ed Ed BC games would really stand out. You need -- green and it is burger and greasy burgers VC yield or Bloomington. Or -- While it wouldn't be trying to do the color scheme but no but don't but you don't do the color scheme. You stand out more than if you get caught him and you watch the game on TV UCL ABC and disciplines -- -- or yellow. Well -- everybody else is where room big deal. Your residence in -- blended if you think mr. black man again if I. -- I got that right. I quick break it a look at the poke -- it's excellent 77790850. Toll free 8885 -- 0850. -- coming up. At 540 arguably.

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