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Wednesday Red Sox Radio Network Pregame Show

Jun 1, 2011|

Wednesday Red Sox Radio Network Pregame Show

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And acted on every ought to welcome to Fenway Park or the Red Sox and White Sox will wrap up their three game series from the first day of June it is the Herb Chambers -- pre game show. Coming up on the program we will check you -- WEEI dot com's rob Bradford that's on the clubhouse and -- just short bit also on tap. Our conversation with Terry Francona we talked with a manager before each and every game we'll -- trip around may two -- lots of afternoon baseball. To get you ready for today and of course we'll take your telephone calls -- -- 85250850. You can also text us. At 85850. You Kadima Ellis -- like to do that Sox both. The W -- dot com you can find us on Twitter as well at John Parrish -- in our -- as -- we'd start off the top as we always do with joke mystic Leona. And Dale Arnold gentlemen. At least for the moment could've asked for better weather for baseball. Little humid but at least not raining and let's be honest I shall appear on Wednesday he expected gonna be raining at -- -- -- -- proceedings let's face -- -- I mean -- -- on -- this year if -- that a win last week there. Yeah I know we've lost the last three so I'm I'm figuring he's the problem now. In the range as an awful although we've been blessed with good weather for the first two games of this series there's the potential for some thunderstorms. Later on this afternoon as we move -- will keep her fingers crossed the a right now guy that's probably the least of Boston's worries that -- bigger house the White Sox I don't know why but they've been struggling against Chicago for awhile now. It would rather have good pitching in good weather it's really hard to figure out they lost six -- of the White Sox twelve of the last fourteen. And the white sacks -- a team that's been beating itself. And they've had a lot of turmoil has they usually do -- -- around but. It's hard to figure why. The White Sox ten to keep the line moving when they bad against the red sector even drawing -- -- something if they don't do very often their very impatient. But they've been really putting it together. The combination of the two spot starters for a lack of a better description in -- say Davis and Tim Wakefield. That combination since both John Lackey and Daisuke Matsuzaka went on the disabled list have been very good but this team. Last night though we solar first pick up innocent a struggling against the White Sox now Tim Wakefield will get the ball this afternoon. When you look at it as a whole what they've gotten out of those two guys over this stretch you have to be very pleased yet in the back your mind if you're always wondering okay. When he is the wronged in Iran out so to speak in Colorado -- Davis plus side. I think the concern for Tito was well and I talk to me about this in Cleveland last week is. You had a situation where you had to get into the bullpen maybe earlier than you want it to yesterday you're really hoping that Tim Wakefield can take a little deeper now the off day tomorrow. Softened some of that blow a little bit but I think that as they were going forward there we're gonna try to not have those guys go back to back in the rotation. And now on Sunday Lackey will take -- services place in the rotation anyway. Reports from John lackeys rehab appearance last night in the docket were very good he pitched into the six that a relatively low pitch count and -- allowed a solo home run. No walks or strikeouts and he slotted back in to pitch against the gays in the homestand finale on Sunday here at Fenway and then you mention Dell a couple of off days -- real. Unusual quirk in the schedule you go from playing essentially for three weeks straight scheduled to forty consecutive days. White Sox by the way same -- they wrap up a twenty game stretch again today just like the Red Sox to an off day tomorrow and and another off day on Monday. Maybe not such a bad thing because it gives everybody a breather bullpen rotation. Broadcasters. Wausau that's a good point about the broadcasters but then -- the almighty is we've had. But it really gives a -- exit chances that the pitching for the Yankees series and go with a three who was. Provide the sweeping New York in Leicester balk calls invective so it works out very well with a two off days to. Set it up again -- for a specific series you guys find that that is a little unusual twice this year we've seen Tito. Shuffle things around so that he could -- those three guys against the Yankees. Maybe a little bit I mean especially because early in the year you're not used to of them altering a lot to get certain pitchers against certain teams. I wonder though doesn't have as much to do with -- getting those three guys against the Yankees. May be less so for this upcoming series and it did when they met earlier in the season. And more the case of getting guys extra rest in this case Jon Lester two days. Extra rest why thank gets 5050 in that regard they rather -- to pitch against the Yankees. He is. In along with Beck -- pieces of the staff so you really have to. Think that this is by design and there I think it makes a lot of sense why not do it this way I mean you also. In the past wanna avoid Daisuke with the Yankees because they take so many pitches and you know we know about how he nibbles and John Lackey hasn't had a whole lot of success against them either so I think it really. Is that a wise move by -- -- part to do it again. Wanna note in the lineup Josh rhetoric gets the start in right field today J. D. Drew is out of the lineup. Now let's face it guys drew has been scuffling and in limited opportunity Redick has looked pretty good. Negotiating to twenty and he's just by getting good swings it finally taking borderline pitches it across strikes it's sort of feeling for the ball he's just not in themselves don't be surprised if you see more of this happening is as we go forward whether it's Josh rhetoric whether it's Mike Cameron don't be surprised if you see. A more opportunities to play in more opportunities for JD cannot play. Alright guys thanks so much would it affect you shortly action. Joked instantly on Dale Arnold on the call this 1135. Is our scheduled first pitch Red Sox and White Sox -- Fenway Park exactly an hour from now. We hope to get this and underway as we mentioned the forecast does mention the threat of thunderstorms. We you know rough line of thunderstorms move through eastern Massachusetts earlier today and the potential exists for another one later on this afternoon but I don't think you'll have anything to do. With the start of this game so we will start this one on time. And no more hope to get -- On time as well would like to remind you that if you're driving of the game ball game parking is just sixteen dollars at the Prudential Center garage it's just a ten minute walk to the ballpark plus. The shops at the prudential center of more than 27 choices were great pregame meal sixteen dollar ball game parking. At the provincial center garage and as we mentioned. The combination of -- analysts say listen Tim Wakefield has been very good for the Red Sox since they have both been inserted into the rotation. But a service and pick up last night. The late comeback came up short. Six runs over the final two innings for the Red Sox but it ends up -- and seven White Sox take it again they won six consecutive games here at Fenway Park go figure five straight. Against the Red Sox overall team that comes in this one with an overall record 26 and 31. Five -- but they've all Boston Red Sox now five games over there in the midst of a three game losing streak thirty and 25 they begin play today. One game behind the New York Yankees New York takes on Oakland this afternoon in Oakland that'll come anyway. A little bit later on coming up next it's the clubhouse insider with WEEI dot com's rob Bradford we'll have that after the last -- chambers fort pregame show on WEEI Red Sox radio network. What we did was in this is going to. Hope was we actually have another one on Monday which is kind of rare. -- certain lack on Sunday there lack went down to -- -- and culturally well. We can insert him Sunday. That allows us to back up Lester a couple days he could pitch against the Yankees which is okay with us and it gives him a couple -- blow which we also -- Think is good week we try to talk to these guys enough he can't always puts him on the day that they prefer. But I think Lester is an agreement that every wants all -- Brees is good form to which I take -- news or vantage. Jon Lester gets couple extra days heading into his next start which is scheduled for Tuesday in New York this is the Herb Chambers fort pregame show. Red Sox and White Sox wrap up their three game series with the mad Nate -- this afternoon. Boston trying to avoid a three game sweep and a four game losing streak. It is the clubhouse insider we're -- eEye dot com's rob Bradford you can call us toll free at 88852 fives -- like fifty or text us. At 85850. As well Lott has been made about the shuffling of the rotation if you want even called that rob. First and foremost. John Lackey will be back in the rotation as of Sunday all the reports from his rehab start from Pawtucket last night sounded like. He was feeling fine and everything went well. Encouraging yes absolutely and and I think he'd be abusive people have a Lackey last couple starts here before he went and disabled list. And a lot was made of okay as a speak contract he's not performing what's going on then you factor in the personal promptly referenced. But if people forget also that he went on a pretty good run of three straight strides here early on. And that's the type proportions pitcher they're trying to get him back to be. And he can be a huge huge asset for this team in a lot of different ways and they're gonna need him I really thinks gives. You look at Lester John I mean lest we we've talked about the Big Three. The Big Three -- mean -- Beckett Lester Buchholz having to produce wealthy hit a bump in the road he needs someone else the slide in there Lackey certainly keep. Boy of that if -- while -- perplexing. And on some different ways but I mean think about it it just and these two ways one his career track record over the course of his career before came to Boston. He had been a durable dependable. Pretty reliable consistent -- And now we didn't see that at least not to the level but I think a lot of Red Sox fans expected last year again though. And it is overall stats were skewed if you just looked at what he finished up as the second half was much better this person all right so. They early in the season they get that rain out -- of the off dated escapist stories happy if they push him back to the West Coast. But he responded well to that and pitched those three games in your thinking okay. That's exactly what he needed never was that. Flip the switch it got going in the right direction. And that it disappeared which makes you wonder what's wrong well turns out a little quarters on in his elbow looks like it did the trick. Yeah a local Arizona my elbow with -- Patrick and I can usually quarters or analog definitely into that but you're right I think that. You look at those last couple stars were people were saying scouts and so forth. Where he's not the same topic guy that you saw it with the angels in those starts anywhere in terms of relying on the fastball. Using the fastball comment on hitters and and then you saw the velocity -- tail off as the game went on. It it in you look at it now he price able that was Paula because it was a quarter his own free elbow. That was the problem. And he'll be pitching against the -- in just a few yes so that's a good when when in doubt pitched John Lackey gives the game. When in doubt either pitching on the west -- if they -- against OS this team and you should feel good to go to work. We don't have anything new on Daisuke Matsuzaka do you mean we know he was examined. And and we know that the Red Sox are either in the process -- or going over the results of the opinions of doctors Yoakam and they're gonna get. Daisuke back in town later today well after the game and trying to everybody on the same page. I don't know what does it sound -- you like there is any more concern right now than there was when the injury was first leg. -- law I think the concern when you go to doctor Louis Kyoko men. And you know you get evaluated for a second time the house to be some concern you can say well that's not community surgery this time. Shore but this is a way NC do you you said it perfectly. We just don't know right now I think that they have to wait and see what's gonna go on this guy. And in -- is names proper Lackey the last couple weeks well through different situations. Lackey is gonna be counted on here for June July August September. Daisuke who knows maybe September maybe Argus we don't know but as just a wait and see. Which is worse going to see doctor Leo rumors are going to see doctor James Sanders. Is there like -- lucky day you know I gotta I gotta go I gotta go as if we're gonna put the two pictures side by Thai side. I put the check mark with doctor enters though when you hear doctor -- you're more -- than -- I think the percentage rate of people leaving Birmingham Alabama with good news. Is a little bit slower than California and I guess in that respect if you would -- that last example -- -- Yes there you go on ranchers are right David Ortiz just wrapped up a spectacular month the name one of the best made -- -- more time. He enters the month of June. Hitting the ball exceptionally well -- -- by the way he's in the final year of his contract. Different. Stage of his career than Jonathan Papelbon who you talked to the other day. But the circumstances. Aren't that different in that is a contract you gonna walk here they are both performing at the top of their game. Yes it if you wanna draw an analogy between -- -- another one would be. Them performing in unique situations and unique positions because the one thing I came -- the -- -- conversation with. Was there hasn't been a closer. -- that there has close of the Red Sox for as long as he -- six years and there's something be said or some value to be had for guy who showed he's been able to do that over the addicts and period time. In this market at deposition I think the same thing could be -- David Ortiz. After a certain degree that we look at Adam Dunn that we look at the adjustments that you have to make in terms of the eighteenth getting ready -- -- -- -- -- -- All of these things and -- royalties has shown that he can be designated hitter in this market on this team overcome adversity. Figure things out which he did lap contenders in this month as was punctuated by. Hitting a ball over the left field wall awful left handed pitcher like -- and here's another market. If you look at where let's just say okay 20052004. To 2007. Those were. The past years past four year run David Ortiz record was the prime of his career. The game's changed in six years those five years. Teens don't look the same as they did players don't look the same ages of players don't look the same. It is a different looking now than it was six years ago in the American League. Some other DH is in the American League -- -- as -- as David Ortiz they were talking about. Adam Dunn who is off to a terrible -- Travis Hafner and Vladimir Guerrero right yeah well. It's the it is not a whole lot and and that the DH position has changed and that's the biggest thing and the fact is that a lot of people say well. The David Ortiz type -- DH is out the window in baseball it is. The team to go the other way a lot of people think the reds -- to go to go that way too. Which is revolver guys and have different older guys fill in the position to give days off but the thing is is that I think that you look at is slightly different way well -- RTs is a unique guy in the sense that. He shows you that you don't have to worry about that. That's what position you don't have to worry about you don't know for position player he come in for a week and adjust to doing the DH what you don't know that. David Ortiz has shown that he can do it and I think that. If you look at the market going into the offseason. I think despite the dot struggles that Don despite. The DH position going the other way I think he's put him itself a pretty good position. Do you see anything different and what he's doing he seems to be in great -- Now that's something that we always look at it -- David Ortiz -- -- -- -- every year I was busy in good shape now becoming. He really does seem to be in better shape this year then. I think he began the season that the last couple. Yeah I think that's part of it I think the -- the embracing of of going the other way and as seems simple. By he threw all his struggles last couple years early on that was thing when he's going -- going the other way it's gone the other way. Well he's actually found a way to hit last David pitching by going the other way and we talked about this. The influence of majoring in vows before a having another power hitter lefty in the lineup and be able bounce ideas and been talked about things and look at with. So I think that's factors in as well. But you know he can come into spring training and that I worked on at all offseason I've got to do this but he's actually done and I'll go back to last night. You have and about against moment. In. In the past that was that was that -- David -- well you know it nice smooth swing takes it the other way over the law. And it really changes the dynamics of the lineup in that only talked about it heading here with some worried. What was going to happen either in left in the starters organs left and relievers waiting games because of the so many left handers in the lineup for the Red Sox some guys are really struggling with left and yeah Carl Crawford Crawford is even Jacoby Ellsbury we're as good as he is is numbers against left handers are nowhere near as good as they are against right handers. But to have David Ortiz in the middle. Not be as susceptible to that it sees -- is a huge difference it it gives Terry Francona. More flexibility. He's hidden just over 280 to eighty against lefties if you said David Ortiz is hitting 280 against anybody ready to say oh that's a good year. Well you obviously see well over 300 against Friday's and his average is at a point where hasn't been in years but if you would say -- if you do not the conversation. Having -- someone pinch hit for David Ortiz against lefties is out the window that the credit them. You're gonna talk about. The Red Sox I'd -- one. What's the average. Number of times but J. D. Drew it on Africa as well well -- it wet when in doubt when there's a -- conversation might bring a J. D. -- to be man we can always about it on -- -- no matter what -- well -- -- you can always fall back when J. D. Drew. And let's face it. He's really -- Josh -- gets the start in right the only is not struggling android hasn't had a lot of opportunism when he's at and he has had the opportunity. He looks pretty good in this is just an extension of what he was doing talk. It was evident here but Tokyo and that has carried over the Major League level. As Josh red -- time com or is at least the time com to see if John for a next time as well. It's an interesting conversation it's obviously you have to do is waiting there -- and everyone kind of surmised it was who's going to be the guy stemming off last year. If that if nothing else it if you're going to trade deadline and you want some leverage you have Josh Redick -- shown something here. But J. D. Drew before it was okay Mike Cameron's gonna sub in form we understand that but all now you have a guy in Redick who is producing. In J. D. -- -- thousand produced he has to at some point otherwise we're gonna start seeing more -- more proper and I'm sorry of Cameron but of Redick. Johnny Cameron was the righty lefty this is -- -- -- -- -- right now it ran production left it's it's about getting production and that's absolutely. -- rob good to see is always all right thanks John. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com along side it is the clubhouse since -- the Sox and Sox finale of this three game series comes your way with. Tim Wakefield on the mound for Boston -- the ball opposite righthander Gavin Floyd first pitch comes your way. In about forty minutes from Fenway Park date to when we come back below our conversation with a manager as always. It's after this in her chambers or pre game show. On WEEI Red Sox radio network welcome watching everyone -- good afternoon from beautiful Fenway Park we've got picture perfect weather at least for the moment for the Sox and Sox is they will wrap up their three game series Boston. Drop the finale of their road trip the back end of a double dip in Detroit on Sunday night may have dropped the first two games of this series. So they looked to avoid being swept and a four game losing streak they'll send Tim Wakefield the -- Opposite Gavin Floyd in this what is their Herb Chambers fort pregame show coming up in just a few minutes -- -- conversation. We've manager Terry Francona we also have our trip around the majors on the way as well. And we will check in with. In Vancouver where we are anticipating. Game one of the NHL finals -- and it looks welcome your weight tonight to WEEI dot -- TJ beam -- -- preview of game one that comes your way. In just a little bit right now we checked back in with -- -- on Joe wanted to talk about Tim Wakefield for a minute he gets the ball again this evening so -- this year 21 record 414 ERA not the numbers that necessarily jump now that you whenever we talk about Tim Wakefield. We talk about him really in two different terms one of his longevity he's 44 years old the oldest active player in the major leagues. And the knuckleball -- such a unique niche there's nobody else at least any time in recent memory that frozen. They like -- Know why there is a knuckleballer RA Dickey with the Mets but. They seem to go in cycles in I don't know we have our -- we haven't had one but we've never had more than a handful let any one time except that. In the mid forties the Washington senators who were of course were first to war first in peace and last in the American League -- a starting rotation of local source. But -- it is a rare pitch to be able to control a lot of guys will around the throwing on the side but to control it is difficult and most of the good knuckleball -- of have a longevity -- -- -- -- to -- for -- denying in Phil -- tools -- -- 46 and the same with Charlie -- so why you can't stick around awhile longer you keep yourself in condition. We. Well how much longer Tim's got a pitch I mean this could be as last year he pitched for several more years and we just don't know as of right now but whatever that time columns. I have a feeling we're really gonna miss this guy we're gonna look back and say. Boy it was a real treat to see something special and something different something unusual because I can't imagine we're gonna see anything quite like him any time soon. I don't think saw me so versatile and -- such any great insurance policy to have. Because he can start and relieve and be plugged in a moment's notice. And he'll also be missed when he. Finally does their retire because of his wonderful disposition and because of the great charity work he does he's been a model citizen for the Red -- since he got here in 1990. I've part of only sixteen years 1995. That's along Tim Wakefield been pitching for the Red Sox after that brief career with pirates as well. All right John thanks so much would affect you shortly extra. Joked instantly Omaha of the call this 11 which along with the -- comes your way in about thirty minutes just over thirty minutes as we are getting ratings go here at Fenway Park before remove any further. Let's -- ten seconds for station identification of the WEEI Red Sox radio network time now for our usual chat with a manager Terry Francona has brought to you by. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care making health care work better. Visit them and let's talk health care not a war. Here's Dale Arnold -- it seems like day games after night games has become the norm for this Red Sox team that it day after day you get one of these turnaround. -- -- this bill a little bit to disjointed bluster -- us for sure. You know what's good is we've -- you would go out there today playing nice crisp clean game then we got Dell's small and that'll be good because whether we win or lose. Didn't ourselves back in line you know. Rest and people listen guys a little tired out there that that doesn't mean -- when the game Davis excuse but I think it's reality in that guys are just a little bit tired. You work have been around this game a lot longer than I have and you've seen the ebbs and flows a team gets on a roll score fourteen runs in back to back road games. And then inevitably it seems as though you little valley. You're right in the war inevitable because you never do you wanna ride -- belongs streaks as always you can and keep them the poor ones to a minimum. It's no fun when you don't score. It's so fun when you lose I think if you're able look at it somewhat realistically. It makes a little bit better -- wise this happen and -- pluses you know shorten up of a dry spells but they happen in baseball again justice you if you go up and down with them it makes it harder. You talk all the time about keeping the line moving in a positive way. In the second inning last night it seemed as though the line kept moving in a negative way you couldn't stop the. But -- it would exactly right -- worst road teams do you know we we we had two walks. We had a ball short that we don't convert into and out whether to her second you know we we can't give extra opportunities especially innings like that. And you end up hurt our chances and we came back to score more runs. And that inning probably don't know who you never know what's too much that's -- you always want plate clean baseball Hugh ordeal though. You had a lot of guys coming into and out of your clubhouse here over the last few days. Does that have any effect on on you and your team and I mean everybody knows everybody but it's been shuttling guys around. You know what if you probably does a little bit of the biggest thing I guess I worry about our our. The game getting played to win want to play you know the guys here they understand. When we want around to them lot of freedom to play the game here but because they know won't work we expect when you bring guys in from for boys sometimes. They're trying to show what they can do as opposed to maybe win in the game so about concerned -- bit. But I think organization does a good job of bringing guys in spring training guys that they think can hope poster or near the rookie development programs so guys are coming your cold and Justin. All or you know reviewed their dealers welcome back feeling more than just being a stranger. You've got a day off tomorrow finally a day off that you plan on a supposed or rain day off. Tell me what that's done for your pitching for the upcoming we -- how you shuffle things around what we did was if this is really gonna help us we actually have another -- Monday which is kind of rare. Wool -- lack on Sunday there lack one notre -- -- and culturally well. We can insert him Sunday. That allows us to back up Lester a couple days he could pitch against the Yankees which is okay with us and it gives him a -- -- blow which we also know. Think is good we we try to talk to these guys enough you can't always puts him on the data they prefer. But I think Lester is an agreement that every once a -- -- -- is good form to which I take good news or vantage. We would be remiss if we didn't mention today starting pitcher Tim Wakefield you've seen him get into some grooves before in his history here. Is he in one of those now. Also I think wake relishes the fact that you're not that it wants us we've go games when we do. As we've seen him bails out more often than not. Hopefully fuels double B being absent today and the other thing is is the Bakken or bullpen is rested a week ago aboard properly and go get -- Best collective -- that. John back -- -- -- thank you Terry Francona is brought to you by AT&T. Find out what's possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T. Rethink possible Red Sox and White Sox getting set to go spend -- slowly builds for the Wednesday afternoon that -- Finale of this three game series would like to remind you that some guests of Red Sox radio. Will receive a 100 dollar gift certificate to sell bullets there -- by. The shops at the Prudential Center. States don't take a quick look at the lineup when we come back her trip around major leagues is still to come including the a preview of game one ruins and cannot come your way from Vancouver. Much later tonight all that comes your way after the socialist and the Herb Chambers -- pregame show on -- -- EI Red Sox radio network. And of them scored ten runs over game thanks so things government and -- who's kind of -- right hold on they're different and very discourse -- over -- That's at a game started do a seven usually enough but it wasn't on Tuesday. Deceptive a little bit of one point it was ten to whine and ended up being ten to seven as the Red Sox scored six of those seven runs late in game. But the White Sox have all the Red Sox as of late in fact they have won five consecutive games against them -- were all. Last time the White Sox won six consecutive games against the Red Sox. You've got to go back to a stretch that overlap 1965. And 1966. It's been that long. And it also dropped to six consecutive games just here at Fenway. Clark alone to the White Sox this is the Herb Chambers -- pregame show. Like remind you to stay tuned after the game for ESP -- no nonsense post game show as Eli affordable dependable life insurance. Made simple quick look at the lineups and we mentioned JJ. Or are excuse me Josh -- is in right field for the Red Sox he'll get the start not J. D. Drew and he will -- eight for Boston's a top to bottom. The top remains consistent Jacoby Ellsbury Dustin Pedroia Adrian Gonzales Kevin Youkilis David Ortiz Carl -- again batting six the plane left. Jed Lowrie at short hitting seventh then comes Redick. -- five for nine with four runs batted in no home runs so far this season in his brief Major League playing time. But he has been playing very well -- in coveralls the ball and back for the all Sox. After him it's Jarrod Saltalamacchia who -- the catching of Tim Wakefield the White Sox they've got Juan Pierre at the top bottle by Alexi Ramirez and Carlos Quentin in right. Paul Konerko will be the DH today which means Adam Dunn of not necessarily the most gifted defensive player will be at first Don wolf that fifth -- a vibrant little average in center field Omar Vizquel. The veteran shortstop well these -- third this afternoon in over the course of his career he has very good numbers. All of Tim Wakefield Ramon Castro does the catching Gordon Beckham is at second Gavin Floyd. The right hander on the mound for the White Sox today. The record this season 55 with a 369. Earned run average it is time for a daily league leaders feature in today we will look at batting average against. And hope BS against first by team. Best in the American League Tampa Bay to a 39 batting average against followed by Seattle and Texas the Red Sox at 246 league averages 252. Of bottom of the league is Kansas City upon -- 273 against them. If you prefer all PS against best in the league is Oakland 652 OBS against followed by Seattle Los Angeles New York now team today. Who was first in batting average against just -- -- OBS against at 693. Two slots down the Red Sox at 710 just a little bit better of the league average which is 713. Worst Kansas City. 79830. BS against for the royals 7760. -- against. -- Minnesota individually number one is Josh Beckett in both categories in fact dissolve the S against his 528. But -- -- Jered Weaver and Michael -- the rookie for. The Mariners Alexi gondola Dan Haren run round out the top five batting average against. Well the best that it is well 189. Followed closely by Justin Verlander had 190s. A Condo in 191 when Nader and 192 Jered Weaver. At 197. With those of the top five in the American League these naturally talented players are brought to you by Poland spring brand 100% natural spring water. The official bottled water of the Boston Red Sox Poland spring -- better. Only from naturally carefully selected natural springs please remember to recycle. It's the Red Sox and White Sox on tap from Fenway Park when we come back we'll take a trip around -- Major League and get to set for game one of the Stanley Cup finals that's all after this you're listening to the Herb Chambers -- pregame show. On WEEI Red Sox radio network. Welcome back to -- Sox and Sox getting set to go -- into the -- Chambers for pregame show before we ticker trip round the major leagues we will check in with WEEI dot -- DJ being who is in Vancouver British Columbia the conducts Bruins getting support game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to not eject. The Bruins are getting closer and closer finally dropping the puck in game one of the Stanley Cup finals later Rogers arena against the conduct. These elected against holding a morning skate today and in yesterday's practice only -- that he was missing that we did parts being media day. Which cleverly figures place similar rules didn't games embers lightning playing on the second last time they'll -- three year old Mark Recchi. -- political season low to mid period and second but to have three shots bungled the Bruins went. According to a in the cup finals big cougar DJ being W yet dot com. I DJ thank you will have you completely covered game one of course tonight they'll drop the puck just after 8 o'clock and then gained two is scheduled for Saturday night. In Vancouver -- trip around the major leagues -- sponsored by the sports authority we started the American League afternoon baseball to tell you about including. The Yankees and -- coming your way in a couple of hours from Oakland AJ Burnett opposite GO Gonzales the Yankees begin the game within one game lead over the Red Sox in the division. Tampa Bay is one and a half back. The Yankees of all the days they've won nine consecutive games against Oakland sixteen of their last 191 already under way in the AL. That is in Saint Petersburg where the Rangers and rays -- schools in the bottom of the first Colby Lewis opposite David Price Texas enters play. Atop the highly compact and American League west a half game better than Seattle one up on Los angels of Anaheim two and a half -- On Oakland the Orioles and mariners the match up in Seattle later this afternoon. Brian Matt -- make his first start of the season opposite sensational rookie riding Michael Pineda. The 22 year old six and two with a 242 earned run average the -- have dropped their last spot also this afternoon. Angels and royals in Kansas City tonight Minnesota plays out Detroit twins dropped their last three they've got the worst record. In Major League Baseball at seventeen and 36 the tigers have won their last three announced at two games. Over 500 Cleveland leads the division by better than Detroit eight and a half up on Chicago. And they plate in Toronto Josh Tomlin opposite Kyle -- back in the nationally -- go to the second at Washington Nationals have taken. A one nothing lead over the Phillies and a Jayson Werth RBI single -- goes -- John -- pitching match up in Washington this afternoon the Phillies lead the division by two games. Over the Marlins also in the NL today Houston is at Chicago everything else comes your way tonight. San Diego plays in Atlanta the Padres going -- fifth consecutive victory Clayton Richard the -- the opposite Tommy Hanson. The -- Pittsburgh plays at New York tonight it's the brewers and reds in Cincinnati. Arizona had their long winning streak snapped on Tuesday but they still lead the giants by a half game in the NL west their home to Florida tonight. San Francisco since Tim Lincecum to the mound in Saint Louis cardinal lead the brewers by two and a half in the central. Colorado looks to avoid a fourth consecutive defeat for the Dodgers go for a fourth consecutive win the Rockies and Dodgers in LA later tonight our trip around a Major -- to sponsored by the sports authority. The official sporting goods retailer of the Boston Red Sox. We'll get to the starting lineups and the first pitch next it's. WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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