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Let's Explain this Again, The Red Sox Game Is Not on TV Tonight

May 29, 2011|

Callers, listeners, texters, etc are really having a difficult time understanding that the Red Sox game is NOT on tv tonight - period...not on any channel. Dale and Buck try to explain. They also touch upon the hot streak Beckett is on and the rest of the pitching staff.

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Dale Arnold Steve Buckley here and I I guess I have just. I have blown your mines. I didn't mean to but the -- you you guys just. Either you refuse to believe it or you -- OK we'll watch the game if I have an Internet connection. From my house that's funny because I I got a tweet here at at dale. And it says so it's is technically you can watch the game on line if you pay for MLB network I panelists and when I'm on the wrong no he he. There will be no cameras on tonight there will be telecast to show you online on MLB network. Texture here I heard you can watch tonight's game on ESPN three dot com no you can't. I mean I know you guys don't believe me on this -- there is no telecast there will be no cameras on the only cameras that will be you get highlights. You know you bid double local TV news's it's not like 45 and seven gonna send camera crews out there cause they're not. But they'll they'll pay for the local ABC NBC CBS affiliates fox affiliates to shoot highlights you'll see highlights. If Josh Beckett twirls a perfect game tonight you'll never get -- it. So I and I said. It is sad. You get they are targeting and I don't know if you noticed you probably -- notices dale but that Beckett he's doing okay lately is ever -- This is -- this he's in that he's gonna stretch right now we're throwing the ball as well as I've ever seen in the base -- -- a stretch right now we throw the ball better than it was -- -- -- And Manny was really good then too but instead that -- -- got that. That's there need to see mostly Claudia yes I did when he mark in in the -- dugout out here -- I'm an idiot that's the kind of attitude you want from Josh Beckett. Now you will it is here tonight on Sports Radio. Nuclear generation able Brian joke instantly on they'll bring you all the action -- here all of it. Considerate you know a throwback game OK you know if they wear throwback uniforms those god awful uniforms they were denied him -- -- Those were even I didn't like those dale. -- But consider this throwback night okay back in the day before games were on TV and you'd you'd sit there you know with a transistor radio under your blankets. You know sneaking in trying to listen -- the game can Coleman telling you what the Red Sox were doing a considerate a throwback night and in Major League Baseball tonight listen. To Dave and Joe and John because that's him earlier at all. -- 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Now here's a good question I hadn't -- I hadn't thought about this one techsters says about TV replay for home runs. There won't be any height they will not be able to use TV replays for home runs tonight. Because it's one of those weird strange instances where there will be no cameras to show -- So if there's a controversial. Home run where where Beck is gonna win his perfect game. On -- ninth inning home run by Jacoby Ellsbury it is ruled owl but it's really fair you're gonna lose our right it's just gonna happen. That's sorry it's what just occurred to me that when they have the pregame meeting of the umpires. In the minutes at home plate -- it has to be stated there will be no. You cute kid mom asked for replay review. Is that we know there -- no mechanism in place there will be no cameras to show you re all full. If if the manager wants to come -- talent equality can make an announcement anyway had a cellphone. On that plate I'm not gonna not run it down by police for pass your cellphone the -- bring your Apple iPhone or get out a section two employees fuel heating oil is cellphones I'd be the only way they could do but I guess if I Davidson Concord hello David how -- There -- -- it's gonna. So. Getty you're it was the -- -- aren't no game can be televised live in the history in the act that can start at 6 o'clock will be televised. They get it today at it in fact in in Major League Baseball no game can even be played on Sunday night it's the only reason they're playing the game tonight in Detroit. Is because it's the Red Sox last trip to Detroit the Saturday game got rained out there's no. -- choices where they play a doubleheader today where they play the Thursday after the all star game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they did televised vote I didn't -- double I don't like that right as tickets shouldn't it every -- Saturday that. Mom didn't you know what I think Simmons -- eyes and you're correct. And you can that's an excellent point you could start again knowing or in LA and play the game at 8 o'clock in it to be televised. -- it before sex if you that port that it goes into -- out. You can amateur hour in Atlantic eight and the dot the first at aren't temporary good and still tell it again I believe that would be correct. And I don't know again the political Accardo experiences built -- 1 game at 4 o'clock or until six. Yeah and then also need to salaries are we get to the sounds like we'll George -- thing what -- what if god made a rock so big in the we -- Now this can't at a course I have to. I don't know the millions hidden cameras whatsoever. I'm just saying that they they don't have -- they wanna -- their because I televise the game. I didn't so you might not all right thing out so the leak. -- had a bench clearing brawl again that's nobody is the route to replay that basically approach you recite it should be suspended as you realistic don't feel better right. I would say probably not unless I am not there they could use news camera footage you know if if the local you know Foxit -- were. There excelling at that moment. And so -- and can't do like to a game and then do they are into it now. Well played tomorrow about it. Well and several people said why can't NASA and just did you know video did the whole thing on tape have. Rem dog and or sell -- to the whole thing on videotape dimensional tomorrow Memorial Day. Well they can't do it. That's straight -- in that -- and I connected to eating up against the just Indian views on tomorrow. What you said now you know -- haven't you don't have legitimate political editor are perfect gamer and that. Nostalgic to McCain being at something on it. I hope that it throws a perfect game just a really pissed off the people ESPN. As a as its extra points out neither the revolution nor the ball game will be televised all right. Scott-Heron comments. Actually true 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. It is in Newton hey -- -- you don't. They I don't it's going I can't believe I'm so pissed off. This. I'm working all day and I would look and political home have a couple Beers watch a game is his bowl. You know he ESPN -- body image showing. The Cincinnati Atlanta game on the regular he would -- channel -- -- ESPN -- tonight -- -- -- -- have. Softball. From. We would as it stands today Alabama yup they'll look at that -- bull I mean why can't they get. One -- and everybody's stack on ESPN dot email on this we have laid out let's vote but entitlement we get the game on. Why we -- east and around -- -- when to take it anymore. I'm open it up it would undertake. Come on you all Ed as well as I do you really wanna watch that Cincinnati Atlanta game tonight salad tonight -- Cincinnati no it on the right channel. -- money at him why now I can't -- yet and it can't -- rate mode you're in a while being leaders ended their debt that's -- a primal events -- Sunday night baseball Cincinnati Atlanta remote and on the on the Amazon announced Sunday night baseball match up is is -- -- -- -- -- Sunday -- on it Sunday night baseball used in as when my favorite events and by the -- capital of the -- You gotta watch it grow at all and that's what I'm saying -- I knew you would. Okay the metal target the matchup is terrible right but I love. As a vehicle Sunday night baseball it is one of the best thing that's -- you. Especially now the Joe Morgan's artist and -- it in her -- her Valentine to a very good job enveloped about he's very opinion. You he was making some comments couple weeks back we'll Kevin Youkilis is swinging so it's -- show by the time the pitches -- his wind up he's back to normal. He he went so far as to say Carl Crawford figured that open stance is that right -- expand it like it's gonna. The first base coach. And in -- a security that I mean he says what's on his mind he doesn't sanitize it because he has relationships with players and coaches he says whatever it wants to say he's. There's usually. Get that out on on climbing out the -- -- we work in with a next year. They eat he talks like -- guy who doesn't care. 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Rise in cell phone users can recall column WEEI. As we mentioned early you can text us on the AT&T text line at 85850. Employable on to view. Started texting about the fact you don't get to watch the Red Sox game tonight find out what's possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. And because Spock and I don't actually Barrett a web site -- you know an email address here on Sunday morning. We just suggest that if you need to retest that way you can use our Twitter accounts app dale. And you can -- that way if you like 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. A a Tweeter said. Robotic -- and just lost their mind to broadcast the Red Sox game anyway with -- fine. There are laws okay there are contracts. No -- in his pocket and she. Ought not they're not gonna do. Thought they Hillary partner in Major League Baseball. The Boston Red Sox repay huge financial benefit from their association with the ESPN. They are not gonna spit in the face of their corporate partner ESPN and -- like you know fox has the exclusivity window on Saturday efforts. Game on your Boston no you can't do that -- -- of the MLB packets like almost outright tonight. I know what the -- It is. A no no -- in and a and a begging you to stop. Pandering to some of those people who are convinced that I gotta be some way that bacon and they can watch this but I have Internet Salma set up a -- null on no but they're better -- A Smartphone. Might now know you don't get to watch it theory. It's it's unfortunately. The way of the world the way it is the top ranks at West Roxbury and -- In Oreo. Put -- in LA. That you can't do that on the weekdays. Barack Obama and this legitimate point. Your -- and I hope that maybe nobody on this opinion the court blocks of all the Major League Baseball Saturday. That's what the problem is -- let's look what a lot of that in eight games. But that's O that's the reason a lot every team which -- -- -- and I asked does this because of the window. Right through those those finals probably collapse and the that -- it was blacked out. Wooden -- now to happen. And we'll point out of black and come back. You know they've got a couple good stat that is that is Wakefield. You think -- quick look at their rotation. It's an excellent question and and Dylan I -- talked about a Friday we did yeah and and and this is just that theory in my part maybe some his written I missed it I apologize but. It was seen you mean it makes sense -- Wakefield in the rotation for two reasons number -- is pitching well too. And number two you don't get a whole lot of bang for your buck with him in the bullpen where is the seven as. You take him out of the rotation put him in the bullpen he immediately straight into bullpen. Do you think they'll. Yeah that they'll yeah I think it Savvis is a better bullpen options and Wakefield what are what are you could do but lacy Kessler ruled it. Mom well this is a guy that the mildly it may be in his head and -- I haven't talked to him I've been a Red Sox game intrigued because of -- the Bruins but. You rent you remember in the minors this guy -- considerable trouble getting the stuff over the -- minister he was like Colfax as a rookie you know on the ball the backstop. And it it it may be in again I'm just guessing. It may be no more complicated then he's got himself back into some bad habits that he had to rid himself off when he was in the mightily. You think this might change in my little bit concerning apple want. No I think Papelbon may change -- -- considering pumping rate. I. Appreciate call thanks very much 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. I Jonas in -- I I -- OK I'm really until you two guys you're very good again. I hate. I think you may have answered my question while I was diving and I was going to ask why when -- and think that dissatisfaction. -- fox because it was a lot right now. What's not and -- they have no -- -- ball the game got rained out. Yeah but they have a commitment to televise it. Salvation it into the game is going to be right about the time they should. While that they have a contract to toys based on Saturday afternoon's games. Cables last night the game if India if the game gets moved to Sunday night marks into world is do it then yeah plus Fox's NASCAR it's an and it thank. Yeah I I -- got we have Coca-Cola 600 tonight out that bothers me you know the name of the race. -- Just give when are dying because he hates me. With -- dissipates -- and -- 6177790850. Toll free 88852. -- it texas'. The space shuttle still up there maybe you can hover over thirty try to NASA can -- -- -- -- speed -- website like it. You know that's an option I hadn't even discussed before maybe that is a possibility.

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