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Adrian Gonzalez, First Baseman Red Sox on Sports Saturday

May 28, 2011|

Adrian called in to discuss the recent Red Sox hot streak, his approach at the plate, playing Boston vs San Diego, to give an update on his previously injured shoulder, and more.

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No joining us on the AT&T hotline find always possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible to read sex first baseman Adrian Gonzales Adrian it's John Ryder rob Bradford and curtain and and I do this morning thanks for joining us. How things says I'm thing I'm doing good. Having as we know morning here as as relaxing. Nice. -- -- -- really turned it around after that too intense story. Do you think the you know the slow story. Was stooges do maybe some expectations guys new guys on the roster and end. Now that you've turned it around I feel like there was just too much talent on this team for you guys to continue on that bad stretch -- really turnaround. Yeah wanting anything about starters because baseball wasn't going our way down you know baseball. Life season and you're now is gonna go to. -- is good times good times and a bigger idiot that we have talent and you know that. Those turnaround we on the -- -- -- is has been consistent and planning team and things eventually it's such an airline. Peter we talked in the past about oh the adjustments -- US to maybe because your shoulder last year and and I'm going to a lighter bat all the time. Bomb and and you went back to heavier bat this this year. Do you feel like the shoulders completely back in that you have complete strengthen and you're swinging Blakey had been before the problem. And have have you gotten used to everything in regards to going back of every -- I -- -- missing here I think those. Perhaps because group. Treatment strengthening in and keeping the -- trying. And -- If I slowed down that you know make it it -- week in and in and you know cause some problems in overall. Still doing well all the treatment everything keeping it strong and it felt really get -- and -- -- think and that is something that. And I expect it -- to feel better as the years. He had talked about oh a lesson that you learn as he was a wrist injury the -- that. Going through the rehab that how old you -- gonna make sure you took the right approach in terms -- rehabbing your shoulder to talk a little bit about that. I'm -- mean you know on lies and -- surgery. I didn't I didn't know what. What to do those fires surgery -- around a lot of people look at their experience -- the rehab. Just going -- was. You know doctors are coming are the people around it's Don -- Now that you know. Eight years later when I have the shoulder surgery have been around the financing people recover. Much faster when -- far more about what what's expected of them so I make sure to you know it to the other more proactive than. And and government -- more. You know agent -- was maybe you came here about getting away from tackle park in the Fenway and -- -- players in your lineup in Boston be more productive and knows what your stats a share of shooting 340 but you've walked only sixteen times the last two years or right around a hundred. Is that simply a product of of having better guys around you seeing better pitches or are you have more aggressive approach at the plate so far. No I think it I think it is a product of having people around me I'm getting more pitches and also the American League teams you know. They they're coming right after you know you know -- play much in you know it. It is they feel that. You know there's there's a way to pick -- some of those -- -- strikes I'm a Democrat that for the most part of it is you know as they start out -- warm ought to. You know more prone to sort -- walk rather than you know this -- -- -- I'm out and taking first it's a lot contrast -- -- how to go about it and most of times without without a medal portrait oneself. -- they're strong they're going to be president. Like the strike zone I got a bigger numbers turned and -- -- and let him to. You know -- goes to and trying to sort of tighten their so. You know I think just being in the league these teams. Once attacked the strike tomorrow and -- -- -- -- -- And that's very inching and in the adjustments to that. You've had to make what's been the most difficult to spur of the new league as a learning the new pitchers are getting yourself acclimated to Fenway Park. Or or is -- you know not that complex have you not had to change that much just give the same approach. Yeah I haven't changed anything I mean you know for the most -- in everything -- do is. There's not towards -- Hertzberg you know pertinent right now I do everything is based on the return pacing and you know and there are a lot of pitchers and -- satan and and nationally that -- throughout the year so mind my plan was always the same stadium on -- figure out what they do and -- that. You know you always have to face them and -- -- first time to get a little bit that are addressed me enough on this stuff but overall in -- article and think seamless in game plan and yet just little -- you do that. Overall in -- you stick with that game plan and in their confidence and. Besides the the actual approach against Pacific pitchers. Also can you talk a little bit about your approach to us at bat to a bat because one of the things that in and impressed me. -- in terms of oh yeah you you don't think you get too -- you don't get too low -- live in the moment and that's kind of translate into some pretty big hit so far earlier in year. He talk a little bit about that approach. Army PM -- I'm not -- up there looking. You know. The -- I don't care -- for 4444. For me you know more about you know how are and the myself. On how that. 44 all or what. I'm -- care more about how my unum my attitude this morning and that. And so you know I mean come try to see if they even keel and you know focused on unlike but it says the approach and you know just. Yeah it's -- aspect of the pitcher's gonna (%expletive) me away you know outlook for or something up and away in regular field was perfect for the pitchers and -- you know little more. Amanda looked a little more middle interest inside of any supplemental. The united at all depends separate things in those opting you know maybe. Has -- -- -- -- -- and it changeup or curve ball in my book and a pretender worker or some so. At all at all depends on the pitcher friendly tendencies and that's the starter might. You know -- just -- -- throughout the game because that he's doing something in the order that it was -- there's just below that but now everything's. During game -- -- up played. Hopefully Koppen and that infant in the works and it back. And you talked a little bit. About The Who we return we talk about your batter earlier but. Message that you have a inscribed on your bad as well. By that trinity back company which you have a close relationship do you talk a little bit about what that is and how unique you know what that means to. Yeah alarming. As ever having out of them out of the images eighteen when he haters complain network. You know my initials and my number. I attacked them and we were it was to get some aren't so long -- -- my favorite. -- On the first set as that I like to go to. It's -- about. You know the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ovation -- few of those struggle in my life and shouldn't be afraid and it really just tells me that. There's a situation where repko and it had pressured duplicate that -- as a common. And another and that if you're conducting control and sizes the last and it just relax and just entered the game and have I want it and whatever happens is gonna happen I can't neutralize that a focus my game plan and FedEx. UEFA has been I think 44 years since -- he won the Triple Crown he did in Boston and this is your opportunity and sports Saturday -- -- guarantee that you are going to follow. In his footsteps and win the Triple Crown this year got the platform to -- Mind now I'm. Guys of that they're great hitters and that and that's not a lot of things that you know be really hard to do. Our school is private closest that would be capable of that stuff. I'm you know after me at all I don't really focused on the things that is -- discredit other winners. You know some allies made out being in Boston that sort of media market some guys have slow starts -- some don't like Q have you noticed are are really dramatic difference between being -- Diego on a day to day basis and seeing the media contingent in Boston. Yeah I mean you know I hear about there's a lot of there's there's there's 22 extremes you know you don't really hear of these qualities that he really bad and there's no in between you know. They're asking me nervous about. Miguel Cabrera. Low may here up up until -- certain point output from Arabic and have a look timing and -- times you know throughout the year that was insane. No we can't hit -- 830 every month and and hit the same model home runs and you know and that's last season's body and that's right in the years. You focus on the numbers at the end of the year not any prominent name. -- -- particular month it's it's what you do as a whole and so you know. I just I just feel that -- know it does everything taken at the moment and rather than enough not to focus as you know has as. As the season as a whole so you know and there's that this -- united. They care and and they they're better you know rod -- chances -- that in and so -- And noticing all the fans in the stands and a much different atmosphere than it was out in San Diego. When you're out there on the field you notice that are you just gotta zoned into what's gone on with -- Europe bad it seems like you're an even keel guy and in India have been phased by. How different Boston is to San Diego. Well I mean -- I really do -- the fact that you know we've had some really bad weather days and there was you know. The entire crowd out there and it's really nice to see this important series is you know. -- Red Sox Nation be different and so that is something that there and you know it as something that really grateful for our go to player. You know for thirteen has so -- Support in this city followed -- there as there was means it's an offensive. You know we started out that there were so there and they were searching and that's when he knows it's going to happen. You know -- You know also that were -- opinions and Stanford's place early in. Given what what they deserve. Hendry knew you obviously were familiar with most these guys that you joined up -- this year. But as anyone who has really jumped out in terms impressing you are or left an impression that maybe you'll. You weren't aware of how they played -- how they approach the game. I'm -- mean you know everybody here is coming in saying it over. You know professional guys that you know -- there that you had a had a series the game and prepare and that. You know guys I didn't know much is like Alex get married I heard a lot of people talk about it. -- I didn't I was able to watch watch him play over the last year so. You know -- again that Hendry has been pressing as being it was it from both sides and in that Israel on. And it can really get -- left side. You know you know Ellsbury has had a great year in -- and and you annually it will Woody as you know. He's got a I was trying to learn and and and try anything in. And via satellite and things that if things -- You know -- -- but. That. Did you last question for me just overall. You look at the viva the team as it -- here right now. Is this is there are huge -- difference compared to a month ago in terms of the complements. The camaraderie of the the the understanding that OK you know but this is going to be a good team. And I think I think you know personally ourselves or -- the same. You know even -- -- -- too intently as was that it. -- -- -- -- competent -- then you know as it was but there and play you know is concerned things aren't going our way and and and I think like that happens. I think we were positive loose so. We knew that you know that the team we have. Is really cared then and now it it was a -- play in the game they -- -- and and we've been doing that and now that things are going our way I mean the conferences I. And and it -- -- and a better place but that says because things are going our way itself. I'm a lot of things that you know when you're winning everything seems he's nobody's here and that's about it and that is indeed. All right well we appreciated Adrian and and thanks for joining us on your Saturday in Detroit and good luck tonight to Detroit. Jason I think -- Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzales -- joining us on sports Saturday here on WEEI.

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