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May 19, 2011|

Jackie talked about the Celtics locking up Doc Rivers to a new five-year deal, what the team could look like going forward, why she has a gut feeling that Kevin Garnett could possibly not return, how the Celtics can rebuild the roster, if she would possibly consider trading Rajon Rondo, the relationship between Doc and Glen Davis and what Jeff Green's role will be with the Celtics in the seasons to come.

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We also. Put a ball the Boston Celtics season and some of the news on Doc Rivers with the -- McNulty joins us on the eighteenth -- hotline find out with possible. But the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible. Jackie it is hockey crazy around here right and -- You start at the globe and 82 is that correct Agassi you've seen a couple different versions of this Bruins franchise where would you put the fevered pitch of a what we're seeing right now with the Bruins and their fans. Yeah it's I -- pretty gay that mean I covered the cut the year they've played Edmonton and I think that's slept. When Terry O'Reilly was the coach and boy it was insane back then eighty. That 88 particular African leaders -- generating need to get that once. And it was I just love I mean it's always been a hockey town that they stayed in I guess reserving the right. Two wait in deal over the last decade or so and hard to blame -- Internet. Well the way they have played in the way they've been up that -- Bruins fans excited I think it's also. The Celtics are out of it now and we we talked Celtics last week a little bit and it was and a immediate aftermath Jackie of the Doc Rivers stuff and him announcing at a press conference he was likely to come back and frank and your surprise without a couple of couple of five years that he gonna commit to five more years that this. You know -- really impressed to the county and and the whole notion of that there can be at Jerry Sloan in this day and age. Guided in this stain one and I'm -- need to stay here twenty plus years that the idea that -- wants to commit to a franchise. Instead of going to the highest bidder which certainly docket is done. Smart move on the Celtics part I'm telling you had -- stepped away taking a year or two off he would have been the hottest coach in the NBA. So they dockets a lot of security. Stability which I think is important to him and his handling. And the Celtics get the guys that they can now rebuild around some of the had a voice of authority something that's done it here before. Someone has degree report -- Rondo those are all important things. Ticket the what they -- surprise was the five you know what changed were just. No idea what that extension before the year before they just won that one year and now it's five. You believe in the notion of her before that maybe last year he felt that maybe this team was starting to tune him out in eighty and then something changed really just wants to move forward this group. Other could be so I think. I think they have a lot of respect for docket and you know -- Larry Bird was the one Natalie said he should never coached more than three years in one place unless -- Jerry Sloan. Because they -- tune out after awhile that's like -- -- -- Byrd walked away after three years and he was he was a hot coaches in the league at that time. Because he knew it was time to go out on top and and I think with doctor because they're going to be in the transition period a year. Going for would. Those guys have begun. I mean you know ray won't be there in and KG won't be there and wondered Kate even coming back next journey to the dollar also off. -- set up all sorts of alarms but. So I think down. I think you go forward you've got Rondo and dot kind of their relationship is developing and growing. And then it's getting back to unite young and you guys were going to be looking to Rondo into docked to know what to do. So in terms of the unit to line it won't really -- almost applies because you're going to be you're gonna be start over on the fly. Jacqui what are the red flags for you one on KG I've not heard yet it was a guy that might not come back what do I don't see. Yet that you know it's just a gut feeling -- and could be totally wrong and I base this on any reporting or anything other than just. -- and you know disappear into the night after the final game. I do know this that early year and I talked to -- people. They were they were joking about how -- -- looked at this championship in the bank it was fretting about next year because simply been MBA was gonna mess up the lockout year that was gonna screw them up. So you know he he knows his clock is ticking I think he's very very aware of -- a lot of cryptic comments during the course of the season. About it tell them about condolence healthy and I'm not really healthy and and then of course the one thing was that the -- are gaining. He made this comment about well at this is like that my last time here but boy that's odd -- making it -- up guys it's just. You know he's a proud proud guy. I think he took the loss. This in this series of what happened harder than anybody and I'm curious he's taken a good hard look at the parents saying you know can I be the player I once was. And it's like can't beat. Do I wanna keep going like this is is becoming a grind for me now again is all this means off speculation on my part. Now one of the because there's a thing for Celtics is the future of this team Donald dances lot of uncertainty don't know what the collective bargaining agreement's gonna bring -- -- see how it works but. The way it's set up right now. People wanna know how can this team rebuilding his reasons why the NBA teams the -- runs for 101215 years. You hear Dwight Howard's Damien he might be going to LA why is that -- A better spot for him that may be Boston. How did the brush Celtics got to rebuild and make sure it doesn't go -- -- all the way back to maybe non playoff game. Right well I mean I think part of that was. Did they determined they were gonna take Perkins money he wanted basically they can -- -- Jeff Green at a price that they can but palatable to them. And they remember guys it's all lined up rays got an option for next year -- done KG coming back next year for one last year that he's done. That's that's a fair amount of money off your cap now he's still have Rondo and he still has pierce. But you eat at that point you start to have a little flexibility and you do -- around you -- you're quite -- -- -- You know the problem the Celtics cabinet historically don't back historically. They've never been a team that signs the big freeagent in the name means the biggest free agent they've ever sign in their history. And it's not going to be anybody that they knock your socks off and eighteen Dominique Wilkins. It's navy airman Daniel and I there aren't it did it hit the frantic that historically hasn't gone that direction. Boston as a tough sell for today's new age actually. Because it's cold here adult -- it matters to -- NBA plays it matters a whole whole lot. And it's not a glitzy glamour Hollywood New York kind of atmosphere and for a -- like like Howard backed government. Which treatment. Now I wouldn't. I wouldn't I still think you haven't even seen the best -- yet. I I really think he's special and I know -- drives you crazy sometimes I get that. But I I wouldn't I like naked -- like his toughness so like his attitude. I know we. You know at times he's he's stubborn. I like that about him I think like you -- as he -- you know. Who was there was some truth -- that Mike -- Tony said let me take the Big Three away from him and he got a guy that. Can't really craters -- office fires a shot goes in it would take to the basket but frankly doesn't have those shot makers with him is he the same guy. Well I'd I'd throw a turnaround on you know if you take Rondo away from KG pollen and re weak dollar have and they weren't Kasinga either. So I'm upset that their questions and he you know Indy Indy Chris Paul you don't know if he Derrick Rose no kitchen like Derrick Rose. But because they develop that's still I think he can't I think he can well. It may I know the -- pretty well. Likely brings like I like it. Well and you make a very astute point as always Jacqui at the free agency route has not been -- for the Celtics all it does Danny Ainge have. Is there going to be try to put up a trade -- place where he ends up trying to deal one of the Big Three to try to make that transition period is that a trade that will be any. Explored those type -- trades with a potentially a Ray Allen is -- -- -- for ten million bucks next year. Yeah I mean I think that's a fair question and and I think -- has the guts to do it. I really do -- was around -- the Big Three the old Big Three just faded into obscurity he was there he -- -- happen and I've heard him say it before. That is it he witnessed some vitality gonna happen on his watch and yet here we are and it almost seems like it is. That's very similar eerily similar. And Ray Allen is -- is Robert parish of the of the bunch and by that I mean the one that's supposed to be getting older the one that's supposed to be breaking down. The one side whose career within first and -- race seemed timeless because he takes good care of himself and and you know if you get to a point next year waited contending team that's trying to win at all went -- -- that Ray Allen on -- -- I don't know that's. You know I I don't think any. Is afraid to do anything I think he's kind of of that happening. Wouldn't go as often it doesn't at the end of the year easy stark in some answers from what we saw -- big baby was a big topic and the way Doc Rivers talked about so feel free agency deathly effect of this guy because he looked maybe too much to his office and he looked towards that big contract coming up. You expect this guy coming back next year. Well I think. Listen doc and -- have problems they don't get along at all. And I think -- if it is docked -- -- reacted emotionally he'd move on from the kids but again. This is a team that's over the cap. That does not have flexibility to go out trying to create -- sort certainly not next year they're gonna have a veteran met minimum that's about all. So Glen Davis is there at their player you know it's if he's been restricted free agent that they can you know thinking they'd gotten -- And and it if they can't get anything else out there. Elevate from a ton of money absolutely not I don't know what the market is true for -- right now I think he hurt himself. Tremendously in the postseason and he keeps saying now well that doesn't matter it's the body work over the whole course of the season but if you're and other taming your watching big baby over the course since he's what you see. He's -- got to come April march April. Stopped working on conditioning. Gained a whole want to wait at the worst time for the team lost his left it lost in my opinion his effectiveness. So you'd think long and hard out front kind of money etiquette like that. Jackie what will be this scenario with Jeff Greenwald a gulf furthered recommit the sky restricted player Danny talked glowingly about -- Michael last week how far. Will they -- financially to keep Jeff Green here. While I would think they have to keep current -- -- when you have to make an ideal partner and don't discount the possibility of -- trade with Jeff Green if the numbers get too high they can they can do that as well don't forget that. I think Jeff Green to the future I thought that of all the things that were said. And I admit I'm a little I had these guys that's open up their sleeves and I'm embarrassed to battle related but there's something going on here. The one the most cryptic an interesting comment that I thought was made with Danny talking about bringing Paul Pierce that the -- picture that really surprised. I'm not sure what that's. Well and but -- the band dot followed up and agree with them and say we'll do that. So you let me ask you okay your -- here. Your -- you you can offer one of the best. Statistical. Scenes of your career career high shooting percentage career high free throw percentage career high in terms of turnover and by that -- -- the least amount terms not the most. You have a pretty darn good year you've recommitted yourself been waiting ever have before he keeping yourself sound and healthy. And you watched Jeff Green -- -- through this trade. And never really did anything that he was supposed to do for you team figured that they are perfectly fine with that yes I think you should start ahead you can get. -- That doesn't make sense. It's gotta be a fun offseason Jacqui we've got a lot of fun talking basketball at this year and nine or speak for Lou we'd say thank you so much it's been -- a lot of fun I'm not sure we'll talk cut down the role in the playoffs but enjoy what is now. A Bruins town for the next couple weeks. I gotta tell you know my son I would tell my son about the sign that the -- -- you know bigfoot but not quite you know it's down they have what was it up bigfoot. I'd forgotten I'll ask her mind to and that they expand the base and in my mind was sent out we should add token don't stand -- and -- Jacki thank you so much joy and Jack McMullen espn.com. Joining us on the AT&T hotline find out with possible. With the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Re think possible. Let's get a break we'll get back your phone calls talking about game three tonight Tampa and the Boston Bruins. At 6177790850. Toll free 888. 5250859. -- second your phone calls they -- scan. Voice of the Tampa Bay Lightning on the radio as some crazy goal calls -- play for yet he joins us 1 o'clock.

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