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Is Claude a genius or a moron for how he handled Tyler Seguin?

May 18, 2011|

Mut and Merloni talk about an impressive Game 2 performance by Bruins rookie Tyler Seguin as he scores twice and adds two helpers. M&M chat about if Claude Julien was smart to keep Seguin out of the lineup until now or if he was wrong to keep him on the bench.

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-- -- -- See any of you think you're gonna score. You don't score are. And -- going. I didn't quite feel like that after twenty minutes last night were fast sporting a little bit -- that hockey game. Early second period holy mackerel. What might have honored watt of effort that goes out of a longer logs you wanna watch what about the new do you wanna watch. He was tickled -- pond hockey I'll watch nick gave up -- -- it's an all star game there was so much offense only chance is so popular on the ice. Only one real guy in his -- though it's Tyler Wayne Gretzky say. At the that we can we dive into it that we give it to what I've got to feel it is Dave's gonna come up an awful lot we were talking about reply -- say this team is up you probably won't see him. What got appears like he's defensive liability under two minutes to go to game at six the five I'd -- games out there you talk about confidence. -- each candidate and why not about time he was awesome. He was awesome last night that was is everyone's writing today and everyone talked about on Twitter last night. That's the coming out party for this guy any may not end up being a Wayne Gretzky. But that's what it felt like -- you know forty minutes or so last night at second and admit the second period but throughout that game. This -- effort at nineteen to step -- deal would -- -- four points in just over thirteen minutes of ice time. He was spectacular last night and quite but -- don't -- the game without -- state. They don't win the game last night -- he gave you that sort of effort it was the goal -- heard there from doctor -- It was the gold top shelf to wall important it was the beautiful it was the shot. That'll a set up a rebound for -- in fraud and it was the beautiful past the Kelly. That -- rider in front two goals USS. Forget about it. This kids playing going forward and he was elected that very goal huge reason why they went last night that first. -- writers sit up and you know unbelievable that attitudes are -- Nicolaus and a writer knows that a great past -- with who defenseman. The speed the steel able to finish. Senate the other day -- anybody on this team. That can score a goal like that. With a combination of speed skill we are big debate in order to do I've seen it what do a bulletin date Norton do -- -- 21. This it was a controlled the -- is it -- kitten after what you can do every you know everyone watch the TV -- -- -- -- that just given a Sega get out your way. It gives a dual top shelf -- no shot. At day it's it's exciting it's exciting. The Bruins fans because EU law and Eastern Conference finals. And you cut all of a sudden boost. You know at Patrice Bergeron went down and he probably gonna get him back will -- -- that later on a show but you've got this offensive boost now. In the middle of the playoffs. Last year it was coming back you know -- great she getting hurt you lose -- bodies left the rights of part wasn't the -- you now have a boost from this kid. Which brings up the question. Morgan here all day is Claude Julien is is you genius for the way he's handled this or is an idiot. -- I used to ports to a stream while that is that is left and right so -- -- -- -- -- -- if you don't know what those two extremes I don't think you really should which deal which leaning towards. Which are you leaning towards is it a truckload he said Adam. -- got to watch the game above. Slow the game down maybe I don't know learned Hungary to get O'Hare. Take advantage of his minutes and -- got that out of -- or was it. Hell would you think it -- look at the ice. The glitzy but you haven't put on the ice healthy scratch the past -- and that ice last night as best as. Wire it lies somewhere in the middle -- your two extremes and the most recent. Load Tyler Sagan issue was in game one and if you wanna be critical for that game one working should've played more than nine. Now I understand fans being upset about that. I also understand the fans today in the hockey purist that are writing about like the Kevin Paul DuPont who was terrific with -- holly yesterday. On the big show. Saying that he is sitting at the end of the year and and his sitting in the post season and lack of production led to what we saw last night. And whatever was I really don't care it's very hard for me to be critical of the head coach. Knowing that it's 1:1 Eastern Conference final renowned all in the bought that he pushed the lining put a money move heavily around did some things. Result the four point performance last night -- -- walk up is a game one he should have played more you know sort of played and people are gonna be critical. Because he's kept this guy off the ice now degree. I don't know I don't laughter what they want you got through you -- what game what NBC at the first series gets Montreal you're swept Philadelphia. I don't know high you can be upset that he didn't play of because it did say while. Maybe it would've got seven games against Montreal power play success that the -- as a matter to you the power wasn't success doesn't matter -- got the power play earlier. You what I got your power play out of -- -- -- that that'll be -- -- -- to point it didn't matter you've got through the first two rounds. Where I would lean towards the idiot I'm not gonna go there medical Julian is that a lot of good things that put him in this position right now. Would beat the limited ice time. Down 321 and at first game absolutely. After what you saw yesterday that's the criticism you might have he makes it to read what it yet the first he doesn't see the ice for the next fifteen minutes. Yes special teams -- you gotta find a way to get this kid on the ice if you get -- outside the box but just Roma and up pop place opiate. You really have in the past so be it. That's what you can be critical you're down 321 -- you limited his ice time because forget about browns want -- to -- here and those people say it's yet told you should be an -- Montreal. Doesn't matter they won those series you'll be critical be critical game one night moving -- Getting more bullets you know lose the -- it's okay it would like stop. Right now we're gonna do -- hours that politics and understated -- -- -- was great last night gonna talk about his role not win what does roll going forward. What we are being disingenuous. To the Boston Bruins as eighteen. If we don't reference your off the top the result they showed in that game last night they -- all book angles first period. Verse fifteen seconds final seven -- as a -- should. Book obviously and it's and the -- he's getting Andy and hours and -- and I -- that I'm with you but thirteen seconds in seven seconds it's like. I don't even know -- like committed a game what would welcome that I have no idea what it called the book because they're a little gadgets that look at the first pair with goals what you -- new ball cap got -- -- -- -- me you haven't. And bagel and of that period they're down to one. And like a lot of Bruins fans I'm sure felt the same way. They outplayed. Champion that first when he did they're they're down to what and they could have they could hung there had to come out let Tampa it's not 131. And it's a game high and the game -- two and it's that all things being should it wasn't just Sagan -- sector. It was a lot of guys getting a -- it was a big part of but his eighteen. The result they showed after getting scored a lot in the first thirteen seconds and the final seven seconds I give the team. A lot of credits gonna be a lot individual accolades today for -- that team the result they show whatever Julien said that locker room. That dressing up so markets they lock. Dressing they do between the first look at and second period it worked the team responded. And that is right up there to -- was sickens effort. As a huge talking point out of his game. I'm innocent and I agree I wanted to run a -- make a whole thing about him but. Got to give credit where it's -- Tyler -- they dominated at first you're actually the first three minutes I thought they'd looked awful they've looked rusty again. It you'll boy chuck -- the hole they couldn't control the puck -- a coffin a puck up in a neutral zone they looked awful first to a three minutes from that point on. Dominated that period. They did it without palace a Guinea played less than three minutes to 45 in the first period few minutes and -- a second and 45 seconds of the first period. Down two to one now they dotted with up to get. What happens first shift second period 48 seconds in withstood defenseman. You what's -- resolve. You're down two to one. And you get pet's bark you see that speed that skill the ways are able to finish a play like that beat Rolston with the -- and why do you think you have resolve is the total. And I'll have what it says in all the for -- a source -- the tough to take but you know leverage of back into -- if we kept pushing for them. No we really -- back in the game and really good job -- -- Texas says that the -- gave the herb brooks speech between persons that appeared to get up -- so -- -- the old. Or brooks. Out there may be up that little her books impersonator and had him -- breakdown between first and second night of the night of but. It was an effort and effort by -- nineteen year old kid be tied that game up 48 seconds and there is appeared. So you know less than three minutes the first next time they give -- rates -- artificial ice time. I mean is it this is impressive now on the -- to put him in Oliphant. Some of that game jeans and -- -- he looked like the best player KBR he'd look like the best player in here skating circles around everyone wants that's kind of what. Sagan in his time last and I think look like solid it's there the skill is there we've seen it. Wanna see moreover moving forward but he got to give him a lot of current idea go to see a lot of it going for help sell. -- -- -- We're past that point of if he's going to play correct what the last night that we finally and the conversation. Of if pilots -- going to be in this lineup -- -- I think -- I think we're also passed -- -- out of gonna help some people might disagree look past the point of Claude should be fired. Okay we -- However. If I help not a Sagan is a healthy scratch which the unthinkable mystical should be fired before game three mr. and -- the on the thinkable there's no way this can happen I understand that but if there's a slight chance that -- does do before the game even starts each fires -- Bob you want Dave Lewis on standby you want Dave Lewis by a bat phone to take over the -- Julian. The guys that -- the plate out of sickened yes it's not gonna happen that's why she went beyond that point. We're beyond the B Casper Vietnam it doesn't matter getting a -- it doesn't matter. But -- nobody caught it -- conduct and up latest yet. Explain all believe that but it becomes the question. Who does he play for -- I it's a very tough question for clone. How he's gonna reshuffled its and we got a million Texans -- three calls up that represented -- Books were picked the Mets in the show it's a lot to digest you'll get to Tim thomas' effort last boot you. Who use Persia comes back. That's gonna quiz question will start and it's just that I -- -- this game hole courses ninety seconds we'll get in.

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