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Former Bruin Shawn McEachern breaks down Bruins/Lightning Game 2

May 18, 2011|

Former BU star and Boston Bruin Shawn McEachern breaks down Bruins/Lightning Game 2 with Dennis and Callahan.

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Welcome back to us in Callahan I think. We can -- accurately. Introduce and describes Sean Macvicar has the pride of Matt -- on high Boston University his thirteen year National Hockey League career. Included dozen stints in Boston a cup win. The Pittsburgh in 1992. And a pair of thirty goal seasons as well. He's now the head coach at the river school attacker joins us on the AT&T hotline -- possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible Sean -- a lot of time no talk how are yet. Go -- operator and very very well very well let me ask you this off the bat is it a fair question to ask clos Julian. What took so long with Tyler -- is that fair. Not opened so I think you're in the nineteen year old kid and I think that part of the biggest thing that -- signal signal isn't watching the last twelve games were. The first eleven game to the playoffs I think it. Begin really slows down fully be part of it they're really figure out a little bit and the other side -- is no expectation someone can back in the lineup for me he was. Going to be the the game break they need to open -- get mom but he really played you know nine minutes in the first saint. Now do you think the way he plays his style of play and you -- a speed guy as well and in in your heyday. Impacted the tone and and and tenor of that game last night at the answer to that is yes getting close happy with the way that game was played. I knew I had with a game to mitigate rightly it does the heat -- chances go both ways but. I think the thing that they can that he brings something with the Bruins don't have that that I -- speed and skill they just don't have another player like that. And you can look on the other -- -- Tampa Bay has three players of the game Americans they have. Retaliate and quote definitely bright and blocked it and have that record but stamp but. Have taken -- that was advocate that the project. Well what happens now I mean obviously Sega and he's not gone back to the bench miscues mail back to the press box on. Do you expect game 34567. To be look like game two. I hope so but and it and I am sure club doesn't -- doesn't want that dampened a what do you think how do you think it's gonna mournful. Or I think that the poll you're in the playoffs all around the league is we know we've been able to hold the lead it's been great to watch them in. We'll put that the click hockey back in the eighties you know -- -- -- scored magical. The last. You know opinion if you know if that game -- the way it did if they went one nothing it to not let them get the lead. Over the past he has that was that was that. I don't I don't think it's going to be low scoring games I think have a solid gonna put vocal of the border to a five in the first -- -- in the second. I think the key right now that it rolled them back and and have a good game. I'm looking at this. And I -- brick if he played against -- the casino rules pretty old that -- but he was a little left the bricks time US same time as you -- that you lol when you're being you. Yeah we play if they get over pellet form. I think we did all right -- fuel boatload here. That was before they you know brought you in as an assistant and -- in the whole program out right. Yeah. There's not a whole lot imported ones not to -- what you need to reflexes to quickness. Why -- -- used to be good in them that age. Well I think the opening the you know. Over the years has been all the gold hasn't played well regular has some good years here. Have to politely told I think it's one of those positions. That would that it appeared to get a lot better execute sustained it in good shape and you know role and done that and promises done that. You'll the -- that this thing could shape and learn from experience haven't they put on time. We're talking with former -- -- on the record won -- cup with the with the penguins in 1992. The -- on -- -- up until last night Sean was not strong enough not tough enough not gritty enough not into the -- enough. A defensive liability. You really think it's sitting watching eleven games can change all of those things to this -- just haven't epiphany. That that may not be repeated again. What could they all the things but most people here in nineteen you'll play couldn't commit to the NHL I mean he could. It could be playing high school with that the past here just repeated so. But that the that the big it's dark and that's for a young guy that's my complaint but I think sitting in the stands. Because like into the game slows down and watch the game at this eleven games. He's you know part thought the coach is that the -- that he would need to do. I mean I've read about him being soft player in the paper but the a lot of players this 1304050. Goals of fuel to this problem with numbers on the board I think that's most important -- But think about this and this is a frightening thought it Bergeron doesn't get injured we may not have seen Sagan at all this season this postseason. Yet that the case with a lot in the playoffs so most things you know go through a number -- players you have to have -- sitting with it the minute play very well. In 92 we we won the Stanley Cup and we have 56. Committed played during the Clinton or Clinton speaking -- he -- -- -- jacked up and play play game and and and contribute. Shutter to lot of people dour looking forward to you know winning the series moving on playing for the cup -- the Bruins to win the cup. And you've been on teams that haven't you been on one that has what's the different feel in a dressing room. Of a cup bound winning hockey team vs one does it could fall short. Lot of the good note left this season's over I think the one of the keys is the -- to have third fourth line players contribute. And that's the Boston to have him now that you know Kelly played well probably put it well the tech guys that. There weren't booked the local school goals and really and really keep the minute against Montreal and you know when they were going to Montreal this third fourth -- at the minute. What what do you think's gonna happen here in the series. Had it could be a long series I think it's it's six of seven -- -- -- -- -- that night scoring like about that because of the outlook on the watch. He even know what gives the that the coach's heart attacks that you still think it's fun because my theory was this. Only two guys the only one guy who didn't enjoy the hell out of that game last night that was quote. Yeah a lot has negotiated an injury either both coaches didn't sleep well last night I think they're quite happy with the offensive production but. You know Tampa really think back in the -- -- their their defense is really explode they have a lot of big slow defensive when you address and seven defensemen and resent the value that you don't trust a couple of the Clinton team. Summit -- and can't they win the cup if the power play doesn't accelerate and see more will we saw last night as opposed of the first 43 chances. I don't think they can -- a couple of that the public become and I think about that they've made a few adjustments they kept the guys higher in the slot them you know on the and Michael -- -- goal -- that you we have two guys in front camp will be blocked shot and democracy higher in the slot that can really opened up slot area and that's by writers they've put that on. And final question for me despite the liability is that an eighteen or nineteen year old kid can bring to a team based on how broken the power play was would it not a made a little bit of sense to try to fix it. With Tyler Sega if only on a power play unit for awhile because it was at work and what they were doing. That's appropriate to their -- -- an offensive guy whether it -- hadn't put on -- -- -- -- against the guy like that the -- when it easily play with the puck he's always make good plays only allowing only hit point two points but eating it at ice time that that you know on the pulpit that you know -- -- ever -- to adapt. They were you surprised when. -- Boucher yanked. Roloson. I wasn't surprised but it that the big gamble you know he but he's not afraid that it -- a high risk game put. I was surprised but I know that that goaltending problems before it brought -- -- and and so -- They had to keep and I think it's crops -- when they brought with them. It's Armageddon but a question for me how the system working at the river school where you're the head coach are you guys markers and writers are you flying up and on the ice. We try to do a little both -- -- to try to play have been -- actually get in the who have a lot of fun it's been that. And Goodyear over rivers. And can you still flyers wheels and those young kids can't. I support a little rubber a yellow or at a summit -- appreciate hockey talk they hope to talk you down the road that's okay. All right thank Eric -- decadent that doesn't tell him on the AT&T hotline find out what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T -- -- I mean. What number was. And you -- -- look as he Europe so you know 41. Now now that was mark on. Those who tomorrow -- And the mechanic was well after -- mark until it -- wanted to and Roberta point eight. Do before both of Roger clemens' weird number like ninety something now know seventy in this last 014 I believe. This first stint. With the Bruins. Fourteen so he took fourteen after Bobby Miller had. -- yet to. Area seventy away after -- -- about it. The 9596. Right. Played once season and -- -- half and came back years or six or seven 55 -- -- -- xmas 36 years old yet if you've seen him lately he looks like he's not believable she could play now. -- can skate rings around spoil the light of day he could fly back in the day and and seventy for its -- field should have produced it but that's still there. Lucic who is wearing an office say honorable. Said last -- he -- there -- policy. And it'll burn completely gets old pretty good I've got a hot or not appoint a -- practice. Too -- hobbled off. It's like that have to be hurt -- they mean we said that he's not hurt but we talked about that said Bergeron had to be -- percent -- how close to a 100% is huge political about the lightning that opens the strike -- when it Allen was submitted -- by -- -- the -- I'll always come up always -- they stuff. This swollen feet into the skates in the. Broken who's now ago Bob Hope you do is not coming back I don't think Dominic Strauss-Kahn. Metre ring a bell of course yes -- so Patel hotel he is the alleged the alleged French rapists this did you think the news could get any worse for Dominic Strauss-Kahn. The -- -- -- -- so now not only did he get worse yesterday it got much much. Much worse well that story and more your phone calls DNC. Jury ready joins -- that title five will give -- a Red Sox tickets in the fourth and final hours well.

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