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Kevin Youkilis defends John Lackey, wants fans to back off of him.

May 17, 2011|

Kevin Youkilis appeared on the Hill-Man Morning Show on our sister station WAAF and told them that Lackey is dealing with some issues outside of baseball, and he'd prefer if the fans understood that and backed off him a little. Glenn and Michael discussed whether Lackey deserves that slack.

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It's about it was tell me about lackeys. And lackeys. I Kevin Youkilis is appearance. On our sister station is on humans -- show this morning I guess he has something to say about Lackey and look at how we -- this we we we operate in two different worlds you know pro athletes and those who are not pro athletes and we look at the games -- and they have the ability to play these games at a high level we don't. They have insight that we don't. Well well when it comes to performance there don't really seem to get a very basic thing that. If you're not performing well. People or not. Really willing to say all right I urged and there are some things going on in your personal lives for. You know maybe got this going on home all they're looking at is. The results so Kevin Youkilis -- -- is it was going on a -- You understand that is is -- As a fan all you're looking at. Is the guys ERA audio look at that is a fastball does not fat you're looking at is every time he goes to the mound you don't really trust that he's gonna do the job. I'm just I'm always like the last couple days I'm just amazed at how pro athletes look at these issues in sports whether it's Jorge Posada. It and David Ortiz and and Jason Varitek coming out in the Yankees -- won a bronze to Kevin Youkilis saying the fans. Are are doing -- He wrong moment you're caught up in the adulation that the fans throw out among the -- stuff. Is even more -- think basically inside the -- which was ready to walk away from the Yankees. He was ready to walk away from that contrary to apparently he wasn't well. According to inside source yeah yankees yeah I don't have bombs -- Ronnie was gonna walk like okay it was agent apparently got in there and -- -- -- that's when. That's from the -- happen -- when his wife waited so before that -- He was -- her and he's definitely yours an appointment and -- know you're not gonna leave year already under. I know you enjoy watching baseball tonight. But no bars are making thirteen million dollars a year on on on baseball tonight. It lets you run. Let's say you run ESPN let's say you're the next Karl Ravitch OK you didn't run all baseball department -- read our privacy advocate thirteen million dollars a year. Chris Burke does not make it thirteen million dollars a year no you're gonna say got a bad back -- -- -- there remain because -- might output might be which they'll. Come he was gonna walk away from a contract. Well but his motion to move to the point where he threw it out there. I mean it's dangerous in itself he threw it out there to the it to the Yankees executives. And -- But what you're talking about athletes and when athletes think athletes think. Much differently. Than. What you would get out of a normal rational. Gershon who works at in in a different than working environment may because. You know they have been catered to for such a long period on the CNET -- up our regular professional it opens it they have Decatur and there's a question about it because just being catered to partner. They -- to -- right or everybody where it jerseys they want ram yeah. And they wear their uniform tops out there in society. You don't think it goes to the episode of the play. And perjury is talked about that. It it was -- the first W actually saw somebody wearing a Detroit Red Sox sure. It. The actor imagine there I can imagine that what some of these guys are probably let it go today at all because you know let's. They don't know art but the other part of it in -- right you know these being catered to the other thing is just -- were meant to different job altogether when you have a different kind of job. You're not really got to think like everybody else who has a standard job. If -- if your job if you are if -- year Kevin Youkilis Dustin Pedroia anybody else. In your job requires you Hugo to. You go to Seattle. OK great travel. You work at night you play baseball. You sleep all day you wake up it. 1 o'clock or Buick Open at 103011 o'clock. Talk show host but I think -- Great Britain who would you do it again and you paid millions of dollars in your on TV. It's just an unconventional job I think that changes the what you think to alleviate these guys. You did you get so entrenched in the in the -- that you had an industry that your and it you don't think you're strange at all. When you come out Republicans say. I'm being underpaid. You're making millions of dollars. It's not that you are an ungrateful person that industries that you lost touch with how normal people left. That you closely because I've not heard from it from the moment shall this morning to -- and ask about John Lackey who said basically Hollywood say yesterday was. That everything in his life socks and and I know that people have been pretty hard on him this year just as a teammate. He's obviously going to a lot of stuff in and did you feel like maybe going on the DL will be a good thing for him. These are I think you are wolf I think there's a little something there. Well when it on the DLL. Yeah I think it separates them inflammation -- -- or something like that so. Which can be you know that which can be a lot indicating that fact that he -- -- -- -- -- as well because. -- advocate -- for the ball. And I have -- but. You know that its initial order Ahmad -- like that but there's sometimes hero bush just distorted the field the ball so. You know big corporate route to a time and it lights and just sit back and anyone what to -- damage origin and that. You don't. You're like check yourself in the -- Visit a lot of people like that -- orders up that you never will ever go through an airline. So -- checked herself but you know the front door because. Your stand out operatives. To deal something you know that he's brought -- and that -- Yeah and I think a lot of people don't know that -- is an intense guy he's he he really cares allies and emotional guy and and I think that. I do think people need to cut him some slack and I think the fans well I think when he comes back I think they will. I wrote dog -- -- it's a lot more than baseball. I'm not the one here's say what it is but yeah. -- a lot more there's a -- fortunate that baseball and you know I I think. That before earlier there's a lot stop that happens off the field. W I mean there's there are it'd stop them is -- go to ballpark. You know visited there it's it's very top though you don't want competent life -- -- turnaround in all the estimates are here to help support -- -- you know. Read our nation -- epic bind and they'll come back then -- support while. I -- the only thing he's doing right here she's defending his team -- which I applaud him for of course he's trying to take the heat off of his teammate he's trying to tell you which we already know. That -- more of the story. And I'm not a problem that at all I think he's absolutely. Doing the right thing the thing a team mate should it stand up for the other team. Really ripping. The you know the crowd or whatever and in all fairness -- I don't think not in that you don't. If you're going him look at yourself yet look at yourself and that's that's defending his pocket -- -- that's -- -- yes and it's also -- is calling up the fans it is competent but. But the -- -- you know worried about the fate as the fans are more. Empathetic about that stuff in you can imagine I really I think the -- they -- yes I do. I absolutely -- You don't think it comes down to you it is in this in this -- in -- basement pro baseball pro. Pro anything. It comes down to performance. You don't get you don't articulate Michael all items on our premiere elements I I think right now right now I think he has all. I think John Lackey has all of the support in the world right now -- areas on the disabled. All the support where everybody understands. It and in where we're tiptoeing around it it out of our business. What's going on and -- -- until he makes it our business he has made references to it but. Do we comes out and says what it is okay fine if it's about everybody -- -- it and not everybody knows everybody that's an idea what it is the private family matter. That -- that the other is private anymore because it's been out there well it it is private has been confirmed nobody's come out instead this delay does it -- -- He converted -- -- -- that -- is -- it was you know we don't know what the Nazis and I don't know what is what the latest is. Aunt and an analyst he wants to share it that's fine that's company can handle. As a as a husband as a father that is his spam. But you mean to tell me when I goggles and amount. And and that they're planning yankees. And it's a fifth inning. Scores tied bases loaded gives up a Grand Slam won't talk about our right now people are talking about you I'm not talking about the future of talking about right now. What you -- was doing. Is you coolest was it does take up. Anyway and it's moot point because nobody's borrowing him right now -- Bo know not use it right now right now on the DL right when he is pitching. There's no empathy. Of course little empathy when he's -- got relatives and that's my point what he's not here. And don't think this way you know. Think all about J. D. Drew dropped that fly ball there must be something going on -- person like Carl Crawford is is lightened up the 200. What what's going on with him personally but we we -- we know the guy gets -- hundred -- we know dollars a would like. Everybody -- Okay stop secret everybody knows right now that. It's not just the -- there is so you Phelps art form after and after that start Toronto. When he came out and said my lights -- -- I just don't think he's capable right now going out and pitching at a high level. It might be something to the elbow because the velocity is down and how much or just because you're having some tough personal issues. In the -- -- right now that you velocity drops five or six miles per hour that makes no sense of my guess is there is -- live audio and -- I would be more concerned about that. There's I think eventually you'll get. The emotional part of this together. Not that different people -- deal with stuff differently however players basically have with that deep personal health issues within their family say. It's therapeutic for them. To go out and play nine innings every night yes it does it gets them away from it and they feel good about I know offered a -- fact. Players that have played through. Significant. Health issues with your family and have performed at a very high level tomorrow and amazed that whatever Dwight -- great example yup. It'll for a long period on a lot reported no doubt. But they able to they use this as Eric. To get away from different people reactive ways exact and I'm not asking and -- telling -- how he should reactor I just think the Red Sox did the right thing. And I do not believe the Youkilis has taken in shots that means -- idea what he's doing his. He's defending his team. And he's basically try to take the heat off of his teammate right now he'd start with a clients he does not there. Right here right now it's not there. It's a lot one of baseball and I'm not the one here's say what it is but yeah there's a lot more there's a lot more to baseball and you know I think. That before earlier there's a lot stuff that happens off. He'll tell you I'm in there there are it'd stop a -- -- go to ball park. You know visited there it's it's very top so you don't want competent life and our data turnaround and all the estimates are here to help support -- -- you know Brett dark vision quote epic bind them they'll come back then you support. Kevin Youkilis talking about John Lackey and crowd reaction to a let's get to the phone calls reminder Kevin Paul DuPont. Third man in the middle two hours today in the big show -- Jack Edwards will do the same policy course chart Wednesday get together with Terry Francona. It'll give away a pair of Red Sox tickets tomorrow as well to the phone calls we go here's Michael down McCain paid Michael. Hey I thank pick Michael now. Hey the lack -- that great. -- Trade it completely black he'd picked up the camera and BP and note paper. Now doctor. It'll -- but I. I think he's -- any data they can't get to try and they're the bulk of the -- -- There may -- -- -- I was surprised that he was able to. It was able to keep going and using when that happens I mean it's not would be used open that would be useful for god commands come out of the game after that. I mean if you could tell he was feeling it in the chest that was that there. I it was painful. -- that that's a strong possibility that he was hurt and that things are part of what to know that yeah Andy that he -- ago. We'll have average how many times you see that -- mean if a guy well I hate to say with Lackey is I mean with the Daisuke there's always these bad. Innings in many times you -- -- in all it was I just north of the normal guy getting right RP was effective at wrecked I mean. He could not get hit by that line drive and still and that would have been pretty typical Daisuke performance I don't think we know. Here's a Jimmy Quincy -- Jim. I don't guys is listen and I discovered cookies disabled black -- I was never really of the -- he's -- from -- to help but you know Russia Yugoslav. Some. Including -- -- he get a peek at fourteen points in. And I think would -- I will use. I think it's they I would in the pit stop that and so but you know say that they combine them looking in the mystical -- was -- on guys like you know what kind of some slack and subsequently I -- cool. The liberal politician go back -- give us fourteen always. It eats -- -- that's like the city. -- -- Are you worried you're right Jim I think right now I think you have to be. A hard hearted person. Okay to understand and that guy is possibly dealing -- A very serious situation with his wife just had your hard hearted person say well I'll give a damn. -- -- -- -- That you've -- so he's on he's on the DL. He's not a part of he's not an active part of the team right now I don't think a lot of people are gonna take shots -- what I'm saying is when he's pitching. There that is not a conscious thought for you hurt your average and that's before. All fans but your average fan at the park when a picture is getting bombed. Is not thinking about that person's personal -- that's just that's just wait a pro sports. Listen I I agree that you -- -- this unity to respect and a couple weeks tree which -- it's gonna take against. Elbow in August in -- situation they were awarded. He could Beckett is at -- which is the same news and apple. The Boston Red Sox and diet. But right now I realize maybe give it simple to work cut out what kind of a little slack right. The worst or parties that they they really need. When you look at it along and and -- you know wake comes company goes on one of those Wakefield stretches that we've seen in the past reasonable. Or you get something to do Brothers say this but. They really need and he's not we've all agreed I think he's vastly overpaid. He is not a top of the rotation guy but right now what you need is you need a similar performance to what you got out of obliged. A bunch of innings navy went 1213 games that's what you need right now in 114 question that's all you -- ERA last year was four for which which -- this year so basic Beckett basically. Balls doubled. It is ERA from last under a day there's Davies driving around -- Michael Black. I call the aging development. You know a bill that Laura Lackey and and and Russell called it -- and what she's going to let your email all that before you sign with -- Red Sox. Last year. I don't think so no light civilian effort that is what life -- was diagnosed in the fall yeah. I've I've felt a little a little of the problem when he first got here to talk I mean. The American the American League east. That they date he won fourteen games last year with unearned run average -- -- -- forged. I think that's forty years go back and look at this history when he came out and made that comment and people were stunned by if you remember this in spring training this year. He said I'm only won nineteen games -- it's a I've only won more than fourteen games once in my career. That's what -- year's I think because they paid so much money for him people suddenly think. You know this is the dock now they are -- it's not he's not. Sony is and he's been less than that this year. Processors. Overblown little blip -- warmed over fourteen games want smart look in my life that. On -- to get a letter to his clock starts and innings and what do whatever. It's total because what it. -- fact that's a fact. So he's giving you a fact he's also I think try to tell you I'm not what you have built the up to date. I agree. Now you know I. I hope the guy turns around and it'll be worth more than fourteen this year when I guess you're not auctions and they want and they want it right now and I'm not a problem. -- at all because not earlier when it first opened up -- full view when Michael we're talking about such. Mark Teixeira and agent Gonzales. And I heard Michael say that he agrees that he. -- Gonzales is about first baseman in the American League and I. That he's better than to share -- what I got but I'll go that farming -- Wilson's. What what am -- missing a first baseman the American LC is the best first race and. Anne and Michael I agree with the I believe you have not been. He could be involved Major League it's not better and better -- but. Yeah -- the answer. And all around ballplayer he -- apple script to. -- not able bulls is the bastards play third -- -- I don't know it. Clinton gave a little hesitant. -- president of a lot about it and Teixeira well known all. If you remember Dave I was the one has been screaming here for the last year and a half I don't care what it takes go get Adrian Gonzales -- screaming screaming. I I was all over the spurt at the last here and a half I -- I got I had -- I want this guy in the worst. Way. This to be is the is the best move that the Red Sox have made in years and -- said before the season began I thought he was gonna get off to a slow start because of the shoulder. Apparently that's not necessarily the -- wrong there. But I thought I picked him as my MVP candidate and I haven't seen anything that that make me change my mind. It reported a political one other question. Michael's crime what would you take your chances are not and I'll start in the off that you're going to keep these numbers up. Pretty good if I did -- -- -- I hope you're ready to pretty good at the one thing that I question and and worried about a little that. Was what it was going to be like for him with a with a shoulder situation. Let you might have been facing tougher pitching over there in the division that he was there. Is that possible is pretty good pitching and that's it originally was sort of giant dragon was bigger ballpark with a pitchers can really prevail you know. But he's been an amazing. Well when you look at it and all of that stuff that we kept on hearing about and the the glimpse of the short little glimpses that you get. Of him usually and ESPN's sports center at at night. It's -- to the opposite field. About this Michael what we did this city. Somebody times he hit the opposite field with the outfielder the left fielder would catch the ball right here at Fenway Park. That's going damaged. Aren't -- -- they're not catch it anymore. Skip prep work for him though before he came to Boston it was. It was almost a guarantee that that he would be successful here because of the ballpark you played him to a much lesser degree that comparing these players because. I think they're on different planes. When Jason Bay was successful in Pittsburgh. It's another pitcher's park he was able to have some success there I think the Red Sox knew. That game will translate here pretty well because he is he has put up some pretty good numbers. They on a bad TO could be in a ballpark it's not so great. -- remind me later -- get into this flip side of that. I'm not sure Carl Crawford -- These trees are relating to -- him to this ball go pick I don't know actually got to balance -- sorry you I -- -- -- first thing that. -- I wanted to press the issue a little bit with on this planet who doesn't think that Kevin you click -- -- defense. Of. Please call about the fans but -- he's doing it to protect. His teammate which I a lot I think that's a good thing. What would you protect you he may lack he's been -- all will be outright all. No I that that's not my ticket that does I was shocked that he did he did -- on this very program shocked. Well if I seem to remember I thought secure when the broadcasters that picked up on that in sort of led the way with this on calling out of Jacoby Ellsbury. I mean maybe I call -- to school meals. What it seemed like every down like you did it with oh we get this phantom injury he. We got them on -- and that's that's not taken out of context I thought. That that was a very long period of time for a player to combat from an injury I did question. On how much tolerance for -- yet and admitted that different players at different tolerance levels. But. I I can't tell you I I would never sit there and say that he was faking an injury but I don't know that. And that as -- relate to Kevin Youkilis. What you know eat the the start of all this tactic became reality in called out of the player. I thought that was pretty well revealing. That it added credence to the fact and by the way Youkilis was not questioning him was in court on bodily injury he says he was question about him not being rehab. Not -- -- near Boston right that's audience question about. They're not it's still. You know I I just think about what would happen if you know that and it was called -- I felt like he needed. Our let me ask you this listed as -- Youkilis -- a team mechanic but you've probably -- on the team before you probably -- teammates at work or whatever. What do you think Youkilis should've done in that situation. Personally I think you could should have no opinions whatsoever he should you hit kept baseball. And not and not talk about -- fourteen. Maybe they should just a lobotomy and and for all these athletes well therefore none of them have to actually you know do any thinking or any you know. Planning and talking about when -- saw that the Manchurian candidate. You know it's written that didn't work out that well you're rested if you're a teammate Matt it is your responsibility. To go out there. And protect your other teammates that's all that that Youkilis was -- He's protecting his teammates try to take the pressure. From the fans off of these team make as he knows what his team in his -- Well why don't I don't think that's a bad thing what you feel like that's his position to get a medical disease it's late but. And he wants to be good teammate Andy wants to win and that -- win each guy at each guy's back. What no -- and I think I think in today's example when when Kevin Youkilis is talking about John Lackey. Any as he has. They'll be at the same thing like a month ago about that case I caught up the fans like to once he. All right so what he's doing Matt I don't order he has calling out not specific frantic okay is this the fans is anonymous group of fans he is using the anonymous group of fans. To protect his teammates Tony definitely you can't go and get things back -- I just -- don't residents have been used to but I think. This -- first degree they -- this is this as well intentioned. Last year. I think I agree with that on this. Probably not your place to be talking about where guys rehabbing him as justice. Asked this I think that is probably going a bit too far does not being good team. Do we agree it would just last year was not. I mean it is distorted started on the pattern is not. On no I think he's showing a different pattern this year but he did like -- last year he was actually calling out teammate. And this year I'll I'll agree with -- and Michael is now calling out the fans to back that's a teammate -- his -- just the opposite. It seemed a little it -- little strange because it's his place you back he made in color outfit. Every it's every it's every player's. Our job to support. His teammate that's what he's doing right now. It the lack of professional athlete out of the yet to worry about so much fans like to do what do we need. Course she does -- -- word that's office turned on if disaster anonymous makes it very difficult for him to go out there and do his job I'm not saying. But that's part of the -- sorry John like I am not making excuses warm. But that's what you -- this is don't try to take some of the pressure -- his team. I think I appreciate -- I would say that you put might want to. You know keep his opinion to -- I heard that and a bitter subversive Francis and that about athletes in general and of course. We can't possibly feel that way or think that way because via business then I think we would be but even even if even -- forward in this business. I like -- here to different I like to hear different opinions from athletes are acting like an athletes come out and talk about sports and other things. -- and I have problem with that. Kevin -- giving you his opinions. Outside of outside of third base is perfectly fine illicit I've heard Larry Bird efforts of the great athletes do this before. Take on the fans try to convince them take the pressure off of another player would get the fans involved. It's part of being being a great teammate I have no problem with what Youkilis did not.

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