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John Lackey goes to the DL but is it a mental or physical problem?

May 17, 2011|

John Lackey has been placed on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right elbow but after making comments that "everything in [his] life sucks right now" the guys wonder if this is more of a mental break for Lackey. Lou shares some personal stories from his playing days about how he dealt with off-the-field issues and not letting it impact his job.

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Our number three -- and Lou as we work our way towards. Gay and shoot tonight. Lightning and Bruins at the garden Kevin pulled -- Boston Globe reported this morning the Bergeron. Patrice Bergeron would not playing game -- sources telling. KPD he would not be in the lineup here tonight Bergeron at the skate today and coach. Giving up the speculation whether -- -- -- will keep an -- and that over the course of the afternoon you'll get your reaction as well get your thoughts on what the Bruins have to do better. In game two tonight -- would not give up three goals and 85 cents that would be. A positive that I appear Bruins. Great analysis you like that I'm with you there eyeball on board. Not be down three nothing in the first don't give up the goal behind. The puck behind your net. The Teddy Purcell note great stuff what is really know defender on -- -- that you've -- if they score more goals the other team at once again right on. Your fire -- you can't buy this give August they got and mobile will get more Bruins breakdown I promise brought I bring your big dog it's like that exploring more. Escape product and the other team hit a product what fashion. And the lightning here tonight. They'll be no passion from John Lackey on the Red Sox mound for. A couple of weeks and as he was placed on the fifteen day disabled list yesterday as we talked about last week we mentioned the Kevin moloch. When he came on my thought was the got to find a way to get John Lackey on the DO -- you're right did -- Get this guy and the DL get an out of that clubhouse get him as mind awful whatever is. Get a -- up baseball and focus on whatever else in the liberty is like sucks right now and after two -- three days of no he's got no issues. If not an elbow strain yesterday. They found they found an elbow -- when they meet Saturday look hard enough that it -- steal -- Tito lack ethic get together it's Saturday I think we're. They ruled out any anything wrong with him physically that is not searching Curt Young -- -- mechanics to yep. And even before the game now let's find health wise everything is good but don't play catch right went through game back. Tugging on the elbow elicited I don't really care the reasons and that we -- before you find a way. To get this guy away from the game for a couple of weeks idea tickets. Talked about enough now we all know that you know this offseason and his wife the -- diagnosed with breast cancer she went to some treatment. I talked to lack about it and spring training -- she's doing well everything is going well. Obviously something boot to speculate I don't know what happened you know maybe it's not even her I don't know but there's something -- on his life. That's keeping him from going out there and and doing his job. And he talked about it after the game you know day when he said everything in my life sucks. We hear players say that it's isn't in my years sucked everything again the mound and given up hits like can't turn this thing around doing the best I can now. Talked about basically off the field stuff. When that happens. Some talked about it now over the weekend with -- yesterday baseball show in nice comments as you know. Discussion about a com zealot who was discussion a com you have no one's double wearing brazen abduction does everything well I saw truck. Yeah take a step back on the you know after the last two starts. It's gonna wash Knick game in Toronto thickened you know enough is enough money got a biggest thing out stuff -- -- beat teammates will be talking trash by another player specially John McDonald fell -- great man he's like Connecticut. There when you hear that I got to back off and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna criticize the guy let's give him straight let's get him right mr. Beckham among. I think it's fair to criticize John Lackey because the year plus three really hasn't pitched that well now you can say it wasn't as bad as Josh Beckett let's last year but John Lackey wasn't very good. And like it or not the money becomes a part of the -- eighteen million dollars the Red Sox invested in John Lackey. He has a certain standard to live up to you he is not done that now for a year plus those of the facts on John -- that's that that's the baseball. Facts on John Lackey. There's another side it is now where clearly. There's something outside of baseball the everything sucks in my life quotas part of bitten in the media going to and further and it's saying. And him telling the media there act that start don't you dare go dig in around. He told talked a Bradford about his wife -- breast cancer treatments and that things -- going well as part of spring training we all sense something is bad. You had to get the -- for baseball and as bad as he's banned. The Boston Red Sox has overpaid as I believe in debate John Lackey -- the right thing to do. -- said that after the start. Of people are saying that all the time now and it just not that good. Getting him on the DL away from baseball is the right thing to do a baseball standpoint nobody worst -- and well it's Wakefield a Savvis. Are on put in there. Worse it be tough to be as bad as John lackeys in. At times this year. Secondarily. -- quotes like that after game at a best to get this guy away from baseball world Kevin Youkilis. This morning but the as an ailment show their -- week WA AF -- -- by your voice bats he actually talked about the John Lackey situation. You know big -- are good jobs -- and -- lights and just sit back and anyone -- to boo Emmett George M and that you'll check yourself -- the mayor. Bitter a lot of people like that are altars and stuff that you never will ever go through an airline. So you know check yourself but you know the front door because. Your stand out operatives. To do something you know that he's brought during that life. Well they haven't -- you have another player now to there's something going -- we don't know. -- the thing is to meet players go up there and play with distractions that -- they'd do this that the evidence not great in their lives speak a lot. Whether the Rangers this something's going on their home their relationship what not. Pickle they play but they just are some things that are so heavy. It's impossible sometimes to allow. And have the -- right focus to be able to play this game and and and be able to hit a baseball or -- have that. Of the the mental approach that you need the -- play at a high level in my -- -- -- He's -- -- that attitude right there in and everything outside the game is in your mind you cannot focus can't -- Do your job that quote right there was the flag red flag for me of get this guy -- the disabled list and let him refocus and I'm sure it's gonna help and I don't believe. That it's an elbow strain maybe there's some the narrative is inflation -- I think this has more to do with non baseball issues and I have no knowledge other than what we know. The media what you coolest said here today what Lackey said after the game. I know direct knowledge if it was they could you stress because guys like Joey bottled gone on the DL with stress related issues that they could abuse stress as. -- reason to put on the disabled they're using elbow strain I happen to believe that. Part of it is what's going on outside a base guy ethic ethic every double I am okay with that I'm okay with the idea that he can't focus right now. And he has been bad for a year plus this baseball team and what -- -- out -- -- he's not view is pretty good second half the season the all star break. -- -- season standpoint beginning to end. Well value should begin and I tell you the second half of the season is pretty good what you wanna pick and choose certain spots then -- are -- one -- -- half that -- Saying he started at one good game in July I'm saying after the all star break. Fifteen starts yeah 397 ERA the whip was respect there at all his numbers are pretty much John -- ask. What we've seen in the past I expected and a ball kicked in in a new division. Face an elitist all these teams. The oh not 678 times your -- in 1920 times you RD your starts. I expect the global what I look at the second half military pick and one or two stocks -- a month and I'm looking at what three months. Was got a 397. Whip was wasn't it was normal everything was was normal again an awful stock to this year there's no question about it. But. EE need to take a step back and I know what it's like the play with distractions like that at that level you can't do it. -- I was actually play and every single day at one point somebody was hurt the national time I ever played every day during that process my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. And I've played a game. And it wasn't working out of things going on in my mind -- when Jimmy Wayne's office says I can't -- do this right now. I need a couple of days critical richer my dad is okay my mom is okay my sisters are okay. And I took a break from the game and I came back after a couple of days situation was okay. And a plate. You just need a little bit of time away not sing -- for two months just fifteen days more than enough while I shouldn't say that I don't know what's going on but he needs a break. And I think that there are people listening and I'm not equated to real life and I know. You took offense to that on Saturdays baseball field and when do we try to do that but. I don't need yeah reaction today from you I get -- up off the I don't need that the reaction but I'll say this. You made a valid point when you talk about other walks of life and and Jerry talked about it his column today in The Herald that boys talk about this morning. Certain jobs where things circle well on -- like beaten kind of sort of -- you know appearance sales. Look you can take a day or to not make those sales culture -- -- to make not -- those appointments not hit those numbers for a couple days. It's not going to be the end of your. Career -- not gonna have. 40000 people telling you how crappy of a job he did let -- for hours is not inaugurate an all sheet today you know you're not gonna hear not -- read the paper the next day. Value not to get those appointments that the cell XYZ. Is gonna screw up the entire company you've you've got to do it. No you can't do it know me I've seen it before got your corporate. The -- that it takes to play in Major League Baseball if you have the latest effort to play baseball that it has -- processor what is not so there's also you need good people look. It's really just said. That focus yet to read a prompter and to do with thirty minutes shell. I want both sides of ice to play the game I experienced like I can said that type of thing when you did dot -- is diagnosed with cancer. Trying to play. I have also -- TV Saturday. It's different I don't need the same level of focus. Did you sports tonight the thirty minutes to sit here and talk for four hours into a baseball shall three hours as I needed to do. My job is playing baseball some co -- they stick you with the got to focus. Of those nights. Okay doubleheader they -- you next you on that show all come 6177790850. Toll free 8885250. -- But I I hope it's not used as this not obvious why lackeys and bad for -- year -- And he's got to be better at the bottom line -- in Rhode Island -- next up would not Lou I GO. We haven't thought Joe you know. All right I just really think lacking and though they're shack up in opposition. There's what do you know this picture in their place to start somewhere right in 83. And if you if he's gonna get paid for those are correct yup. So why is he all the sudden this -- A few things going on those plays he has the ability fifteen days off. Something happens to me and my personalized I don't get to go to the same thing I'll work in -- -- in paid all this morning. Any candidate reform at all you know this. You know you are gonna do any better unless you know -- -- We do for a living -- Or. Okay. Though if the if if your wife was diagnosed with cancer union address that vocalist. I'm gonna have to that's what they -- after. Well -- jobs a different panel and as it sometimes in the game of baseball it's it's nothing to do. You kick a lot there and performance some -- that happens I understand lot of people their world they go on they do their business. Driving a forklift you can't screw that up because drops and things that's of people but I have to understand that but. This -- sucking it up. To me in this David I've I've seen it before Nestle the way to go. And songs and yeah. All right -- thinking to go out there. Arguing -- -- obviously there aren't a lot of people it'll probably hit the Internet at that I didn't. There -- Joe we're gonna hear from them -- adding that the Red Sox are gonna use elbow strain I'm not sure I believe that's not a percent to case but. The way he's pitched recently and the way he responded after that game is in a better from eighteen perspective. He does. Sit this one out champ and it's is that a lot of a lot of selflessly that the retro a couple of weeks get -- highway from isn't it better for the the -- -- that's what I mean it's obviously for the Red Sox is that a citizen of this is -- litigate for you right now because. Nothing school on your life. We'll try somebody else. You know annual will give your time because we don't what you going out pivotal -- and it's given up eight and nine runs either not gonna help us. You know just to stick with the as a -- sleep the Red Sox to a cable. Let's get somebody else up there are we seeing guys stacked up to take a super quick 92 break and then right back to your phone calls.

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