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NESN's Andy Brickley previews Bruins/Lightning Game 2

May 17, 2011|

NESN's Andy Brickley joins D&C to preview Game 2 of Bruins/Lightning

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A minute away from Andy Brinkley talks -- -- talk in just -- second year pro football talk dot NBC sports dot com. Says the following. Hurricane thinks Ochocinco. Will land in. -- I think he's gonna landed in Carolina in New England law ball Mark Lewis thinks Bill Belichick is too smart to go after the coach -- As -- Peter King believes Belichick may just be crazy enough to do it. At the end of the day I think he's going to be with the New England Patriots Peter King told Florio on Mondays -- FT live. Ochocinco chose. We don't -- it'll ask slots it's always good for a one. Twisted kind of outlying area and and Ochocinco goes over the middle. Almost to his detriment in a mature. How much he has left let's not deep threat anymore now Malia now ten yards a reception and he's ahead. Andy's ahead was ahead because he's -- it stopped tweeting. But does that bill -- insisting stopped tweeting -- he play hard I think he plays a part of the companies lost a lot. -- would you about a big Twitter back in the day if they had Twitter when you were planned any Berkeley joins us on the Poland Sweden between theory that's a a a a. -- -- bring Sharia. And the German question. Would you be a big Tweeter back in the day if they had Twitter when you were planned. And I don't know what I see all right let's today. Look at game two tonight between the Bruins on the lightning that too broad themes are as falls and all combined ms. one. What are we more likely to see tonight -- Brinkley Sagan on the power play -- Bergeron on the ice. So on the power play I don't think Patrice -- current rate the plate just yet but they call the signs -- -- strong progression are there. What in his party is money in his body Kindle. But up by some light activity right by next -- it on the night backstage practiced with UT but is that nobody contact as of yet. That's really difficult to simulate game conditions played -- heat conditions in practice -- never truly yet. -- already locked I would hope that he has not reached that stage yet I don't it's like eight to. Andy are you anyway shape reform aware of the actual process to determine that baseline number I mean is there are some sort of number that he -- pass on some sort of test -- tells them that he is okay to go. -- -- that they are alt test that it training camp that would that be slightly established I personally have not taken the test that is administered to the players. But that is that they -- in -- established in September. At that he has to reach a certain. I don't know level I guess relative to their -- like that's be forty typically. Do you have any doubt. 510 years ago Andy that he would be playing tonight. He'd probably played in if this protocol in place to -- because of the severity of all the injuries that we -- and across the football sports. I can tell you from personal experience from players I played -- and preventing it happened to me that yeah. Actually date -- eaten all right. Is his opinion at all. Considered. It's considered but it's certainly not the determining factor when he gets to the point beauty it's clear you still have to have the player. Feel good about. Putting equipment on Italy's ski jumping getting out here not alternate city -- -- and obviously he would play. And I was gonna say he obviously uses the best player they got but. If you were to take the ice cautiously gingerly that it probably wouldn't be. The best option you'd rather have -- on healthy. Fresh who's taken out there than a cautious Bergeron Kenya. Absolutely and I don't know -- keep. He played cherry that would -- that approach you know puritan uniform there's nothing cautious but what do on the ice because that is the most dangerous position you can put sultan. -- to what extent noticeable or not will Tampa go after him if and when he does play. I'll assure players are well aware of you know injuries on non players don't Simone it's sort. Case -- our society I have an opportunity to enter into a guy like that you do. All the skill guys all the important actor on these targets what if you play against somebody at this point the play out this eat. Shall Bergeron is in uniform but yet he does become a target but I don't -- you see any sitting over the edge content but it is direction. Wasn't hit late Andy nah I don't argue that. -- don't it and don't even though there's no real good hockey it. I've watched it. Numerous times because I'm torture to write and edit and it's not the trees. Because to me Jerry looks like it is up it is actually looking right -- -- true. But it's like not -- don't go with the eyes are looking up the right wing boisterous falling actually meet prosecutors Ciara. He should've at least let them they hit by ruin my opinion. And it was not late it was good hockey east all. You've been in a lot of locker rooms on that same line of questioning John asked. Will they say it will guys on the -- saying let's give them. I don't think so I don't think that's the make up with a lightning I don't think they have players of that -- You know if it was a player to their lineup that I -- BP would -- to Patrice Bergeron and I would mention it but I don't see that happen and I think -- respect across the board for a guy like Patrice Bergeron. Based on the lately it. Anyone can the Bruins affects the faceoff situation the disparity in the faceoff win situation without Bergeron and if so how do you fix that. Well it's team effort like this ecology on can they fix that at all the exit of the sixty. Percent in number the late Bergeron is sort but the peace circle. But he certainly be better than they were the other night like the -- he's better than the numbers suggest -- Indeed one but it takes a little help to promote the guys -- line the hash -- what hurts the -- majority site to search the sometimes you get it changed the philosophy of what -- doing -- draw. It'd be a little bit more attention to the guys that your consistently taking a -- against what can I do in order to get it -- if he can hopefully it will help -- in the -- after almost instrument play but it's an area that yet to be better it. Well they have to be better every area -- -- into. -- on the on the subject of fixing things he touched on this earlier you think we're gonna see Sega on the power play tonight and let me just -- a hypothetical to you. Let's say he's in there and they score a couple of two times out of five or whatever the case may be won't quote be under a little bit of second guessing as to why you didn't try to fix what's been broken for a very long time with a solution you've had right under your nose for a while now. Well not the nature of the business in the job when your head coach and get sick and guess especially when there's this many eyeballs on this series right now and what -- outplay has been just so it Munich in the postseason that the the second guessing is now amplified it. But here point out -- -- does it's about -- a minute if they are successful I think that would all the loaded on things fixed and enough to build it. He felt like he was gonna go with a different guys that. And combinations make adjustments with the plays he believes it. You know it's hard into believing in nineteen year old with no playoff experience or you can and they had hesitation to put a minute but. -- -- bottom boat using him in nineteen bluntly you know and I'll play what's clicking into. If you ask you to night -- -- -- success that by all means well. We we you know we fans on the fringe in on the Johnny come lately is look at Sagan in game one and say you couldn't use that all -- are all throughout the playoffs. Is that is specifically what would you lose if Sagan played if you plan regular ship to plan. In the first two playoff series what would they have lost. What that meant a lot series that made up people it today. -- take you have to take a look at the -- -- got you equally political games go into this series one out of that they do. If you break it all down -- -- contribution that they got across the board from -- all forward to worry in the lineup knighted in night out. But there's no wrote for -- like say. You expect interest in the post season and you expect the players that are on the fringe black aces what are -- -- call the guys that have been there all you Google. They practiced with the team that had teams played to be ready. Shall when their opportunity comes they wanna be an impact player shaken and impacted their typical assist. But he also urged her don't you turn away a couple real good it's it was one of his better ancient religion or -- out. And and you hope that learning curve in the progression of emerged in how to play it play at this level is happening even though not all of it looks like it. What does he not know yet does he not go in the corners is -- -- it back on defense does he just not. Does not keep up to not tough enough gritty enough. Consistent he's what you look for -- to go there aren't sure what he does all the state and then there should stay and -- that when he doesn't and it's really understand how to played a -- completely like a treat bird but let's say. That is true challenge will it really circus and he'll be the player that everybody expects to peak hit -- will be. He just can't rush the process and you have to live through it. If the live with mistakes. That you all that the good -- the opportunity. Have you seen young stars get rushed and get ruined. Well I see sure sure you know capital immunity he take a look in any -- -- -- real you know. Top five in the materialize as NHL players you know -- mean. Text -- first overall I like that are. Fictional player because -- put in a situation where yet to be a I -- play 82 games as an eighteen year old and a lot pressure on him not only that helps sell the franchise. But a Purdue study just doesn't happen perceptions that so difficult to make that joke. It's easy to lose sight of the mean. Even as mature market ahead of the -- as. Patrice Bergeron was there was still an adjustment -- -- -- like keep it usually 25 but now just got to really get the player. -- Berkeley in your estimation and with what line mates is -- most likely to succeed. Well yes and it's great question job because I think that's what they're trying to free Iraq. I think they will tweak the all black and I think it's the right move. Assuming Bergeron got -- plate tonight I wouldn't mind seeing him this personal opinion I wouldn't mind seeing in this city and try to slide in real macho again. Don't compromise you -- or that think that really would be straight from Boston. But at -- the united is that that -- slide up between Marcia Ricky because she got to continue to get production for almost two winners. Which haven't played except at position so that's the big decision that they have to make. I expected they sure they're edge because this be another while I expect to be another tough game for Boston they may have to just play eight ranked at -- -- did you think that Tim Thomas had that that first period the -- did you think he had that in him Andy. And is it possible we could see that guy again in the series. I'm sure it is the question at what it. So I'm going goals in ninety seconds that's super soft goal on the backhand. I just didn't expect that ever happened in this post season. Well it was in my focus to be honest with the others in the clocked -- cantor and you don't get any goalie Becky Fischer urged to read but that no excuse but just. Flat out -- -- apple but. You know like put it on the plate in front of the more than -- -- Thomas that first period -- in so many people talked about this 131. Day you know it changed the Eaton. Upbeat vision -- I just wish they would talk about a little bit more educational street -- and we don't trapped on a fortune. They are very aggressive -- -- for checking team and we saw that first goal. Seidenberg made a bad revote to import check where they took awaited geared towards. Now you're in trouble try to put that on him talk you know those are rebounding inside -- stick so. The soft -- second one and it certainly was just unpredictable and Thomas had no expectation cavalier missed and that. It is Cabral a lost cause he -- kitty kitty at some point would you envision -- -- heroes had one of these games going forward. Something really good to happen in because he is really struggled -- pressures that put on -- -- maple -- his whole career. He wasn't the real focus patrol maple -- we just had a cruised around -- scheme that was little pressure and enjoyed the Powell played you played with good players good bullets in Toronto. But when you come in here that situation. Focuses a minute -- -- wouldn't -- do -- -- the pressures that you're the puck -- -- audience to -- Howell played woes. And it's just been pressure has been handled so he needs something really good real good game or a great way. Kind of like -- scoring -- all -- it can -- -- play a happily meet some kind of experience like that helped in Italy tried aren't. What it is -- off. Any final question for me I know you were never goalie you're not a deleted him like goalies that much microscope I presumed to have an opinion on this. Is it easier to be and may two arms -- started -- is it easier to continue to be a hot goalie. That it is is these stay hot goalie that it has to become one that's look at that tonight we're looking at at at. Promised trying to get back to be in a hot goalie enrollees stay in a hot coal. Well I think I looked -- Tim thomas' game capitalist -- and -- pretty good stops go even before the robber probably in a little breakaway and if you Quebec -- Smoke and I -- Heidi often what I'm up I think really -- him Tomas I think that seemed to be the book on if you give him for five days and he bounces back it's great human you know eight. And case. The I'm not so good so. I think it's easier to stay hot. But I expected of being competitively all leases I expected to be real good night brought it up a -- -- and work for victory and it's pretty easy night. -- -- big goals did you score on -- when he was that you'll. I was our April when he was playing -- That's what you stayed back. You don't back -- cut. It's close though would you admit it's close he just missed each other. -- -- More division to what I was blatantly. That was a long time. What it -- that banners up there in the in the Tsongas. What do you do when what do you do when we -- we got a real good and. Rate which is going forward. -- -- Pre and post it encouraged goodness in I think we're doing at least you know making any minister pre game -- -- little tricky with -- based all right the middle they're so. -- we will do some stuff started by thirty would not -- and Jack and and Catherine obviously did that Gordy we had everybody on board. Shall operate more only at the garden coverage so pre post in a retreat on that and it. -- your justice and a Red Sox pregame 530 to 630 included in that -- will be a lot of Bruins box of the probably do some cut into -- A -- space soft program -- 630 to seven with Katherine Barry Andy Jack in the Mac help. By the way all of -- post game following the Red Sox post game actually be working late as well. It was a favor don't let Catherine to happen go to the NHL network and yen the dollar -- -- will -- -- -- realize that. I haven't enough before you go enough of this talk about Berkeley being a marker you know being a grinder. It was a first team all America yes he once had you NHL 11 team down led the wildcats to the final four we do a big man on campus like a pompous ass walking around Danny boy we a frat. Point yeah absolutely. True. That we you I played baseball Julia and you married prettiest girl in all worked out at. -- good luck in all worked out Rick thanks conversation talk you down the road dietary and art. Great correctly with Dennis and Callahan. That. One market with human again premium for results and as you tune -- drop into the Red Sox pre games as well. Thinks they'll want in swat and there are not a the jump. Akin to brew -- on the -- -- I think you'll do -- when this series ships to Tampa. Believe 110 I don't know not doing -- plus a total loss here I don't know. Autos and a much better person and I sent his old old should you know as much and -- hang he would do their things -- -- -- the room for this -- -- little space on the stand on it and that's at. -- I mean meter -- banks that are like that goal though he knows some news. Leave those who in some Google justice and he stopped beating and robbery victim Paulus was that that. Blame comes at all for the Campbell gaffe with the puck right -- ugly and not course heavily gets the blame but this -- buffalo. That was right asset remember said that meter. So that's the first keep your legs closed.

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