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Chris Herren takes calls on BC, the Celtics and his addiction

May 17, 2011|

Former BC and Celtic guard, Chris Herren, takes calls on BC, the Celtics and his addiction

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Quarterback Dennis and Callahan Chris -- alongside in the studio new book is called basketball junkie we'll get to the message of the book the message of his life in meant everybody knows you -- knows about you. One of the secular read it to you said I watched Chris herren. At her feet he was a beast who's got -- just killed for many many years the senate and senate bills Marcus Marcus will see. My guess I want to skip -- gets new bed for four years it was a bees gone against markets will unbelievable Chris or respect you and your position god bless you. You the first white chocolate before Jayson Williams. And that's gasses -- told me that bit Chris -- so tough black players were afraid of them on the court you've heard all these by -- there. What do you weren't so good when you've been so screwed up. As you've got enabled by a lot of people -- opponent in the book in the mug in the driver's license you know even carry on bag vision someone else would grab it. Europe privileged kids in home from the from your freshman year till. -- whenever two you're we're in the NBA. I think that if I wasn't good I think I would've had the same issues eventually. You know I think it's to me usage it's it's it's a disease is genetic thing it was in mean. So whether or not it came out sooner or later who knows you know. -- a couple phone calls or are also sought to we're Jim Jim is on the -- junior wrote your first look Chris errant. Sacred site don't. But I just wanted out of our stop -- a probation not -- and one for some time now and I think you would find it hard pressed to open my peaceful and finally did. -- am -- an adult he also seventeen not but -- did not addicted to opiates. It's an epidemic. In it's got a grip on communities like. To tell you put a student like you wouldn't believe -- In the battle that the physical. Addiction to it. It's a losing battle so to be able to -- Beating. I commend you for that and in you know you we deal with -- for the rest elect but it is an epidemic. You know I'm glad. You know what's the blood and around what I grew up. Or wasn't in trouble when I grew up because these kids again it's -- these kids. Aside the chapter and verse of of of your struggles through the addictions what what is the message of basketball junkies what what you of people. Young people anybody to take away from and after the read the book -- You know I want young for young people I want him to know you know obviously what the end result could be. You know in and listen -- say it all the time secure -- wanna go to public speaking. -- kids you comply OxyContin in the hand and they when he even -- you put a needle and he and they'll run. But I'm gonna tell you something right now I've done both and there is no difference there is no difference between heroin and toxic and there is no difference and you know lead you to the same places the same pain it is an epidemic. So my message to kids would be. You know number 12. 222. Not get overwhelmed and whatever they don't you know like for me with basketball what depression that I promise self. -- to not get overwhelmed and whatever with whatever they're doing if they -- need to step away. What about people who have somebody like -- in their life now we got a number of people said this I'll just like my brother from living in the base that we talked about you know Mark Kerrigan -- earlier on. Well what families do with with problem people like you used to be. Yeah -- problem people like me I would I'd say see when you get to the stages that I've gotten my addiction. You know it's -- it's playing Russian roulette on a daily basis so I think you take every. Every few exhaust every resource and do whatever you can to get that. Person's help because you know for me you just never know I mean in Fall River on June 4 2000 I spent thirty dollars and -- dollars and I was almost. You know buried. You know my kids almost fatherless my my wife was almost a widow for 3030 dollars -- that's that's that's crazy and and I look back now and in -- Know I'd say to anybody in that situation that you know. Go go full blown. Was there ever we started talking about the low point in the many low points on point. High point you know what's amazing is is I can honestly say this the high point was that G well. What it in in what in what respect sides haven't you know and in it would me and in -- Yeah let's plus putting on a Celtic uniform pick in the floor of the garden wasn't enough. -- -- A high point in my basketball Korea and and not was when. I finally went Austin -- called me up after after. You know there was an article in the Boston Globe and to listen we want your coma and and see game aside in the playoffs and when I walked in and I sandals seats and I and I watched my son who was. Ten at the time stand up and not sit down the whole game and I watched the game through him that's the height went about on the court I'm a court. I've had a lot of -- beaten like New Bedford I mean beaten brought on our. Yeah I mean drafted by the look at UMass drafted by the nuggets -- huge the whole experience was with the nuggets is huge because I was I had a cloud -- -- ace Roy Rogers. George. Van -- Bryant -- I was surrounded by some pretty solid got you know and and good guys and so that might NBA experience with the nuggets was was it was a great. Say is that asked -- touch and his wife -- the states now of course she is yeah and my wife is. You know. She took it on the chin for awhile and you know a lot of people told her to get out of there and -- she Heather and I have known each other since six great you know we have pitches at any -- dance -- pitches that proms homecoming. And Heather saw. Me that kid back then and Don thank god she didn't. Was there ever an an intervention and at the answer to that is no would've worked had there been -- had you walked into a room in your whole families their sickness sit down -- you wanna talk to you. I've had them you have -- I'll go and never went well and you know some in my family you know my my brother my father. You know especially. You know my father stuck by me through this and I said it in and then begin in the book him on my brother. -- through all highs through all those my dad was still my dad and always want to -- you get -- to get this. It was just on -- -- you know it has to be on your time when you're ready to do. Tim's head over to your next with Chris -- Chris I'm I'm I'm good thank you how are you -- I guess that's sixteen years it's coming out -- I bought walling August aren't nice. And sobriety my daughter and that was born my eleven year old on my -- year anniversary. And that you know one of the second set I think is really the -- on and I think that that. Your side you -- so excited and that. Is that it in value and the importance of -- and others because it's just it's such as -- senate duties. That. That you know we don't care but other people aren't active addiction and -- we get that second chance. It's what kind of service work we can do to let others especially in the -- remainder of addiction. Get a question for you or Chris -- we were eleven when Len Bias Tanzania. Do think about it -- the effect to at all absolutely -- a lot of people around here is little different perception of cocaine and recreational fun thing yeah yeah I'm sure you were -- -- Yeah I was but I remember Len Bias when they drafted him I mean I remember that whole situation I remember when I did my first plan cocaine. You know I thought of Len -- now. You know has the story ones that he did it once. And and that was it. Which was which yet out but. -- and popular that it Chris out -- -- got -- good joke. Yet Chris I have a question -- you you describe. Our rob you went through as an illness which I personally agree won't you stated that person. Okay who would say that you had actually yeah well. Okay what Q why is very weak individual and I'll go with secure -- spot. Well I'll say this I heard a guy put it in perspective for me one day and that and said listen. If some man puts you down and chairman did TU. What you've done -- -- over the last ten years and your family you would go and kill him now if you sat down Chia -- do what injected you with -- isn't it. Come to with vodka. You know put cocaine up your nose and and and totally broke the -- and your family members you know you'd go out there and kill him so. It is an illness and and it's and I don't care what anybody says. That -- -- you can say that it's a choice and and all that. Idea I believe it's an -- means to be treated and and thank god is places to get it treated do you think it's genetic. And do you worry about your kids having that that that gene cross of course idea I worry about that. You know that -- and affecting going to my children. But I can only say this and I I live one day at a time and that's for real net com. And as long as I stay sober today you know pop I'll -- got father tomorrow and you know whatever happens -- them. -- sober you know Chris -- Father husband is much better suited to deal with the situation if it comes up do your kids know your story -- yeah they definitely do especially my son. You know my son my son collects my chips. You know he's the best he loves it he loves that his father sober. On do we dive into the details absolutely gotten absolutely. That arm that played with the some characters on the Celtics aren't a lot of Paul Pierce was a regular guy -- you didn't seem like a huge fan of Antoine Walker's. You know some I wasn't a huge fan myself. So it's -- need to look back and and kind of judge people in a lot of ways IE I was an -- myself I wasn't happy at the time. -- had his gig obviously going on you know where you know he was going through his issues. He wasn't my type of guy you know pull you really see what possessed with bundle of bills out of it and yeah you pay. Pay particular -- sector she got more money than -- wanted to are all -- -- trivia. -- but I'll tell you did you know Paul Pierce speak to me is sums it up you know I brought my son in his friend up to the practice facility and know he grabbed little Kristen took in the locker room and sat him down and talked with him for -- him in Ray Allen and signed an issue for a moment. You know my kids who has -- up on his -- so that's that's the type of guy he was and at that time was a young team. Let's say what more questions from us -- in -- -- units with Chris Aaron. -- the morning good morning thank you to that particular time to make -- currently available to people I am a quick question. I'm wondering if there are people in a -- -- and have never. -- you -- on drugs are enacting going to pass that its stake in that case. Like an inspiration to you like it thank carpet at the other parts of the kid has never seen me in that state and I'm I wanna keep it outlay -- and no. That aspect of my life a -- anti capitalist -- Q thank you. Thank you. Of course my youngest son who is gonna be three. In August has never spent around his father when he was sounding -- on. You know I -- this company hoop dreams yeah and all the kids and that Jim had never seen in that you know in that capacity. You know very kids showed up to a party I had the other night for the book and the kids have while you know you you really must have done something. The editor in the united good and bad he had good or bad but it was pretty cool you know I mean these kids they don't know me as bad guy -- You know -- if if they need to know I'll let him know -- and have no problem doing so. But there's a lot of people now in my life you know I've almost have three years. Of of continuous of right what is hoop dreams. What does it do who dreams as is the training. Basketball training company reduce small groups we do individual instruction on and we have. A lot of basketball -- Saddam. You know something it's it's more than basketball and I -- my mission statement in this is to keep kids happy. Keep them coming back on keep on talking about whether it's you know I get to know these kids on a very personal level about school and you know I can have Alex Murphy in the I was going to do one day. And the next hour I have you know a little fifth grade girl coming into work out with her friends so it's a wide range of athletes in a wide range of kids. The book is called basketball junkie a memoir I guess it's in bookstores Amazon.com all that -- great Bill Reynolds you picked a good call yeah out there did you know you do -- you don't spell this well and a half. Athens Texas and they wanna know where to buy the book they've got that his son's imprisonment and that a decision had only been canceled -- election. Yeah where you by the book trying to try the bookstore that's right look first Amazon.com the rest of it Chris -- thanks for entrepreneurs here -- thank -- let's go on forward -- Tellabs will return activists.

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