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Doc Rivers recaps the season and talks about Big Baby, Jeff Green and Shaq

May 16, 2011|

Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers recaps the season and talks about his new contract, Big Baby, Jeff Green and Shaq

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Get ready for the bulls finally I don't think they were as ready as the bulls were for game one joining us on the AT&T -- -- possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible the head coach the once and future head coach of the Boston Celtics. Doc Rivers congratulations on the contract -- Spoke French journalist particularly in the global. That right now you always meant that a that the Google means it doesn't get tired idea yeah yeah. Do you are you surprised a lot of people with that contract extension for some reason -- almost everybody assumed in fact of the last two years. You're gonna walk away for a year god do TV golf watcher kids and you sort of pulled everybody. Well you know last year probably more all right need. You know last year I was absolutely and they're worried. Surely number was. In part to. Last year's summer and courtroom decision that we went through. You know I was pretty sure most of them back then. Our producer won the election year you know. This is such a partial -- that's their war. -- -- July parties. Now we're coached and liked it corporate art or order yankees and I felt or grow our work with. Bridges have been and -- torture and so. You don't want change. -- -- you -- revealing this who whose idea was it for the for the long term contract was that you're the one of the extra years to Denny won -- -- for the extra years whose idea what. Well they're ordered out -- You know we're sort -- out -- surprised by that. Our officials awhile ago that it broader -- well architecture and product and more are. And you know I never thought of -- and -- -- just kept doing what year it's your. Air I never thought of Linden walked among all. That much. I I want a public eager would. Long. I -- -- So -- where the jobless for a Long Island and so he brought a number of years and -- adult. You know process that when you knew that that law and not only given that we got it right in there. We see we all assumed dock that there was a sabbatical in your future at some point because of you kids because you're so good at TV that you take he would do TV watching kids and then come back and have everybody knock on your door or -- that idea come from why were we all assuming you're gonna do that. Well well I don't know where the you know court the world trade term that was all over especially your leg and -- lottery -- one you're. You're -- -- rumors just like you does all the different scene there. You know -- monitoring that I have a source to grab a special group order. A -- strange though I'd look at you saw. Situation here longer look at situation insurance or -- -- and I that are and I were talking opened to mostly French. Because there at the -- coach in the in the indium and the single this year and they've been able to draft well. Well well -- Torre players or the system. The -- on the system. And I -- we talked about it that's what we wanna do. Is the other thing at least I assumed about you darkest and you wanted to compete for a title every year you obviously had a taste of -- with this team. You wanna go back to you know the Orlando days of all of rebuilding. Isn't a five year deal isn't it inevitable that you're going to be overseeing are you going to be coaching a rebuilding team and are you looking forward to that. Lot of credit went looking for today. But I'm willing to do that. You know our tattered group and very importantly. I think that there would have been -- committee to -- You know an in built or else. -- something else so that we still care either you know which create and years and having to write pieces. Oh well our other oh victory at notre how we look at the right supporting terrorist elements. Are in the traditional and we still -- what we want. But it would have been easier to do with you know order just don't go to the right thing to do -- know. Coaches. Talk about loyalties -- -- Shimon retirement. Are just thought it was time that the show and that's let me. Dock on the subject of doing the right thing and it being the right thing to do can you imagine before you signed this contract. A scenario where you -- to taken a year off would you could you have coached the Los Angeles Lakers. Well I don't know that -- united. You know what it's because you're all too much built -- yup. But that would have been that would have been strange. This F ethically would you have a problem without them being the rent they via the Celtics archenemy. I got a problem certified -- let's say. It'd. This year right have there -- little local our big problem with decided that. Circular what do I let my contract. Expire art in the this year and in bill it's actually in the other two. Oh but especially the more or or couple all the Chileans. I just I couldn't do. You know until mile eight and a I just that's something that (%expletive) or rattled. No I don't -- and not worry and I just slaughter of their typical current. Last week Danny said the Big Three have a lot of basketball left in them I would guess that you probably agree with that but my question is -- Under what circumstances. Will the Big Three have a lot of basketball in them that will put them in a position to win championship banner number eighteen next year. We have to democracy Forward -- We have to. The directly around them. We have been plagued him in a bit -- At all -- with some movement. You know even. If their minutes -- -- which I hope they're not about whether they are yet even do that there. You know example. Kevin -- toward Europe for a little. They'll planet to parents are in you know which -- to third two birds. -- -- I don't regret it you know art and that commence. To let it play Woodard there's structural power ball to Flores -- bring them back and I think. You know. Substitute and that way will -- fresher longer. I thought the longer marriage you know even 678 minutes in the world. Over the year. I know called auto tool there and so are our origin of that so there's a lot of that -- do. I'll keep you up to that electric well. Did you think about -- will you think about bring in Paul Pierce off the bench. II the Barbara and whatnot they doubled and that the data which you met Mora -- -- -- in that got. Ultimately you would probably -- -- But adjudicate about a government wouldn't suggest going back are -- are so -- that we would do that. You mean stocks start green and bring yourself the bench. We couple questions we had obviously we rehashed game five for a couple of days. And we were wondering did you think at all that you stayed with Rondo too long because eventually got a -- there. Because he was so. Limited. And about Krstic did did did you think maybe could've gotten him sooner given him a chance sooner -- game five. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There -- older -- a couple things where it would recruit it's as he had been struck work. You know Gordon to report all certain. You know even in the short stint inflate. In the first two routes -- late great but he definitely pretty well. Are in the in the first couple Miami games -- -- regular more competent and -- He's Cuban boy you know -- can shoot -- going to be displayed. You know it's not going to be your government defend her -- things differently. And an upper body to go about all that idea well welcome back -- you know welcome. Out was there an injury that we did not know about with Kevin Garnett in game five it's like him plays so well and so effectively in the first quarter and then accomplished nothing at least offensively in the final three quarters -- was here we -- about. Well -- to you know are distraught. You know particularly -- so much in game three -- never started to get our energy back there and you know. It wish you can see it there and is now are -- to do about it. What we needed a -- floor obviously here. You know a lot of things that day. He'll never around on the lower union called. You know more of our facilitator. You know that better ball scoring and so warrior -- -- know are usually are. -- better grade B -- -- get the ball in in the market in order to get the ball. -- easy assessment after game five and I read a lot of places and I heard a lot of places well the Celtics are old and tired and I looked down at the at my notes from the game went -- put you guys up 8781. And what transpired after that was not much offensively and I'm wondering does old and tired have anything to do with Ray Allen missing that wide open three. Or pulp or is missing the drive or green missing the drive or green fumbling the ball out of bounds at this seem like old and tired to me does it to you dock. Norton I'll never actually watched the emirate which story shouldn't walk where there aren't like them. When you go alt -- you -- run against you in the war of Trojan. -- you know what it should approach countless was more current ban. Two. You know to make -- lead and -- witnessed great shots and they merely made such yeah and you know there's not a lot you can -- -- I would look shots that we had back -- our runner Hillary. -- later. That stare -- an illusion that it that it. You know it was wired overbought territory. But the first person that would get the public did yes. Picture which particular step in particular no you know especially with the late today and -- and complete. You know all of us shot well short -- Which could be executed but -- -- out -- with -- -- to -- and that bill to want to kill. Darker -- at liberty to definitively discuss and address how the Perkins trade affected your team. Because we've heard a number of your locker room speech is that -- tape and certainly your on court speeches. And and it's less about X -- -- and it's more about trusting each other and you used that word a million times -- this group. Trust in the Bluetooth thing and all of that. Is -- about the bad guy -- a good guy but did some of the trust go away when all the new faces came to this new place and Perkins left. What -- order intrepid trips what do waves. There's no way that the continuity -- you know our. That's what retreat a stricter -- -- -- out without purpose or -- team at all at that. There was more there are certain guys in different positions and credit toward guys who could barely. Back into playbook. And errant throw out something. That loose 34 years old -- new you know when when purpose they're. When you boost for particular one got a -- start line Melvin mystery of god. Who doesn't know your ostrich for years ago he only knows what you know and then there. Are in combat limited our group there and you know armed with large bill because the waging partner. You know you need peace in support. And you know it took -- always drove it in the -- -- I asked a month ago to -- make the trade over again would you still do what you said well let's wait and see. And so now we wait to wait and see what to do it yet to do it over again. Well I would wake -- and you -- that it cannot put the -- it you know our history. Just greener -- the year as starter for a future outlook -- while we're. And in particular health. The literature at a time when major trade. And that made it their child or. And they know that we yet another well that -- and so. There was just a lot of moving parts to fourteen. That -- advantage that we. -- there we had continuity everybody else knew. Chicago was what do it and that you -- new. They couldn't talk back or we -- all -- away -- -- department largely territory. Now with competitor or. Didn't Shaq step right in the beginning of the year and fit right in. -- We were where were started with forty or. 43 and I mean a 33 in ten in the first 43. Which and it even more which Jack it was articulate like twenty toward. Its outlook and play twenty plus minutes so. That it was the competence to do it there. They -- and they distribute section rates look marker it'd really do it remained. -- oil or partners or their share. Well we heard with our report they or aren't -- what -- pretty -- two weeks. We -- should never knew. That it would take on the -- bit error and then obviously that. That took away a lot -- You know that have come you know what 25 minutes -- inside a Wall Street. It it hurt more -- Chairman Robert archer. Is he done as he told you that he's done. There are shattered. Absolutely. Sure editor there are -- sort it will just where you know. I would say yes. I don't know are really don't. -- stats don't jump off the stat sheet but what did he do to help this basketball team that was measured in points and and rebounds as an example. Does Ray Allen have to work harder through screens with perk not there. What are you out because column wrote notes call all of that gear and so. The finger -- involved with particular statistically. You know. Just. More as speaker of -- -- you know is committed -- You know everybody accountable what -- -- and I think when you're there you go on like. Or -- -- that's the -- to Israel. You look do you look at and next year you have a big red circle around 2012. Even though. You don't know how much you along -- gonna have isn't this the final run for Kevin and ray. You know I it is you know almost final run them as lawyers. But you know they're doing great players. You know every night. I'll actually you know all the time when every their retirement their -- and so we're gonna try to preserve the best which -- You know like he brought back you we have right. So we can do that in the right guys in our view. That that's that's important as well. What are what are they like we don't know and they can name name is -- Tim -- told us. They have to get more athletic up front and play above the rim yeah above would you agree. There there we we have to you know what does it stood -- admired here is that potentially we're pretty good. All but they kept giving all the circuits are people predominate destroy order to make a older then -- -- just in the -- certain. It's a ball that sit in front on the war. Parent you know that's below the room but that's quickness and their -- -- and then we couldn't get a lot of rebounds away yet inside position. Based yoga every parent and so clearly. We we have to be more -- -- Doctor have a theory as to what. Happened to have big baby at the end one columnists today says it's reasonable to guess he's tired of being Doc Rivers whipping boy. Well out of order or -- you know ordered that was -- that -- You know. -- -- -- -- There was more. In between -- leaders there distort -- -- thoughtful character that they defectors like. Are starting at the world focus on the governor. I mean when you. Reward from just. Being a team player and being wrote that you have been Arctic -- the -- -- -- -- -- thought they needed -- thought school was way too important. Instead of being the years they -- got -- score. -- and -- property and school. What baby yet in order cartridge chart. I mean you look at this chart numbers. First forty days and I -- -- at Gartner Gartner should look. I thought a lot of that have to do with. He betrayed and -- and -- also instantly instead of -- -- where. Do you know did he gain weight at the end. I don't know that. I would guess. A minute ago it was clear. But I don't know that such do you wanna back. There are pretty good -- bright. Articulate. Nice. But with general -- You know. Then in the Columbia anyway that's what industry out of the park. What we got it right back -- right right ma right not to what was the last. What. -- about Butler and said he -- Or any opportunity. -- -- -- -- -- You're not just a coach now are you -- every story about you and in this long term deal part of it says. He's a great recruiter who will bring new guys in here and do what he can and to recruit free agents are. Help facilitate deals that the rebuild is that party a job now. Well that's always been part of -- Arnold orchestrated recruitment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know you've got a member of your girl went dark here -- Then we should be ignorant statement. We want to make it triggered wondered culture. And for a long term this what you know you could -- -- come here and now they're that we would expect all our -- what to do whatever reaching here. The charter attract. On the bestseller. And you know wind up where we want to reader mentioned that you all about mutual. Well we know you're in Orlando so he probably hear this question more than -- we do. And I know you probably not even allowed to address it but. Dwight Howard. Is the -- and it choose his place on his next team the way that LeBron did the -- the Carmelo Anthony did. While circuit element and go to our world but. Total notes are the -- military so you know what though. -- and we always the year and college collective bargaining trained or worked out. And Arctic oil demand. -- that the way it works now and guys in a general sense guys. Choose where they wanna go and it's it's up to point -- it's up to whoever doesn't have to be -- and a but it certainly worked that way with LeBron with Carmelo and with -- state they say. I wanna go there and if you trade me fine if not I'll wait no no there's freeagent. There are -- greater than com. You know and so it's still there -- right and that's what they're going to sit and no -- and doing it wrong. At the system like in your approach would do and and look forward. But -- -- -- that. That it is Bert Bert stern and that's. In all the emotions of sports and later that's what you can do about. So we'll see how it all works well. There you -- -- look so you're not. Poorly you know argued from a lot of introspection and there. And that's -- where. That is so not out there. The way that is there's so he walks in the future. -- Troy Murphy was the gather everybody's a lot of teams several teams coveted coming down the stretch the Celtics got him why did we see more toward. Murphy at the end. -- -- some pictures ready for a you know I thought. He was working -- -- and going to argue every got injured in basic -- all the way until -- started -- you know I just thought that would and so far behind. There also are just never worked well so I was close at times and you know more are born and are you don't really are just trying to do what they -- It is competent to complain and right in honestly I never did I would just want to order. They did you think are are you thinking and all but move -- up here you and your kids getting older and I you know you're wearing going to be for the next. Five years to us live and -- make any sense. There -- -- you know our -- -- not a recoverable by but I I don't think there are. You know our but it does not work right and that's wanted to do an animated earlier when Jeanette well which is strange that the problems. All sorts of trouble for as well. -- go back or. To -- speech it's like no we are also and it duped. I'll and in Spencer you know my -- done -- and volleyball player professional volleyball. -- and hopefully not much on its audits anymore corn or. So. Back consultant or trouble where their march are which makes a lot of our deterrent -- -- that a lot. I'm guessing that maybe you will be with peg -- Leo could you you impacts and every duque didn't get to -- it together. You know -- -- -- protecting our children to go to Morton who carried this very little return. A look at the. Probably you know he's probably the biggest duke fan around here until until you took over -- took. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A five years a long time if you consider the possibility of coaching your -- coaching against her son in the NBA. Well I haven't but he brought about. Are totally right when he. We decided I totally different you're an expert -- it is clear that you know what to do that could well. -- does a coach that he wants and you want to go against you. Open door to that and so that would be a lot -- Pro and there -- so. The government while. Can you imagine yelling at Edmonton at all. Yeah well that would work. Cup week is -- another thing we underrated the fact that your kids think it's really cool that your coach in the Celtics that your an NBA coach and not. Just some TV guy. There are that it lets -- know. That's the first thing and to sit last year at the first thing you know he would probably. No one would talk to the most part is here -- actually. What sort of future and say is that you know you got -- job that you want and to work with the nuclear war don't -- -- walk away from the -- awful. Well docket gobs are ahead right. I hate tennis -- a negative note but did you consider when you sign this five year contract that probably means talking to us for five more years and did that give you pause or maybe hadn't thought about that. -- A well we appreciate it we are we can gradually to on the five year contract and we look forward to to our basketball conversations as the years go by doc thanks for much -- the time. Enjoy your offseason we'll talk -- down the road. -- interpreter Doc Rivers and Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outline but it was possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible and they are. Big freer dismal you know that. Leased to and probably of one year left to two of them of one year eleven and peers who knows Rondo. Wanna point who knows how he's going to be when he loses those great yeah wing players. You and you have great faith -- -- cream and others are questioning -- -- green's future I think there's a chip on Jeff -- might press himself out of this market Jeff Green what do more money than Kendrick Perkins got Oklahoma City and he might get -- -- -- getting in and get an offer. Mean can to see when you see green like I would beat -- you think. You wanna buy low and NC the upside yet so future GM or coach you -- green -- I can make him better I can coach -- solicited and potential Benjamin and crap yet but isn't that kind of guy you acquire right I can't judge -- he has agree or Catholic via -- -- -- it is highly efficient -- appointment say if we just as you please come and generous and comfortable. What can't he do. She didn't consult you can't do anything consistently well we we -- after brooks actually and he disappeared exactly taught that all you want guys who can't do consistently well and you get them. And then you coach them and then you incorporate them in the -- consistent you want cuts were consistent when you look at babies seized limitations right. Yeah that I like can be seen limited sure can't jump right when you look at green. DC limitation that -- criticized that's right that's exactly right as on look at the guys scare issue and if you're doc or -- -- We can work with I don't know that's the and you -- work.

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