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Grande & Max wrap up the 2011 Celtics and look ahead to 2012 with the Big Show - Part 2

May 13, 2011|

Celtics broadcasters Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell joined the Big Show as 3rd and 4th man in and helped Glenn and Michael put the wraps on the 2011 Celtics season and looked at what the next season might bring.

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Maybe there's that maybe there's a change roles maybe you know I'll come off the bench. Fixed here at -- here's. Mainly under way to get just a lot more minutes and and it's been a role would all training camp and and an opportunity to play exhibition game and well she's in. And fitting into that role well and taken them a lot of pressure and straps in at this point four years old. You got it started on a playoff team in the past. That's Didier -- yesterday's -- show I'm glad our way that's Michael Ali and we welcome man. Cedric Maxwell inch John grandy Europe play by play in. Commentator announcer was telling the for the Boston Celtics return W IMAX -- I think one -- thanks John it's good to see how things don't -- Cynics excuse leaders. I wish explosions all of edition -- committed to the source communities in the studio right now -- excused the tardiness would have actually dealt with and show four hour begins at that does that ever happened during an artist -- -- John no big show with the 3 o'clock stock. Does exactly what -- text that says you know what I'm gonna be label given to discipline for -- of this program. I'm feeling now that says that he's got to throw it is today. To make that was the date because that never goes on. So is Sean -- everything good. Irony is Germany is just gonna sales outside though that's going to be here complete free time -- gonna -- off the bench next year. And the continuity of the substance that Newton's play in my role it's playing your role RO IDC's world. Playing I thought you're always gonna get -- broadcast. Game six. Of the Eastern Conference semi finals between the heat in the Celtics that's the role you're the analyst -- -- conform -- other Michael -- -- in my -- my -- didn't -- the show. There's six -- -- show maybe should have the lay of the -- thing -- I didn't do any of that. I still have wasted a lot of time going in the past an inquiry beyond that right now the great uses brownfields -- yes exactly now. And we're -- I'll put up the phone lines feel just couple minutes to talk to these two guys. Get a little bit more input about this team. The great uses Doc Rivers five years -- wanna view both -- -- surprise shock. Surprised by the left. I thought that -- the doctors would be used phones -- was going to be here. Felt them but I didn't think five years he would do that that's that's a lot of time Doc Rivers considering the and one point two -- have to rebuild this team incumbents total. I understand why people are surprised but I was not if there was going to be here -- the Doc Rivers was gonna step away it was this past year. When you look at you know Stanley situation three different seniors playing you know between high school to a college. -- what I always say about diapers he. Was a very good player he was an all star player in the eighties as a broadcaster obviously nationally people really like him. Acknowledged on -- he's terrific as -- not -- -- -- all not -- little -- you wouldn't again or not I'll go back to the -- point about being all star player and -- separate season yeah. As he was an all star in without. My point I'm waited where were you remaining player Brad hey dogs that are in Eastern Conference. And there. Or unfair. So airport to make the Eastern Conference all star team just think of value he was never an MVP of the finals but he was -- -- is in the eastern thought it was solid player in the championship your -- that he he he was not as it replace him he'd -- he'd know this is not you're turning it over Panama say -- you are just bigger more details are. Good player and a great time anyway yeah mediate was -- -- game or or has gone by the shirt and our extreme and know maintained -- violated put money active rosters that they could have won game seven but he that he -- here pretty ministry closed for that series of news. We have kept -- Starks away from the ball of -- -- and you're gonna -- -- -- -- Or pat pat take about take care outlook isn't but isn't this of really good thing in when you can't and I agree with you -- maybe he hangs around for a year. He's gonna hang around for five because. We Beagle to a bridge your next year after that you've got 27 million dollars on the books and three players. That's the year in which you need somebody that's not only a terrific coach put a great -- rate. At the point and that is the bigger issues to why I think it's a lot of the sting out of game five and the loss Wallace -- saying he was coming back in this all being put together because he really have. That the glue and the first building block what is the calm in this next generation after last year but the point about dock which I was sidetracked by -- partner who should have made deals to team currently in the -- -- one time you would rather have time you're selling -- he should have been awarded that. And he should assess a fine start ninth apart you wouldn't get married couple and I think they are what happens when you're together to say earlier. This is the longest relationship between one it was ever. That's absolutely. No. Gramley okay yeah -- -- but you and not know the -- nobody there -- gonna have an interface and lonely little Italy and. Following that point being all the different things he does he's been a great husband I think is the degree to which he predicament of father's been extremely while document have been the end of the day. Doc Rivers is a basketball coach for one thought he was gonna go home. Guess what he has I would think -- -- has turned fifty dimensions is walking away with. You -- -- and say I'm not done what you don't. That's just -- Jackson's dealing with that he's obviously but much -- and he's already considered wheels and his internally while I think there's going to be okay he sank the consulate to be mostly but Phil Jackson when you look at him -- -- Well if I don't go now I'm never going to genial take him to do things like zero Jackson and make you might get a full boat load genius hack -- somebody Sacramento. But -- -- and a completely different category you can understand it at his age and what he's accomplished them. He's won almost a dozen championship models to let you struggled a lot of money. To sit on the bench and he's in his sixties and as late sixties so -- orbit six missile that can walk away that's fine Doc Rivers completed. Michael you go home to do work on all ever by the three lovely bones stud if you -- That they that's that thing -- is over that I think that that a caller. -- -- -- new medication diapers right now for John Campbell a big one home and he'd be with his wife at home if she beats it. I take charge definitely my should be beat -- KG it's I guess at some point you go okay this is where the -- -- I'll start up to both of -- Michael and I were just talking about what do you do if you're the Celtics you guys know that the cap on how it works in the predicament they're in right now what are you don't. That's gonna at that your broad umbrella of -- yes what do you do I think that. Unless there is a an extraordinary opportunity see it's almost like people say well blow it up or don't blown up what does that mean what are the opportunities to do any jazz in from the UN for people who are concerned that the Celtics are gonna go back -- next year with the same -- which they probably will trying to get younger more athletic obviously off the -- If the past -- we've seen from Danny Ainge doesn't indicate to you that if there is a blow up -- to be made if there is a bold stroke to be made. And there are no names that are not on the table if you haven't figured out that the annual make that move by now. Yet the blades and it's now at four. You know I just totally the way this team is constructive right now you know you have to go of course that you -- which are contracts. You -- where you are Kevin's gonna be here polls going to be your ray's going to be here I don't think. And this one both points and now word written read our -- that the if you did not trade them several years ago you can't trade demand. So I don't think you look at those guys is treatable. And you gonna work around the guys you have people who win your share basketball games. And I think the big thing this is Columbia fertile ground war. New free agents coming in because now you have stability would Doc -- -- that's the first the most important thing. And if he has that stability and now he has always been an excellent recruiter. -- -- in the balls themselves -- that's one thing but have a guy like Doc Rivers who is friendly with every play year out -- I mean UC -- every every player always comes up embraces stock or. And -- is the ultimate he's he's the ultimate in in the I'm saying -- -- the of the nicest way I can't. He's the ultimate -- In the fact that he. Makes everybody believed that he likes him and he knows they're. Our Internet went media alternative and that's perhaps he. And he was called in your actions of 100% Turkey brought Alexander he would just he was just like this is supplier. Everybody like it. He just like that with the media -- was one of those guys most -- these guys that would couldn't give a rat's ass about about the match went all year never darken the okay. -- and and aren't rivers was one of these guys that knew every single one of the meet them know me and it's my. In the and he took a page of this release you'd think this way it took a page this relief from Michael Jordan. I rejoice and be around it before that every player out the year before the game. -- he'd stab me in the back which which you got game with a but he knew everybody even today when I see Michael eight X eight on what. Film I think players looking a -- go you know what it would be a bed that's. That would be a bag got the -- war because whipping you know players aren't going to bad mouth him. Because he has not bad -- got -- out that for the most part for the most are not so much Michael till we win he's really bad mouth maybe. Hope for the white baby played -- the playoffs though he did not bad -- -- -- set dimple. With these. I think that would out of -- the guys that he's gone he adamantly called on all the on the court this drug that you just and that is that is back are we talking about publicly or privately. I don't asserts publicly with these baby and that's what that's what you'll get most of what these things about -- He's made fun of maybe if you talk and what army called baby afloat in the it when he was in New Orleans economy afloat neon. Mardi Gras parade -- -- and I eat out. OK cause I thought it -- -- juicy and about to go me but if the economy -- yeah yeah -- And yeah I did not scientific expert max -- for a second look at your desktop your that you there and you'll never seem max you never see a Doc Rivers did not face and scream Kevin Garnett. You never see him do -- to Ray Allen. Never see him do it the pulpit but I've seen them do what the -- we have seen a doctor Rolando and that prayer time outs -- -- Kamal. Lately come on man Michael I've seen him due to rate. I have seen clearly yes oh yes Michael I what I want to know I. Bush is right yeah yeah I -- the array of seeing them do it I've seen and also give -- hope yours is the I have not seen your goal at like that. Is Kevin Garnett as we want everybody else he had -- -- to the point when hope -- when he first got here with he set the agenda. In his right from a John and I. Paul was counties that reminds one of them on the court will play defense will give back and -- -- opposed -- the tent and darker blues -- Campbell no count of slow down. Toxic it is there that got him out. Sit down to in the -- Celtics need him to play in the game to win out eventually went down you won't play you'll run. So Michael I would say that he's got every player except. Open except KG. I -- I don't have the -- And I knew them and don't come back to our -- -- I've got to think that it. And I argued with government workers -- I thought well I'm glad don't have an agenda you might have been using it at that moment but you always evident that would have imagined that I hate. Rick we know always the hearings and by the way -- -- talking about language here about this is -- to present is that way about. But -- was a guy back in October of 2005. His name is Eric work. Okay and he had armed robbery at a for armed robbers got the -- we don't know let's not. You know these are following the advice and follow Larry I'll. He's got tattoos all over his blog -- parents aren't -- houses all caught up. It's got like Larry Bird all overs on. At a thirty year prison term so he goes and there is gonna be sentenced by the by the judge. So he says to the to the judge judge ray Elliott. So he's going down he wanted to go down and Larry bird's Jersey he asked the judge. If he could go to prison. Get 33 years instead of thirty years because -- -- -- Larry Bird with a with a disgusted Laura yeah yeah that's right so now he's gone before the judge basket. Give back it off a thirty year. He -- -- the mental. I'm happy I'm. Happy -- the traffic -- Yes it oral hearing you know I was a -- Dennis Johnson that's when he -- perfect program please go to -- He's doing that way. Here's Peter in a car they made air. I don't -- -- great job. Well our commitment with no matter what happened on -- it'd been a joy. Alexis in the last four years. At -- the -- at -- that -- -- have to -- it. At elect in the discussion opener at the big trade model that was. Talked about significant. The mark Daniel injury yeah and not exports potentially that they need to bring -- -- -- tight. Because no not on the roster could really defend. The the broad side seat and really -- pierce and Allen. I mean that's that's a very legitimate. -- you tell them up because -- both -- did is he was again that they talked about early on when they first got. Paul Hughes was very excited about marquis sees that this guy kid and it'll do so many beings in the polls he can't be stopped he's going to be a great replacement for me. In the first year. Mark teased her this is a wrist so wasn't able to perform this year keys help he comes out and get -- to -- plant and then vs max -- I mean you're forced to do something because you lost that guy was gonna give. -- here is that Paul Pierce and ray they rest in could've been a good formula -- -- me ask you both this. When and where markings with help you know wasn't a lot of time. Did you guys see it at all -- because I didn't. Early early this year in the first after an excellent point yes defense is playing much better who's gonna fill that role and that's why. The -- stands -- -- -- one because it's wise what makes -- GM and any sports so difficult gives you three things going you have. The long term future of the short term season future in the and you try to not be overly influenced by things that of immediacy and that Marquis Daniels injury doesn't happen. I don't know if the tree goes down the same way but it certainly it weighed more heavily in the immediacy because that was what Super Bowl Sunday's that was two weeks before Danny admitted yesterday that the one thing he should've done is made it more concerted effort to sign. Tony Allen should have offered in the three year deal opera it's an it's an amazing for -- hundred people talk about Kendrick Perkins -- of these last couple days nobody's -- and here's the one of the great ironies. We were talking when Tony downside well look he took me a spot to go play for a team that isn't gonna wind but on the bigger role he doesn't play at the start of the year and now. He's still playing they might have gotten them back -- -- regain -- -- and is is another excellent point of the forgotten part of history that Tony Allen was certainly on the radar is in a possible deal would -- iPods that the trade machine he has the elect a million times Dracula when I do Nate Robinson and it would say well this will affect the Celtics by. On Memphis will lose well more games if you give them Nate Robinson asked Tony Allen's book testimonials book max from Blu-ray to Rudy Gay. Appointment with a quick -- one point stuff OJ Mayo. -- okay if this deficit all pull -- Dennis. They don't pick -- Wanted to chime -- I turn the radio wanted to do -- they are the ball well coming off the bench. Yes in -- brought it up -- yesterday in an interview kind of or doctor and I know. And -- final being held a little bit more to me about the -- but. I think that that happens eagle you know only I think we get a better chance to him -- dog the basketball. Yeah how I'll tell you that is like four to. Let. Us all and all that time. I seen that got its that's generously -- the drive. It's a German with him before have you shot common. It I don't I don't drive I am in the back of a child with him I don't physically drive. Okay. Well Brian originally -- -- you -- go back to his driver you're in the back of the car with them. It's a community you know this is what and -- you don't meet regularly you know on I don't need would be good enough but make no mention. -- -- -- -- I'll -- bagel I just wanted to get a shot on I had a baby for months already congratulations then you'll you'll -- had a baby you're you're girlfriend or whatever right. Not unlike you know that Alicia I think I think he's gonna take out the meaning that he's already like 22 inches tall and neglect form on all -- Not a good start a doctor at big lots is an arms -- for the prisoner call black. -- -- those great restraint and we have hundreds and lasted fixture. In Warrick Rhode Island. They -- thought I'd -- much like Charlie what's going on. I'll I'll get right to that went to the point. -- look into the future what you think about it dialect -- in -- Possibly even a tight entry. -- Utah and you know -- -- and Jordan Jordan stock is going -- so much she's not release is under the radar as you would hope what I don't like somebody asked about a washed out he is a restricted free I think -- Lenovo the guys who talk about that would fit in a thing that I really like Stewart he does and he talked about Jordan because he says he was. Amaze one time that Jordan he was. Playing defense and he was -- all the other players on this team. What pleased to sell books wanna run -- -- five guys in the NBA anymore who know the other team's place. Nor do you really care because normally you're not gonna be tricked by guy chocolate here and he was phenomenal him here we hear actually yes here you'd better -- -- -- -- but he's if you watch you know league pass -- if you -- a lot of good young center recently. I had ever publicly to question the portable nobody could just let me ask. In that -- -- is coming back and with his cachet in the pulpit shout play it on the leak. Again it is -- What about a proposal or Rondo and the you know some samples. Whoever Alltel a package for singer Chris Paul okay are you you do not -- -- -- Mac you have Doc -- in the mix. Without a similar but Dwight Howard who come along. Well while -- that that initiatives if it's if his -- -- why wouldn't that the while with that laden ties. You know -- Howard to come now to go while it usually -- region may be because couscous balls batted around -- Relative well at that you talked about one guy who's belt of South Africa that we Rhonda. In the viewers senator who we think that you think rounder do you think Ronald that are set of guarding Chris Paul probably is about the so that got in -- Paul. As I've been a few other obviously but he's and other plate maker of interest. I would imagine that come with what -- was -- -- all of you can't shoot and relieve pressure well and from the outside. Well -- you know for the sake of their discussion -- TV the other guy in there -- missing you've -- -- draft pick we got Rondo the other guy that might entice in the world to make that deal is Jeff Green. In the century it. We've got coming your -- that would look what would like ago. If there belabor this way if there's an opportunity to get Chris Paul you have to look very very -- it no matter no matter what it is especially the way you gotta understand landscape in this is again one Doc Rivers thing is so important -- -- -- about the recruiting. You know -- what the -- chance of getting Dwight Howard obviously not very good but whenever they are. They went considerably higher when Doc Rivers. Made the decision to be long term coach of the Celtics and let's look around this is how it's happening now stars wanna play together and take their shot at a championship. And if there's an opportunity to get a Chris Paul if that is the angle towards Dwight Howard somebody's gonna do so. Why wouldn't sell eleven I mean. I just think you view Chris Paul right now and you look at the team without the I think he's program be a -- I think he's going to be within integrity. I think because now you get to you got proud of those two guys got a friend again he's with style -- he's on the big stage like that I think that is his destination. Is same way I was talking we've talked about Carmelo Carmelo say they all look on the New York if a player decides now in this league that he wants to go to a certain team. And if he's a free agent didn't more than likely he's want to be at that time but as he has all the. To me that's gonna be the most fascinating part about this collective bargain yet received because if you look at the fact that and and to Miami Heat players talked about this. The reason they got together because of what the Celtics didn't rally right so now the Miami Heat do it we're seeing the knicks already in the process of doing and exactly. And then you've gotten Howard now coming up next year you've got all coming up and you know they're gonna all want to the sold some grand deal to some something. If that's the case you're of the league. You can stopped and you've got the stuff got -- -- up three or four powerhouse franchises and the rest of the week. Sat down -- is that that is important no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Carry out his football but it was out was in the NBA in the eighties at -- and everybody romanticized about it took me a bit like you're right. John Wallace but I mean the thing about there in the eighties we year old man with about that. There was a really free agency it was it was broken free agency. They tell you were free agent but they work with compensations -- it was like free agency like the reason that also was completely don't. -- if -- discretion as we brought this up yesterday Michael I didn't we're talking about Rondo and in trading Rondo away and I can understand he's a very tradable guy at ten million. But the reason. Did you would deal him away and we asked Danny and and he said no I don't think we would do that you would wish he would do that is if you are looking at the makeup of your team. The three guys these the old guys are going to be gone. And that Rondo can't be your leader. Because he's got to be the guy. This one thing about the relationship now how Rondo reaction coach and the surroundings and the team is a -- with exactly with three. I you know Hall of Fame future Hall of Fame players he's a little brother. He's going to be the Big Brother here in two years and it is the Big Brother gonna be Big Brother somewhere. In two years when this year and that's the point of -- widget which is what if he's not if you don't if you don't see what you get real would you deal him if you don't we're seeing him. Look at him and say he's our leader he's the team he's the face of our team two years and. Well usually years you know that that's a great -- because -- a yeah well a reason -- agenda for reasons I think it. Has become back to move on have a -- I haven't caught up. -- -- that's about it and came into Herat back I love your ruler of history. -- -- a white guy -- Veba complex products are. The -- you said that -- does make sense because what that you look at is as you said like you see guys who are. If you are what those guys right now you have all these you know -- of and you have called a rate to keep you'd check. That's one thing. The wing you -- not here. And you are the main and the everybody got to follow him say they'd follow use so they all follow Derrick Rose Chicago is the right got a ball is just the in Israel for the -- how people get on Rondo -- Think that most people really know him with a lot of people say he's a and he wants the wing and he is not going to accept anything other than winning he'd never really point some -- people. It is very seldom do you see that would that would -- got so what happened the last two months of the regular season where he was kind of an I says that by I think did he hit little -- Like anybody anybody in any profession you have a -- we don't play well yeah I can tell you because. I -- don't want purity I don't quite a few excuse myself you did it or you know I just got to go through and they knew he would turn -- but both. That the last two months are adult eat dog days of in BA season because I just want down you count in the would you Libya. -- -- and fighting and you were fighting for home court advantage. You've got home court advantage over Miami we might be looking at a different series you guys you guys probably would not be here to like him a -- That thing about it is that we might not be here that Michael -- ball well I don't really go with this holiday -- I don't think the game to our -- power beautiful game four game you fourteenth. Pinkie neat thing about think that team that was just in the we won the series. I don't think ahead do we know anything about home court advantage -- not. Miami was gonna win. Or was obese opens and that and Miami was the best team here know but the reason -- the -- losses serious because they could not stop the -- way that was the reason why it was LeBron James he got his fourth. But deep wade got any place he would do in cap that gay -- Almost all those -- -- the -- -- was not only the MV p.s MVP of the series in the way he played he got Paul Pierce thrown -- -- game one and he took -- out in game three I don't think players ever been bakery any one series -- it was great point. -- -- Macs in the studio more of your phone calls next. -- -- Harder to bring on the Ellen we -- we try to sign Tony we try to keep within that are. Sort of within our our guidelines -- rules that sort of a two year window into your program. That -- -- -- out of the gate with a career -- Tony right. Or make -- -- which and offered him eventually I think we would deal done and I think that's -- the -- news. They go that's. Danny -- from yesterday's big -- -- when asked if he had any regrets were there any deal that would he do anything differently. Then what he did need obviously brought up on the hill. Well hello yeah that's. -- -- -- really go by Danny -- say that because wills wills coaches animals youth. Never a goal back. In in one revised to bet I did led -- it's so I did it at that that's it. But that's and that's it that's the way you should work beings because we all look back we've made mistakes and we should say okay and can be better. If -- time you wanna lose your mistakes that you made the that was okay. Back to a phone calls instead will go to George I have in the gym in Boston -- -- -- which lets you pilgrim and he just holder about rural regions sold Albert got past George. Hello George I don't. Good looks that I have a question. About fought probably -- to -- that you want and chip then. You know when they drafted a report that accepted before you'd gotten hurt if you played Texas that you wars. Course being equal walls which which. -- NBA defensive ready not to rest well you know another George George -- just aren't on -- -- George let me just correct that what they said was coming out of high school. All. Avery Bradley -- right after wards John Wall as far -- directly to get a disappointing EE was disappointing compared to you. What John -- to Kentucky's so they didn't say he was he was there at college it's coming out of high school he was right. What what he injured in college yeah. I think he was injured but you know. Or if you watch him play you know we've been here pretty defensively. And a -- -- the rest of his game. Well you don't -- in it and I know played against Scruggs. And I'd like Sean and Baxter carbon on this but but the game of the year award a respite everybody anyplace. Okay I know what to -- also but he really looked very very. Well -- -- that that is you you you've made its as warlord ways they they made my point okay because. If you're not planned against the first tear gas did you know those -- the -- Columbia in the games. I always say people always talk about some -- how -- got. All this that was great summer league you did that as the yeah he's great -- some early but he's not planned against anybody who's going to be an MBA. Now I'm not same Bradley's not gonna be a good player but let's not based that on begging me and you know those last couple games that's not based on that at least I talked to Danny they'll -- out by the blue. And Danny that's one -- -- raved about Andy says this -- is want to be in these advantages words this kid does want to be special. So the other day Maxwell yeah it was a moment he was struck a remote -- to get more athletic. And he mentioned he -- Bradley you do it while you wanna go out. You know I Taekwondo don't get me wrong but Rondo -- all defensive team is like to get steals the level. But I don't equate legitimate defense moving your feet in front you know between the bats getting on guys I think he'd do blows. Ought to -- to. -- you know what I will totally -- which. I've talked about that many times that Rondo who are the other day in -- -- and I mean it don't want it was a better defense. You'll argued that the of the -- Delonte it was a better -- play that want to about the deep principle -- Rondo said he. Who made the first all defense you know what I am not fall -- -- -- Up all for them okay self defense not our fault them a -- that all these people were wrong a multi element not fall for them look at you want -- -- with its opening bush. If I one got deplete the dog river sadistic that much and don't easily good defense for -- -- he's no Larry board. They'll feature to say this right now that's that's a sense -- are excited about it wouldn't go. And it knocked out back on the agenda I felt like so pleasant or analyzed does this now. But Doc Rivers said the other day he says the market one guy make a tape of how the play defense against the way. He said that he says that was -- it was west. So it was -- west because he is -- to beat the best defense of guard you have out here. On the floor he's the -- to -- because he moves well he defends well and Locke tells Rondo at the bank -- doesn't do well. Is as -- callers -- as they approach that he woke gamble he will reach and you -- makes steel wish him well now of these get a quick ingredients to be able to home -- And I understand that. But I would rather have if I'm defending it is better to have a guy that stays in front of -- because once. Rondell does not make that steel and what happens now you have numbers coming at the and that is one thing that you can't afford if you got a guy who stays in front of regard that to me helps to a lot more than we gotta make mistake. -- is not a bad defender but again he's not a first team all defense of the problem is. The only defense of metrics we have an Indian people used to Bo steals and blocks and two stats that you almost have to be out of position. In some ways most of the time your position if you get those stats and let you guys -- I don't start now you don't agree -- you just off. All of the stat geeks out there that are actually that's a -- out of all of them up. Point is a fair park for their points on I don't know if if if NBA coaches. Or like baseball managers when it comes to gold glove and sometimes him and he's got director but. The reason I thought I'd give it a little more legitimacy than say an all star appearance is that coaches are voting on it this is. All defense team they his older -- coach -- figure out how -- going to stop you know yet so -- -- always thought that that was it was pretty accurate you don't plan a lot of guys historically you look at those change a final lot of guys. We say I can't play defense looked at what the hell's he doing management Larry Byrd B one but anyway while we're kaput dead I think a lot. Exact vehicle to some Georgia college team defense of DD that's nice will play cards maxed out same statement some date seriously team debug supplier mr. white man on the I'll follow that I guess. Seeing people had some. -- didn't even as the Blair and I was when you're dependent on the other four guys on the act. Two went back to the locker room to exit Achilles tendon. Drinking and glib response. He got a chance to play with the other starters -- played great crops and very productive. In the game where -- sort of winning and gave them quick wraps you know he didn't get much accomplished which is obvious and natural. That's Danny -- yesterday here in the a big Chile's defense. Of Jeff Green on the big show today we got grandy we got Macs as you listen to all year along with the Celtics broadcast. And today we get him in studio right up until 5 o'clock taking your phone calls -- exact caller from New York -- -- back. -- -- -- -- On the block game about the aggregate of one Gerry -- an accurate but you're. Tell me that in three speaking to them with two minutes ago that it's -- would be taught -- that played the Celtics would win. I would get shot up eighteen crumbled in the final two minutes. I don't doubt that other caller rob Bartlett Howard -- trade do you see any possibility. A -- England admitted cheat here to go -- three and cap get what they've got. Welcome on -- some the end of the year so you know freedom cap space. You know to to do -- it that's not the guys I -- traded to -- you know between Kevin Garnett ray Allen's contract succumbed to an -- I think Paul Pierce is going to be -- -- the turbulent times Celtic. And I think if there is a major major move to be made it's the off the board at Toronto that would be death to -- -- I don't think that. And that's necessarily gonna happen but if you take a major trade is gonna happen. To me he can't look at the obvious this isn't the as much as Danny was affected and he clearly was by watching -- our back Clinton team get old in the eighties. This isn't the 1989 NBA anymore where your country general players necessarily get younger it's much more complicated with the salaries increased in the slot. -- created slots and at the end of next year you're going to have so I don't think you're gonna see one of those one of those deals because the Celtics are going to be seen next year let's say it was like that. And you say well as a contending team that wants Kevin Garnett down the stretch for -- run. The Celtics are going to be contending team next year they're going to be one of these teams are and they are gonna be one -- so they're not going to be eight. Seller to trade summit goes terrifically wrong that we can't imagine the Celtics won't be a seller at the trade deadline they're -- be of -- You know not you know an -- -- Richardson at restarting your Mac but -- interest adjustments on don't wanna get both years you're takes on this when Danny -- said that. About red power vacuum -- how you know let the the team get old. He was looking at a from the perspective of -- place. Then -- -- look at it was -- a good coach or young GM I think now we understand. Read our back to the right thing okay let's say trade. Isn't going to be okay but but look at this. -- trade Kevin McHale for what we talk about the other day it was Sam Perkins is debt of shrimp now. Well look damn I always thought I got an article on what you. Michael by the you look at it and Kevin had gotten old and -- talk today in the about it. The year -- used against you can't remember the years that Kimberly -- were really be good years trio. Really years from Kevin was like 19851986. Straight and by 1987. Kevin -- was well broken foot he broke -- broke his colleagues he's ready when we diverse audience and Patrick it was always played in a row with both on on the downside. I think that really are back he would say one thing and he didn't hold true that this the fact that you you have the trade the guy a year earlier. The fourth year -- which. Sean brought up a great point and that is that we're dealing with a different system in those days. Volume right now those days if you trade Larry Bird. You're dealing with the base year compensation a year and so his base year compensation was something like three million last year replied I believe -- -- eleven million. But you don't get the eleven million you go back to the -- each year. Julia how did you go to I'm understand I understand I get better I don't know our shared the logic of it -- what if you look at I think this is one crazy they were thinking about making. Makes them -- is Sam Perkins in debt let shrimp for Kevin McHale makes herself it was but more general Mike Carter I may. Blank 91 that probably makes them a little more than marks on -- diocese and for small they had a windows does turn it Perkins. This is really good player her -- that was too I really -- you what you weren't talking about and I think that comes up and everything I misunderstood and every conversation I misunderstood but but. When you look at it now. This is not as devastating as what you've been dealing with in the past the difference is short strike -- going to be a very good team next year you might not be able to win the championship. Because you might not have enough to win a championship what are the mid fifties. And if anything can we use the Red -- -- It's a bridge here to get you to 20122013. We have Paul Pierce on the books. We have Rajon Rondo on the books and Avery Bradley. And you are totaling 27 million dollars or -- he got some leeway. Now you've got the culture -- the place. Who's a terrific recruiter -- who players wanna play for you've got a point guard Paul Pierce is still pretty good play a viable player. Not you can those pieces. That's when you can do it you can read along those younger players. And it would still wondering what docks on for five years. That's it that's -- -- he looks at patent and there are many reasons but that you know this isn't your your not. On the precipice of going back down into that you know NBA -- for seven years -- they would get they would be able to draft this on. I'm like this or. I'll take a quick break and a league that literally agenda right now there will be right back to full cost. A action already in the house will or -- in holly you're an eviction. And great Abdul -- -- -- -- you want it. Robin and Perkins.

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