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Danny Ainge recaps the 2010-11 Celtics season and discusses the team's future

May 12, 2011|

Danny Ainge joins Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley for his final weekly conversation of the season. Ainge talks about the moves he made during the season and what went wrong for the Celtics in their series with the Miami Heat. Danny also talked about the team moving forward, the future of Doc Rivers and the possibility of Paul Pierce coming off the bench next season.

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-- let's get back to love talking orbit talking about mostly today and that is the Celtics and joining us live in the full line right now. Is the president of basketball operations of the Boston Celtics. Danny Ainge strange how are you today. Open our. And her hearing here in not to I'm an awful lot of them one last night meant. Are that entire series. -- -- Not accessible frustrating -- as a feel like. -- without taking credit away from Miami who electric shocks in. Get a lot of great plays and they need to like -- like we could be we could be up 32 in this series. And doubt but -- frustrating. The injury Toronto how much was a factor in his. A -- the actor who were playing without our. Are you aware of our key guys that are. Also important I. -- three game series a lot about what would have been very and I forget -- A lot of credit or. You know trying to do all he could insult Freddie and I'm Natalie -- -- Elbow bothered him but he had some back issues as well and was nowhere near that inspired so that was the -- Obviously -- today we've been talking a lot about next year in the future of this team let's start with the -- the head coach came out last night -- probably coming back. Is that a conversation that you guys have had before or did he surprise you with that public remark. Oh no I am I -- the same -- I think doc has come about. We have talked all year at the impression that. He wanted to come back you know a few weeks ago and that that was either leaning. And but we've been talking in -- we'll get something done here very shortly for a long term contract. It is this group at Denny's as a group good enough as is you bring -- the Korea you have a Ray Allen at 36 you have a Paul and in KG in their mid thirties. In Iran there was this group good enough so to win a championship for do you need to. Do you need to make can make some major tweaks here to director championship level. Oh we need to make changes are sure I don't think it is. You haven't set that it you. That's my job to evaluate the reasons why we we didn't play a capable playing. I think everybody. In the facility today as we talked. Visited him in I think everybody fuel that we are on -- with them as of today. You know what we do have a team that it is you know what next year by halftime will be a year older and and the team like Miami news in the prime of their careers. We we need to get a little better we need to get deeper in and out. And -- some positions. -- talk about that four years ago. As we all sat and watched Tommy Jackson sitting there in the ping pong balls not working out many of us including. Watch here felt that you guys were in pretty bad shape and yet you've found a miraculous way out of that. To the point where it led you to a championship and it's led you to some pretty damn good basketball back here in town I look at the situation now. With three guys who are up there and age still productive but appear NH. Cap numbers it's probably gonna be somewhere around 58 I would take million next year you guys a ball that. And looking at the other personnel you have on this team and I'm trying to figure out and it does Danny Ainge. Do this again how does he pull it out. -- -- -- -- -- Well she also person all I think there. You know the last four years have been very enjoyable with this group and and you know probably even at this age. You may -- this year. Work what better than I thought would -- -- years ago these guys where are real pros keep keep on ray and through all -- players and take care of their bodies and I think is still a lot of basketball left in them all well. The only other time never loses. I think that -- -- -- been able to carry a team ideas out. I'm dated may be over. A big city but the ability to be. Contributors. Very good basketball -- is still there. Must and that but we need some guys that are. -- this round of a better players we ebony. Opportunity when he picture picture picture. I remember you saying now. Talking about the Big Three of the -- you can't fall in love. With the guys you haven't yet you sound like you very much in love with what you've got right now I mean. How do you get those how'd you get those other players. How do you get. Good contributing players. That because you can't just have bench players to play a few minutes and you mean I mean guys that it did that are gonna really produce -- Right so. You know you know as well anybody and there are -- it goes through trades. Free agency beanie cap space. And drop. Well I -- in 201213. But. How does that transform it 201112. Well I don't know I mean what we need to figure out what sort of rules were all playing under. And once we figured that out and we probably a lot more answers and and in and then more figure out the rules mean. You have competition is great everybody's trying to get a certain group of players to come plates and it. So I think. You know those questions we get to this summer but we you need to get better. Do need to give them more support arm you know it's it's it's that the time it's my responsibility to check the value of those players as well. And see if there's teams that. You know give -- good young players that are -- -- contracts and and I am. You know just to explore that option. But I don't really anticipate that happening. This because -- sort of the climate of the -- that we're in right now I you know I just. Chances are. People wanna give you bad contracts -- in home mediocre. Young players would extend contracts and could it be better for us to. Just wait until. Contracts go off the books so those are tough decisions and other new role to play epic factor in that and I'm just what options are -- trade one of the Big Three. I would have to look into that if it's true it's a good trick in about. Would you trade Rondo because he's the one guy I look at on the board here. That would be very attractive at ten million dollars next year to another team. -- probably know. I mean never say I can't ever say never but that's that's not hurt our planet right now absolutely. As we get a -- Danny I think I asked you last week the week before. About the trade that everybody's still talking about here Kendrick Perkins Jeff Green. And you said it was too early to to get into them the evaluation of it. I like the trade initially I'd say the first stage of was not a successful as I thought it would be what your take on let's say the first stage of the trade because he and Jeff green is still. In your contractual control so there could be there can be more time is Jeff green is a Celtic but just the first part of that trade what would you say which -- analysis of. Well so carriers throughout. I would say that I don't believe. Betrayed. What the reason why we are done today. I think our offense failed us. A lot to gain last -- games. We weren't able to score art teacher at strip. I mean look at the shot of Miami made last night it felt like we were hit the ball ten feet from the pin and could make Birdie Putt and they're not -- -- about the sand trap. Our option he would get shots from grades from all the blog and check out KG. Our best -- and the players who have looks at the basket in which -- We went we went and swap in the last four minutes of the game. Very all looks. A couple of unforced turnovers. Whatever the reason may be I don't believe that and I believe that the injuries to -- especially to resign and the fact that a lot that thought it was was Bartlett and under some -- played well. I think those were more chapters of our lack of excuse down -- stretch. In the last couple. But. You know Kendrick was never someone that really helped our Austrians. C never has been that -- players are up thirty cents or beat senseless -- the problem about the first thing. In my opinion. I think that green. Showed in the time he was called upon especially when you need it. -- to play more minutes he played very well and was very matter of fact he was our most -- the order throughout the playoffs. So. You don't -- points per possession. So we'd you don't just play a limited -- think a lot of people expected. Maybe he would play a greater role when you played behind keep you -- at all. Others not a lot of opportunities and then when you are on the court sometimes. We we found that you played really well when there were two or three starters on the court with him. Com and he played worse when we have all our bench players on the court which I think is understandable. Listen I think I think I think that -- you know. But at the same time. You look at shall not have you know we were 24 was Shaq wouldn't was played more 21 minutes helped you this year. We talked much about how our options were better than it's ever been. You know when Shaq was healthier in the year we get all that that was going to be the case. Jermaine did live -- isn't it the market timing Jermaine it creates these absurd because of better than ever put Germain on the court. But Jermaine was playing with a bad back and playing with that left wrist. And that would -- they'll require surgery so. You know they're. It's it's that regard. And then you know Glenn didn't play as well he -- -- play. In the last. Months that she's. And you know we were were relying on you know more if you really stepped up over the last year up he'd been playing well it's -- projected -- Fight for by minute to -- at that center position. Of having said. You know that fact that I would do it again -- picked -- reasonably Laats he can't say it straight six. But where we -- today. You know we're probably a better position having met. -- -- Im not -- argued either way you know how I felt about American argued either way because I agree with you I don't think you know I don't think you can say that it was. It was a complete -- is you don't know what these guys are gonna do in the future but. Did it in any way as you'll look back at. Disrupt the chemistry of this team you talk about Glen Davis not playing well Rondo seemed to go through. A -- there for awhile and for Jeff Green why agree I think he shows some glimmers from time to time. A being a really good player but he was going from it's a starter. In Oklahoma City plane before the coming hearing kind of splitting between the three to four off to -- never seemed dim. Find that and that niche that you'll looking for and Krstic the same way came over was. Good for the first five or six games and then kind of really when it to a a -- did it just rock. This team. Okay so here is -- well I feel about that -- in eight. If first of all in jet green roll again I think that the expectations too high. And. -- Bringing is playing behind those three all stars. -- when you're here in the eighties were being when we played you know whenever we bring players and that would be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So candy and Paul Pierce and Al trouble in the one game where Paul Pierce was asked. To -- went back to the locker room to -- Achilles tendon. Jeff -- came -- -- response. He got a chance to play with the other starters and he played great crops and was very productive. In the game -- -- sort of -- and gave them quick wraps you know he didn't get as much accomplished which is obvious and natural. And having the same thing that the Lockett went to populate that. Play a bigger role he played better when he got to give the you know -- arrest for twelve in the game he didn't play -- practice. -- just jump in on that went -- I argued that when I remember Tony Allen. Filling in for two months when Paul Pierce got hurt everybody suddenly wanted the Tony Allen again forty minutes of playing time here. Because he was put up phenomenal numbers everything you're saying is absolutely correct but let's look at these players in the make -- of this team. For example. -- Jeff Green next year is not going to be it started with the esteem in which you make radical moves in the offseason so he's gonna have to be. That bitch what he's gonna have to fit in some ways a bench -- which to me and he seemed uncomfortable at times doing that I think if he. And if you remember -- pulpit has got hurt here in the playoffs. Comes -- he plays he's passed in the playoffs as he almost knows that he's out here by himself and play. But if you don't let these guys go and you Marty just told us that you need to get better players around these guys how do you get the most out of them. If there in those roles. While maybe -- so maybe there's a changer roles maybe you know all come off the bench. Next year cut stagnant. Maybe we find a way to get just a lot more minutes and eat chips and -- -- all training camp. And an opportunity to play exhibition games and well she's in. And sitting in that role for the playoffs and taken that a lot of pressure and straps in just this one point four years old. He's the guy that started on a playoff team in the past and and played very well so you know his role will expand if you are here exterior there's no question about that. What some of the metric these years when you said he is the most efficient. Those are your most efficient player in the playoffs that was based on. That's some points per possession so when you take a shot or make the play the system turnover you know -- what sort of a efficiency you the so you're got to shoot the percentage and are all very little and using -- very efficient. -- -- send it it seemed like it that's a great step on paper to see Mikey didn't it data and transmitted and feel that way I guess I don't know but if. So so that so the answer to that would -- too bad again -- -- -- meat or possession. And so. And that's what -- saying you know you know if he comes back in the same role next year. Then the other being the same types of issues because he would position but you know you need to be efficient with more possessions to be a really good player and yet proven that he can be -- Progressives who don't know if it's the guy they -- yeah did you feel like he was as as aggressive. As he could have been or that you want him to -- You know I would like to see -- get better rebounder you know the aggressive offensively. I. I think that that is you know a lot of our system and our coaching and you see guys passed -- shots -- moving the ball side to side. My Jeff was at times very aggressive. Simply called his name -- yet matchup advantages and we are trying to take advantage in my in the post in the New -- series and the Miami series. And we were going to -- without it is very aggressive. I think sometimes it works hard sort of it and you know we get it in the system in short. But well you are like that -- get become a better. Beat sister rebounder secular I think he connecting each hand and I think he well what better. How do you improve this the rebounding on this on this team. It almost forces you know when you guys have done it effectively over the last couple years a shooting at a very high percentage. Did you not get a lot of second opportunity especially off the offensive glass what do you find somebody that can do that. Well you know that was. -- in the -- English act this year you know we really be that heat -- rebound the ball well on court. And that better than we had in the past. But I think that -- that the rebounding. Is. It's an attitude in a lot of ways and I think that in the last three games not only -- -- was Rondo. Handicap offensively that he is probably the best guy. Our team for sure but you know were -- at least at rebounding in his position and running down loose balls. And the quickest guys get to the ball and Rondo gets a lot of those possessions I think playing with one arm -- with a bat bat he just wasn't able to do that. And I thought that -- a handful possess anywhere that it saw -- -- normally gotten all. So I think that that you know we need to get more athletic. And that we need to get more loose balls and more. -- -- follow up what are your Paul Pierce point maybe had misunderstood here and say Paul Pierce could come off the bench. Yeah I'm just hypothetical on this I had no idea that it happens all the great shape in -- -- you know all. All political team I raise the total team got I have written notes. I'm just saying that Jeff Green I think it is to bring it back it's here. I think his role will be expanded. And it would totally shocked. If there was a change in the starting lineup but. That's wait sort itself. How difficult is this going to be in that you just said at the start this interview. You don't know what the rules are going to -- I mean there's a lot of conjecture out there has been. Apparently an offer that was presented last week it's been rejected a bunch of rumors as to what's in that thing but. How do you figure this out. Yet you don't. Right now what I do what I Albert I have a a whole lyrics are not free agents to be getting ready for the draft for help draft the big part of what we do. All -- were preparing the players that we have under contract he continue to develop their -- their bodies is sitting in the hot seat in the program. Preparation if there is. Some sort of work stoppage but I honestly don't know what the look at what people want to be prepared for. The players that we that we life. And down. But we've we've we've -- which way to go. Are you going under the assumption that Shaquille O'Neal will link them up. You know I think -- I think -- I don't know that's for sure but that's my guess. Jermaine -- be -- Don't know that. Not sure I'm not sure we're demeans. Our -- are right out so long year trio. With this cell but he did you what or else it here yet sort of -- he -- with the rest. -- they edit out the at and Al in Turkey in -- -- or that strip. Electric that you may -- that he's basically elect at the picture. Around the Rio -- directions right and -- formal policy song and assist the and he is with able to grip the ball like. But I don't know we're Jamaica. I talked and won't play by I think -- the extra time to figure out what you must do in the future. I know you senate at the very beginning that you know you feel that your team could have been up three games to two and a series and instead. Are you planning for the draft and planning for next year. But what that said you look at the Miami Heat now with -- to in my opinion two of the five best players and basketball. Do you look at them and say. They are the best team remaining in the -- I think that there that there at the scene on that we're gonna chapter -- -- that. The next 67 years maybe longer it goes along but it felt like. -- -- -- be competing against a long time. The qualifying offer that has to go to Jeff Green do you have any idea. How the process will work because if we have a shut down in July 1. There's no going to free agencies I was little going to work when do you have to present the qualifying offer job -- -- -- So. It's pretty obvious that you guys will picked up as a safe descent I think that it's okay and then yet. You would have to wait until we go through a complete free agency period which probably will be delight. -- -- -- -- Is Debbie -- This is -- career. -- -- a challenge for what -- you know all I know I know that there's I know that there are people also aired it well. That one as you claim to orchestrate Urlacher success this year. I'm okay with that. And by the way I'm look at responsibility. Let's job -- take responsibility right. I mean I think there's -- CE. You know there's there's a legitimate. -- argument be made. And you know I don't I don't really buy institute. You know the screen being fat and you know Rondo and a little bit of a song or whatever I don't I don't -- that -- -- -- that you know he has helped start defense and -- you more stops here there throughout the playoffs. I'm in their legitimate. Argument there to be made but I still think our -- at -- well let it out and pretty consistently. And now that was a -- By -- you know how this works as you get credit when you're able to pull off to great heist which you were able to deal. To win the championship in in 08 and you're going to take -- For this because -- team did what -- I will ask you this question could you obviously. You're you're you're you're willing to have to talk about the the the trade thing. Is there anything that you would have done differently this year when you look back at where you're at the beginning of the year in the offseason launched -- And you look at how it played out when you're on that point coming back home from Boston was anything that you sat -- and said man if we had done this. We've put him and -- better position today. Yeah actually share RAI -- I'm. I I would -- Lot harder to bring Tony Allen. We've we've tried to sign Tony we try to keep within their. Sort of within our our guidelines that are ruled that sort of a two year window to your program. -- can I come out of the gate with a three year -- Tony right. Or the get go which they've got offered him eventually I think we would how to deal done and I think that's going to help this year. So what happened there in that. Memphis just offered him Wallace offered him a three year deal when you offered him a two year deal or was -- in some way. Offended that the way you guys can you were busy doing other things at the time. Was he offended. Know you're so we are -- two year deal out of the gate here and you know not knowing what anyone else's it offered him and they had been so. Showed him I think Tony wanted to stay that they and when meant that showed him some more. He started thinking about the possibility of you know more planes trying to sort he'd just sort of started thinking about other possibilities. And more opportunities. I think that then. He wanted to change of scenery. And market their role -- different team up because we did eventually offered. What they offered -- armed and had become out. In -- that said here Tony here's a three year contract you might you can export market and keep them. But now it we could use conditioner stressed that mark he's. Going delicate injury picked. He's been a bargain really Tony -- music of Rudy Gay going down he'd been important confront them on a night and that is it really has worked out an end and for all of his. His flaws at the at the offensive end. Defensively against some of these guys that you -- face in the playoffs how do you find a guy like that there. Far and few between our stated that those guys that are. Just committed just going out playing the day. EI -- -- very good perimeter defender. And values extra roster player upfront. But you know there's different packets that your screenplay it's really could be sensors you know -- or size. Problem. You're better presence inside. Old stuff often. There's three point shooter. In different ways -- -- you know not that there's not. I'm not what we do opponent Tony -- did provide a forest. But that's just one thing if I look back on last year in the summer that that I might have been different. -- -- neglected to Doc Rivers were second dimensional long term contract I was always under the impression that. You know doc was gonna be there with this group with the with the victory. What's the likelihood of him signing that long term contract and is that a change in in philosophy for from doc. -- don't want it just that I always thought that doc was. You don't hear year arguments in a long term contract with with dark. That kind of surprised because I was thinking -- if doc comes back he's gonna come back and be with this group with with KG and in Paul -- What's the likelihood of dark of signing 88 long term deal and is that a change in philosophy -- that was that it was a year to year thing. You know I don't I think that that's wrong assumption about. I think that. That's the most people think -- he would just be here with this group of guys I think stock. Is the coach that are I think doc likes the idea of and you've -- or or speak or are you opt out and the question but I think the dark. And I and our ownership. Have a great relationship. It's something that we can empathize with and we got here a -- you know we need to work together. An organization feel and we all like each other. And I think ownership recognizes. The greatness and dark and doctor understands the great organization that worked for so I think that if -- comes to hiring more and our goal change for a year or two as an example. -- it -- time you are topical looked like playoffs work or that develop -- I think I would welcome that challenge is well I I think that. I'm here to coach and he's a teacher in keynote that you know I increasingly year your career you can't be fighting for -- NBA championship. And very few if people get to do that but I think that he sort of like the idea may be being Jerry Sloan that the coaching being -- once franchise since. And ask for long -- that's and that's what open that would do that and I'm confident that we can get slightly longer such. I thought it was and he was emphatic about that last I must say I was surprised at that day that. It was obvious that the media wanted to go with that angle last night -- the questions. He could've easily said it's something that you know I talk about -- my family and talk about anyway economy at the end of the year and he put an end to right there and said I am a Celtic. I thought he was pretty -- I wanna ask I would ask you about you've brought in the O'Neal's. And obviously you will looking to get bigger inside and you've got something got to shut for the first couple months. But then we know what happened there for Jermaine it was a long trip back and I will give you credit he did some things. In the playoffs he wasn't bad in the plans but didn't get. That much during the course of the season when you go into this offseason knowing that the three core players you have plus Rhonda. Are already getting up there and age can you afford to go in that direction again knowing that. You might get a couple of good months out of those older players. But it's unlikely that you're going to get a full season and -- -- a full schedule for the playoffs. You know players were my biggest concern going into the seed. This year weather center position and we and Shaq. Jermaine. Hurt. -- And maybe that thought they had five senators -- apply and then Shaq was hurt Jermaine worker semi was hurt. And then we meet betrayed its send me Ernie and it in any Krstic and he comes and eat healthy and playing really well and that she gets her. He gets a routine without yet he had -- this -- you know an MRI know systems group of thank goodness. But brew brew -- up bone bruises are painful. And and so he struggled with that and had two weeks later it's another bunkers. On it and so it's like the center position was just a disaster and when -- comes back you know eat. He comes back to me you know it's not moving it -- blocked shots -- used to do. What movie like -- to do. Mean it's just pregnancy L on the other so you have to play the rest of the year between the grace. And you know it's just like the center position force all year long. Works. We're wondering indicating. You know who's gonna be able to play. Even though we had -- you can only have fifteen guys on your roster -- -- And incredible struggle -- The only guys take longer to come back and they just take longer to come back can you afford to do that again. Hold on how we can I mean we all will be whoever our roster next year we need depth at that position. And we need. You know we need a little bit more in your questions questions. I'm -- give you the no nonsense question of the week as we were gonna ask if we held up since our guide today Charlie. Cheryl Regan from west boy Boston Massachusetts. On our SP -- no nonsense question of the week brought to you by SP ally asked it for you and I can you explain why Glen Davis is playing. Was so inconsistent. In these playoffs is it primarily eight conditioning issue. You know I'd -- who knows where players don't as well capable where and where governor. Good years here and good gains -- big gains. -- -- -- -- bullet -- let -- -- Arab producers. Any doubt about that aspect. You know Oakland. I see him work and on the treadmill Etsy and get extra shots in practice and be doing their normal routine. That you've done the whole key. I know wouldn't wanna -- play well no he tried to play well. But he does he didn't play as well he's at least late in the past it's that simple yeah I don't know there needs to be -- reason. In them. I don't I don't think conditioning what does that much factors people wanna make it be that I don't know the answer to wait you know we. We caught -- that contract that. -- do that. It it got. But there's one thing about weight is another thing about conditioning I heard stories that he had -- you know a private trainer and he no longer has the private -- I don't know how much any of this. Is -- would you do not believe it was conditioning away. -- -- I'm not I'm saying I don't know the answer -- I didn't see it on the court -- -- competing artists aren't you -- doing. I just didn't see equal and you know maybe it was just an -- have -- It maybe that's why didn't have the lift that he had or yes and united in the eighties things that he was playing through and now. A lot would you be would you be interest in bringing him back. Sure. Sure well and quit it. It and it's and I asked her question. Doc Rivers. Went on our radio station in New York which he should've done -- Yeah I'll only but he went on that radio station New York he said we can't try to do frequently as -- Mike -- we can't try to. The formula we use this year just going to get a bunch of veterans and try to get through the regular season because that doesn't work. In the playoffs now with all the rule changes you need apparatuses and equipment to the ball quite honestly we just don't have that. Pass that up to me more than anything in this series and he said before that the need to go outside some players. Do you need to wait you need to wait. Until these new rules come -- yet any kind of insight to what the rules are going to be -- received that but the toughest position in the world where GM to know what you need yet. You don't know what the ground rules are going to be to go and get what you mean. Right well you know everybody in the same boat so so. It's not ideal. You know players don't know what to expect. And I don't know what to expect that don't know anybody knows what to expect. I have to. People they're negotiating -- So how do you agree you're gonna it is his point though that that he said look we don't need superstars we need. We need some players -- can complement the Big Three and in allow them to play fewer minutes you'll agree that that. Else that I -- think so I do think as I mentioned earlier and I think that's what we missed in this series. We'll probably -- or their best actually we missed that. I I'm a big fan of Avery Bradley. I think it Avery Bradley if you were in this year's draft you know would give up -- -- If he'd stayed one more -- -- I think she can really tell if you're gonna have bats are the quick trip to when he goes down in the league about six games. -- that's -- practices for us I think she's out -- since has. And he's gonna and I know they'll put -- a -- -- -- as well he's in you know would end and I. Our first. Are contributing role next year so the other one we house. I think sit can do exactly what doctors saying and accompanied gets more. Bible say. Putting the collective bargaining agreement aside you have yourself a a tall task here. I'll certainly when you look at 20122013. Where -- money is as. Regard to the salary cap I can see -- a lot of moves there. But I think it's can be very very difficult for you to make moves next year so I wish the best to -- It's going to be an interesting offseason to say the least and hopefully it won't be a long old out so that you'll actually be able to to get to work -- good -- and and thanks again for a for spending Thursday's with us here in the picture we really appreciate. Is he that you guys are great and yet so -- look -- -- lot to vote I appreciate -- Good -- wish. And we look forward to doing it again and what I'm sure we'll talk -- in the offseason while we really appreciate it. Our idea our area that's Danny -- the president of basketball operations of the Boston Celtics giving you his ideas where he thinks. It needs to go here. And I'm just looking at the numbers right now. It's to hold onto those three and Rondell. And be able to get those players in the dark stock and about it in the stock market does guys you gotta get very very like want to let -- get you got to get somebody. She does good. You step onto those players let's roundup plus Jeff Green yes. He got big Jeff green is well now he said some. He says some surprising things one. Let's and you guys are all -- off the bench that was one pulp yours off the bench but before before that. We see a lot of that we get more out just great -- we see a lot of you guys texting and about the trade. He feels the way he feels about that -- that's just the way it is. Can't grab the guy by the -- Pelz and say. Company air sensors you know and slap around we could have but he wasn't studios particularly if this is the wave -- -- back and -- many times. Regaining -- -- over the tree and so. Get asked the questions giving up I think to give his opinion on what the trade words you have to repeat regret -- -- with the with the right move. And you let -- answer that question but but trying to you know back into the poston and I think we I think we elbow but I think we have during the course of the season -- -- got a question about. -- -- we have done that during the course of the season and I think this thing will play out we'll find out what some of the players. Think about it whether it was a disruption whether it did changed things up but he continues to demonstrate. He mentioned at the -- possibility of popular come off the bench which is -- -- You mention the possibility of Doc Rivers being Jerry Sloan I coached in Boston fight for its like to hear what last year to at least 24 years and you leave at the middle of the season. And I -- one of these young players as well do what you want to do it. I think I think almost three things were surprising and I'll also mention that if he had some regrets the one of his regret was not going after. Don't mail. He also admitted that it's gonna be very difficult to try to turn this thing around next year. And that they might have to look at 20122013. Which does make sense is they're down 27. Million dollars on the book. On the books in 20122013. Now they only will have. Three players on the books that would be Paul Pierce Rajon Rondo and it's only 27 million and we got to get another. Twelve players year old girl's got to opt. 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