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Dwight Evans

Oct 20, 2006|

Legendary Sox Right Fielder joins Mikey to talk about the Red Sox and Dwight's career.

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welcome everybody the Thursday in addition the plan might show its its opening night in hockey but we're going to put that offer while an out I -- -- its opening night the Bruins haven't been good so we'll just table that for a brief period of time while we bring in our guests and I -- special guest a member of the Red Sox Hall of Fame. A guy who I certainly could make the argument for the the major league Baseball Hall of Fame and I'll do that I'll debate anybody in this country that -- Dwight Evans is here doing. Like usual quite Dewey -- -- you don't call you that white I think. Whitbeck come -- well there's really no story -- I got a minor leagues we have that your name Don knew as illegal aliens another -- making we called -- in. They -- doing yet Meehan that was missing Atlantis state and their -- -- and that my father. Hadn't heard that before them on the game of the week again. He's back in Spokane, Washington washing -- -- -- 9 o'clock in the morning in the game of the -- there -- some special report -- did was -- announced -- agree -- -- -- fly ball to do we have excellent field. And a lot of that I'd lost so always 15 he normally and lose work batteries. And talked my game I was booed him deserved it my dad says Africa that was just two weeks. What's essentially junk is a result they never heard that -- -- -- -- -- -- a little -- of course you know -- over the course -- the years -- -- -- -- my California and and joined the Red -- -- -- 20 I was I signed -- 17 and a half discredit high school and and they did come to the Red Sox before you -- when he went right while yet it's at a youthful entrance to the big -- by today's standards now they keep you down there awhile -- -- -- -- What they do nowadays is they signed a lot of college players and and I kind of go alone that I didn't when I first heard the what what they wanted to do and then leave high school players out what what they get as a more mature product in mentally and physically. You can look at the guys 17 years old and he could be 58 and 160022 he could be 5865 pounds right. That late growth spurt now now did you have that we you because when you came up you were 63 when you can up the rest Sox were you work fully grown and you filled out a little bit. I I did in fact I want to sign that was six feet and -- 170 pounds -- that high school that senior high school I was still 17 from that year as I've played in Jamestown, New York witches lol now. I went to winter league in can spring training that was six with three and a point 25 and I went from suspect to prospect. Unbelievably quickly through your. The thing about your career which is different from some others is that there are guys who come out you know highly touted -- Rookie prospects they -- with a big huge splash -- over the course of their careers things tend tail off a little bit you did the opposite as a hitter -- -- fielder but as a hitter. You got better and better and better into the decade of the 80s and by the time the 80s rolled around. Some people don't realize this. You led the entire major leagues both national American league's in extra base hits in the decade of the 80s but how -- -- have to have such a quiet decade in other words simulations the attention you've got those unbelievable achievement. Well I I give a lot of credit to while -- Ken and changing mean believed in Meehan -- how manager in 1980 can earlier 198081823384 in. He you know he would build me up you -- on his office I believe this guy coterie and I BM he just knew how to treat people. And he sits -- -- -- issued in baton fifth sixth and seventh pieces. You led the team on on base percentage is what you get one more of that gain or put chips second. And you can do this you can do than I believe he's hitting just made me feel great about myself -- in nor an ever done that that was tried to hide -- in -- line -- and there are. And but he was great. Well people don't realize that you did have a religious comparing UN Jim -- for example have you have comparable stats when it comes to your your -- production of Red Sox ended up three home runs shy of him for third place on the Red Sox all time home run list but. You beat him with a home -- in Baltimore relied I don't I don't want it compared Judy I I do think Jimmy should be in -- fame and writer Joe and yes I do most people do that watched him play -- and you know what I'd really and to you know I've talked about this or I've talked to -- about it it is -- broached the subject in hand -- thing that would hurt. -- was steroids in them what I mean by that is just house steroids really kind of inflated stats and the game of baseball and when he came up for for whole thing voting steroids weren't really there yet two years under his bill. In the kind of carried those votes but I really believe it's it's it's -- not in right now is because because of the inflated numbers from absolutely. From the fraudulent guys you know the guys who who did it would science as opposed to you know with natural adult role abilities -- migrant Barry Bonds let's just bring him up to the table here for a second because here's a guy that's about maybe early next year or sometime next year. Could break hank Aaron's all time home run record he's about 21 home runs short right now. But there's no love for him in this country with the exception maybe in San Francisco where they still cheer for some reason he's not. Going to be one of those is steamed and revered all time baseball heroes and just today hank -- said that you know for whatever reason he doesn't like the fly -- Justin -- comment on the issue he's not going to be there if and when Barry Bonds -- -- home run record. How does the steroid -- that followed your era. Affect you when you think of the the the leaders of of that generation -- quote leaders of that. Rate in great great ball players and guys like. You know Robinson Robinson frank Robinson he's very upset at this situation with with steroids and guys passing him if -- look at guys like -- you know on in Palmeiro. And they I believe they passed frank in and he's upset at that years ago at a dinner hour zone and these guys said they didn't take when they're out they're both out to gain them and they stopped take him and -- just dropped want to 30 pounds and in what the guy like lake Barry Bonds Barry Bonds to mean. Is the hall of Famer anyway and and -- -- hit the home runs I don't think so I mean I. I was a coach for the Colorado Rockies in 1994 east point nine years old. Right next Lehman batting casings -- -- 190 pounds they say he -- analyses to 4245 now her and it at at his age there's no way that you can put on a network stars anybody had a best year ever had a 37. It's because that worked hard man and I trained art. And and it's hard to put on muscle that -- without without some kind of helps. Some kind of help and to see anybody getting walked 210 times in the season that tells you what the opposing pitchers -- thinking about what. He might -- his body that's that's beyond you know signs it's incredible hulk as well. Well it is an -- what I'm hearing is that these players now have something that that can mask a test and you can't check blood you can we check here it's it's sad I don't know what Bud Selig can do about it I really don't but would I think it's setting a bad -- message also to or use. I think set the perfect work -- it really is because there's nothing more than you can say when hank Aaron's record falls to Barry Bonds I think 99% of true baseball fans this country and probably former employers as well arts can be sad about it. Well. I think so I think that it's wrong and it's like it's cheating and get away with it and to me that's wrong -- love and and to me. -- bonds was it was a great player on his own merit and and didn't need this to -- to get all things. So you're you're home run production increased when Walt react got a hold you change change juror would be what you're stay answer overall approach what was well that changed when you started in home runs in the 80s. Well he got them anymore my feet and balanced and that you know had been being three times the last time real bad again I think I was on all of the balls my -- morning heels -- and there's no way to get out the way. So -- once he got me on the balls my feet and made await transfer which -- then and when you throw baseball you have to load up on your backside to push forward you just don't stand there and throw the ball you can -- your -- and I learned to use my legs. In my in my batting. And that's what that's what -- laboratory that's because remember those years vividly and and you I remembered -- leading off an 86 common criminals but that the first moment early storm runner in the major league -- major league season. Which was a great highlight an -- not an oddity but for you to be leading on Tuesday is in congress lot of -- -- statewide Amazon is a power and it got -- doubles and and home runs and drove in runs why -- leading off -- where you leave. Well John McNamara asked me do that about. Three -- was he drunk no. No sir you know but like John and I did she in there was some guys on a team that they wouldn't -- they just want to -- And he said between opposite absolutely and Marty Arab League wade was sitting there and writes for Austin and Don -- -- and so on -- quality team there it was a good team that was a good team that we hit that dale had to let up for the moment first pitch man. Wall always hated racism goes on Iraq before it went up by its development align tribe -- read or -- write says it's great. In that I slam the door down all my ban on -- turned Morris Marty and goin' deep -- I knew that Morse had a command -- media we had 55000 tigers first pitch of the season first pitch into the had to throw a fastball he had great for ball great sliders so I was going to look for that he Mercedes you about that. Now he's if there's another -- it probably should be you know hall of Famer guy had great stance is that money pitcher. But we hit Mikey we hit five home runs that day. It five moments that day via Morse went the distance we lost six defiantly give five solo home. Ouch yep yep five little mistakes -- -- -- David he didn't quite haven't figured but he did have a pitch can either. -- he he knew does that bother you that the occurrence because I talked of the week you know Louis -- I -- -- you pitched one World Series game your 165 pitches he goes at least in my case. I don't know any. He didn't have any improper account news on the -- you couldn't -- the ball out of his hand if you went up their -- in the ninth -- You know things have changed in Bosnia more players and now they look at guys that. You know and -- 200 innings a year if you've got to getting go to earnings a year that you've got somebody ran. I can remember Mickey -- -- -- loan which is still holes in modern day record for innings I think it's like 382 innings and in one year India and what eight years in a row with 300 plus innings big -- Get right to recycle throwing it and -- news rated pressure -- woods another guy is remarkable. He's east ago 360 and even the stars of the 60s like cold facts I was looking at this the the complete games of thing of the past where you know and current Major League Baseball Red Sox had to this year as a team and in in. 65 have believed was cold facts had 28 right by himself and the team had 52 nobody's finishing the games anymore. Now it game has changed and it's good. The way things have gone -- -- rose who has largely responsible for that and he made actors they want to best closers ever in the game. And only from it five pitches to nine pitches an inning in -- and actually would close it out and he'd be ready to go the next night. I gave ms. second life and a and a -- favorite actors these are unusual -- because the guy who got almost to ordered -- the starter. And ventures into bullpen guy just in 90 saves I think it was Ken Coleman -- late -- great Red Sox for a play by play guy who was telling us one night is that if you add together actors these saves in his winds. Comes up like 587 and and that's 70 something more wins the cy young was involved in -- -- he got around in his long. Career he did and and he really did have some arm problems one when I think when he left -- -- -- -- -- Chicago but never afraid to throw a strike and when he got to Oakland I believe that the Russa -- handed him with their handle him with kid gloves and and he was able Lou. Two rehab that children then the rest is history. I gotta ask you you played in two World Series -- the Red Sox and by the way for those who don't remember Dwight -- batted 300 and we have 14 runs batted in in 14 World Series games which pretty nice number one it's that says traits of reasons number right you can play World Series -- -- to let -- 62 -- but that's an impressive number of course and 75 we gonna -- for the World Series ended which first of -- was -- was your favorite of the two teams if you can choose that and then let me throw a 78 Red Sox in the mix and ask -- which of those three teams was the best. Mikey that's a tough question I know that's why ask you know what people assessment -- the greatest. Gamer moment appear like an in sports policy World Series play play -- play. And -- the team played together and everyone who's running around -- you know same boat was together and ran things -- so smoothly the season went by quickly when you lose and it's it's everyone's point fingers just it's just a lot of fun I think. The 75 World Series was the last real World Series and a pure World Series say that because. 19 -- there's no free agency -- in Serbia the guillotine through yours your system I think we had 17 home -- -- summit team out of and 25 I'm pretty sure it could be wrong -- -- to mr. -- like Rick wise or some indicators -- rodeo -- king we got -- -- in Minnesota and but most of our -- sure products. They don't want Monique is that I ignore on you know Rick miller Burleson this just trying to get back -- weren't you know maybe Doyle you know -- wasn't going to wasn't right and -- there weren't too many but and you had -- -- through trades. Man so I think that was the last few -- it is and 76 came free agency. I gotta say that you know when we get down 170 when laws and and it was a great World Series -- -- laughs that's it we're going to be -- will be in three of these the next five years sure it's you know the World Series for 11 years. Yen 78 was a great team -- added that guerrillas agree it was a great that is that the greatest team not to go to -- World Series one 19 in them ball games and couldn't go to a play and in the Yankees -- is -- one game an eagle on the whenever it yet hobson hit. Ninth you you for crying out loudly what were you didn't I don't know 7 -- yeah. Dwight Evans 380 how many career homers is like hit seventh that dude and -- at a hundred RBIs and 30 a grocery home that night. Plus that you have the rotation two of my investment my wedding bill -- space man who's here tomorrow night lunatic he. Just a little bit -- -- -- -- the other team to restaurant you had a great front four and Jim Wright that it was like 12 and rightly so you really wanted to get and that was it a season of ups and downs I just was so shocked when everybody swear that. And that team wasn't the team played dot -- I was. I was still a I love that -- You know I don't know what happened or why it happened we we have to in the last ten of 11 to two tie the Yankees and in he did that we did that and and you know -- came that one game playoff that 96 I thought was a great team also. And in between those teams you know we have some great things we should've been there more often and I can't tell you Mikey while. While we worked part of the course the whole thing with the -- of the -- -- the Red Sox dates back to that era you know the 76 brawl at Yankee stadium where. Where Billy gets hurt the Yankees win in 76 at the Red Sox who once every five -- the immediate 78 in this was eight. This was a -- -- very strange basically coming together of two very powerful teams they had Reggie Jackson may have Thurman -- may have a lot of really good players on that team as well and isn't that kind of when the eight permanent rekindling of this rivalry began was and that 70s late mid to late 70s. I would say that it was there from the time I came up yet before editor of -- yes before then and then I would say that we did a number on them in the early 80s again. And it kind of December down in the press always try to make more than we we respected the -- Yankees and I think they respected us too nice place they was rekindled in in 20041 bear attack in the and I A-Rod when and it but the -- in the -- I love that picture you know -- -- I just think he's you know visas oldest my oldest son he's. -- -- -- -- he's a tough guy he's one of the good guys -- -- -- of the old -- he doesn't say much -- you know -- -- thinking -- -- -- it would -- that when he -- it's -- -- -- and he says you know -- he gets -- -- this year -- -- knee -- -- -- -- you know not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- broke his -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for a pop -- and -- -- -- hard -- -- knows -- that deck -- -- -- out -- because -- a little -- -- I wanted to ocular but deep -- speakers you know when people talk to me about. The Hall of Fame and and you know your numbers are Tony Perez like from an offensive point of view but from a defensive point of view you really didn't have a match you had. They argue for -- recall many when he talked about you I guess al K line will come up once in awhile but with you know it's always the superlatives from a position of right field and the way you dominated out there now fenway being. Maybe the hardest -- view of the plane Major League Baseball you can tell. Me more about that -- all the ground you have to cover. The key thing here we view is -- you had a whole bunch of assists lots of and those with -- stupid guys that ran idea aunts or stupid third base -- But how -- the guys that -- run on seed that's in these these are good questions Mikey really you know and that's something you can't measure coming times guiding -- first second first third you know rounding the base with a single thing go to second base tagamet can get -- -- I go play in order a man on first base base hit the guiding -- to 30 still keep you know guy guy has to get a base hit to get him in cannot tagging out again angrily trying to intimidate they don't take infield anymore they just blast the nine years just don't taken feel I don't know I don't know if you can really hone his skills and workers throwing. You know releasing anybody -- strong arms out there but the 80s there's no accuracy -- -- -- but are hitting your cut -- man Estes -- Chicago man but they don't I don't know we it right exactly. But I used to I used to try to take infield throw the ball real power -- -- like that sometimes they're trying to intimidate those coaches would watch in the other dugout. And that's again you intimidate my right there because he's the one thrown up arms and saying you know don't score you know hold -- the shots right and -- -- might be ten feet at the line or whatever and and and you know but that's what you try to do before the game you set the stage then do you have. A 88 favorite. That's because I mean and the memories are many obvious he played along the -- -- and what what became a common feeling for Red Sox fans -- especially -- -- -- and -- -- out -- -- right. Is that if its catch of all the outfield it's going to be caught -- on the fly ball it's as if it's not gone we know that -- -- take care but it's. Players seeing you charging a single okay the third base coach sees you charging you know heart it's in right field and his two outs in the guys on second base and it's really a textbook he's got to try to -- thing. Is there a moment that you remember where where NATO and that guy you know gave you a satisfaction as great as maybe getting. -- absolutely absolutely -- idea more charge it is. You know -- finally -- you know or our you know you got to get the throw somebody out in hand because he could -- no matter. Now don't don't don't don't don't you -- but I wouldn't they have yet stay within yourself that you couldn't try to throw a ball to Marty had to try to. Hitchhiker a man -- control and stay relaxed. But you know what the biggest thing about the fans might use is you have to anticipate. In this in that's where great plays Germany's shortstop made great play he's seen in his mind for the bulls even it before -- -- that was part about you have to sing thing yet to anticipate somebody like the catcher means that -- That went through my mind I also saw a ball in the gap the rates sooner or Roloson -- grip on first -- I went through all kinds of scenarios in my mind before each page and that -- it happened I was ready for him and a lot of guys are -- there's don't have the ball -- Like visualizing your shot a little involved absolutely the but it is set there's a myriad of possibilities of things -- can -- -- -- -- the golfers who -- -- it is it is like that you can visualize and that's why that's that's how great plays -- me. Dwight Evans is our guest number to 44 of the Red Sox for for god knows how many years 72 to 90 guests is here with us and we're over the phone lines -- you guys out there ask some questions of Dwight Evans at 617779085888525085900 runs batted in in the 80s more than in more than Winfield rice George Brett Harold Baines and -- out. Three -- Hall of -- I rest my case deliberate act. That's good -- ballplayers they've got a great manager -- -- and just they're great guys around him. Never played formed just -- -- on on the side he's just one great baseball. Lloyd Evans great baseball man your -- what are your favorite from the Red Sox in the 70s and the 80s third on the alzheimer's specialist in doubles. He's fourth on the all time Red Sox list in home runs but by three to Jim rice and the other guys who would be yes and Williams hurt them we -- phone calls coming in for and let's get right to -- Larry in ducks -- Larry you're on its way to its. Greetings to -- did an honor I've been on as much as recently as Saturday -- quiet thank you should be -- -- and I do have a question for it has to do with the gold club. I think you 18 and that it seems to go completely unrecognized by the voters than maybe Ozzie Smith. And how many runs we're state how many innings pitcher pitches in -- is cholera and what I know your humble what what are your thoughts on is that something that undervalued by the Hall of Fame in voting in general. Well you know the Hall of Fame is not responsible for the vote means a writer's block the riders that are out there today weren't around to see. The guy's smart here play and man you know most those guys here are retired her her deceased in again. Is that I think that's a problem the thing an -- can that is is -- I'm not involve voting -- the -- the veterans committee. It and the new format they have it is just you know forget these guys Internet -- -- -- -- -- Serbian. And to me that's wrong but you know you got guys like -- on has better records than than a guy like Don drysdale angle on all pitches that -- catfish -- it was a. Pitcher he had definitely -- you're right as an almost exactly the same stats as -- honor -- now he was not fortunate enough Louis -- into play his entire career for teams that were contending every season he had the Oakland dynasty which gave catfish hunter a lot of you know post season publicity yet the Yankee 70s dynasty if you're caught that of of of we're characters from finish his career. That's gotta help you when it comes to your -- your you're being bit. Have now is absolutely New York in known in you know you don't guys guys will say enemy where he only made three all star teams and I can remember word Baltimore manager Mike -- name call me -- -- take them. I can only take to a Vietnam would take -- who writes in -- you know at the time I was tired -- care you know I heard that a few times -- you delicate you know how many times did Robert -- to all star -- here's a -- -- -- all things. He made the all star team three times op to MVPs and -- because he is in Milwaukee just what you're talking about her you know. And only made real star teams. When you had how many was 33 seasons where you walked a hundred times or more he had 400 rbi seasons yet foresees -- scored a hundred more or more runs. You know if you if you take -- -- you -- -- in superlative offensive category and then you add. Unparalleled defense how -- that not give you extra consideration in my book. Well you know you say hundred you know I guess hundred as the magic number but there's there are a lot of 90s in their two and then in 90 RBIs are more and in runs scored but you know I'd I'd almost be -- we might get really thought I was on the bubble as far as offenses it when I retired I was 20 ninth all time in home runs I think I'm like 40 ninth now. And I thought I was on the bubble and of course a lot of it's due to steroids and ends and stuff but I really thought my -- fences ability would would push it over and I just into on the voting just didn't do well and again I came I came out for voting I think was 9798 and that's what I heard. Guys say writers say there's no way the criteria as well for Hall of Fame now are not 400 almost as 500 home runs it's because guys are just you know 657 home -- here but just. For the record here's my opinion about Raphael Palmeiro as 500 some moments okay. Georgia Rhode Island your -- Dwight Evans hi George you guys still on mr. Evans to to speak with you about going to echo your -- in the previous all of in my thinking you hall of Famer and beyond that 24 should be up on the wall and not being walked right now for the Red Sox almost funny given some of the airplay in this slot that -- like being anti. And he has -- -- -- -- between maligned as well you've given me any number of great great strokes in at such an -- -- -- one that comes to mind where it now there's nothing better than seeing a game with your -- And I believe but one that comes minus don't I don't know accidentally aspect we weren't in the stadium for the game against mall where you late -- game I believe -- -- month to hire about 11 game and and won it 21 the Sox in action in. And -- of -- a thrilling game and the great Emory. Leno George thank you I I I do you remember that game and in it was kind of neat because I remember it was cloudy and in that -- before -- hit the home run the final home run that when the game was the sun came out. And everything is a bit brighter little bit lighter and I can see the ball better but -- -- an -- game I cannot not -- match in this but I they excessive trust amongst Soviet -- apple leader in home runs who's this may. All to do he was the American league all home run leader for the decade of the 80s he led he led major leagues in extra base hits that's -- -- both leagues -- hall of famers and there's LL have extraordinary -- speak of this quite as mean that we are in. You know you have quite a career in the 70 ish about it in a -- 70s but you improve. Your career which I think it was -- usual in your priorities and and you really except I expander offensively and the there's sit back and now there's no computers back then our our did you have to work between king -- maintain that high level of performance as she went through your career. Well I work very hard I used to Nazis and spend anywhere from six to eight hours and then in the gym and doing things that. That I didn't like don't and in fact that used to be on this machine called the versa climber and I used to be on for an hour hour and 15 minutes is still friends recall that in when I retired -- I'd like to them machine and I haven't been -- -- sense just to protect. You dominance it was it was a great machine -- -- the US I spent six hours in the gym last year Qatar joined you know Margaret I'm right there with you not did you you did karate -- when he did what style of showed a continent as it was you know it was it was tough that was it really did help me out meddling in. Physically to mean there's times for I didn't think I could play and I and I enjoyed playing every day in and I tried to play every game you know one. And I did a lot of that I think I played close to four games in a row and then I broke down you know but. It was a metal thing and it really you know I didn't think I do -- in my mind told me that I could over I can overcome that physical -- Reggie Smith had that in common aside from having ridiculously strong -- throwing arms do you think -- ours throwing arm is stronger than Reggie Smith did you ever have a contest when. Don't know Reggie was just quite honestly I mean Reggie -- because it was inaccurate house by AV US it is accurate he had a great arm he did have a greater army's great -- -- mean this guy -- throw the ball left hand and throw it. From the first base line -- member and sore right -- -- in the net and left it off. The wall on lefty off the -- from the same place I saw him -- mail once from from down news foul pole in right field depicted up it was a and he was -- -- Lee -- wanted to try to get -- triple -- something and he threw one Enrico was playing third at the time. Didn't even. Didn't even look up he just want you know it's ours headed into the stands behind the dugout he looked it was like you've seen that before. Well I know is that when Reggie and I played together they moved him to senator and they let me in right so I don't know what that was about but -- he was a great athlete it's fun to play with -- used to ride and we both lived in -- their first my first year. In whom he picked me up ride in and back every day in a couple of things. Are you with the Red Sox along -- going to get more calls here in second folk Soto was so just be patient but I -- plates along with a Red Sox you you went through a much different teammates what guys were you. Powell's week when you first came up and which guys real pals win when you -- your career. Well. Younger guys when I first came up by his only -- there was really nobody. That and then you'd take batting practice not to go along those stories here that you take batting practice and in these guys wouldn't let she takes swings they'd run in. You'd take a couple of swings and they'd run and running out of the -- veterans and the veterans did they don't want to take their job but. When Anne rice came up like two years later what Jimmy wasn't going to take daddy nasty ticket he became both an agent right. Right -- he's like you know he's 22 you know wins there he's 23 you're there you're about 20 to write it so I -- you know he's this is that this is the nucleus of the team nevermind via the -- is to -- us out they restaurants let's go to Josh in Rhode Island hello Josh. And I don't -- up. And I do it well are I had the honor by I was like going up I spent -- -- -- -- what our security my among those in the military transplant ground and there was apparently 86 -- And I as the maverick there are now you know they're picking your attic they're in the we got complaint based on this you're very -- been making spoke -- it'll completely job that your room. Thank you judge you know that was that was as I still not looked at the highlight films that World Series that hurts so much but it was. It was it was which we're -- to yes Josh Josh colonel John yeah -- and so we want you don't -- tape of what I can't -- said he six highlight really you know that the -- I would travel around people took to mean airports it would it would -- World Series that's it blossoms have a it was a great comeback and Anne -- finally realized what a great comeback that was for the -- I -- -- -- finally step away and say ouch that they have out should it hurt but. -- Sammy Davis jr. once said ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch and I mean that. It was a good by the way 20 years ago tonight way to we're gonna run against the Mets we thought we'd bring that up so coincidental that we have been here market New Hampshire your I would Dwight Evans good -- -- you all -- but it voice sitting -- I just wanted to give quick caller like I have sort of personal relationship but you know it's great to talk about. All dispatch -- you know I think that's all great public college but I want to talk about -- -- -- packet and now what a wonderful person. And like Greek community groups if you aliens sure it you know what was really know but well I had someone. This is speculation that I expect our shores can't get admire somebody war and they got -- this. He's a good man. Mark thank you I appreciate I know his wife Susan like some. Well it all right -- depression so. But -- a basket in those deputy of voice and Gloria shall. Thanks Russian thanks for the call we appreciate atomic Dorchester you're next on sports radio WB I would Dwight Evans. Great to go late budget pockets getting it with ten guys and we all have our -- whatever story in the store Saturday -- the spot on the field guys running fewer restaurants are 88 in its article gentleman who are you really critical element people now saying that we knew came -- the -- I was. It was the -- -- eight years old when I graduate quality was still on the week. Like you have a real special place in my heart -- facilitate who you think and now you're such extreme athletes today it will never have that connection. With these because might not have a connect an athlete the way I did with. You in yet a lot of and not that's why I think people have such an emotional reaction is you are part of that it it. You know Tom I'd like to go on one step further with -- -- that is that you you -- aware of the last guys who played so long with one team you did have -- a brief -- in in Baltimore where you're Red -- German troops. It doesn't happen anymore -- you know you'll agree that that that builds a better and stronger relation between a fan and player that without moving around all the time. Villa he had does but but the thing is is that what's with huge years is that. These fans and they're so easy and try to tell these guys. Now when I'm around him are you going to do as buster rear end for these people where the year's good player an average player -- blustering -- given under percent they'll they'll they'll follow with and then respect that. And and that's all they ask and -- that's much additional talent mostly to hustle there's no -- But saying that about meeting now for about six months and people keep caught me a -- basher well I -- -- -- -- is a great -- you know I see what you're talking about everybody does but you know what -- 90s minutes -- -- -- -- lead in your lead in answering -- drive and -- -- -- -- about it. -- in south. Perspective is suspected that I would -- one might not as -- straight people -- -- relate to me thanks based like -- are common on tonight pleasure be curious thank you being down here. I want to ask a question. As a reference to a -- made reference couple minutes ago I grew up watching you -- probably -- every game that I can remember you're involved with an etiquette memory and as a kid growing up in the local area opposite that there was an acute in the playground trying to mimic. -- swing my question is high school college. Or in the major at least way to develop such an unorthodox swing and on the work for. Well I developed through -- or any active coach and it wasn't my mind pretty we can call pre shot her three -- routine was on unorthodox but my. My swing once once I Atlanta and got -- that launching position news if you watched it it was it was it was a good it's doing it was a good swing it was very productive of more textbook after you made contact then and -- part of that you know reactor. Thank you to -- result back right. An it was a way of mean relaxing all that free swing -- routine was all I was so. You know tighten them up tighten and that would help the tension come out of my body just by moving that way and you see a lot of guys do it and in certain guys -- different ways but I try to do when I was really movements slow and soft. I was dangerous -- is quick. And -- -- and jumping out of trouble yup the Balkans sees a ball in in speed up the ball call. Yeah I was like that your the other cobra like that he didn't look very common that you know and I can picture this in my mind on the home run swing where all of a sudden it just. Cut loose like what you were coming through all of sudden everything just like you know again that come right through all of sudden explosion when the army -- And people say useful either swing as one -- noise act that both hands with true on the -- threw the ball on hand. Extended out all the way and then I'd release -- top -- the toughest pitcher you faced in your 20 years he got to pick only one point only one well you know what I a I can't can't -- just want to hike out else and this guy should be in all -- and -- -- -- and and he was yes -- and Ryan was is through justice arm but and longer but. Gossage to me was was brutal very intimidating. And sometimes he would take his eyes off the plate and then you know -- watches size it would watching as -- -- has left the plate it was behind your -- are off the screen in the fact that back stopper. But as long as he kept his eyes. He is very well he was antibodies are -- and you know -- -- ugly too ugly pitchers have an advantage look at Randy Johnson I don't think it up there in the gets his -- scared just looking at its base well bad and that the earth itself into them money if there is. Heavy -- -- -- and it you know of course you know -- my late buddy Dick raddatz was was you know had that same intimidation mr. I think that's a key thing to be certainly -- the bars should be better what Jonathan. Johnny Gloucester you're next on sports radio items. Good evening Mike and boy are you -- -- -- -- and let let me play I guess you know you're probably sick you're getting -- call but I I just want to -- of a guy two guys ago just you know 37 years old -- It went by first base ultimate -- my -- in just grown up -- -- -- plank in how hard you played in and then it just as credible I met stubble you're quite as over the years -- -- -- just who. You know basically -- a wonderful guy or sir it's very it's very nice to know that beyond -- incredible hulk and player you view work that -- that way of life but. I thank you to identical question about. What you ultimately did go to Balkan war in the that was just yeah I know I was toward the vehicle rear but that we would edit and difficult the decision generally you know what -- asked that question -- and and thank you for for which it says I always enjoy hearing that but you know what. I was released here and there is no longer wanted people say what would you go to Baltimore well you know when they they offered me some good money to go down there. And and I met a great guy who's with a Red Sox honestly to Keeneland and Charles Steinberg you know two good people. Anyway but I didn't want to go down there -- -- -- the -- if if I can remember Lou Gorman are releasing -- -- -- are not released just say they're no longer going to pick up my my contract and if they had said to -- we want to retire retired right then I would not picked up another baseball -- another team but there is the way it happened in the way they did it is just. You know and so -- can't fourteens came after me and I itches I know the where I come from that they -- -- -- they tell the unit. Now Willie of course Willie Mays finished with the Mets nor is talking about that's right -- babe -- finished -- -- -- you know we got time for one more adroit Evans -- -- take -- -- take two to where we are his people hang -- audio remind drive vehicle -- dole in rather Mike and so August Mike. A jewelry Mike right -- -- right ahead -- just -- short on time and take Joey first one I ever saw -- remember they used it BR check the ball after the -- all to be late for -- right but I see yours you know all the dirt you know jacket you know I did. -- -- -- you know no home no bull. What what would happen with that is. If the ball hit the dirt in had a scuffle on NRA I would almost Blake yet to the pitchers and -- guys knew how to hold the ball and they got a grant stain on the can make it run six inches and throw like a fastball so if there's a little turtles scuffle on it. Pitchers knew how to how to how to maneuver that ball and so yeah I would jacket and a lot of guys -- living off of scuffed baseballs and so that's why did that. And now and then if they are scuffed on the ball than they got a Reese confident you've done that you know -- right you get off their game a little bit -- aren't they just take it out. -- -- in JP -- To actually do you know -- you know -- Fred -- So and yes -- -- -- I'd just like to -- first -- came from the defendant was from Europe involved more beautiful art that was Africa. You remember the guys that would with the sanctions were generally we would sit well with those guys pull it out of there and I met you that the shoreline has a lot of in and in general met several Connecticut deep into. You know it makes me feel again you must remember I didn't do you know what it was emotionally for me than when I came back for the four day first four days. And it was very emotional for -- -- deceive the people that you know that you played for an in that they respected and for what you did in it made me feel good it made me feel like the job well. That was a job well done and I'll -- you what my daughter's first chance do we do we do -- that's always go to rom allows. Well you know what tonight's been -- you know -- here like much good to have you got to tell racism that you know if good guys were -- -- in the Hall of Fame you'd you'd already be in their course -- wouldn't be an but what if they recognized some you know superlative run out fielding play. You have your own wing over there for what you -- in right field just some of folks out there know the guys that led the the major leagues in in the in their respective decades in -- extra base hits are as follows hone his Wagner's. Back in the 19 hundreds -- speaker in the 19 -- babe Ruth in the 20s. Jimmie foxx in the 30 stand -- or in the 40s and the 50s hank Garrett in the 60s Reggie Jackson in the 70s. That's good company my friend again is not say what we're happy to have -- here that much like you had a great time has made me feel this is degrading Dwight Evans everybody will be right back

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