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Paul Pierce Postgame Presser

May 11, 2011|

Paul Pierce Postgame Presser

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Our own stuff -- strong -- -- we have expectations. To begin here he plays so hard throughout the regular season. Far twos will championship can really fall short. It's just before noon you have higher goals and in Boston. You know slow -- down just. You can really upset. And malicious could've played better tonight. Fortunately we came from shortens the time got to tip my hat off to Miami in can really. Play great basketball on the right way LeBron Chris -- We really -- their team in the same reasons that that -- -- -- You have it's just going to -- us. -- except what was different about what happened down the stretch this. Europe are really. Your initial victories. -- -- -- released -- cigar was issued through ball like he did tonight times. Jones sits at three. We just couldn't put together and stops down the stretch and -- -- to -- away constantly drove on my console alone. You know I thought you know we've got some pretty good shots because of the vascular resistance fall in. Came from shortens their. Does this team is this team capable of coming back next -- -- another run minister's -- caught up I think we're capable it'll definitely got a it's reevaluate the roster. Mike McCarthy moved see where we can get better friend. Let's see what happens it's a vital -- it to have doctor again will you had your hand. I keep -- -- we'll -- dart is very important in my opinion for me let him come back. It's -- of -- -- on the move forward. We will look so. Be back next year internally to initiative you know he's one of the main pieces. Coming back. This -- editor you're taking eroded lemonade that team that was not healthy last it was Burton's -- Rondo does that make it. -- Morris and make it feel like you know we have an excuse. Those rescues we understand in the playoffs. Basketball. -- injury as part of -- day. And there's no excuses you know you can say what if this would have that we're. -- -- didn't have them -- go back in history and they would have anything you know would there be a different result you know but. It is what it is and you know the good teams in only -- ways to win. And on those that's part of basketball you don't have a contingent and stay healthy -- that's -- and you know fortunately. You know we had our ups and downs and health this year which column is for some inconsistent but I still believe that we have enough laughter not -- win. It's. I don't know you asked some question you know. Leo especially after losing mostly okay mom I'm ready and put my opponents were right now so. Just go sit back and you look back conceive that I could've done better you know what can we do better to move forward. And go from there from doctors. We have it was coming back and gut feeling commune do you feel any differently now as compared to last summer as to what the future -- with them. Like Saddam on don't know doc says that he normally it'll. Let's say you're not a subject part of that we're trying to be contending team next year and bring him the necessary guys back to do you -- sentiment. I think the other -- -- you know Steve always battled to a lot of injuries. You know at that -- it's only amounts. So many flavors files house on -- you know whose body is it's taken a lot of apparently no more than resilient than. Let's give you an indication from today -- the last couple and any indication he will be this court. Yeah yeah. I don't really believe in me for the most part seeing me. Ray and Kevin. To always -- stay pretty relatively healthy this year you know Reyes. Are the most healthy and should I in the lead so I'm no -- thing you come back strong for another three or four years you know and KG gets. And I got to another here. I think this is this is -- healthier food do for the most part London. For the most part -- song definitely believe we can come back and McMillan --

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