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Disgraced Ref Tim Donaghy previews Game 2 in Miami

May 3, 2011|

Disgraced NBA Ref Tim Donaghy previews Game 2 in Miami and tells us how the game will be officiated.

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Help us sort out all this refereed madness former NBA referee Tim dot Aggies got Leo website via blogs for called Danny B dot info. He joins us on the AT&T outlined by the what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible long time no talk to -- you how aria. Good morning art art or -- no problem hey -- question for you when the league rescissions. Files and says that really wasn't a flagrant is a slap in the face a public slap in the face. To the official who made the wrong call in the first place. It is it's it's very embarrassing for them because they're on national TV. You know making a judgment call on and indicate to the like without mentioning illegal I mean it's a situation where five point play because they get a -- -- probably get shot -- the get the ball and then might it -- -- -- three. You know point play right here -- the inbound so it's it's extremely embarrassing for the official -- only. Did you call eight technical foul because of what somebody said to somebody. You can. And that's situation. It happened the other night with Paul Pierce that was the first time I've ever seen that happen. Because there's an official you have these very well aware that at the height. Profile player out skiing and Paul -- it won the start on the team and you'll already at a technical Al. That's the first time you've seen. That's the first time I've seen that done and in that situation quite opt in where. Start reject -- -- I think it's something to another by directory as another technical are usually. You know situation represent something for the refereed. You know boom back he's gone but. It was just very usual that it was such a court rejection and I've never seen that before elect would be the -- can -- up. The burden -- Tim. You mean the the the sensibility. That you would have to have offended. Two to put yourself in that position like official. -- did say Paul -- your gone. Mean didn't have to be a comment about Dwyane Wade's mother or could it be racial or or what what's the burden of proof. I think it it you know. The bottom liners are two African American players buy it and in my mind it would have to be a white and black I would have to be something racial. The Ethiopian situation -- you with -- I'm happy being like that but. We all know without their background that are equipment in that situation. I my theory was that he just choked -- Malloy it was very intense pressure was on. The after the fact they said oh yeah he he was taunting him because don't they verbally -- to one another like on every play them. Every place there there's they're going after each other and in the bottom line is is that Paul Pierce street actor because he got. I'll vote in the summer and if they border of whistle flagrant foul immediately like they'd -- gone the other with Jermaine O'Neal. That would diffuse that situation immediately because all pierce were known that there -- called -- who has gone to the allied for cheese shop there and that the ball. -- know that lead who's gonna continue to dwindle opener but without objection adjust to the wind out of the -- from Boston. A for the record you grew up with the went to high school within Malloy. I grew up with Ed -- he's one of those Philadelphia refereed. Got talent and Crawford myself wonder look at the all close knit group. No one time men and and I knew it -- suggestion that bicycle. Did did he does he enjoy the action as much as you do attempt. I know I. The -- and asked the other -- other I expected but he wasn't 100. And I'll tell us how the officials react tonight because. Clearly as as John -- point and you agreed that -- it was an insult -- a slap in the face to them for the -- -- and they screwed up those guys on Sunday they made mistakes. -- officials tonight. Have that in the back of their mind when -- got blown the whistle. And no doubt about -- -- and the officials don't wanna throughout European barracks again tonight and and looked like the home crowd out of the home team. That's what they call night in and night out -- going to be back down there we showed these these are going to be told that there were wrong pattern to what a look we're going into tonight's repeat don't make those same mistakes like. Was it fortunate for Paul period that he didn't get tossed out for the wimpy head but that was a possible offense was -- not -- They bought it -- he certainly could have been rejected for that it was like he says I don't know Pete was back. No -- on the cheek route for what he was one but there was situation where -- actually by the rule he could have been rejected for that. Another situation where if they called flagrant foul immediately elect their approach to you know maybe that. Not to escalate the point where dot. -- -- -- -- -- DER is the treat the playoff differently you mentioned -- of star out in the playoffs. That's a couple of different standard that's a different standard for star supposed -- regular role player. And a standard for the playoffs is opposed the regular season is that generally accepted among officials that there's two different seasons. Absolutely and you have to be -- very content in the watcher calling in in in these playoff games. And you know Paul Pierce injection is a prime example. A guy -- -- refereeing but really. Doesn't have all that much experience in the Lee. Doing something that not only he regrets the Leach certainly there are at this point. It to not a dog we don't know until 9 o'clock -- officials are going to be for tonight's game but I wonder if you could since you have an intimate knowledge of how these guys think -- -- -- -- -- certain responds to certain things give us a couple of good names. But the Boston Celtics like deceit blow the whistle that I a couple of bad names because we don't know -- 9 o'clock who is officiating. -- I think we talked about couple good names you want somebody like a com. No Scott Foster or ST chat the -- that the whole crowd is really done a fact. Know what goes on in their march and -- blow the whistle. And you know you talk about the negative names you don't want -- and certainly you don't wanna see some electric bill and the year picked a better album floor tonight because they're guys -- at some history at all nor perhaps some history. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whichever it was in LA last -- and he won't be in you'll be in Philadelphia tonight who can scratch that off the list I suspect. Right no doubt about it appear all right Dan ten -- writes a blog for the website Danny B dot info you can check that Al and personal foul. First person account of the scandal that rocked the NBA that's still -- is that not -- It is it is actually in its fifth printing it's it's doing very well I'm an unfortunate setback. In the focus take offense that could partly in response. And on the always interesting talking -- you talking down the road this thing continue to -- don't mind. Or art are Debbie fund -- -- David Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T outline. It's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible the Scott Foster and Steve Jaffe -- To Chris from Newport, Rhode Island -- that and more with a high school in tonic and 01. Not only did Cheney blow up our seven yeah. Ed Malloy is on the tape and had money on the heat.

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