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Jack Edwards, NESN Bruins Play-by-Play

Apr 30, 2011|

Bruins play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards joins Sports Saturday to discuss the upcoming B's series vs Philly and his broadcasting style.

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And so the labor against the Jack Edwards the businesses contractual thing I agreed to do opt pregame -- thirty today and Boston Bruins analyst any prickly. Report -- on a live in Philadelphia to deliver reports interviews and analysis beginning with the like pregame show. Today 230 Bruins face off live brought to you by hats we -- -- and happening in studio. I in the nets and studios with Barry Peterson in court -- accessory as studio hosts. -- joining us now you're on sports Saturday he is the play by play voice of the Boston Bruins Burnett's and Jack Edwards Jack -- brought Turkmen and rob Bradford good morning. -- -- According -- -- governor on. Let let's talk about the Bruins here at the top as they head towards Philadelphia in the in this series with the wires. How much -- last year do you think factor into what will happen in this series now seeing the wires again. I think it's gonna depend on context. If the longest situation or they get site Hewitt only horror they get up a couple of games and start to -- is that they've lost their self confidence I think those things are gonna come creep back into their minds it's only human. -- is certainly has the feel of the problem from any deficit -- to beat. Boston they have. Virtually the same team back. And they actually might be better a couple of areas although it certainly for stronger isn't nearly as physically fit that he was last -- Really keep their came in and they also got a big. A question mark in in goaltending but. At this point last year doesn't really matter but its role in Europe. A couple of games and start getting a little bit shaky with lead maybe its search -- an advocate. Jack Opel go back talking about the series is here to second but there's obviously a larger topic when it comes to you right now and it comes to the broadcasting on on NASA and and what what do you make of all of the commented in the if you want call a controversy of some of the things you've said during the broadcasts and then what happened after game seven. I don't pay any attention to carefully thought. I really don't. You know Jack this is -- and how are you. Very good our column earlier this week critically and I guess my biggest problem with that is. Is I'm I'm not sure that I am listening to a play by play guy or guy who's sort trying to make a brand for himself I -- do you do you recognize that Bobby just you just don't put in Stockton. You're entitled to -- old and. I guess Michael I guess another question being how would you define. A play by play what is his job what is his role when you pong game. To transmit this much of the game is as he can and Q. He is as enthusiastic about the industry can be. So here's where and that then. Francis -- you when you're yelling -- Canadians player to get up I guess is that the that's fallen to the description do you think that's something that the the play by play guy should be doing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I do my job as best as I can I try as hard as I can and I understand some people are felt like it that's okay. So when you when you broadcasting games with ESPN adversity -- Bruins games obviously then you weren't. Doing this stuff then if you're doing now we -- we're not being. Legitimate that we hiding things then are are you forcing things now or is it just different when you work for different companies. Or how much are you guys. Talking about the Houston Astros disgraceful -- -- Her -- that's fair well what and how much -- okay. -- -- no downside no time what would you expand on that. They -- The different audience. When talking or nationalize its you know that you have. Of fast. Wide group of people who. Our. Anticipating a a much more. Vanilla delivery of fuel and then it's it's there it's a requirement to deploy more toward that middle and it's it's a different treatment. Well I mean I guess my thought would be then and obviously you probably disagree but I don't when I'm listening I don't care Don Ursula view that. I don't hear Mike Gorman do that quite to the extent that you do. That's fraud because I'm not on -- -- on not Mike Gorman a. -- -- Jack I love the enthusiasm and I actually do believe that that people want their broadcaster to deal homer. But who do you feel like you crossed the line when your calling take Canadian player jump. Listen if you like categorize me that's certainly your right to -- all your opinion in any way you pleased I'm really not gonna dissect. Might play by play style. I I viewed the best job I can do -- as hard as I can. I love the game I think that comes through intellicast. And people can particularly the and that's so but I'm not this story this story of the Boston -- -- in the cup semifinal they're planned missile off its flight. -- -- -- -- That you love the game you do your job you take an enormous amount of writing job -- it. What you just take try to contradicts what exactly happens the the Bruins have the highest rating. That's never had correct the other day. And yet the next day after this great win people are talking about you I mean this is the fact. And in -- all the large part of it was because this in a -- did after the game and and you're gonna do your job what you think you should I understand that. But like you said you'd said the Bruins of the story but that was not the case after deemed seventh or the highest rated. Bruins game ever on NASA does that bother you at all. Doesn't bother me that there with the highest rated no no no doesn't bother that you that you were the subject it was not the Bruins win. I I really don't pay attention to the rundown of talk shows and but people -- the talk about and you know if if they choose to talk about that that just shows a lack of imagination on on their part as far as I'm concerned it's. So it's something he can talk about I I understand -- Modern media works in in terms of of trying to. Q to fan the flames over children can try to make controversy about but. I I can't control. Those kind of -- didn't end. It is it is what it is. And that's fair as. You -- you can't control that or a -- you can't control but. -- people -- gonna talk about what they wanna talk about but as your your employer must have a different take office is your Laurie -- say hey you know what this. This is good that people are talking about. The stand -- that you did after game seven or or what you did a few games before. Instead of talking about the actual -- that's not what the image I would imagine. That you or your wife would disagree without. I haven't heard a thing from my employer along those lines since I'm so. You know that don't let your imagination at -- Analog I don't know I I don't I don't think -- -- -- I don't think it is my match let me ask you this. Why wasn't it -- why wasn't -- -- Brinkley why wasn't it you why wasn't and you Brinkley in that standup with. Because that was NSA that I constructed. Not that brick constructed well. Jack I mean I guess I -- what is the thought process behind I guess it was born for you doing that. Video -- at the end of that game what does that mean for so what value -- that what does it what does it mean and you know really why was it done. -- or because the US or for that it's simple you had one of the greatest wins by Bruins team analog one time in the game seven. And and again people are talking about that and you had to imagine when you sat there and did that that this was going to be. Part of this isn't part of the game this is say hey you know what this put a bow on this the football on this great game OK back to you in the studio. This was about what you were saying would disagree -- This as a -- observation that have been gathered over the last. I don't know forty years or so of serving. The Bruins and the Canadians. Montreal culture the Boston culture. The combination to what the he -- have been through all these along. The the 300. Of the players. On the ice -- off the ice. And it was a there was an observation and -- pretty well. Like it was against the destiny -- sports Saturday in the VI. Jack when you look at going forward here in your broadcasting style. I think it's birds that you wrap things up dramatically for the Canadian series. It is is this something that you will continue when you brought when you broadcast or is it simply the Canadians that brought this. I you know I I know get him. The fiscal beautifully actually. -- do a lot of forward planning you know you know I'm not thinking about. What you did for the speeds up to game seven all right. When you're up I was also driving from Montreal for about five hours. I had on its -- like about it. So your style will be is not the thing you think about ever how you wanna come across on the air -- -- the style which are calling game that doesn't come into your thought process. I think about. The presentation of each game individually you know. You know Jack in the -- and piece yesterday you basically moved to you know just take a look at the Nielsen numbers corrected. I was aren't you I'm -- our. -- I didn't say just take a look at the Nielsen numbers that's that's not accurate at all okay yeah typical. I don't have it in front of -- over my kid's soccer game right now cue up if you ought to pull up he created his clothes were very accurate. Do you think that. People are tuning in anyway my guess my question B if you had two other announcers doing game sevens for the view in direct do you think the ratings that game would have been in different do you think directly add. Some sort of ratings back with your broadcast. No idea. Attempted science bigger -- Why are ratings are what they are it's is -- -- that. You view the quote their -- wanted that the quote it is. You know and by did you call -- analysts -- -- -- homer you call me a pencil necked geek you call me any name you want. Just make sure you spell my name right in you have a Nielsen meter in your house okay. So so what's -- what's the next thing he -- for the next thing. He laps and then off to slight printer wrap up then Wednesday in all seriousness I admit I ride pretty close to the edge and sometimes ago passed it's sometimes adult like when they -- on my owner Jacqui it was and is there an example from Montreal series Jack -- which would fit that quote. You know I'm not in the city here and go through. Live play by play and and he's out things that I didn't like and consider things that you might have liked -- not like. That's not really important to meet you at a public four. -- I inject I don't think it is I think people are just trying to figure out what when -- what are asking. Is that. You have become a story and we're wondering if the story is something that you -- one comparable win. And two is that something that you recognize that you have now elevated here in the minds of our Bruins fans some positively in some negatively. I don't pay any attention to I really don't. The -- team of the voice of the team you represent the Bruins to. Thousands of people that are watching so it shouldn't be some type of of a gauge that you look. Why why should. Well look at what what little bit here are giving clearance from the Jack is the answer was is that -- -- accurate knowledge -- all -- of saying -- -- -- the answer that is exactly what I brought up before which is you're going to be I understand your genuine in your passionate and and you're gonna do the game like you wanna do I understand that. By using the example of game seven. Of the use of mobile in the greatest games in recent history there the Bruins. And the highest rating that NASA has ever had with the Bruins. And to put east to put a bow on that game so to speak with what you did which which let led everyone to talk about what we're talking about what other people are talking about. Is there any regret doing that. Well I I don't regret doing that that I've I've gotten I've gotten feedback from. From hockey parent than just regular people as far away. As England this horror. -- does so Washington State this ourselves as Virginia. And the people who -- in the troubled news you put contact me. Haven't had anything negative to say about this -- people a lot of people really enjoy it and you know what I what I what I said it I understood -- there might be some people who wouldn't enjoy it -- You know I I don't think anything I said at the end of that telecast wasn't true. I know that that's fine. And and I'm sure a lot of people did enjoy it but still with the playoffs we can agree what we're bringing in that there's a reason that what -- rating with so high. Because you're bringing in people who may not follow hockey much you bring in people watched the Bruins so. The fact is is that why you got those emails and taxed or whatever. That still vote the majority of the conversation regarding the Bruins with because you did that. And in you can say I don't care and I'm getting all these emails but still the fact is if I was your players that you don't -- No we don't want this to be the story you can say well it's you're making the store but we're not making. He went to make in the store there's a reason people are talking about this. And and take credit for it to none of what you think what you -- -- you don't care. But the fact that it that's fine I think that that has value. Certainly what I said no I curable what I said I don't -- -- cure people talk about it or not if people choose the talk about it. That's their prerogative first let its a waste of time for one branch of the media to be talking about another branch is -- army jacket they're more substantial -- to be talking about. Well I mean I get beyond setting is an absolute waste of time for video SE into the game seven a hockey game you're talking about we're talking about you know. If there is to seek went of with a game to -- why. What compels a play by play guy genuine source silly -- -- -- -- any local play by play guy. They would sign up it's making himself bigger than in the game that is a perception. But I think a lot of people -- you you say other perception but to me it's a guy trying to make himself bigger than the event. Well if that's your opinion the next time you're an executive producer. Any other television -- to be you'll certainly be entitled fire anybody does something like that I absolutely would. Okay good signal. Although like virtually -- units say it's such position. And I won't hold my breath waiting for you not to you know beat the heavily -- Bruins bias here next broadcast. But a look like and it. Like -- -- write your state. -- -- -- -- -- But Jack I I am a fan of yours I'm a fan of your passion on the fan that the that concern me is you know you say you didn't wanna talk about the fact the EU -- -- -- at a Canadians player. So you don't recognize at all that they -- you sometimes cost lines. From not being a play by play guy but almost into the area of the talk show host. I'm not gonna go through and parsed out. -- was reportedly calling I mean did -- what it that the F flight was a pretty big deal in in meet a lot of -- and I'm sure you remember it and what it's sad. So I mean I'm not calling one instance now is known to define your career but when -- like that happens. Did you recognize that okay I I I touched the third rail there. I'm not gonna parse out -- play by play. Line by line on a radio talk show I'm not gonna do what I review everything -- on the air. There's some stuff but like there's some stuff -- like. I try to make improvements all the time and every once in awhile I don't like what I hear sometimes I feel like what I hear but I'm not gonna ourself in a public forum. Did to the -- and did you talk about the executive producers and producers. To the now some people know you were to say what you are you what you ended up saying after that game seven of such important game. Everybody in our production team was aware of what was going -- That's that was no it was no surprise that they knew what was going on they knew about it was a moment I had. Absolute clear in support. -- -- know -- that off the cuff or was that teleprompter. How or why. You're. -- -- -- if it wanted with a birdie that was really impressive. Those seriously have you ever had never been big game cover. What game coverage or whoever seeing that helped author the play by play studio. Right the did you rehearse that -- did you memorize that. I had note that I that I had. Used I mean I I learned the technique was working with Jack Whitaker in the for the quarter -- in Calgary 1988. And I saw abuse some amazing standup work and -- very fortunate to the alert from Germany showed me a couple of techniques that were amazing and since that that it will work off some often notes and and do okay what. Well I I just -- to -- Jack we appreciate you coming on in. And we can we can agreed to disagree I asked and in you know I think that I think we made our points and and you made your points and -- we're gonna company common ground here. -- -- I I was and I still say object you know we we disagree in this -- say or so earlier part of one -- three all time favorite sports and commercials that Jimmy -- kid and I'll stand -- that for sure. Hey before you go Jack. -- -- life imitates art that a that a very short run. A ESPN dot Lennar also. They are making fun of so we'll report almost like gay mafia are pretty court. Let me ask you reportedly ego Bruins Philadelphia who wins the series how many games. I don't think in the brought you gonna win it six and contribute -- hard fought series. Philadelphians got some major goaltending issues it's supposed to exploit I don't see any way at Philadelphia's -- Jack listen thank you for doing this I -- -- upon it was a very enjoyable for you on a Saturday morning but we really do appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and take questions. And look I think it says stirs the pot make people think that that it will work but. Jack thank -- Jack. Check Edwards people equivalent to the Bruins here on on sports Saturday.

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