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Meter doesn't like the Pats 1st round pick

Apr 29, 2011|

Meter does NOT like the Patriots pick of Nate Solder. He tells you why and who Belichick should have picked.

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Who can deals swing and a soft looping liner center field coming until he won't get their. That's gonna start to Ortiz is yet. Cameron right behind and that's a two run single for a Ellsbury is there it tonight. And read -- explicitly that 62. Allows place yes -- doing when the Red Sox announced fourth they beat Baltimore six to two. There's your lead off -- of the rest of the year Jacoby -- And I would do you know what. And that your race that's what aces do stopped losing streaks and stop the blatant and it's set them back on track and everything is right the world. And masters fourteen you know. In his career against ball that it's it's freaky which carries a 2.3 three ERA in eight innings pretty effortless Guerrero hit a home run that's what the matter. What happened the at the -- which is -- can't yards. It's like watching the game and it's like Marley park when your last place everything gets edited out of barge ultimately missed 1000 people. It's the off fiction on the Baltimore Ravens were storm o'clock. -- With that well I'll sleep. Well that's the bad habits and -- that -- -- -- they had a deal with the Chicago op -- the Chicago and Chicago and it fell -- the last positive -- just communication in the time ran out -- does Kenya Obama how many days before the -- the season and two April 20. But -- look -- -- -- -- to pick they were trying to make a deal I finished based on what it just happened in the previous three or four picks there was somebody available that Chicago wanted to move up to -- up about. And try to get a trade done and some miscommunication happen in the did you get it on time they still did pick Jimmy -- point seven yet to knock it off -- rosenhaus that that rosenhaus Bosnia. The choice next question it was the agent that was in the years every Q wasn't rosenhaus it was somewhat similar did amber -- house had his arm around -- -- would -- -- -- now. Smith that -- was that allows home yeah. Some are some open and and you know sewage is they've handler when they go to the white shouldn't he rosenhaus say. You know that -- trouble dig at his trouble Williams almost ago we'd issue. Yeah all right here's what you need to know why you slept Red Sox win 62 the four back the Yankees who beat the White Sox twelve to three behind sabathia. The rays -- red hot they've won five straight they swept through from Minnesota fifteen to three it's six to one. Ben Zobrist. And RBIs from the Ben Zobrist had more home runs yesterday. And Adrian Gonzales has this year he had more RBI in the first game of the doubleheader and Carl Crawford says in almost under that. I would be eight. In the first game of the doubleheader. -- beds are just -- in the nightcap that I accept what was in Boston and tired. Blue jays five Rangers to and the Cleveland Indians have -- demonstrated home their lead in the central they beat Kansas City. An aberration perhaps our land and aussies in trouble houses it's volatile that tweets and Twitter trouble. And MLB looking into pianist tweet following injection Nokia is a great -- though it was in the once or -- -- Instead -- was numb and dumb and big time trouble now he's referring to the apartment throughout the first innings a sort tough guy shows up at Yankee Stadium today. Most trusted. You'd think. I need it too muted to -- occasional all -- watching it don't they know what did they know it today. Really what you in the -- -- -- you gotta go and rumored to but it won't like a mile. To -- to Basil just horrible. That it you've got to be part. Like Obama got. -- management they. Got a five month old photos and angles -- managers. Have a private bath. Next thereof the or not Wrigley Field. John McNamara yeah it is Red -- and wet bar -- some managers go in the shower and and they walk around naked and doctor media. I you gotta go and rumored to but it -- like a mile. Loop and solid waveform. He is in the bathroom wait for -- comes that naked just sits there and lights a cigarette and talks to me now and he was great it was a great. To deal with but not. As they say. -- -- little -- just -- -- the word. Good aren't. Good stuff. Yeah all right I'm fired up because the -- detonates -- with their first pick in the -- 78 the -- is that's sarcasm. Yes it's -- that it. Haven't we learned -- I -- I know I don't remember I feel beaten down by the great to Bill Belichick as I was cynical last year when they took a Gunner. In round one it turned out to be a great pick. And it and in -- recording is a great players only gonna get better. Now may date. They gotta tackle offensive tackle that's always good offensive tackles -- Tom Brady is playing a very important and and apparently he's -- a good pass blocker like at the -- gonzo. Get that right on the solid so that it yet that this is so what's your problem that they didn't take astounds. My problem is they could've got a comparable player at 33. And they pass rusher -- -- Astros before a camera nor do it all the opposite way -- or I should get a good you are gonna -- -- Cameron Jordan at 33. Brooks reed is a project I don't think you ever Jordan is a project Cameron Jordan is the next -- more the only. Problem I have -- at the end of the day I would love to hear Belichick or nick his stereo explained it to me you know and they want. That we're Doc Rivers that were. Danny -- you'd you'd you'd get an explanation I would love to hear. What they didn't see in Cameron Jordan or even you know daequan bow -- stress Hiller did let his hair down prior to the draft well they asked Adams series about this. With all those picks will he trade will be picked -- his answer was if we trade we trade in if we picked we've -- we -- we predict how many second round picks. Are too many. What point you say we got too many second and thirds built probably say that destroy -- departures -- package one and do something for next year I was a little. It's -- disappointed surprised he didn't get more for 28. Because. Clearly New Orleans coveted. Mark Ingram so they adamant and they groups -- sexy guys it's and they can. When -- -- the get a first round pick for next year. Which is lol yeah it's probably going to be around the same place mid twenties right right now so it's. In the and again today second rounder. Rights and a second turnaround I thought you pixels that I thought it to see what teams are on the clock -- little panicky. They see god love him I thought they would get more yeah. Innate business to get some planning in New Orleans with Cameron Jordan and market -- I don't know if that sells those grades come up yet I've got us. They will get days right you'll actually get. But like one of those -- both the technical those jerks when the -- RO Jersey. And the Topper was wounded Dallas. But he's a tough guy that's you -- -- Alaskans as strong big guy. To play offensive tackle who'd never misses a start who comes from led bill Colorado with -- of the big ultra marathon. This -- a tough guy he's a man he's gonna come here and play every day. -- -- can be wondered each week -- you know he has the little red -- he's going to be out there protecting Brady's. Broadside backside one of decides to say this every day for the rest of Brady's. Return exactly what you just said could have been echoed at 33 with all I don't know if they've taken Cameron Jordan. At seventeen or 28 you would said the same thing about Benjamin in July up from Villanova. Who is comparable donates -- don't we defer. And of course we defer to the name at this clinic in these matters. -- that he knew little so and so I mean at this point that's what sold -- the best you're a rare valid point during the first segment that that Dante Scarnecchia worked out the stanza -- the and agree. Everything about it I saw it I guess NHL it's biscuit instead right I'm guessing he likes him but there's something about sold it may be the upside. -- and filled out yet again. He's a tight and -- He's an athlete he's not a big fat slob over the planned in a left tackle is the tallest of all the tackles that are available at six not one guessing it's fast it's doing if you do wanna pass offense stuck -- a 494 it doesn't hurt. Doesn't Matt doesn't matter what John panel on the forty. Pieces he's off the chart some and he can't compare and when John Broussard strong armed. He's not a Bruce Armstrong visa -- frail keys and half leagues he's he's handsome -- -- What gets stronger for what it is worth the national football post scouting department. Listed their offensive tackles in this order number one Byron Smith Tyrone Smith USC. Game curry be your guy Emmys -- -- no he's gone now let's throw went to develop after. When you -- on the Chicago Chicago yeah Korean ever to Derek is that Sharaud nurture -- Mississippi State and number three Benjamin. It's a lot of them from Villanova number four Anthony because dogs though Boston College number five all areas -- soldier number six. It's gotta top six yes that's -- it. Since that's got it all about it according to the national football post according to that -- -- -- I'm -- he's the third that is varying opinions everywhere we talked about a mall all morning. Shot she let's go to one expert Todd nick Shay who was the best pick in the first round. I would go visit the suns know people are gonna overlook all these quarterbacks came off the board but offensive tackle Anthony just south of Boston College. Going 710 picks after where I thought you come off the board. Team and apple are you left tackle. Solidify the offensive line of -- managed very happy there. -- had sold going at 220. The same spot. The key upper hand on -- that the Indianapolis Indianapolis obviously wanted to tackle. They wanted us gonzo I mean they probably want its older and settle -- cents. -- these guys these guys with connections with sources -- sold her gold Indy. -- was behind New England correctness -- -- -- -- to wanted to do so soldiers off the board they Pakistan's I'm guests and media that is gonzo was -- -- sold on Indies board at -- knows what they're -- went. The -- -- going to be a Pro Bowl next year. That rookie Pro -- approval yes lord -- -- -- with a great place for -- have focused on to a 28 -- -- no other offensive tackle ticket after he was taken by by the colts. In other words if they had if they had chosen if they had not showed sold or taken Ingram and that's why the patriots yes. And Indianapolis wouldn't -- had to pick an even if you say that it looks older and the stands it would have been available 28. Could -- -- and the stance that it would mean -- what animals for -- -- next year our callers coming up a we're getting a little bit from the royal wedding in just a second we have an excellent auction item for you witnesses are really sort mark kick off to -- the tigers which just three weeks from yesterday by the way I think there is one. Foursome left of elected to detain the tigers others for auction Jerry. Eight PGA resort and spot golf getaway three nights the last accommodations at the PGA national resort. In palm beach gardens Florida unlimited golf for the entire state. Including what around on the champion. Plus they want our golf lesson for to the Leadbetter academy. Club fitting analysis at the PGA national club -- lab. To vouchers for roundtrip travel on American Airlines. This is the golf course with a play the Honda classic played in 1983. Ryder Cup there this is the golf course and as the bear trap. On 1516 and seventeen we hear so much about. A great auction item opening -- is 1000. Dollars about five or 6000 dollar value where a thousand right now 6179311850. This goes to the Jimmy Fund. Pediatric activities fund Lisa sure -- kids this is gonna send them the parties is gonna send of the spring training. That's what the money is for all part attain the tigers we will be right back.

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