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Celtics GM Danny Ainge previews Celts and Heat in round two of the NBA playoffs.

Apr 28, 2011|

Celtics GM made his weekly appearance with Michael and Glenn and helped up put the wraps on the sweep over the Knicks and preview the showdown with the two Big Three's as the Celts take on the Heat in round two of the NBA Playoffs.

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This interview with -- any changes brought you might be our best restoration specialist ERS search all of doing it 24 sevenths at. 774611111. Or anything ERS are dot com and -- -- as the allies that no nonsense like insurance company. Making coverage for your team at home even more affordable would you. Low rates for men and women -- as BL I got. Com today I speculative -- we're live down here at Gillette Stadium -- -- way Michael Holley and Tom eat curry in our third man in today. NFL draft coming up but tonight. And the Celtics will finally get back to playing some basketball coming up. This weekend as they will play a round number two against the Miami -- joining us live right now president of basketball operations for the Celtics. Mr. change how we used to hand. It's guys -- -- as well -- -- well Roger little. You know I wanna I wanna I wanna know like to see you guys useful can be happy inside -- who -- the patriots gonna trap. Or can't tell you right now Danny can actually. It my throw me you know we've we've and we've been sworn to secrecy and still have several hours before the first pick -- made a -- a couple of years ago when you were drafting. You know up high at least we thought you were drafting up -- -- do the same question you had an opportunity it's only because. You with the decision maker and you refused. No I know that's what cracks me couple of all the predictions is that thing. It's a huge advantage when you're going to be draft. Your organization for everybody -- not know who you're drafting so why would you ever tell anybody who year's draft. Let me ask you this how many times because we're just talking about the media and how it all works in your member Willie -- -- -- and now -- -- the NFL draft down that. And look at added in what you'd do. Much of it is BS out there and how much of the DS is thrown by different teams just can't catch all the other teams a little bit off guard. Oh yeah now there's a bunch of stuff thrown up their by agents lot of the media gets their sources. Agents trying to sell their players and make their players seem to be more valuable. The teams that interest there there's a lot of misinformation so. It's hard to know what's real information and what's not but I think in today's teenagers think he'd been. Even bill will move at all you know adult I think it's a different world that we listen now I know he wouldn't have the Celtics as people know it all. One of our greatest workers -- Apologized that he used what you attempted kidnap -- and listeners that if he could have just don't expect you better not tell it to your owners because he ripped through ownership dude -- You can tell we couldn't go Rick Steve Bob. Nobody does it did it. Somebody. I want to deal with you you tell us -- will play -- you you don't you tell us when when Shaq won't fly. And we'll tell you -- the patriots are gonna draft. Yeah about the same -- I don't know. Saturday at it that when I was still -- -- you will lose what is happening here is that and it looks better today there's progress so. I mean we're still hopeful that it'll be ready to play it by. You know it's just taken longer to CO or are taken. A wild you know and you know me check I think -- last week she is determined that again one of the first playoff series it's just. But then that way in hand. -- -- he could probably. Go out and do something but I'm not sure it would help us. That's look what she asked to determine what stock -- -- urban and medical. And -- so we're still waiting -- -- and still hopeful. It. Any -- Korea. Is a large measure this then Danny in deciding on Shaq not just take he can go out there and give us twelve minutes very communicative practice. It's the notion that. We need him to be able to be ready the next game in the next game in the next game. Well yeah but right now he could not get -- twelve. So I mean we we want -- healthy by extracting give us twelve minutes. So you know in the first game without fear of jeopardizing the following game you know he would probably be out there doing. But he is not ready to be here. They're -- -- last time we talked to you you were. Driving through the streets of New York on a bus. Getting ready for game three against the -- so he saw those two games. The Celtics got a big lead in both games in hold on for victories in both. What was your analysis or what was your assessment of this series -- all. You know I thought -- you know -- the first couple games. New York get a good job with some defense of things that -- looks a little bit out of whack. And -- we adjusted really well and we're able to take advantage of those. You know and we were the better team all along. You know they outrebounded this last week we talked about the recounting. How much of how important thought was that will be continue to be. You know probably the most important thing in this X series. But it was important here here's the game -- we -- out rebound it's so bad a lot of that flows RP system schemes. And you know we made the adjustments and you know we outrebounded them by it because -- the last two games. So you know that's for the -- -- -- every teen girls little bit different. Wrinkles that -- and it's a constant just. You've got some -- significant contributions on the bench in game four but literally executed game four. To get an idea bench why. You know I don't I -- he got much attention to the bench. Or say -- and I look at the team that all of you we don't rely ever bench like some. You know I was in the graphics or Atlanta or Jamal Crawford outscored the old bench and the Orlando Magic plea out because. He's their second leading scorer -- they just happened to pick up the -- You know we've brought Ray Allen -- -- to weed -- score. Our bench. Played really well that's a lot in game four. As far as being -- reading your bench got frustrated. Maybe because -- answered a lot of questions may be the pressure was bouncing and -- and they didn't get the opportunities in their mind disorder. Play through some adversity that they were facing. Because we have four Hall of Fame guys sit over there victims that stock and call on any sense since it's bad so I think. And gained four it was huge. That brought the rest Rondo got in the second quarter -- enormously the loss it was really playing well. Jeff green was playing well all the able to get the rest that he needed. And I think it's sort of for the second half we're able to finish off the game even though we -- The lead slip away there at one stretch I think it was because let our guard down but we have a lot left in the case because of the rest that are bench it would give us. You know again you guys open the regular season against the Miami opened the second round against Miami Heat. If you think there's a difference between me he's on October and he university. On Sunday -- what what is the biggest difference in your mind. I don't know other than you know they've just sort of since they've been playing. Together a little bit longer. But I still think they're they're just a really scary team I think it's when we beat them. Early in the year. You know I don't think to wait wait those -- percent LC you -- play in a high level right now. I think we're better and I think that we're we're playing at a high level the last couple games. And I think both teams have. Great respect for the other team both teams know that they're gonna have to -- their best all the -- And that there's nothing that's going to be given to anybody in this series and you know play your way to victory in this series. What they were shocked me about the Miami Heat. Is they are really struggling. At the end of gains they have a very poor record in games decided by three points or less you would think with. The type of players that they have superstars that have been accustomed to closing out games with the their teams before. That they would be a lot better at that do you have any. Reason why is it just the cork is it just the number that really doesn't make that much sense. It doesn't make a lot of sense I think -- Maybe right now they're just sort of you know stealing it a little bit but in all it takes is one or two game. So that the Spanish before -- turns around that they have great finishers -- as president finished gains in the past. So. It doesn't make a lot of sense. I mean it's this number but if the you know the other question Rondo. Seems to be a clear cut advantage if you -- going in now matchup by matchup. In in the in a series against Miami what does -- -- do does he do anything to change that so fort seems to me like. He's opening up things for them and giving them another perimeter shooter but how does it change would Bibby now. With Rhonda. Well you know if these are great shooter he is not a good -- he's been great sure and so does force. And -- has to keep close contact with him because and that's why they're difficult team to guard. You're you're you're first of all need to stop -- transition year inappropriately. And LeBron Keating getting to the rim and half court and in transition. And then you'd have to stop there three point shooting. Which owns and -- And -- In particular. And then get them off the -- You know they they have big advantages on the offensive boards because on the perimeter. They demand so much attention or spread and they have to with the best. Drivers lectures ministers. In the game guys that truck they get to the free throw line. So that combination is scary and it is difficult to defend him. And that we have our our hands full in this series -- contributions from a lot of guys. By Rondo didn't match up you know Chalmers is playing a lot more -- all sources is really shoot the ball well. In this series against Philadelphia so you get some you know. -- close to negotiating is baby -- isn't much better defense. As a guard position and and support our position. Not so much that mismatch from the speed and athletic and -- we're Chalmers court. And Danielle and get your take on themselves looking up some up some numbers the other night. And look at that look bronze. Career playoff numbers against the Celtics -- thirteen games. The Celtics make him a 39%. Shooter from the field was pretty good. What he's attempted 160. Free throws. In thirteen games which seems pretty -- and me now what torture every is that just. A byproduct of facing that great player is that the officials being -- little too respectful of all of LeBron. Is that a strategy by the Celtics just your take on a 160 free throw attempts thirteen games. You know abroad. Is just. An amazing athlete. With an amazing body. And he's he's -- drop out because of its speed and expose. In his body in your guys out of and so I mean I think that LeBron has the combination of the star factor. And the company sort of great -- opposite in the body that's easy you're looking guys in the history and that's explosive. And that athletic that -- -- -- that -- -- side was which so much that it ever has been that even as close I -- -- Dwyane -- All skiers Gilbert Arenas Kobe Bryant and you know it's it's of the free throw line. And -- -- -- one of those types of players and you know we don't wanna put him on the free throw line although we'd rather have -- cheap free throws then you know so you know. And -- You know we deceptive use our depth and not Vietnamese Elaine. -- -- alluded to the difficulty Miami's had closing games. Given that there are kind of a newly constituted -- -- a newly constituted team and you have been together. With this group for going on three years of high profile high pressure cooker games. What will lead you to believe the Miami Heat can stand the playoff he. Against the Celtics. In this upcoming series. Well you know first all of it can ever think it's I think our team believes that we have to be well aware I don't think we ever really think about what other team. What what are advantages are from them pencils and more experience and we certainly chip and -- Yet to go out you and you know what you're gonna have to have a a great deal of value if you're not still doing it. And I think that. Our team is resilient our team has a great deal of resolve these situations. But you know Miami is young and they're athletic and going wade is NBA champion. And and MVP of the championship series. And you also. LeBron who's been of the NBA finals and I don't lot of playoff games had great success. It a lot of playoff series including 45 point against us -- in the game sevens so. You know it I think that. Individuals. Or scary either athletic and then there in the prime of their careers which. Exit very challenging. And you know they've -- guys they have reports that don't have a lot of playoff experience. But. But that they're young and so that they appear advantage is that our you know our -- or been together for awhile and played together have been through some things together. They're and it should be there used. I Jermaine -- giving you some quality minutes here forget about the numbers though you can you can argue the point that he won game one for -- In a New York series forget the numbers defensively. He's doing some things and obviously he's clogging up the Middle East chemical from the weak side and at least challenging some of the shots. If Shaquille O'Neal does not come back to play. Can Jermaine O'Neal playing more minutes out there on the four point do you feel confident that he could. Yet if if our perimeter guys do it they're good enough job to not put him into much. Put too much stress on you know. Have to guard the rim all the time we got to do a good job keeping it. Prevented them from penetrating. To the basketball. And -- may have -- a great job -- did a great job of the last series in all sports scene. Against two we got hurt the first half what happened in two years in -- very much for it in -- In all admit that he was huge for us extensively. And that we really really need. Germane. To continue to play -- and the defense minister. I time right now for the SBO -- no nonsense question of the week it's brought to you by SB -- this weaker question comes from Bob. So chuck from Springfield Massachusetts of Bob asked question to Danny. With Tony Allen doing well for the Memphis Grizzlies in their playoff run. Do you think he'll be missed as a key defensive player coming up to -- for the Celtics as they head into the next round. Look Tony Allen you know whichever side Tony back this summer. We mr. -- a year you know we we but we have other guys can step up I think on wafers capable -- defense and and a much better shooter than Tony Jeff -- gives us more size so we've been able to do it in different ways than we have in the past. That we did last year but everybody around here mrs. sound. Are you surprised at the that the grizzlies. You know I'm really not I think you you know -- of surprises -- through it seems like -- outplayed and it's so you know in all five games. And yet San Antonio just amazing resiliency last night -- this. A hostile flops for for the grizzlies but the grizzlies have been playing really good fastball lately and it's. Like even when they work a good team they always played well against San Antonio. So. Not a huge surprise we have a major mismatch. Advantage -- Zach Randolph -- locals and -- -- that's probably been excuses series. No question -- -- -- of the free throw line he's been making free services were up. If you ever thought about get one of those Tony Allen haircuts using the shamrock and the fact is scale. So I didn't see that they eat any act yeah Bennett yeah and he also appreciate it doubtful for the game right yeah yeah ears open the gate with. It was showed a couple games ago but the thing I was getting this isn't there a rule you're not supposed to -- like jewelry out on the floor. Any public jewels for the eyes are anxious yet it sparkles. And I didn't know Tony Allen had eyes in the back of dissent. As certainly. Sparkles and you see a lot of seven year old -- that. They've got to deal. I look so we'll look forward to this series against Miami we'll talk to you next week. Are united by the Atlantic -- it that's the change. There's there's you know nonsense question of the week wanna chance to ask any question of -- prizes like autographed -- double visit as Beilein. Dot com slash basketball to submit your question. That's SP like dot com slash basketball courtesy of as --

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