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Mitch Melnick, The Team 990 in Montreal

Apr 27, 2011|

Mitch talked about the "total horror show" by the officials in Game 6, what he thought about the Milan Lucic game misconduct call, if he was surprised the series got to a Game 7 after Boston fell behind 0-2, how dreadful the B's power play has looked, when Carey Price is most vulnerable, what's the feeling up in Montreal about Game 7 and who needs to step up for Montreal tonight to give the Canadiens a chance to win.

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Will continue to get your phone calls or text messages your reaction as we get set for game seven tonight Bruins and Canadians is part of his fourth and final hour Mott and -- -- Sports Radio. WEEI ambled through that after we go to Montreal team 990 Mitch -- who host the drive home show joining us on the eighteenth -- hot line and Mitch there was a goal that looked like -- goal taken away early by the officials last night no weird night the officials and Montreal then there wearing rubber chicken but on the idea that it we miss something here it is there a significance to -- -- chicken here in 2011 their Montreal. Oh I guess a badger moderate to unlock the post but the rubber jacket I think -- throwing a little. You can at a public event sports or anything brigades and -- the pull itself up pat on the back whoever let you know once he came armed and ready. They'll miss there's a lot of talk given boss novice he lose -- game we set top of all refereed snot kicked. An abomination looks like a listen what -- closely as soon as we saw Chris Lee's name on the on this course you can. You know he's just got a bad history working PC users -- Some recent -- -- series of barriers for the -- you don't just as a lot night every time it works. Are a lot of people. Who -- -- -- -- got a base at the same thing that they cannot believe it will double the sleek and Paula we're working a game that was this important. These guys don't have a whole lot of playoff expert for a reason they're not that good at this stage is to pick for the man. At -- and the kicker is that you've got all they currently don't McConnell sitting out there who will assume we're. Supervising this -- another guy who the players love or on the chilly consistently ranks in the top -- among players believe Jackson. I was in Montreal the issue is not good enough to work -- -- ought -- just -- total. Or show us from newspapers. I'm wondering your take on the on the Lucic hit now mean. They'll five minute major game misconduct even -- has been -- somewhat invisible anyways the first five or six games do you think that was the right call. I didn't freaked elements all the bloodletting to charging callers question charging or boarding it's cheap it's. I think they must've get organic I think -- just got caught up big. -- -- -- themselves an -- I'm up on both sides -- so horribly officiated game at this level all the players seem to be that they're the official seemed to be. Play catch up to the players a lot of the post season games and it's not just some of the -- perhaps you are seeing a lot of upside not -- -- a lot of -- whistle. It's gonna see a lot of that that nonsense in the faceoff circle that for a drop the park strong guys out of the faceoff circle it's just. It's a shame because the compelling story -- this great all around the NHL and the performances and and the character are shown by the players and in virtually every seriousness is almost unmatched in its history in the appreciating again. -- just can't get over that level. Mitch in this series having gone to head to Boston won those first two games could you imagine going back to Boston for game seven. What -- -- -- -- guys and so anyone who's who's trying to get a handle on this series is you know you're just. You're you're grasping I'll just because redundant thinks somebody's got momentum every time -- conventional wisdom dictates that this is gonna happen. -- the complete opposite happens and I think it speaks to close these. Teams are they get. All the -- haven't torching it goes all the news. National Hockey League parity around the National Hockey League this is this such that that you really are closest and appears want to get to the playoffs and who would've thought that -- -- We're Chicago's scratching. A lot state of the season thanks a lot like Dallas. That after taking a three nothing lead up the local board I'm on all -- before knocking them -- it's just that's what extent so compelling what we're watching her all across North America great. By your brave man I'm sure you list as must of loved here and you pick the bruins' seventh. Well on any and all we want that we -- you wanna see -- goes for a while or righteous fight thought that that the last two games in Boston regular season I I I thought that. The lost. Josh gorges in particular you know everybody here talks a lot -- was great especially with the bruins' Marc Savard. Anyone -- marks or he wasn't mark support so I think watched. And Marc Savard was in the light up to forty normally does -- view the Bruins scored a global power play. Sony support and mark are gonna cancel each other out just Georgia this is one of the better defensive defenseman in the league. And I thought they'd missed a lot more than they have been short in that situation so really the guy that the Canadians are -- and that's why ultimately for the seven. Saturating the grocery Piccard and knock out to make sure that -- In the playoffs it was it was Cotchery was why he's big he's strong physical cocky uses these these all applicable. Just because that is known nine elevenths no calls in -- right and what wasn't taken down. No decision about mile -- that hit last night is no no -- calling 911 of the best -- A look at an aberration and -- -- -- lost you know a lot of what -- what blossom and the situation to reverse every fan base and got some -- and you know what he gonna do. No what is what was the thought you know you're up to -- and accidentally find yourself down 32 little the general thought Montreal fans find themselves down three to all of a sudden that patrol seemingly a control this series. Well I think -- -- you know there's a certain received at this group of guys this -- was made over one Bruins locked in his fourth straight. Pick -- -- As turnout around this Centennial year couple years ago and Bob Gainey went back out about behind the bench and -- likely Saudi one of the things seat he wanted to do was -- younger. Get a little stronger physically although that's debatable whether they do -- and get some people into it smarts and silica. -- experience. And so a lot of these guys that they went through the same situation. Watched your licensing elimination and a different so they're five and one elimination -- plus it's pretty good opponents so I don't think. That and baseless that's nervous here lopsided so I would guess the fan base is does nervous and Boston tonight. Case in Bonn has become obviously a target for for fans across the NHL Mitch is he one of these guys where Montreal fans love them he has a lot of good things investigator for that team. If he didn't have that Montreal sweater on. One Canadian span tape is got a plate for any other team. Well that it -- it -- -- though it has you know it's toast goal what these doctors. You know he's the -- and -- -- like Brad Marchand at their personal after after watching this series for -- and most. Canadian cent say the same thing about about Bret -- just totally a lot of LP -- you know it was dumped on by Michael Richards. Eloquently you know he has never publicly criticized -- another player you're abroad -- on talking about what did you and we're doing and earlier in this news and that there are at all. They -- they do this and they do that -- And -- you have committed any technical swipe at the bench. His rookie season and they do that it was -- -- -- a typical swing at. Is bushel at first we are here I'm not sure but yet you revenues at that -- It also thanked his fans know this -- a player bratwurst also player to -- a player but he never publicly -- an opponent publicly serious it. For all on the ice agreed flurries and basically he's the best young Frenchman a Canadian to have like for a since Chris Chelios is to better secure the -- just like Chile this is streak. Another Boston Bruins open nineteen this this this series here and a power play I'd love to sit here -- gives Canadians all the credit world for the public killing but. A look at the Bruins team and it's is is no movement this has been awful it's been there almost better off five on 544 at this point. Debacle and the penalty. Oh I'm gonna cut Thomas got relate to attempt to beef up the power play out -- plant specifically. If they also want a PowerPoint and middleware and listen to what we all like washed acquisitions by by the Boston Bruins he's he's he's been beaten. He's been dreadful. -- -- -- -- -- We were secure we haven't seen the real you are -- a lot what you usually see them out front of the net. Try to cause -- there was Sharon and then -- guilt. Our ability to one dejudder late again I would have thought that by Dutch government might have gone in front of the net a little more. Often answering all of you all of them the power play has been went -- -- -- secure our arrogant guy John Crowley's. Territories is a wonderful goaltender but overnight -- ridiculous. It smelled a team not not be joining us give me hit a year Mitch -- on Carey Price we saw early in this series the Bruins seem to be shooting yet. Right his chest and single handed the offensive. Change at least in some instances have been your ship behind him shoot to his side make him move a little bit is that when Carey Price -- bulls bowler -- a goaltender. I think a lot of goalies. I would departure at their feet because you know they're so protector. -- and in place this case for a big man he's got unbelievably quick reflexes he's very strong physically. And in -- go one -- -- club a lot he's caught a lot of good shots. But I from what I -- -- here the Rangers give a lot of trouble. Locks in around the net at the side of the net at his -- cycle -- and that. It appears to be solely a glaring weakness at this point. Lot of brewers fans look at the series looking game sevens they'll have lost three games and they shot themselves in the foot stupid turnovers the first two games. 25 on threes yesterday stupid penalties but they still feel. But -- Bruins -- the better team what's the feeling like up in Montreal heading I know you -- the Bruins but overall heading into the -- I think they'll send basis I don't I don't the fact that they've finally won at home. I think if they lose tonight. It'll be disappointing in the post -- began and no wonder about and I saw a lot of must do what the -- -- marked as do you retiree gets a lead sitting back. You know it was all one way in the third period on home -- is ridiculous. So -- start but it won't be -- devastating. So I think the fact that they put on a good show for the most part last night and one want for their fair -- -- -- -- the 71 after Saturday night it looked like it might have been dynamite have been gassed. There's still some questions certainly about the older defenseman on the back to back situation they got a lot more guys or mutilate recent Bruins do on the back here. But you know again for two springs this the steam those social a lot to -- to the -- -- I think you're excited about it but I don't think it would be devastated if they lost -- here and. -- we -- -- -- targets the pop up there macho he gets booed I was surprised as -- thought Andrew -- may be would have gotten it last night. You know -- -- -- -- -- but you know battling I didn't mean it he didn't mean you know and if you -- -- -- it was an accident. The other thing got stock in the glove in the know we're number one salute right exactly it just -- he can close before you're trying to no doubt way. -- like always got the glove and you put these spit in the glove and then actually undercurrents gets his gloves forget who understand that public -- Mets last month for May we hear attic the the focus has been -- La -- each and having to step up and -- most Bruins fans agree he's gonna have to have you keep saying this but have a big night tied the Bruins terrified a way to win. Is -- a guy where in the Canadian sweater that your mind past due. Be that impact player they're gonna find a way to go to Boston and win this game seven. Well I think. Almost look at it. Such a great job shutting down the retreat she and last year he played a role as well thought Crosby. On Crosby was thought. Also -- an offensive player or sort order doesn't usually played well on the road. He's got some jump in the -- and Boston. They with the Michael Ryder glossy front look at -- look at Europe with the port in the net tonight for the Canadian or else calories a big time guys want to. John scores. They -- this this is as having one of those ridiculous. Forty got a million dollars -- bullet you're gonna knock -- scoreboard wanna see pictures and contribute. To win and then all is forgiven if we can get into the next round so the the pressures on. Our big guys who have been through it and want cops it -- and I'm not expecting anything less than their best at a guy like candidates who struggle at times on the road in the playoffs but they -- -- into look at him. Resulting dramatic and. Mitch enjoy your show this afternoon enjoy the game tonight we'll check out to your website Mitch melnick dot com and appreciate the time this afternoon. There -- that smell the -- is the host of by the drive home their on the team 99 the in Montreal joining us here on the AT&T hotline find out with possible -- the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible on just. I'm just thrilled. That the fans they are Montreal or not Colin on 11. On the London to teach and not getting the authorities involved surprises or that it does and I gave thankfully it was devastated. The -- will be devastating those authorities. He says they lose escapes him on his guys expectations and thank you do not like that has everything religion appeared -- he can't loose that Bruins. In the first round the rivalry and he said if they lose its. That the big disappointment he sat there as the guy in Montreal afternoon drive who picked the Bruins to win this series. So begins at their Bruins went had told you so atop your Montreal. Canadians win out what away and they go on the road they win these three games and in the catbird seat he might not be devastated. I'd be shocked at Montreal fans -- as a group devastated -- they'll ride either way you know that's gonna happen tonight in Montreal gonna get a 92 break. We talked to Mitch melnick and now we get back to talking with you. Not your thoughts -- much last night let's start to focus on game seven. Ruins and Canadians tonight the garden 6177790850. Toll free 888. 5250. -- -- Verizon cellphone pound WEEI pre phone call. AT&T -- like 85850. And emails Mott and our Loney at W week eEye dot com we'll talk to -- next.

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