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Former Bruins defenseman Dave Shaw checks in

Apr 27, 2011|

Mut and Lou get a surprise phone call from the former B's blueliner who was listening to the show and wanted to chime in about the Tyler Seguin situation. Dave also shared his take on the series with the guys and looked back at their Game 7 win against Montreal in the 1994 playoffs.

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Let's talk to a former Bruin who decides the hop on the program appreciate Dave -- joining us here but Loney Dave -- well what's going on. They don't go to Howard spectacle today. -- -- Nicely but is there by -- kind of what we -- a pitch off the pick up the phone their fifth at at at at. No like this I've had created a lot of color disagree with some but I'd love C signal Kryptonite -- the middle days. You know I wouldn't extort note just. This is present on the bench in the locker looked at they look good that's a lot you particularly pleased to extremists but what am I would play more than -- Just his energy you know he doesn't hurt the team is so great it's more beneficial and a but her in that case. Well Dave let me ask you this what do you think about that -- call with a lot of people back and full of people say it's not an -- not boarding. It is boarding it definitely is definitely isn't sort of back and forth. It's a tough call -- -- -- -- in common and he didn't try until it -- that. That extra when it happened so quickly. You -- in the numbers. I wanna -- quality of the but that it was -- Maybe two minute help -- with the departure of. -- so let's go back to the -- point per second dad was initially the point out of your call when you say you wanna -- their tonight. You know what what what are the reasons for you because we're sitting here saying look the team is is tired he'd be fresh legs he gives -- a skilled guy offensively is or something. Beyond that that makes you say I wanna see Tyler Sagan and their tonight. You -- I agree with all all of that in. The big partisan. Eat that's what still is a template in the future of the team to and to experience is in the intervening in the playoff situations that. You know the -- beneficial to the the -- that first broke in the league. There's a lot of guys that work. It'll look at -- Europeans back then that a lot better in the playoffs because there's no fighting the that you were intimidated. I think Tyler's. -- he played a little bit. -- bit of their particular play out situation and they go away and he learned that at -- aid and -- picture on older does that thing. An official form the -- French actually Toronto. Dave I think this might be good -- that I believe you're on that 9014 the last team to win a game seven is that correct including lunch early. That's what did you call it maybe it'll trickle up -- -- -- What else what else can you do enough access to what else can you do when the power play like I was talking about -- put Ciara. In -- middle in front of in front of price maybe. It may be go to uncannily Steinberg at the point may -- bring back forward. Who can handle the -- like Bergeron and recchi. The media at the switch a couple of other adjustments can you make if you close. -- like I don't pointing to our -- and -- approach that the capsule when there was QC two departure route to the net and currently use it looks. To -- person so that get into the net. If you have more concentration on our apartment that he misses the Irish an Olympic audience for a great the public -- They've -- any time man thank you so what are listed in add its demise incited this thing. Out -- ago Dave Shaw former -- went on that Heidi fourteen holidays have a magic just database -- to the lot number -- programs 617779. The early fifty toll free. 88885250850. Right back to your phone calls Peter Gammons right afternoon.

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