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Should Tyler Seguin play in Game 7?

Apr 27, 2011|

Mut and Lou talk about the possibility of Bruins rookie forward Tyler Seguin dressing for Game 7 and if they believe Claude Julien will make that gutsy call. The guys believe that the B's could be better off sitting Shawn Thornton and giving the rookie a shot.

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As we continue to get your reaction Bruins and Canadians game six we start to look ahead game seven tonight back in Boston. And we do so with your participation 6177790850. Toll free it is 888525. 0850 Verizon cellphone pound WEP EI a free call. AT&T text line at 85850. Emails Mott and Maloney. At W week EI. Dot com Dexter -- saint -- goal and it was a goal that blew the whistle -- quick what happened after that doesn't matter. Yet that's because it was a it was a cold call went against your for your team rather but it would call this fall. When this winner when you know running back on the ball aligned to blow the whistle for progress it's an obvious fumble the patriots recover. Because it blew whistles it's dead. Call me then and I'll say what you mean there's no fumble blew the whistle. You blew the whistle too quickly it was a bad call comes never controlled the puck. Never had control the puck -- ref thought he did he blew the whistle too quick it was a called a -- away enough. We're happy about a get it but to sit there say he can't talk about it took -- away they did the ref blew that call. Blew the whistle too quick promised never to control ever. If -- much -- and you would be saying that ABC in you belong lines about the somewhere else but sometimes you know you're Bruins been you see things one way. Maven opposition and it certainly was equipped whistle either way you know that the puck laid there for. Had to be we have second. And watching the replay in real time and they enable the Wesley you just don't see lol that quickly they did so and and took a goal off the board. But I think you and I agreement Lou this was not a game lost by the officials yes they were bad. They made bad calls on both sides but when you look at the Bruins they had their opportunities and a particular. -- more power play opportunities. Overnight team now in this series that's a soft power plays her on the real short variety -- all mixed intent to one big stat of all four. We have been advocating for the beginning of the series really date back the in the regular season. For Tyler sake. To play for this Bruins team now we've talked about -- play from Michael Ryder. And all that would be the case tonight but is it crazy to at least pose the question. A day after you gave Sean for less than. Three minutes of ice time last night. Should Tyler -- find a way onto this active roster tonight. Play for a fourth line capacity. Enacted saint is second unit guy and that power play it so any games. I bring that up yesterday in a phone weird like I he can't do that keynote Thomas -- are -- rather in his fourth line resulted in ten minutes a game. They're doing their thing it's an energy line he plays a role. The last night. C two minutes and 27 seconds and also thinks -- today Lucic out of the game. She broke up that fourth -- -- there was no fourth line you give -- a lot of shares you mixed in Gregory Campbell on the line. John -- two minutes and 47 seconds of ice time. -- I guess at this point if you get if if that's which going to be not expect this if -- gonna play what are the key is. That time would -- of the ten minutes but the way this power players looked. You try to fit it in somewhere in his it for -- torn. Read it was crazy yesterday at the -- last -- no monetary plate doesn't play in the third period and played David double overtime. It played all. Did you use some of that on the power play. I don't know. The answers yes. The answer is absolutely unequivocally yes you could use a guy like Tyler say again on the power play right now. -- also use them because you look at the Montreal Canadians and and David so fast and so finance in this series. He is the one got a regular match some of that speed of -- the Canadians are you give against you. In a game seven scenario tonight I see some. -- some good reasons why -- Sagan. Could make it argue -- -- should play this game tonight. On the other hand Claude Julie it's coach for -- job. Give me lightest most of the best anyway who. I LIO cult called the -- but he's pretty black and white doesn't really stray off the the straight narrow when it comes to hockey decisions -- this team roster decisions help. We wet not because he finally sat down Michael Ryder. Late in the regular season that the send a message that what he was doing was not up to the Bruins standard of play. Is this guy coaching for his job losing. Will get him fire in all likelihood everyone believes that is he going to. Allows taken to be on this active roster. On a night where his jobs and on all. The Aussie look at that are plain -- Leo well its Hindus to chart from the net. You know get him off the point oh that's a big part of that that power plays that's that's their plants at a chart point beat the big body in front of the net now at some point during the year. They move -- yield Bergeron at the point. It still moved the -- in you that big body in front of price satellite yet. Is dangerous because -- -- much gulf ports in a get a guy like recchi of Bergeron -- airplane appoint. Of the break out you know. Shorthanded goals those things are concerned about put. Got to do something with a power play. You gotta move around to a three people stated still it's too easy to defend -- which -- -- still know what's more we know it's cotton it was moving their feet. I like charred front. Now will they go there. They sit there and just put -- front was Steinberg and ferrets to remove four down at a point if you watch our plan -- for mister senator in front of their net. A power play catalyst to get your price time right now Abby maybe they'll turn it has the power plays up there and it was done before it done that before at times. If you go back that. Outside demeanor as much as you can call for tireless digging didn't in this game of who. B it was all this this -- the balls to do that because such a balls he called by Claude Julien and isn't it. What Bruins fans policy tonight. It's published a series you know double overtime game couple nights ago you play a physical game last night where your first relied had to play more than usual because of the he -- each major in game misconduct. Fresh legs are going to be a huge factor take hasn't played all series. And not only does give you some skill that your team doesn't have right now he also might beat the freshest guy available for either team he could plug in -- I'm not asking for fifteen minutes tonight. But -- support is gonna play to 27. That the number 227 last night. Of ice time per -- -- Couldn't you at least make the argument Tyler -- should play tonight and who would resume play for. Does he play for important in this case healthy place for Daniel -- Guests will be -- -- That's a tough call for coach who makes it down a fan favorite sit down one of your real leaders and -- -- I can't imagine he'd do that. Make at least make the argument for you talked about -- -- -- we'll get right back of these phone calls once second one image in this. Tomas Cabral and the power play. -- tonight and her parents' good. Seidenberg last night good. You let those guys seem wartime if -- doesn't get put -- for position you talked about -- shark yelled defensively. You see him out there with a -- or Seidenberg. And may be cut cap -- even as power play ice time down because. Not that -- upright and let those guys get more evil. -- will close do anything or just say they'll do something about how to -- I don't stick we'll try to -- -- right now blessing you wanna see if your Bruins -- of power that's the problem he's done that wait too long. And techs who makes a great call it's it's too far if you're too far down the -- was saying he pretty balls -- called out that they would net. You hear it about 6 o'clock PGA being WEEI dot com tweets out there are puts on the website. -- active. For tonight's game. I don't know the -- what I hope he considers it because his power play his band abysmal. Jason is in Lincoln mortality joins us here on -- in Maloney hey Jason. Well again you and that's bad for her long term thank you. On that it'll act like they're cute to turn out of the game. I personally feel that it sure didn't know more than erupting trust an extra two. Because the simple fact that I agree with quote -- -- -- city happen immediately after. The -- was made. You can clearly see the -- -- -- a little her shoulder and turns toward the -- At that point I don't think -- you should be getting importing all the simple fact that. He made the -- to eight the board sort yet to take the punishment that he. -- trying to. It put himself in a volatile position is no question about. But I still think it was oracle. On the other part of the rule says that -- is that the player lay in the hit their Jason in your responsible so I understand what you're saying. I would disagree you know in the small -- does look like you got a player -- -- up to the boards in real time. Boy it's really hard to tell -- just finishing dump on the clock in or actually turning in real time that's a really tough call the bank. Lucky -- he would have. We're open up -- children and take away from the -- taken that changes ordered still that a penalty. It might have been a penalty -- not -- he gets the five minutes and that the game misconduct -- does at all. He turned round to his face and looked at the time -- it's -- up in Maine -- what's going on. -- -- -- -- He has -- U verse same color as well I gotta let them vote properly as he talked about you I like Bergeron on point cab relate. Chara centering couldn't get real burden on active -- Put him on the point six -- then. -- that you guys are in no -- to get out there. You just want you watch cap relayed Bergeron up top but you wanna see the big guide -- right there in the middle. Yeah I mean apple they don't know that from when he wouldn't -- well. You know very on the power play in Boston struggle that but I think he'll turn around and -- Yet it Lewis sold me -- put charred front and -- will see if they do it in they haven't done at a pawn. But boy you got try some different yeah -- Bergeron who has been. He's had a really good playoff last -- that his best game. And he's been a perfect is that won't points and the -- -- like 64% of the face off last there's down 30301033. In a he was himself last night. And then nothing about they hit by a mile on. You know look left because there Robert whatever is really got to own crazy. Hey listen I might -- looks -- -- not there yet another. Blue group that. -- was I was watching the replay in slow motion and happened so fast and he dumped the puck in and then I -- I think -- -- -- -- companies. But you might have seen him you know but it just. It happened so quickly approve the -- Heidi expect neo looters DePaula walked the some responsibility his side. The players is face in the glass and what can you do me -- just it's it was 1000 fortunate plays but it was I think it was a right call. That we have played talking you know you you don't stuck in. You know people -- and you're gonna type I turned away like that you and you get hit from behind and stuff like that happen. -- even a real time Joey appreciate the call I can't quite tell and you can't quite tell you actually season. Or just sort of dumps the pocket it was instantaneous he got -- and boy he got -- would you call it a face full glass yes both. Those Forster shock. And he hit the deck and he laid there that's what can -- that's a Canadian team does they lay their way for the trainer make it look like it was. He's got shot in the back -- -- -- -- Auburn he's next up on -- and Maloney Brian Dario. And it does great show to help. I agree Lou put out -- that they see in the middle level really talk about is. How many great shot opportunities at the crew intact I mean until they could go into any doubt they always get the cheesy -- out. -- -- they helped it put -- audio at all I'm a little bit more of what that exploit 48 blocked shot last night. We do it all series -- show. Yeah it's like no matter what every and I feel like a -- like I'm coming up big picture directory that volume that Maureen -- and it could very -- -- that he's cute little. -- -- the tootsie rebound now that it's going to get as well abroad really got to work a lot a lot harder data though. We'll slowly block shot I really feel that they would be able -- it get more scoring opportunities. Would benefit them more. Brian I'm just I I I stopped listening I got exciting usage juicy -- your -- drop in the jacket -- knowledge on us here today. -- at the bottom line is Bryant -- can finished bruised it. Meaning -- ankle -- and its its skilled offensively they can finish and Bruschi. They meet -- opportunities and need to finish. Yet the navy you know I don't think -- Julie -- You know will pull the trailer -- Maybe do need to put someone like a skilled player like -- -- grandpa like elect and I really don't see him with his double life taking the lead or outlook on Thornton. We'll work it like how they even thought -- pillow probably benefit the team more scoring opportunity I just don't feel like -- This I would agree but if after game seven I looked down I see another two minutes and 27 seconds for -- -- And I would disagree if you if you really mean. A thorny gonna give ten minutes that fourth line low energy at times you know -- the game down or whatever you need that lose momentum you wanna put that line and that's one thing. But at the end of the day game 7 pilot down -- morning and I see Shawn Thornton with two minutes three minutes four minutes of ice time. Nick in Tennessee giving you some -- he'd just claimant power play. Even if he'd just payment popular. Be really three minutes John -- c'mon what's the roster spot British soldier. John -- if you go to that game -- you know what this game game seven -- -- -- -- these lines and apple applies not gonna see the ice you know at all. And yes I'm -- bring in the a power play specialist if you wanna call. He's such a team leader Lou I'm with Beyonce -- love to find a way in but boy to sit -- port and a game seven like this. I just on opens in the coaches make up I don't think that he's wired like that. Even wear a special this Joba line he's gonna go all the guys yes yes they'll say you you can't do -- is that -- -- serve a purpose and doing their job. -- ten minutes a game ninety minutes again the shifted did doing their job but but if -- letter sent to -- -- seven seconds last night. -- If that's all you gonna give the got to put the put Sagan in -- for the popular or get your reaction at 6177790. Late -- its toll free 8885250850. Quick 92 break. Went back to your calls.

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