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Callers react to the Bruins' Game 6 loss

Apr 27, 2011|

Bruins Nation is fired up after the Black and Gold lost Game 6 in Montreal. With the phone lines jammed up, Mut and Merloni take calls from B's fans to get the pulse of the fans.

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-- -- -- got to you know get ready claim one you know one can seriously. Who worked earlier get home ice and we're going home and -- will go get a lot of rest and I didn't you know focus on what we have to do make little adjustments and and but for the most part just Saber energy direct. Maybe Mark Recchi able to get a lot of arrests last night in preparation for game seven -- Claudette. Slept well last night. With game seven looming in about my excellent for him now not much. Just his job. With this team. And we should've expected it for the fourth consecutive year. Game seven and oh by the way Claude -- its first three seasons with the Bruins all ended. Game seven losses. Just crazy stat for three years we get a game seven tonight. We talk about what you -- Ron -- and Maloney will talk some baseball later Ron. With Peter Gammons but got to get to your react -- Bruins in game seven tonight Jerry starts us off in -- first up on the program good morning Gerri. Ontario how -- you don't get I think gonna become -- it what you will probably be I think. If you Avery if you think the officials were the main reason the bruins' loss last night I think are a very elaborate one. The port that that particular minute let me make my case. And remembered here. -- McCain last night. Isn't -- by my count in the first. Minute. Playing Montreal don't. And more Bruins play and slashed. Where. I expect. And and outlook on April it but you know I'm -- all. -- -- -- -- -- It. Won't -- at least apparently didn't look like look through but what it'll -- tonight dental implant. That was heard. On the nights. Later. They -- And and made sure I create a much else. A little a little redundant. While they manufacture at the rested debt that the -- -- that way glut of bad chip company ice pop off. The -- made Seidenberg slashed the guy an obvious slash. -- content you know bid approach and not necessarily agree that it out an obvious. Match. Isn't it I got to break its last Jerry. -- -- -- And every single infraction that. In -- written -- action and that moment in. Which. I'm -- when she even in Portugal and who. Of untreated it won't. Get -- there and probably play a game. It. So they don't want. Certain amount to -- -- I don't even. Let him look I'm so you and the. Over high tech equipment judge -- -- -- -- telling me in your opinion is that the big officials manufactured. -- -- -- -- commitment out of the puck up in the stands like Bergeron you're right that was not a delay game. It. Maybe that actually got the wrong word but which argued that the band that that's in the complementary. And the court. Which an officiating crew and the and -- at. -- in my opinion the most do you -- at the end of on the outcome of the person -- I wouldn't Jerry wouldn't disagree but would you also admit that it went ball weighs in Montreal should have been up one nothing very early on inactive when they -- -- All right you've summed -- -- I would say it in my opinion that refereeing. Eighteen. Yeah -- -- and about the. Well look -- I agree and I you create their officials -- -- had a bad game but when I look at the two goals and both are coming out five on repopulates a look at all four of those penalties. They say -- for the legit. Now you can the get go and social capital important -- crappy call to slash U breakaway who knows what happens might change the game I'm with you. Put unstoppable the 25 on three power plays. All four calls legit. And no I out of the manufacture the refs the rest of the ones -- -- -- those look they're. They we'd agree disagree Jerry you're obviously very opinionated about the game we love that. I think the officials had a major impact on that game last night else though there are bad for both sides and of the ice or bad for the home team. And the away team last night in particular that gold was waved off. Very early on in that game was a huge blow for Montreal. Should have been up one nothing there. I can't sit here and -- yet but the Bruins lost that game or really job by the officiating crew they were bad out there or even only bad for ball games. Ailes and bill -- hey dale. And yet they get -- On -- -- your opinion on any interference call it pressure on an -- -- At at that that was still I mean there was called and a keynote widget that slashing call -- and if you break some sticky and call. I'm not bella bella horrible call I couldn't believe prices are at the top of the -- security now initial shot. And that the pressure on blocked by the huge flop and back. I get a title yeah you make that call now and I'll play wherein you can tell obviously cal flight prices let indulge in that call. The I think you actually initiated contact -- and that's in flop before and that was you can make the argument say you know what that was a big penalty because it wiped out -- Bruins Bartlett. But at the -- -- are -- among them -- -- -- bill before for the maybe a better TB you write that one in -- slash I thought we're too awful calls. And on and on and on pledge to the break we actually get hooked after he picked up that -- -- gonna break here. And the children to -- lot. I was a part of the -- much you all I blew the whistle realist and I thought that Michael penalty Jose has got to give free tickets all Obama will always -- By the -- penalty on Montreal right now is this a breakaway it and turn around its slash -- -- -- that. They're operating properly spend millions on that are in the pot and I'm moving around that standing still -- -- and if you can stand still you're basically help in Montreal on all you have to do this play where they want -- I thought for the -- the primary and and the battle -- and so I think. It probably didn't help them -- but I just -- it technique that -- in operates. It's -- -- any other topic recounting Amber's arm pump them at the initial shot packets either -- that. It literally on the -- Looking for the -- and it just flop and back to think speculated it takes more mentally they're trying to doing there on the power play at just at the top of the miserable call. I agree with you I think the two big calls as the points out will agree on this. The call and -- for slashing and a call on Bergeron for interference are just farcical. And not try to make those calls but I'd also point out that that big taken off the goal off the board early. Was in that same category of how the hell does this officiating crew make that call they are bad they're bad for ball teams. They were too much of an impact on that game but the they cost the Bruins the game I disagree gyms and a car -- of. -- -- Egg white guy let me show our thanks Jim what's going on. You know what I -- disagree with you -- is. I. I think he'd been vocal about on the rest in terms of disallowing that Montreal's first ball I consider bad call. Wonder based on what directory and C in this case obviously the rest he could not -- pop he thought the climate data covered up. He blew the whistle I expect them. I think for me that's a major distinction between that call at all these other ones. But -- talking about -- they -- on what he could see here in the states who he couldn't see up apart was covered up. August it -- every indication from your vantage point but it was covered up and clearly I think that's what it was based. They're told -- they don't see the puck the blow the whistle. If they lose sight of in this kind of situation to blow the whistle blower -- too early clearly the whistle was blown to -- -- here on the -- -- -- -- -- probably loud. Clearly it was blown but you know you gotta. -- is that he could not exactly. He's. From the there's quite Thomas was giving the impression that the plot was underneath him. -- -- -- Homers the next and I I didn't think that was all that bad of a -- is simply that I am not saying -- the pot wasn't and it in the -- I'll play. I Julian and I love this area referred to his quote all. It made an attempt. Any obvious attempt to go ahead with that power play it each and personnel in Germany and dramatic even get -- -- -- Well frustrating yesterday in the Steve Conroy a Boston Herald Bruins and -- that David crate she was practicing. On that first power play line -- sort and switched their guys up at the results have have not been there. And up power plays is it now all for nineteen yes in this post he's the only team in need the NHL's. Eat tournament. That does not have a power like that no team has ever won a series -- scored a power play goal we will the last time was 2003. Where telecast -- Anaheim swept Detroit 2003 the last time a team has won a series to a pop legal. They swept the name -- so Dominic Jack and every other form right exactly. But I take -- -- the regular power play goal tonight the actual what I saw that second one with a the ref blew the whistle early chewed up by Carey Price. And the -- was clearly free and great that everybody was on the ground and a -- -- -- it was in the scoring opportunity. Go from from what I was told it was in that kind of situation at the raft cannot see the puck Keyes told the global what's. And in both situations in -- sent the -- you know -- look like the goalie had deadlocked puck down. And blew the whistle that's at their -- but did he blow the whistle too quickly there should be let it. Or is it is the protection of the goalie such an exit Thomas too much credit attempt to see Thomas in a show like that disclose the -- Economic activity seen happen you devalue the goal look too much credit and that would trigger and get control of it but it lost sight of you look at that played a key player of blowing it because you figure he's got -- control if he couldn't see the puck he's told the blow the whistle. 6177790. Late fifty its toll free 8885250850. Continue. Odd to get your react off game six look ahead to game seven Peter Gammons joins us here --

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