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Game 7. Boston Bruins. Montreal Canadiens. It's on.

Apr 27, 2011|

Mut and Merloni talk about the Bruins falling short against the Canadiens in Game 6 at the Bell Centre which sets up a decisive Game 7 Wednesday night at the Garden. The guys discuss the referees in Game 6 and how some of their controversial calls impacted the game.

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Should we have expected anything. Less. Than a game seven. Bruins -- Canadians. Win or go home. A practical. Franchise. Reset button. For the Bruins here tonight if they lose from all practical standpoint head coach out. Free -- not brought back if they lose this thing tonight. It changes everything you come right out -- with everything that you come right out with them losing. What happened -- -- -- they literally says tonight if they lose this game tonight is a reset button on the franchise. Disagree. No I don't I don't put on the particularly when this schematic of the better I'm not I I I -- had a great shot to win tonight -- just say that's a big disk Davis. Stupid penalties put him in bad situations of five and the -- you can. Because apparently in the wraps -- can -- -- for help all of these there's a stupid penalties I think Bergeron had a fear and so on Carey Price. -- Joe -- I think cordoned slashing at the breakaway joke. But the other ones. I think Hillary calls a lot of people want probably come on here and and blame the refs listened in at the greatest night Warwick on missile break early on didn't you. And it brought -- get a couple breaks here and there but fortunate for them when they're on the power play. You cringe I mean you cringed they look. Awful on the power play I mean. Big words can't even describe. What this team looks like on the power play when they got a penalty usually get excited. Lot of people -- that all know. That's a waste of two minutes. This team is down it's a waste of two minutes' time is kicking off this clock and ended running joke was -- they declined the penalty. And and while there's better yet. Like they did with the Bergeron one go to -- -- a power -- nineteen seconds into it. I get a stupid penalty right away go for -- fourth -- better for a four out of five on five. Power plays an absolute joke right now but this team I still think the better team. To five on three goals okay the better -- when this game must not look across sort. 41 I've heard for a war the with a pump comes out when you -- for one call Bruins when this thing could be slightly. You go back to last night -- dual -- tunnel hockey here today get your thoughts I'll -- -- last night's game as we move forward into the afternoon your take on game seven tonight Campbell do. A million phone calls and emails to get -- on FaceBook for your chance to his pulls up but. Last night's game I heard immediately afterwards by the -- Twitter our producer Michael Berger was -- in the officials last night the officials had a really bad game. And you -- get a -- calls today about people blaming the officials for that game double -- each. On spot check was a boarding penalty. Probably went a little bit too far in my mind giving him the five minute major you're game misconduct out of there probably went a little bit too far. Yet days of varying degree of what you can get a guy for when it comes to the board we saw very similar it would Michael Richards at a different series here. And got two minutes and that was it for a similar boarding call on the -- Lucci each. But you they made the call wasn't a great call -- the goal would take up the board from Montreal was awful. Wasn't awful call by Pollock the -- their last night on Ontario guy Canadian. Call Mac game I was very and hit by Montreal call. But everything helps those two penalties that lead to five on threes all the Bruins making it was a terrible slashed by Seidenberg. And a terrible misplayed by Patrice Bergeron in in the end you let your all but power play out it. Liberties but you couldn't score I think the big -- -- of people upset was the game misconduct of the boarding call Lucic. And Boston blog Bruins block meaning that cowardice -- mean it's. It's it was the right call it's as once there's a five minute major for the cuts Spacek. A -- to -- suffered the referee is no choice but also -- a game misconduct. Table seven page 136 of the rule -- calls -- automatic game misconduct on a boarding call that results in an injury to the face. What to the head out. What the guy was that is to meet could very easily turned interest taken at an unbelievable hit against the boards nominal fees. It that much guts to where he actually said you know what I'm gonna take this at right now -- -- it's -- it's gonna be aborting a ticket only from my team is he just -- that lasts. Now eighty stayed down maybe a little bit too long -- came back and it in the game later on the period you could argue the fact that he stayed down to a but please don't tell me that. The there was pain. -- ever watch it Comcast and slow motion we're jumping up and downs in Gaza dive was is that nobody else and he saw it's all Coleman and that hurt. I mean that -- now he's on the ice traders tell the state down. You know in the situation state down and he did state that may be a lot lot longer than you would have liked -- very -- crawled to the bench. Just you know pulled over went to the bench you've been a great hit Lucic is back that's who we want audio pot penalty amid a penalty rabbit physical play. Instead he's out of the game. But it was. The right call but -- and spot -- talked about -- after the game but. -- -- okay. You'll have I don't really see him I'd seen guys who -- -- me. And I noticed you brought me over and over but to augmenting muscles -- -- boards so what you know today it costs and it. Was kind of off from a helmet company movement. Had just happened. Did you feel shame. The book on your record at the but it wasn't the right call any -- to five on three penalties listen it later on net Bergeron. Chuck and a puck in the stands -- me it was a present pinnacle -- That's a stupid penalty that play stupid -- point penalty got nervous got a -- that universalist played McQuay. Deadlines shift it drops on the ice realizes just posted gets off -- great too -- Colorado was intentional or not. That's the right call it Seidenberg with a slash c'mon that was the right call to all for those with a right call. -- put themselves all 53. -- on three power plays and a happened you stay away from those things that it was obvious to lot of people that five on 544. -- I still thought they were the better team. Netscape seven it can happen that's the problem that's you ordered him. I wouldn't argue they were the better team. But I'd also say that that a team that seems to make more mistakes in the series when you look at games one through six the Bruins -- at stretches of very good hockey. They've also -- stretches where they just make these. Whether it's been a turnover or bad penalty. They are cringe inducing mental and physical errors. I think Jerry Jones Chiron through penalties killed us tonight and -- Because just I'm on fire learn a much better team anywhere and and we charitably to them at unfortunately message clearly demons you know we gotta be careful about those types of situations and you want to cause a -- tomorrow's another day and we just gotta get ourselves ready for tomorrow we still gonna -- team we're gonna -- -- when his next thing. He's got to feel positive you know Mark Recchi said very similar things after that game. Or it comes to a game seven tonight they've got to get rid of those mental and physical layer you saw some of those early in the series turnovers that led. Directly to early Montreal goals that put them ahead analog in the place certain style last night. Two very -- helping set up five on -- the only two goals Montreal had almost five on three power place. And the second panel the up ball post five on threes were -- The Seidenberg slash in the Patrice Bergeron delay of game not dumb plays there where you can't make those plays in that situation the -- up in the playoffs. In a game six on the road when your play in them pretty even in five -- Ivan. 84 up or situations -- as the goal. You can't take those you know and -- can't with what happened early in that game with Gionta. You know -- blown the whistle because he thought Thomas a controlling obviously didn't beat basically took -- goal waited now that the refs look at the rest that game. Try to compensate debt but in the Bergeron. An appearance on price. That took away a populated that really (%expletive) you off. The weather brought to the Bruins are happy is that really got it well informed know it because that that was a flop that was ridiculous is like almost like price initiate the contact anyways. -- the ground seem to do a few other times in a series hasn't been called it was called. The -- one yeah I was craft of the slash I mean this guy Tucker nobody breakaway. I thought that was a crappy call but the other ones it real I thought that they were legit. -- scored two goals five on three. I'm on -- they weren't trip -- and neither were we take I'm on climate that we were obviously kidnapped and held most of the control of the game. And that's what we got do we gotta stay disciplined stay away from the penalty box. As we talked to wanted to be in his series but I would have liked him -- a fine line between may -- our power -- -- his court as well. Well that five on three because your your guy side and organ Bergeron took bad penalties set up five on threes. You know you can complain about the officiating if you want. But I think it's a very fan boy reaction to get it and think that that was the reason you watch that game last night from when they dropped the puck. At the beginning to the end of third period in the Canadian fans went crazy if you believe that that the officials and not the Bruins play. Was the reason they lost that game -- -- Campbell up jostle our boy and we got a few Texan Lucic it was clean. I mean it I really believe. The that it was clean. -- the guy's face in you'd let a black and white definition this -- is no way that was like you say bad call this a five minutes at a major get about yeah okay that's a boarding -- put himself in a vulnerable position I get it. You know he turned and -- the glass I get it. It was a right call. It could -- very easily dump the puck in his own turnaround and got lit up by a politician we everybody have been -- integrated physical play outstanding but you know what wasn't the case. Was the case he turned and faced a glass. In the -- -- that was that was definition it's it was not only gentility it's it's -- -- sheets responsibility. To protect that player by definition the boarding call that I heard John Jerry -- a 100 times this morning and read before the show. It's his responsibility. He finished with that here he got penalized sport it's. Like it like now -- not black and white it's five minute major and in game misconduct or five minute major and then because of the injury. I guess it's -- table seven page 136 Mack Calvin has nine Bruins blog dot net today. Once you assess the five minute major there was an injury there was blood it's an automatic. Automatic on game misconduct only boarding call that resulted in injury to the face. The head. You of people the epic game tweeting this letter on the ice. What you gonna do everywhere you call reporting. You called boarding you look down this blood any ice guys lying on the ground he stayed on it too much on the ice probably. It was it was the right call was. -- penalties -- to -- a couple of them but. We will get into it later a treatment but this power play we have got to get you into this thing and it's been a couple of days now you gotta fix because of the play of Michael ride we haven't heard -- Reagan's name I get a feel -- he would name a lot more today it's you know how to fix and he called -- and get -- on because -- tried everything. He's tried. It would just says he made the -- that difference. Of them go backwards. It effectively -- to the. Puck and is always -- crate she a little bit and open practice and a little bit last night but a couple of their at first -- their power plays. Ended up getting -- dislodged Debra couple's second because of of all Baltic I don't see any adjustments. My call for if you go to that -- we've been called -- for awhile today the day. Is today the day we see the youngster in something more than a Dunkin' Donuts commercial. As part of the Bruins game tonight 6177790850. Its toll free 888. I've 250850. Got a Verizon cell -- pound WEEI pre phone call. And of course the AT&T text line -- At 85850. Will get a 92 break it right here phone calls and -- react off came sixth and what do you do for game seven.

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