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Bruins Highlights/Red Sox lose -- Meter Breaks It Down

Apr 27, 2011|

Meter breaks down the Bruins and Red Sox losses from last night and looks ahead to Game 7 tonight.

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-- -- Life goes through. It's. Clearly they're going to. It's all tied up. Beyond that should have been done his good score -- Okay that's the low point. The badger an -- out all the German time that's -- -- food that was allotted to nerves German and Agnes can. This he didn't bother me last night I mean obviously stupid a couple of them. Comments you have -- you know I don't know man is so he wasn't. Harping -- positioning wasn't the total homer which I don't like you like you're getting used to the radio play -- play. Yes well. It hit this certain things and annoy me that too -- -- he over does it to the brick talked more last night that he had in previous games I think it's just a different jobs. I think we've pushed we we've affected Jack he's letting -- he's letting -- talk. Warm Lady Gaga concert here last night life. Golf week -- here pills that are tonight. Like them has anything to do with a counts. They put like that layers and layers it's funny. I think and under the media games -- so good he can't Roland -- he might he can't rule on the point last night. He didn't push BO obviously you're words it's the dvds it's the throw the rule or penalty bench hell does that mean. Just trying to sound different. Mean what is the penalty package. Never before let's move on it's getting old bashing about passing come nothing nothing. Instead it should I just loaded in bottom at that he was good bothered me that was okay I'm anxious -- it -- -- point -- million -- and subject is Steve okay. Welcome in the at the channels and union. -- Gary grant an amicable there's not an arena big enough to hold below my gentle flip of a all right the big house at Michigan isn't big enough real art Bruins lose this just in to go on to the will be a game seven tonight. The drop the pocket though -- 70 wait it's great and it's just it's an aunt and two hours there's nothing better in the game at the sound like it was opening game seven. It's hopeless when it's a one goal game and everyone's just mean your heart is wrote. That the four. There's nothing quite as dramatic yes and I think they might have to stay out of the penalty box against that penalty bench penalty balanced out the box though the war would -- to -- two. -- -- -- -- I'm on -- they weren't trip to. And neither were we take I'm on climate we were obviously team that -- held most of the control of the game. And that's what we got do we gotta stay disciplined stay away from the penalty box as we talked to wanted to be in his series but I -- liked him satisfied on three -- our power -- where his court as well. -- -- -- -- not a let's. Don't -- you do have a problem with his comport meant the way he has. Reacting to that you'd rather smoke blowing snot bubbles I don't know I don't but I think some people will -- he's looked too rosy. There's not colony -- out how he didn't even bitch about the officials the refs no texture says they will the Bruins will lose tonight because -- is behind the bench Tuesday Marty Schottenheimer a National Hockey League coaches. You get to their regular season coach turner right but he's right he didn't sending an accurate now in on the had a five -- five if that had a five on three and we will. Or it gonna the end of fear at the the first through shouting at one on the officials refineries. Better that's. Better than that. As an eleven guys doing more to Yahoo!. Do you have problems with the officiating either I didn't have a problem -- scholar really didn't mean you have a problem with a touch physical -- forced to head in the boys who didn't forces. It to our nation of boarding in my hands rhetoric it was it was the definition of boarding the ads. And finishes out -- video -- There's the check it's definitely it's -- first line of the definition. 41 point one boarding the boarding penalty shall be imposed on any player or goal keeper who checks -- opponent in such a manner that causes the opponent. To be thrown violently into the boards the severity of the penalty based upon the degree of violence. Of the impact with the board's. Shelby BDs at the discretion of the refereed. Gave in to any change I mean game in game two were five and a game -- The game games because he looked at this caller Spacek took we -- zone dot Sissy Spacek. In Nazi not Sissy space shall we kick bounces right -- check. And and I Susie went down did you picture imagine. -- nations and he's. Take off. Yeah. -- -- We didn't always taken it doesn't matter he had already said it's a chip on him I said -- ketchup like Schilling sock you just pathetic excuse you know what it was a penalty deserved to be tossed to deserve five minutes they deserve the man. Disadvantaged. Seidenberg slash. Put Bergeron -- the late game stop when the refs made a mistake. Goaltenders and that was a mistake secondly that was a mistake that was a lame call a good -- by price. And the Bruins to legible -- and another much available. 321. Point three miles or so they did try to make up for that they probably did and but that was as bad a call as you ever see. A magenta or did you write to Jihad into its Chief Justice again beat him yes and the good and right hockey. GO indices and jumped at tonight. Wasn't that. Wasn't that the we're -- the -- mean why why blow the whistle you don't lose sight of people outside the buck. That was totally hurt him as he can pick a second to look like that would jam an. Think Thomas thought he had anything that the the official who was behind. Thomas obviously between the -- in the official in the end and Thomas buddy had a and the official thought Thomas had to try to protect Obama so wouldn't W -- they're from why no one was -- -- regular committee and you know it's. We'll look outside my -- -- all over your sport Barry Melrose you're gonna hear from his reprieve Barry Melrose knows what he's talking about thank. Game seven that I -- like. I think the Boston Bruins win game seven I like the way they play in game six penalties or their downfall Timmy Thomas has played very well. You got to -- she lines start to score obviously hopefully Lou tickle me back for game seven I just think the Boston Bruins at home with the way their plan. And their defense -- system and their size advantage I think they will wear the Montreal Canadians down and beat him in game seven. I disagree you duke I disagree why because this is bad he. Hey Idaho that -- got -- Abacha had a bad feeling last not a book without you'll explain that you'll -- meter on that one. I was a struggle to struggle and he said searches and toward more than Zach Britton that Britain was one of the best left to young lefthander who baseball. And he proved his worth is probably the best pitcher on the staff and he'd silence the Red Sox he gave up five hits threats are so it's six it's they lose 41 Adrian Gonzales is now on seventeen games without a home run. And he killed comes up and a fifth betting in dribbles out to second. With the bases loaded yes. That was a port situation and buckles and struggling to give up a career high twelve bits -- -- Good off speed. -- to some of the bigger right hand hitters he wasn't in the -- as much as -- needed to let them extend their arms a little bit. But again he did you know he never he bent but didn't break -- to level of office told. That's true Terry but Baltimore entertainment on base -- the plate yeah so what happens next then buckled back to us -- I saw absolutely does it's it's a terrible situation he's got himself and a big rule. He's gonna catch Jason Varitek again tonight yes packet. Josh -- yes. You're just you're just digging -- hole to -- dig into its bigger and bigger every time he catches the Arctic -- nothing he does is etched in stone we're talking the next 145 games this is always going to be but it definitely is kept buckles next time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Guns also integrate -- that he was just laid it down a little. Thirteen hit -- well agreed aren't we applauding calls Bruins lose by the way game seven ticket giveaway today oh -- one is that right to bitch. Guess what. Another party. Is suing the courts. Together. Those two kids -- defendants and a lawsuit. Could be the tie that binds them back again thanks Jamie and frank. Something in common yes least -- wanna get together and go over legal strategy.

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