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Rajon Rondo, Postgame Guest

Apr 24, 2011|

Grande & Max talked to the Celtics point guard, who had 21 points and 12 assists in today's Round 1 closeout victory.

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Prize Colorado with phenomenal -- games here at Madison Square Garden. This would start to get away. In the fourth quarter -- John it's you know you and Kevin Garnett had this to being game that you play and there are so many options you have when you need to pass it. But those final few minutes it looked like you we teach you were just gonna go to that plaintively could stop. It death we talk about all of them -- that we'll play you articles like games that was one of the animation as I've got to make the best -- as possible. Stop their run this again. As just so hard really -- it just showed you. You guys feel the big lead. And you give full credit to the knicks really what badly vacuum that -- -- convicted -- really his fault that it did but this really give -- credit. Seven nothing the biggest parliament because then. They've been impressed. Teammates that these things get run found a way of him. How important will this week here that you're gonna have beat this team and for you. Very important. That's the tough series 14. You know the first two games where -- -- either way but. Is decrypt a seven going to be great to get a couple of days off you a lot of risk for all aghast go to guys and young -- as well so. Come back ready to play when I'm got to play and be -- go to Miami or fulfill the. -- let me ask you this. Before the game -- got a lot of attention nationally Everest not talking about it you can in his own on the court you're not even aware of it. Mike did Tony says some things before the game about you with how things might be different viewpoint -- team didn't have all these great players so my only question view is to those comets make their way to you before this game now. It's relatively -- they haven't I don't know it tell us what tells the damn thing I don't think -- Airways in my since he's been coming -- the -- -- he said before the game that if you were playing Minnesota you were somewhere like that it would be much different that you're playing with hall of famers and they get tired of being asked questions about you. So that there really stories so what's the comment but had to poverty. You know. -- He -- you know I could do it bit you. You know -- have -- -- want to believe you and I think -- believe at this time but. You understand that this is that nature of the beast the opposition but to try to do anything that gets you. Yeah I'm Natalie. Everyone has an opinion. You know I'm I'm here so it doesn't matter because. What people say. Opportunity this notice is -- The other series obviously isn't over yet because Philadelphia once today if it ends up being Miami -- -- heavily favored -- with a 31 series lead. I imagine you knew from the knee this season started -- to win a second championships you can have a second look at some point it was gonna have. Have to go through mine. Who would have it be mine. I'd be Chicago so this. -- -- -- to minority that a team and meet at some point you're gonna active. You could say that this. That that might come back I don't know both. We Watson again. All you know it Jacoby home restive whether they are very that's occurred. In -- -- not seen these let's be ready to go and I'm gonna go. First four game sweep of the sell its 25 years -- around a big part of -- things.

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