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D and C #1 AGAIN

Apr 21, 2011|

Dennis and Callahan kick off the Thursday's show breaking down the latest ratings in which the DnC Morning Show was #1 in men once again.

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Shots I was chatting up Jerri hadn't seen -- area I missed the opening to include the news news was what news is -- the number one New -- at all on the plane and I gotta -- them seriously and I was chatting Gerri thanks and attention just I'll pay attention we were. And that we're discussing ways to jump up when you hit hips. Ohio Ohio Ohio bodies left side where Iceland's there companies that haven't named Maya the high high yes I've -- I hit him told him -- don't do that anymore you can get hurt to a high hip thought yeah that doesn't sound right but they do it every huddle now and CEO Rex Ryan data via -- -- -- on the floor at the -- -- -- -- -- there. We just did it mean you weren't involved you know and I just did in here you wanna come in here and do what we -- a -- though. Other news John. -- -- Market it would keep its subtle. Keep in subtle gloat too much progress that we wait for Jessica inch pad to right which they always blow yet you know -- written -- -- -- we don't care about them we will will announce that a ceiling -- we care about the people who made -- -- us through the ones to pre shall we do it like we do and support we do by the way. For the record in this needs to be said this was. Boston rating this is not Providence is not NASA and he's not all the other stations I would daresay this if you add up the people who were listening or watching on nests and and all the entire radio network. Including Providence and including the station from problems that comes up into the Boston signal area. The beat down would be like bully beat down. But this is just the Boston audience often vs Boston number one I believe that. Seven. Books in Cairo writes it's more than that but it's it's at least that many and -- back at the number of yeah yeah in. Let's let's be honest since Howard Stern. You know that's true the money that was a break and went underground. A break I don't think right external I don't know we've missed a beat no. And that's been years and yet -- mistakes it affect the people who like and appreciate we do yeah. Of course the week warned that want that. That the people who listen. And have to like -- that -- people listen elect to be aggravated like it irritate of them have to like that even have to appreciate enough to admire that up to -- just listen just listen rant -- and in and rose they've been listening and and once again. There were era predictions of doom because one on this and those all that'll kill you know it'll it'll draw -- your radio he's will be watching TV media and people get frightened by the way you go as low -- and problems -- possibility and they went to the radio and listened but. That's happened in places where people go on TV instantly. The numbers drop on radio it makes sense hasn't happened to be well maybe it will then maybe there will be more people -- TV yeah but so far. And that was awful book full rating book and book is one quarter of the year right of people don't know which one quarter that would be three months. And that is an official -- count three months and and in our business in our John raw the only thing that matters is men. And in men in the -- -- book in the three months in the one quarter of the year. We won again yeah congratulations -- Perot thank you very much aware that. Even being at being slightly ahead for like three weeks doesn't count as -- one book guerilla. A rate so -- shouldn't celebrate if we're like slightly ahead for three and a half we could we could if you'd like that's so tacky but it would get redundant -- get tedious I don't get lied to our listeners and -- were number one when we're ahead for just three weeks and and then you just call you stooge and one of the local if that's true and he'll -- whether that's true we don't do that even now and we've never done that and not that where -- brag and I mean that would be that would be unethical so wouldn't that. But think about there's a -- book. In radio once a quarter once four times the three months. It's not at a time -- you know TV ratings is over now he drives and any of that stuff I mean we've we've. We certainly know enough advertisers and they had an advertising agents -- we know they look at and we know what. You know the whole business is based on rating books and it goes by quarter. And we're repeating ourselves because. Whenever it was and I mean if you know -- radio you know its quarterly people applied to. And and most it lied to -- spyware doesn't want to say about a minute after number one -- And amazing things you could call a reporter lied to them. Run read the -- -- yes which is in it I've been in this business for a long time. That's the most embarrassing. Thing that can happen and and when your newspaper is forced to -- correction -- fix your mistake. And they still continue to carry the water right and you continue and how how that works I don't know someone lied to me yeah and I. Was forced the paper you know was obviously you'd be called in the boss' office -- you do and that you check your facts and then they run a correction official correction. That would be painful and. And you would remember that I would never -- -- you -- just that the person who who wrote easily lied to you. And gave you misinformation you wet with in the paper if you yet people get some people say. That's okay would you call me back and yes remember my first name. Is and is in fact that's all we. That's the way it works in the eyes you know -- and write some story and and and your PR agent. Like some guy -- you today given historians say get a story about whatever Kirby Puckett. And and beat the same guy called a Kirby park out. It's I -- check out what it is the height now of on profession that's right in the business and and it's also kinda that it is someone would like EU. And you wouldn't remember it next time and you wouldn't. Double check it next time I mean it's one thing to be corrected once betrayed him to be brighter -- The news that was forced to run corrections. Multiple times yeah I mean that's pretty bad it's that very good job and these are the Boston numbers were talking about this does nothing to do with Providence. Boston now and then and that that matters. Needs stress it's turns out that's -- that's also part of the lies Jerry. Eleven people were listing in Providence actually that's not even true. It's never been -- it's never been through -- and if you say you and you're either stupid or you're dishonor me and you know. That's not as a clarification the Providence signal comes north it doesn't just go south the Rhode Island it comes north and the places like. Hansen and still win and Randolph complacent like fat. And people can pick it up on the FM side and -- out why wouldn't you we don't have the best signal melt which is another thing that you know where. We're proud of overcoming overcoming. That unable. And so so he probably signal comes north into the Boston market and so when they do count Providence and his number one has nothing to do with -- -- last number one -- seven before that. When they do count people were listing -- Boston but on the Providence radio station but the beat down is significant -- and I mean again if you say that there's anything deceiving about that. And you either a stupid or the line because you know someone's -- It can't if the sitting right here in Brighton bright and they happen to get the FM signal and they listen to our show right and they live in Britain. And you think for some reason they shouldn't count of course they shoot -- -- listening to our -- right into -- commercial in our town in our count recourse that should count the game. That goes without saying if you think there's something untoward about that you are either stupid or your lie I mean it's one of the other. You check you you you panic. But that he's not he -- -- -- either lying or have been lied to. Which means you stupid -- you fall for that especially I mean like him he wants one thing but let me repeatedly and that run with a you're kind of pathetic and your boss who runs these repeated. He was so so pleased with his major contribution to make you a number one yet again he just drank heavily Alison Nicolas Cage last night and is not here tomorrow and com. -- but he was so deals so drunks so. Packet up I guess it was shipments but he might at a meet tomorrow. No one days I thought he pulled what we call on the business chat -- benefit analysis and we've -- planned tomorrow tests to Brigham and a year put him on camera. And give them. But you just want to stay number 103 partner wearing for a swim and I wish him the -- just terrible minutes from -- as oppose to amendment and I can tell those -- -- I don't yet know in Amanda no -- that. I so much to do a wedding show a little wedding preview for a couple of minutes right just wish him the best and maybe give the list is too it's a talk show are still has chance and also -- what he's worried about can possibly go wrong and maybe ask about some bad web store right in my -- of funny segment and we -- tied in with the news of the day because if you. Brought Frank McCourt and yeah like two days force wedding yeah game chance sure to get out of it if you could do it over here who felt -- -- frank -- what would you do what do you think he would do run. House so does the good question about the courts and patent it and about it but. What's the plan all along to. Make it Stanley business elect the craft yes of course -- ports on the corner for parole for sun -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pocket that I crafts the Steinbrenner as the jones' out of Dallas it was going to be your family that threat business lasers -- has so many of them and and and the kids were gonna take over. So these two alleged adults frank and Jamie. Have a bad things go bad as it happens. And they say screw the kids -- the boys you know we are going to. You know like this whole franchise on fire. Because we can't get along yeah. That is pathetic and Anna and them and against -- -- we can elect him on the show you an offer for a house that's true it would mean we we wasn't rooting against them. To get the Red Sox. Ohio difference for history would be cool and if you could get the Dodgers he obviously had the money. Won't he and Jamie and the money. -- to -- your ability to get the loans and dividends and if you have that ability. Didn't have the ability to get the financing for the Red Sox if the opportunity was there if Selig and not a not a -- his favorite group. Of the Warner Henry and Larry. Want what's the difference and we can check the price. Because I think there's a different -- we believe in dodger I understand but there's a difference between able to secure the financing all that means is. Convincing a bank or banks -- lending institutions. That you are good for the money if they called in the -- does that mean you have the money is convincing people that you will pay it back. In due time. Now John Henry has deep pockets he can go by day soccer team -- go and get involved in route to -- -- everything I understand of course he finances are only because it's a fiscally responsible thing to do. The fact of the matter is he has a ton adult courts did not have a -- -- but leave the bright side here would take a short. When you get a chance to price of the Dodgers and -- roads and -- or some 700 million check with the McCourt paid. But 430 million dollars -- thickness -- teams have been through divorces has been a few yeah. How many teams have suffered the way the Dodgers are going to mean. -- in worse shape apparently than the Mets. Who -- that's that was scared out of what had a little the number 100 million I think it's more I think it's more. I think the will once could've handled that this is I think it might be more. And and now on the Major League baseball's taking over day to day operations Dodgers because the courts. Couldn't. Work it out the money didn't just disappear. Right. Well and the way did not wear long partner on saying it they said to them. We need all that 430 born third you know 130 now there's not a chance an album courts could use that when nobody could. I could not only could you think John Henry right now if you said we need 430 million you -- -- absolutely no Beckett. -- -- Hillary has to get it out the -- has -- course he does it have a drug could do it first of all. If you have that you don't do any of course he's not he's not gonna risk your personal for that's right. That's why everybody -- I'm -- has a different between being able to withstand. These kinds of financial hits and divorces and settlements and those kinds of things or having you know somebody steal all your money in it in a Ponzi scheme. Verses. You know having the house of cards crumble when your wife says I get half the team know I get half the team and Major League Baseball steps in and says we're not gonna have -- this in -- we're taking over your your finances were taking over the operation -- -- club now that's the bad news I guess from Major League Baseball you wanna hear the this is good or bad news interesting news and write this down market it is 616. On the 21 of April you heard it here first. There's a chance. That what is happening in Los Angeles is going to have a major impact on what is now. Ongoing in Boston. With the Red Sox. It's swapped franchises don't know and Tom Warner is gonna go by the coaches I'm just saying that there is. AAA. And more than a rumor there is a thread of thinking. In the power brokered numbers of Major League Baseball Major League sports. That this is going to play out the -- Warner is going to get on the white horse. And riding in as the hero. And purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers and take away from Major League Baseball -- of course their blessing the operational that franchise meaning saying goodbye to John Henry. And going to Los Angeles to on the Dodgers. I'm surprised me you know he's he's a lot of LA -- All the McCartney's and a -- he's a baseball on the via the Padres right. People like right by the way we know they always you're the Boston Red Sox who did nine out of ten people say Israel regrets on and on and -- -- you know as well it's. Right right and and I would think Tom likes that. I don't know whether doesn't automatically they -- they get along -- I agree if I get along June you know when they first bought the team. There were predictions of of great division between these guys cause they were all alpha males yet at one point our number one. And and and hell we were hearing from reliable sources that Larry audience bags packed. Of these the purchase and sale will sign that he is insulated go to. Wash caution with the national rise and any number of other places the commissioner's office he's still here nine in his nine years later. 8001 missed this and it is also -- -- this has been here nine and a half yeah -- brother gets nine and a half and he's still here they are still here. No I wouldn't be surprised at all -- warned them -- you know the question is how many. It's the Dodgers how many guys want to buy does ball want to buy this -- and earned. Overnight someone sent Larry Ellison's interest upon what that. Is there a limit to how many teams Paul Allen -- has got to they got rules yeah in place you know corporations on the team that kind of thing but. If Larry Ellison wants to buy he's one guy who could -- jurors on first month rent check out that he would be good. Mean that's a guy -- bottomless pockets and opponents in our parking lot magnate from Boston via. Beat out other interested parties in that market -- have more money than he and more power and more famous and more connected. Did the story meter we talked about this will get it again because it's time -- Frank McCourt doesn't have any money -- -- we'll see at a 140000. Personal fortune that Sports Illustrated courteous in the magazine and Obama was he has canonized and they had he has a 140000. Doesn't pay any of his bills as nine house's 89 houses and -- -- -- yet and they selling those off. Because east got literally he's got some here yeah right idea that the entire -- -- and so keep like four cute that the deal here. Four he gets -- harbors cobble. In Sun Valley Malibu that he you know some people it's it's got two or three roll out and -- people buy and shot glasses Bebo by salt and pepper -- is why wouldn't it whether flies watches watches us. What. Sneakers. May box you know what you collect. I used to collect hats when I was kid Major League Baseball odd because everywhere and I had hung up on the walls and those cools the real every brutally baseball hat -- -- you had a ball yes animal and others bought some of that screws and and the other Red -- -- we should -- you. A couple of the Orioles. Like that or ecologically correct -- or the one that predated -- -- predated. Again based or. Years ago cardinals a good -- Cards is good tradition like a love the Dodgers drawn by the state. I love Davey Lopes Bill Russell -- don't roster could look I didn't like me the Larry Lucchino I love Steve Garvey here's my -- in like if you look. You know zero to. I don't like it like thugs -- close to yankees not not yankees but lakers dodges. I just LA there was the coastal eggs but those social lakers. Net like the glitz of the lakers in late lakers Celtics suddenly reasoning that others. -- -- dodges. These hosting everything LA I don't know eight. I harbor you root for USC. We have a -- do their dirty and that's. Our fault lines are open 61777. Lines. Your right fifty toll free 8885250850. As we told you like that in a Charles a couple of games ago Iggy is dehydrated. And couldn't make it to the F starting gate today -- the fault lines and talk with you know. We talked about ratings for a second and and there aren't overnight ratings in yen in radio -- what about. In Major League sports in Boston how the ratings right now I mean -- and or broadcast ratings in terms of the thumbs up or thumbs down. The Red Sox the Bruins in the Celtics how would you say the overnight ratings in terms of they're goodwill they are good fortune. How they are going to fare going forward to the Red Sox ratings are climbing would you agree -- short. Yeah the other it's going to be tough to get to five -- me his birthday but that could they can do it. Sure about the Bruins ratings they -- to Celtic ratings at this point. It's funny it's almost like the Bruins have more momentum on for the -- itself -- Celtics are up to -- Had on the road Bruins are down to one I will discuss that will but the fault lines in thirty seconds it'll take -- Nicolas Cage is not exactly a real estate -- yet maybe you should advise the Orioles Nicolas Cage -- everything and it. He's thought about -- yeah some of the Dodgers -- eight. Tyler -- collecting he collects -- is one sick dude.

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