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Paul Pierce, Celtics Forward

Apr 14, 2011|

Paul talked about all the moves made by the Knicks and how it should be an exciting series, where Madison Square Garden ranks in places to play, the importance of Doc Rivers resting the starters at the end of the year, how blaming the struggles on the Kendrick Perkins trade is really just an excuse, the importance of Shaq's health for a championship run and his take on language on the court and the league fining Kobe Bryant $100,000.

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Celtics captain Paul Pierce joining us on the eighteenth the hotline find out with possible. But the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible. All it's like a little Dario. -- -- on what's -- Ahmed got that you talked about this couple that is this the next you guys have in the first round Paul this is this get your fired up for first round series. This into the fire burning hunger. You -- like what they've done that would remove what and Carmelo. To go along with a Mario Chauncey and so you know that is definitely going to be some excited and this as we've learned Symbian Atlantic Division. You know New York Boston you know what more can you say yards -- the Red Sox yankees -- the spirit sciences. But if you've got of the wires Philadelphia new York and to sit their sale what's a better match having a -- young athletic not much -- experience we look at that next team. Put together the way you said -- those guys seem fair share of him if you know where it was four years ago or so but they've they've got some experience over. You're definitely have some experience. Results are the -- in minority leader happy about it is -- -- -- -- but I hope because. You know guys that are going to be here guys like Tony go to -- you know -- -- Outside of you know he's going to be acute form. Along with penalty -- obvious. You know -- tomorrow. Paul where does Madison square rank in terms of but non Boston Garden buildings you get to play -- across the MBA. You know to me it's right there it's right there at the top you know also all the meat plant here in the guard policy. Because I had the opportunity to play you know a number of games in have been enormously long ball hard cute it's -- -- -- -- -- the -- rest you guys the last couple games how important that was for you physically -- for the most part -- -- big four bit healthier for the most part Rondo had his moments but. Down the stretch haven't two games off like -- for the series is a big B right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As always do a little bit of mr. Or -- jogging before for the game and I just you know those are much better off you know doing their own you know you -- there. You go to agencies aren't just -- action -- -- -- the course of the season. You don't get a couple days rest you can do wonders. I'm on them pretty good at this point a lot better than Ogden Nash's. And vertigo. How long does it Paul if it doesn't take long at all to flip that playoffs which he talked about a physical break you've had basically for about a weaker so. What about mentally for you wouldn't and for this team you'll recognize in the regular season's over and it's winner go home beginning Sunday. You know our output which would awoke this morning. Lot of players. Are -- today so you -- a whole new season aren't that extreme thing. There were trophy is while -- there. Problem amok here. -- that this is for these whales respond from Tom -- world is more than look at mark. Doubt she and playbook. Another -- and so on a -- years ago. A lot transition lot new players lot of talk about Kendrick Perkins trade on nationally it seems like people been. That'd jump on the bandwagon that that -- at the Celtics team isn't may be as tough as they once war. A lot of talk or on the MBA because sort of look at that and it kind of -- this respected by just by losing based in one guy in hearing all these people talk about. -- me. That's the nature to be some and we heard it was even worse last year we went through our our struggles you. Definitely Kendrick had a huge impact but. Every in this you know -- a big portion of the season. Endured a portion we're could be lot of good teams also -- Not because of some excuse at this point out because it offers from the wall -- -- It hurt you know when you lose he made compared to the wars which you -- -- prayer. We're looking into today you know regardless in this block all border guards it's gonna go to battle -- and I think that we have more than -- religions in the locker room. When park wasn't there -- big Fella Shaq was it was was healthy and playing basic unit trading room did you happen to run by Shaq and how is he feel how important is he. To your to you guys moving forward. -- will be huge for us in Australia. If he's so BR believe we can win the whole thing but we we definitely need -- -- -- -- are. Talk about matchups in the playoffs you know even. If there in the first round on me he's somebody that's tough to match of -- can call Volcom. Promise we'll it seems so weird it's -- they're gonna give him better appeared hopefully and hopefully offer. All you guys said that emotional win over the 76ers. A couple weeks ago what after the game you were quoted as saying. Look as Rajon Rondo goes that's how our team goes well what's your outlook on Rondo is play he's been up and down do you think he can be. A consistent force as you guys are open the post season on Sunday. We're rural we're we hope so you know because. Let us live in the -- -- you know as he -- we do go originally. Beginning music we play well over him win those games -- And I in he's these government and I there's couples because he's got a gift is going restart offense. Give their bodies and ball where there and we play the speed. We players with the national defense. You know we're tough to beat me talk about got to topple ball -- little ball one of the best. So we've -- the covers day in the office we have people actually you know he -- a lot of responsibility. Forward restraint while that with a lot of weight on the social and about -- -- This ridiculous but they. I'm Jeff -- got a lot of minutes the last couple nights sees the big name coming over in net perkins' deal obviously in his transition trying to fit in. You know with with a lot of every big names you guys have on this team and having a different role. You go up against typical for a young player you know you consulate came over those players in all of our veterans beaten. Enough all the while on the Connecticut become intimidated in the way you know almost double the court -- -- and Kevin. Myself and resigned you know you can. Overpaying became evident nationally -- -- player especially his ability to look at -- if you just continue to play with energy you know he's gonna find his way a little game. You know what our team he's going to be your valuable asset or because his versatility but I think he's. He's more comfortable and comfortable by the very party game in you know -- -- Israeli the last few guarantees we -- a lot of promise. He can do offensively we knew that -- to convict or. For him and openness is the only way commission can contribute defensively you know and on the glass because. In those are gonna do its main issues in the us if we're gonna simply. Paul you're you're a veteran you've been through a lot of these runs does -- creep into your mind at all that the group you're with right now the head coach with right now that the opportunities with these guys. They become fewer and fewer as each year you know passes today in the NBA. You're not hard not to think about you're not over senator. You know we don't have also confirmed they we've got together involved largest publicly. You know. Nobody expected it to be that good this year amounted to another or -- -- -- national classroom you know there's just there's in the game this year so. -- -- Thank you were a year on the day by day and you know -- he delegates as he put the pieces in place -- -- -- -- In our guests as routers you have to look at it that way. In order for you to go laughter -- -- -- urgency because you don't get these opportunities. Between these players who knows what can happen that you. Paula basketball Colby you know he was fine 100000 dollars and caught on TV. Usually a slur towards new refereed I mean I know the language it is what it is in sports it is what it is on the court. There when you see something like that you look at it as like get basically get caught on TV in as a veteran. -- what do you think overall as far as that language on the court and how that should be. I I guess refereed. That's pretty clear line you know where he talked Navarro. Players who play with so much passion and emotions become -- You know when you when you when you're in a -- a moment and things happened to the sometimes things come our problems are a lot of us live situation have been involved however moments where you say things at the moment and you know you need to regret it when you go back here in America which it is. Careful somebody from being in the heat of the moment the -- you know maybe it was it the -- agent. The head -- you know especially when you look at -- don't care. Whether you. I hear it every day you why. And it's crazy when you look he'll play -- on as a because he was caught on camera the camera doesn't catch them. I'm sure when he talked about this and. Yes you think it's more media the fact that they caught a more so than maybe. The reaction. -- I think it's all media. I mean I don't say if you don't -- caught on camera we wouldn't be talking about this group is far more worst thing that frightened. -- -- -- If they're gonna find for swear of the KG might be given his contract -- a period in India and yeah. There. Paul last one for May get that post season spotlight this and you have a bunch of days company got one opponent you joked about. The of that that playbook and advance scouting she talked about Doc Rivers when you get into a series like this and how much of an impact. He can have on this team in terms of preparation at and scouting and getting ready for each opponent round by round it's -- tournament goes on. Only one of the best in the business remains. -- -- really great coach but when it comes down to break it down planes to us we don't play up on me they can just put together great. On days when is because you've got to focus on just one team. For several games. Low light go on the in the regular season you have so many hours to prepare for each team on the 99 basis of value used to hear like a -- earlier. We go play books. You know we got. I pretty much I'm gonna know all the New York plays in the next couple days probably back to back compliance. And you know he's he's one of the best in the business preparation. In this at least he's. Basketball. Paul appreciate the time we know you guys get ready for the post season we thank you end up best the lucky you guys are determined on Sunday -- you got there -- Areas Paul Pierce joining us here on -- and Maloney Sports Radio WEE on this interview Paul Pierce brought to you by. -- premium coconut water naturally powder powered. And also by new pro there's a reason why more knowing -- her shoes new pro over anyone else for a limited time by seven windows get one free. Call 1800 go to new pro. Or visit new pro dot com and by network capital funding corporation. Text rate to 85850. 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