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Doc Rivers talks about the Perkins trade, Shaq's return and the matchup with the Knicks

Apr 14, 2011|

Doc Rivers joins D&C to talks about the Perkins trade, Shaq's return and the matchup with the Knicks.

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You know statistically if you look at the box score last night Celtics winnable the next should be very impressed and say they are rolling into the play at six Celtics in double figures. They shot 56 and a half percent from the floor. And got that name aside threat is gaps and -- slumping. Disputes and shots for tabs. Greece scored fourteen babies scored seventeen and artistic scored thirteen wafer scored fourteen Bradley scored one -- I would have scored nineteen. Her -- perhaps perhaps was four for five from three point. -- don't know the knicks were running them hard closing out the shooter they never do that. It'll eliminate the ducks in -- Jonas and about a minute from now we can eliminate wasting a minute of time and saying what that last night's game mean what you aptly enough the aptly enough. Stoudamire did play I guess. No meals. -- of important -- mattered. That ray Allen's day in his suit guy. Rondo and pierce had actually put there sneezes yeah. That in rhetoric also play it's it's again I go back. I'm always the optimistic one and there was no but flip the switch. The whole team does have to flip the switch to start and at the scene of the day populace is any great year. Kevin Garnett isn't a very good year last year at this time we wondered would go and that no flip the switch would he be there and couldn't he wasn't able to. And he still -- by the way and the even in the playoffs he was hobbled he was hurting right and the reason they lost game seven is not as -- was discuss. Oh so well. Commitment yeah and and what three boards and a solid eighteen boards. And the Celtics could not score in the last two games even with park in game six -- -- underestimated park now it's six at the lakers series when they scored 69 you can look that I will look up but it and so we have light with the great. Kendrick. A -- Ewing Jabbar. They only had 69 points and in game seven without -- they only in seven whatever they could not score. Which has been largely a problem on the stretch. And that's Rondo Rondo flips a switch and Rondo plays like he does -- postal increases he still has those games. Because he's not hurt we -- think. -- it's a bit of common concern if he's healthy. And meet them -- can change everything you you can beat. The Rondo rom. Until the cows come home. And the fact is there are other elements involved here I know you've glob on to Rondo you have to protect your little. -- little you'll realm of Ron -- the recent good or bad Rondo is the reason there are other things at play here beside -- on Rondo. You want us to believe that Ray Allen -- throat in the ocean from the boat because Rondo is doing something wrong you possibly that they can't score they can't play defense they can't set fixed array -- because Rondo is it doing what Rondo can do obviously Rondo is that an up and down -- it's not the entire reason there're a number of reasons it's all in Perkins says -- never goes all Kendrick Perkins. Popularly known -- Doc Rivers is brought -- -- Herb Chambers are authorized Mercedes-Benz deal with locations in Boston infield and Natick. They've got it and Herb Chambers dot com and by Mikey Adam's -- doctor doctor Leonard hair transplant associates 1800. Get -- morning doc how are you. Martin minority say the minute we're fine and eliminate the question what at last night's game means they don't they get met much of anything fair to say we can move on. Excellent here's something else that doesn't mean anything -- heard people talking about well the last couple games and audition for the twelfth spot on the roster. Bradley way for Sasha that doesn't mean much either -- what about eight or maybe nine deepen your rotation. Yeah but it's amazing when you did ask that question and you know of the dead in the player ever just used to matter I don't them there right. So let's get the something that does matter are the Celtics ready for the post season now or is this little mini camp thing between now and Sunday evening. Going to put the finishing touches and the edge you need to play well. What -- were ready. Bureaucracy at center for the player also. You know your opponent is and so that gives -- -- time to prepare which is good. And the game went certainly doesn't hurt you know that means we have we've had a lot of rest or intuit. And now so we should be pretty good. Does the regular season. Against the -- does that matter. Now one gains it was the only game that. Matters in the end that's because at that are traded at that -- -- Would play one day. To -- game but other than that. And doesn't matter marched you know. You UC tendencies. You know the other games obviously. And they see some that we replay of the -- in the way they play defense and same thing -- our -- stuff you don't change who you are completely no matter pubic region. But other than that. You you know you wanna mall loss Somalia cat -- doesn't matter going into the playoffs. Changes isn't that historically we hear those less transition is this tougher better defense more half court play. Is that true and if it is true does that play into your favor. Well I don't know deployed in our paper or not -- cases it is preparation you know -- recklessly and you may play four games and five day. You don't have one single target. You don't have. You know one single focus. And so and in you don't have breast. You know go to regular season this is more grind and that's why you you know -- always caution everyone regular season games you gotta be careful because. You don't know the game the team is just -- -- the West Coast trip for you you know certain stone ago. -- recklessly and everybody on the same -- and or the -- -- So that's what makes it different -- you -- as it does slow a little bit because of you know by Jane Q. You know callers these orders. An academic fusion gonna come down to players -- voice. Doctors -- fair to say that the Celtics are playing the kind of consistent smothering defense you played. Proportions of last year and the beginning of this year. Right now are low right now going it and we hadn't been that statistically our numbers are better. So it it's just that. When we play. Argued in I would say in fairways were brought it to you before. If you go about a number at all. I know you don't install the defense like the patriots would do for a game on Sunday but to tweak it and and what are the two elements when you try to deal with Carmelo and Stoudamire what are the two elements in -- defense that need to be functioning. All eight cylinders to shut each of those guys down. Well our help defense has to be -- believe. You know they're very different group what makes -- you know and Chauncey Billups it would make Vick really till now. Didn't before -- reported courage to really focus on one guy that was Stoudamire. Not yet to release their kitchen it to two other guys in the in Billups and in Carmelo. And investor required -- there there are very tough. Signal cover guys we don't like double team and much. And shall we probably will not do that much. But everyone has being helpers are properly. -- ones are you what went with a trade was first mate and for a while after that they were fairly dysfunctional in fact Carmelo said well you know what we're a work in progress. Next year will really concentrate on the playoffs probably -- have that besides the obvious of just getting more used to each other. Technically specifically from basketball. Standpoint what have they done to kind of turn that around -- 180 degrees to be the -- a teammate who won seven of their last eight summit last. It together you know listen we -- more room there right. Soro. You just play together and and it does not -- -- -- chemistry you're near temple it all that stuff. But there's enough time and they had enough time. We -- have enough time. It's it's -- it's not the chill. Is is. Pierce on Carmelo is Garnett on Stoudamire is Rondo on Chauncey Billups or is that too simplistic. New investors simplistic. As far as yes. You know we don't like cross matchup -- a lot. You know other guys -- be -- Carmelo. All the Dutch mobile Stoudamire. You know also but for the most part yes. I heard you say the other day. And I think he'd known really ashes specific question but -- point you wanted to wanna know that Paul Pierce had a great year candidates lost. The Perkins trade the Rondo struggles the uneven play of the team but. Out what did he do that was so exceptional and and why you think we'd we know once in a notice. Well I don't think -- -- surgery you know he's you know in some way. You know the cult conducting ground hold -- You know hope yours is there are -- ago. You know he's a great dark and almost -- just so consistent. If he's he's rebounded where he's just a great basketball player. That the very fundamentally sound and so you don't see you. And you look at the box -- has been rated games where. You know we've won that game America brought to win and a look at the Bosporus a lot of all really played our best. That's why you don't see. We had this discussion well I think when you're hanging on him we have a lot ball. Rondo struggles affect everybody obviously is the point guard. Does it affect Ray Allen Moore when Rondo struggles because Paul seemed to be able to create his own shot Paul seems to like bad shots in that he's good and bad show. -- -- bad shots you know our best use the word scores and stuff. It does affect it affects race there's no doubt about it tomorrow. You know some of them it is right -- -- biscuits shots orders don't struggle. Public several -- Rondo as well you know -- simple. Help Slaton were running and and setting better picture and -- Our own problems playing at a speed that his guy can't help when we're playing at that slowed. Walked the ball up wasted your double while ago when the -- Optimal -- And don't torture rate cut. So yeah our government and president. But it the whole reason. How much does rebounding game missed shot -- taking the opponent's ball out of the basket after a made shot impact your ability to control pace. So huge it's huge I mean now in the two -- slower paced is what make this right the circle -- go to the problem. You know if you continually get to the foul line. Then you're slowing the pace jumped -- today because they're kicking the ball and you get sir Richard it. Thought you told anybody who'll listen Jerry in me writers certainly did you talk to every single day it is call what does happen Rondo in recent weeks just a -- I'm wondering industries and stretch where he's had a good game and had a bad game and a good game and a bad game. Are you able to anticipate which is coming next based on the match up based on I don't know his attitude are you talking to him based on practice or do you find out when we find out. Our primary when you -- that -- that it. You know that's most guys. And you know obviously this stuff when it's a point guard. But that is in many games where it starts do -- in in Goldberg has been on the start and you'll do and so. You go the whole -- -- -- America you know just fight through it. In just keep playing at a peace and did you play -- poorly at times just. Just don't let go you know just keep going and when he -- His numbers may not reflect in in his late. But and our -- -- it it definitely resident there. Are you wary of or aggravated with the questions about the trade how you were before and how you were are now. Are you all -- and that undergraduate. You know right yeah that you expect -- -- trade like this and the question except -- Colorado battle to get personal lump. Nor guitar government -- -- a couple of -- continue to back. But understand. And then you know -- stretch we did play well we struggled and you know -- you stroke who are we get we gotta find a reason why and that's just the do the world we live and in Colorado and then my job distraught did you go advances in some -- development from them develop. Will grab -- me asking us what weapon near the one do -- yet you know what I have won a -- this question but I already know it's futile because an -- rancher has to be. If you had it to do over again would you approve this trade I think I know what you have to say what what do you really think. Ultimately what I have to. You know I don't know guys admittedly it was a -- do we did it we knew that. And mentioned. I think we'll wait and see if it was a right -- now. Danny says is that everybody who's -- Alaska is everyone was on board yeah. What does that mean exactly did you actually. Disgust with the all the key guys and and every one. Thought it was a good GO you know we it was debated the Euro and some -- that cured. But but no wasted no. Rondo and not sure. No one should know. One no one and you know what happens is we don't go -- on -- -- -- you don't watch. But that's okay that that's just our work sometimes and you know up to organizers -- -- is made -- and we're not gonna make it we've done it. It it and now we've got to have moved more. Candidate back and then we got four. Was it like a team meeting that that the Perkins wasn't invited to is that when the. You know individual players. Those individual. And and players as well as. Coaches and management. And everybody was on boy. It broke don't boredom mean most knew it was going to happen and so you used -- thought about it and you know there're there was a couple deal honestly and -- problem oneself through. There and this while we got. Are you counting on. Krstic and green in the post season I mean really counting on the. Yeah -- cal Norton up a lot. And there will be good a player out there really believed that. And Chris did it really depends on the health check and ill. But I'm -- -- the race. How's the health -- check in jail. -- children. Circular remain -- Kenya you know he doesn't practice -- felt that they were gonna do much to very besides you know a lot of -- work in the a lot of he just walked stuff. But hopefully -- get on the floor next couple days. -- other something else you have to say and probably wanna say it as well that would be to condemn or or or reject the word that Kobe used in the got to find a 100000 dollars for. But in the context of NBA play and words that are said and names that are called over all of your years in basketball is that out of the ordinary what was said. Battled over the out of ordinary. You know. But just out of there are unfortunately careful. And unlike other little thing went down personally I didn't bill -- -- it was. -- cameras to order -- You know. It's incredibly different -- that mountain. -- or -- Becoming golf where you can call in Asia and sort of move the ball that he should be disqualified and that's. That's a little. Guy just offensive there are two words right you know you should -- percent. And we -- all the work and when you sit them. You know you probably you know -- been somewhat. But aren't they said all the time and of NBA basketball court to each other with them. Lot of -- yeah so you're gonna hurt and there right -- -- -- -- but yet they are. There -- a lot of things. Are you aware of the ESPN cameras as this association thing. Is being video. You. Now you know you need you don't like a narrative account because. That allowed -- coaches meeting Governor Davis when -- torque are gonna markers and in the included results. Still don't like it honestly you know being right arm for gangs. Pretentious don't feel safe if you go to yeah. Well but you don't even notice it for the most part anymore. You know and so it's sleeping with a camera he's just doing your job. And then there around -- -- a good job. -- -- association applauded jittery a bit rate job of being invisible. -- was. Part of -- -- pursuit innovate they don't mess they're gonna do this for the most part because you're. They wanted to evolve and us a strong way to sort of idea now there about -- doing worse as long as we can to -- You haven't been given said the wrong thing yet but I'm look at -- the next. Episode because it's got more efficient Mike KG more viewer struggles. KG what do think I -- David Stern gets like a full time lip read. Didn't do trouble can't completely control. What are you gonna say before Sunday book that to get your guys to have to flip the switch the proverbial -- I don't regret to say much compare you know less. Will be prepared. Will be ready. And if you want to motivate them to assume games last year. And seven against the lakers zero. Will that I mean did you give a great effort in the game or know where you are you ran out of gas. Then we wanted to director and so don't where we're gonna do there it is and we we have to have. We have to be motivated that we have to play great team basketball. How much has Delonte is injury impacted what you're going to be able to do certainly in the first couple games son moon's. Surface assassinate yeah. The Arctic you'll be fine you know are you actually worked out a little bit yesterday so. No of the -- permanent and it is but it there are -- injury. You know that would impact and things -- -- -- that in but I think he's going to be okay particular place -- But a question from me the Red Sox sure in the midst of a two at nine start can't seem to get anything go on sort of like golf when the drivers not work in the the -- dot work in the wedges -- and nothing. -- a little streak. It all with this team a couple of years ago where you couldn't get out -- -- way what do you say as a coach if if you're Doc Rivers to a basketball team or or Terry Francona to a Red Sox baseball team when nothing's going your way including the brakes. Just keep driving keep dornin has this week you know you have the government saying you know. I've approached -- to bet on games that you know. Is that it in the record. You can't let him just fall back on -- I guarantee you judo is this just you know the -- -- gonna turn their way but it Turkey grinder and he will remain this. You got the right guy in charge dude -- and and -- to -- start and I have no doubt. You know the devil it'll ever I have no doubt about it. And from personal experience are you able to I don't know -- -- -- -- we're cliche look at their eyes and see when they're about to go around the bend and -- get better I mean to say my god this is not gonna go all the way we thought. And not lose guys. This a couple of personal experience you can see when it's turned -- for sure. And it could be a moment. You know including games that happened at times you know when you look back on certain games you can look at a moment in the -- Right we're we're we're here to rest is history. The same thing which you can. Have you ever created a moment as baseball managers get thrown out a game -- they tossed the post game -- they had you don't have one of those. It's all they needed a moment but that's more emotional yet you know -- I've done that -- many times but you know the the emotional moment last four minute. Put through and it made stardom but it's something that they do the players will do. -- -- -- It is just like when your golf right orgasm little around so you had one shot and you sit well. -- -- It's like when that show where equity forced to objections we could go watch the masters that's true yeah yeah. -- -- a moment you have your dog Jerry goes the other way he gets in the sand and -- -- in the -- he's done for some great goals that's his. Moment of land on Sunday at in the middle of Miami and it would have been added another great. Kind of report. Aren't though -- -- DVR can we just did an estimated time of arrival for Shaquille O'Neal when will we see him again. Well -- game one but I don't know yet because we haven't gone through the couple park. Good luck dockside and at 7 o'clock start Doc Rivers -- Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline he's brought to -- Herb Chambers you're authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer locations in Boston league field and Natick. It got an Herb Chambers dot com and by Mike Adams -- doctored doctor Leonard. Letter hair transplant associates at 1800. Get here.

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