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Ray's manager Joe Maddon on the Sox struggles, Carl Crawford, Manny Ramirez and more.

Apr 13, 2011|

Joe Maddon checked in with the Big Show today before the Rays left town (due to a rain out) to talk about the Red Sox struggles against them, Crawford's struggles, Manny Ramirez and more.

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I would talk to Joe Maddon right now game rained out as -- heard tonight Joe you said. About my Atlanta Hawks. I don't think we'll feel that -- I was just say Lewis caught been grown up so we'll Beatty in the blaze Lenny Wilkens and McCann -- Atlanta Hawks when their first championship landing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those are my guys -- some. About the team I don't know they just seem pro life. Some -- just can't get over the -- last three years driven look at them and good young athletic team Yemen. Yet to be hard maybe idol and Joe Girardi too much you know what Joe you can appreciate this. I feel like they blame their coach they blame their codes too quickly they moved up from Mike Woodson and answered them. That's -- but I do feel better after the first tonight here in Boston. Yet been nice to be able to -- like we have registered as a matter of time that we started to hit because. Really good the bad start has been attributable to just a lack of offense we just have not been able to move the baseball a lot of strikeouts. He hit some -- relatively well but a lot of weak contact finally. The first what we had a good inning against the White Sox tournament so we came back and -- and then. And in the first thing -- against Matsuzaka and of course let me just the top game but it's nice to be able to get back on on the positive side it does wonders for your confidence. Joe I saw you wait a while ago after the Manny Rivera is situation after you retired. After being informed that there was a drug issue Major League Baseball and he said that it may have galvanize this team what do you mean by that Heidi added that situation -- its way. Think a lot of confidence when decision to pursue the perceived negative moment may -- within a group a lot of times that the rest the team will rally around their moment. And I also believe at that point you can see some guys elevate their game and then furthermore it in and most situations creates opportunities for some people. That otherwise would not have that same opportunity you sample which happens to be working out of favor right now. I've said that from that perspective not in any negative way towards many in particular that was my point. That's when it was just that when you do get into that kind of a moment it normally does gather the group together. We -- to the World Series in 2000 they we have a lot of injuries to start the beginning with our own and cashmere and eventually. Longo was suffered long period of time corals are prolonged period of time fully I've worked had a big role. And -- when he met your suited. Children and this is a backup catcher so we had a lot of guys. Kind of accelerate their game at that point so when you lose of a player -- abilities and stature. I just hope -- -- figured that we would truck with him and all the -- the other guys start to pick things up. That I was surprised to see your comments the other day that unit you talked to many but he did not believe that many or would you. An apology didn't like you when this team down. Why did say that from an organizational perspective it was elect I can't I can't tell enemy personally because. This this this team has to raise is not demand it's not about me so for me whenever I'm dealing with another human being and is going to relate to that person. I don't -- one bases and quite frankly in the very nonjudgmental person but organizationally yes they did admit that it was a let down because. We did we -- count on him to be your number four hitter with him and want to go back to back in. And that was kind of a tasty though looking sit up based on the spring in particular because many was the connected so. That's what I meant by that adamant he did not owe me any kind of an apology but -- organizational perspective it was elected. You guys lost quite a bit Joe we've talked about this or even before the season started you lost a lot of guys you open. You you lose Bartlett you lose and you -- Crawford. You have any idea of of who the rays are used to kind of fit trying to figure that out. Well we've which is trying to have -- some other people create their own household names but the system still intact we still. And if you watch as the last two nights but we've we still play the same kind of game. I think we've established method of play in a culture with an organization that. Collectively but the people can step in and and partake in that and that thought. So you're starting to see the building it's more household names. We've kind of been able to grow that over the last couple years -- -- somebody bottom away from us which we have no control -- -- should be pretty jacked up -- really -- basically initiation on Rodriguez continue to get better. I'm looking for a BJ Upton really funny reelection potentials. The pretty young core pitching staff that honestly I think so many teams in our division or league would like to have. The the real concern is the we generate in the bullpen where we lost so many good arms from watched year now we have good arms we have to. Build them into the unit that quite frankly at the beginning of last season there's no way any you would assume that that group was going to be the best -- and an American League. That time. But he'd been -- section AAA at that moment J. P. Howell certain after the years so. You gotta give it time we got to show them competent to go to try to put him in and out the right spots but. For me for a guy so I like their names a lot like where we interact as a group and have a lot of confidence in the. Crawford Carl Crawford in spring training says the rays didn't even approached him about a contract was at this wanted to situations where you said look. The numbers are gonna be so crazy we don't even 10 waste our time. Proposed contract that we know you won't sign do you think that was the logic. Well I mean based it was but he got. Go to -- for years worth of salary for us right there for one guy. So that's really for as much as the that they haven't back as they're really like -- lobbies and so much organization. It's one of those moments they just -- just cannot happen and Yeltsin that it can happen happening in the big market situation I really thought this would be the angels truly saudis and go to the angels based on everything. That I had heard of kind of surprised that he didn't -- the Boston but. Listeners what to say this despite the slow start he's going to be just fine don't worry about -- he's gonna. He's -- figured out a peer he's a wonderful young man he works as hard as anybody if he's gonna play very well on the Red Sox uniform. Think he's feeling some of the pressure -- site. Personally -- and that's that's -- I think some you know you really have to again really talk a lot about evaluating situations properly and what he gets his feet on the ground once he catches his breath and once he gets used to being here is going to be just fine. -- you mentioned him we saw you the other night telling him stop stop as he rounded first with the cycle Europe a baseball historian. -- is good though that they can't just kept on going in that that wasn't that important form it was game. Yeah I have no ethics whatsoever -- -- In I love the fact that he went bill and it does speak to him that's who he's all about. And if you guys that the chance to speak with him personally that he is all about that is -- about integrity and honesty trust -- He's very bright admitted that the other day agencies it the ineptitude of -- in the Hampshire spine liberal arts college which I came from intensive thing to. Similar kind of institutions so really have a lot of comment. Conversation with this guy love. Lovely place baseball I think anything -- throughout this country would love the -- sample -- baseball. It's it's it's really pleasure to watch and a nightly basis and I I don't and honestly believe this he's he's gonna play well all season this again this has been waiting for opportunities can get it here. Local -- got the opportunity to compatible Portman and I always great talking to you thanks -- -- -- My pleasure guys and enjoy the weather. Wish I hope you're -- picture of Joba -- manager. The Tampa Bay Rays.

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