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Clay Buchholz, Red Sox Pitcher

Apr 5, 2011|

Big O and Michael talk with Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buccholz about the tough start to the season for the team, expectations for the season and the work he's doing with the Jimmy Fund.

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-- err on the bench is -- -- -- -- dialogue with Michael -- is joining us live from Cleveland -- -- -- ultimately. Three game series against the Indians pitcher clay. -- There are -- -- pretty well as the weather outages like Texas. -- -- -- -- Gotta have that market ready in nine Cleveland -- Luckily as the connector performance in Texas. Okay the good news is give up five hits over six innings and -- think our first of the season that's not so bad. Within its four home runs that -- look back at a so what's the one that bothered you the most because that -- -- -- -- you felt like it was a pretty good pitcher a couple of Allegra pretty good it -- what bothered you the most of the four home runs he gave up. -- the first and the larger commercial expect you to register or want to throw in charges from the bad at all. Little girl but he's gotten there he's not particular day. There was it is people -- Art -- Quality medical attention that they got. Coming out of that -- elect actually given up and runs against. You know what the circumstances of being in that stadium in in that lineup you know you you make mistakes they're -- -- -- more. Two sets up an interesting in spring training toward the end he said he felt like you were about an inning behind. Some of the other guys and you know that might affect you at the beginning of the season. One do you agree with that you want why would you be an inning behind the other the other pitchers. -- You know I know that I didn't get picked it up and down on kind of let that woman who could help set up and urban development that's what you're talking about you know other guys got in the -- system. -- And a -- benefit if you want his hamstring and that's what I want me to do they want leaders pick it up and down multiple times and I think that's that's -- telephone yeah I agree about the audacity. Other global problem there either. For the cartel wants -- the -- ordered up a mound of dirt on. Are different is it when it's in -- games and you've been working on specific stuff during spring out different of these games. I what do we -- -- off. -- can't say it goes up on me three times you twice now. -- right yeah or you know we're sort of underground right now. I I told our Claire told him lucky to get the memo before it. Zero gonna talk with me talk with him as a different story just got it is one of those guys irritates people -- Our experience that -- before I was asking you the difference when you're working in spring you working on specific stuff now suddenly it's game one. And it's gotta be totally different it's not like you just pick apple from what you did in the previous year how difficult is it. On these first few starts specially to get your head into. -- -- Going going on the on that let you you can't count our fraternity -- and you're not working on property warrior going out there trying to excuse and are they -- slightly from the flows -- with with with what you guys just because north Texas Tech law from the get a feel for. Then once once they get on that. Well not run -- at that -- let me get on -- you know apart problems so. I think other -- Putin to navigate these and beat. Not -- -- I'm all in all that sector of our potential but Florida project network but certainly -- to do -- and baseball game. How different is it that you've been around now you've got great stuff but there are lot of guys that have come around and that great stuff it's a matter of you've got to know. -- pitch against what to pitch against these guys how much more of a mental game is this then when you first when you first started. Well it doubly. Different because like -- around for a couple years -- They contain multiple arms and then they have a book on -- just like with Michael kitchen -- book on the continent -- put some content toward the Libya chess match can. You have to know the guys. Community particularly over the place you -- sort of try to try to make it better sometimes not whenever they target troubled whenever our ultra. But I'm -- to try to make it better and -- questions and and that's one thing in the blow up sometimes. That it that -- -- you know they. -- -- -- state in order outgrown certain situations and you know that I'm not gonna Charlotte Vermont vestiges that I broke so it's sort of circumspect in -- He got a couple different characters over over the years had Varitek you've had Victor Martinez now. I'll Saltalamacchia as it is starting catcher did you have a conversation with him at the beginning of the spring just to get on the same page and and if so what was that conversation like. Yeah you know I mean isn't he was he's he's that we got. Got a person you can go to an intact through all. To figure out something that he didn't know as far as what what artwork pitchers do what the staff that a couple -- -- -- -- -- troubled times you know. Well I like to do as far as being -- -- on strike one of the ball snapped and you know what it equity markets are going to be from the -- or not going to be. Repetition that the year ago period to make it sort of the second nature -- a and and not what you work for you wanna be on potatoes I'm with your what are catcher not. That the war -- bigger. When you're when you're throwing two Varitek and awaited throw much last year or realistic Varitek and Victor Martinez. Would you say it was 75%. Of the time they were calling the game you were going with their pitcher was a morbid back and forth with -- Varitek and victor. -- you know look me up big early like that early you're trying to get filtered by it would look so good that day. And more comparable -- with a tragedy. They sure know your game -- -- you want broke so hot topic earlier in the season not shaken more because I want throw another pitch. That we don't want our caller but as the year went on agriculture -- attention. Disorderly that it sort of -- a little bit better and and we confrontational georgians are. So does seem to get hung up and they seemed to feel more comfortable to get one guy behind the plate but it seemed to be. Anything that you were asking for a regular basis why. Coming up with this everybody's everybody on the future of what they do on. I think yeah you can have a -- global somebody but at the same time I'll. Anything can happen injuries -- or whatever so he cattle operated by at least I don't want particular captured at the pitcher. Just because we're -- it can't happen only got a beautiful hopeful there are the on the team. Talking to Clay Buchholz out -- -- in the Red Sox open up a three game series tonight against the Indians their starter is Josh -- old buddy of yours right. Now or want to introduce content together. Not viewed any pitched once against the Red Sox last terribly bright guys got to populist yeah yeah thank our art from our report. Dimensional to a mean do you give any tips out any of the his do you talk about certain things that this -- us. But shall not whenever we -- cool cookie jar or transformed the note that your -- -- service because we're -- well. You know he's. What to do what you hear what it was pretty straightforward he has right against her for such great because it broke stride. Put them in their act thought there's our credit problems are really know it looked like I got beat you Barton a paltry on the saga what's that on. I remember correctly. He doesn't throw particularly hard but he's got. He's got great control specially -- -- off speed stuff and you wonder how that portrays early on the seasonally dad's looking for the pin point control. And a curve up there and strike zone and -- it yourself in the difficult. -- what we're we're one alleged that clay is involved in the Jimmy from rally. And it's great -- second year by the way the clay is that we appreciate what you do for the Jimmy Fund like. Coming in here into the into the community we've mentioned it with that Tim Wakefield the other -- is we have Tim on. So far they have raised as of today to -- 31149. Dollars that that's the good news is the bad news. Our goal this year is 500. Thousand bucks so we need some more help from some people out there maybe you can explain to people exactly what they need to do to help out. Coming up with a great calls. What the Olympic part of it was. It was -- Truly liked it well. Obviously you typical upper grammar that's what a little better Lester -- this year this year and -- work college or whatever and if you win you can you can hear. Red -- Kirkuk that local -- fried apple leaders and you know it's just that integrate all the at some met and has. Has made a lot of -- -- one point nine million dollars 2006 with a sense because. You know like such -- great called it goes. Regard -- that was hit better lead in the you know what Americans are concerned about it. There are has been important to be around him and not to lead people our economy and obviously and -- know -- -- But I thought that would -- vote could do. Recently where you respect -- work this Friday its opening day home opener that is. You contribute five dollars -- more to the Jimmy Fund and fans. Making gift of five dollars or more to Jimmy -- the opportunity of maybe having play him. Our show up -- school. Which is a neat neat thing so give -- the get all the information rally against cancer. Dot org that's rarely. Against cancer dot org utility vehicle information and contribute and as -- said it's a wonderful wonderful clause. It doesn't have a fun out there -- Cleveland. We'll see you back here on Friday. Circular politically buckles and these programs difficulty of that. -- -- to optically.

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