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Tedy Bruschi on the NFL Lockout, the Pats in 2012 and Tedy's Team in the Boston Marathon

Apr 4, 2011|

Patriot great Tedy Bruschi joined Glenn and Michael in studio to talk lockout, what the Patriots need to win in 2012, and Tedy's Team in the Boston Marathon. For more info on Tedy's team go to http://www.strokeassociation.org/STROKEORG/

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I back rarely a big show it's our number two blunt -- why Michael Holley and look who's in the studio former New England Patriots now one ESP and football and now Teddy bears that out. It's got up it -- I don't -- we call it ESPN football analyst we call coming over to the dark commentator. That is that that's the new title guru. Trying to trying to grow accustomed to it so far. Still be in sports analyst and former New England Patriots new titles like the two but I'm getting used to. All those years than though that you had great respect and admiration for media of people that really your goal in life to become a media person. -- not. That it disaster realistically guys that I retired in a few days later he has been called up -- it will where is it. And they said it's in Bristol I said where's that. You know your government yesterday a report no I had never done that car wash what they call -- or anything like that I'd never been on the on the set of NFL live to see if I like the whole sports -- being. I was entrenched in the the facilities which is Gillette Stadium and not seeing anything anybody. Now except -- have Michael. Are we talked about just now. I say okay -- to a situation. You know a cliche but -- how quickly state of our cliche. You you don't know what they're looking forward -- -- Kara. Give them the try to maximize our opportunities do was best for the team one game at a time all that stuff I think a lot of guys are all the professional sports teams in New England would know that. When you get comfortable with the guy in a locker room and he's talked to them over and over again. Yes stack in you get a how does it. I don't get is what it is it is murder. What it is that's agree. I don't understand how they've been able to do it for so many years. It seems like with the exception of maybe 23 players over the last decade. Anybody that puts on one of those uniforms suddenly adheres to the -- the honor code in there. And as you said. Doesn't say a single word comes up with a all right -- how has it become entrenched in the. Now now that's that's the way it is in the beginning. The players get in there. Coach Belichick does a great job of that letting them understand the way that he wants his -- is portrayed to the media the veterans it trickles down to the veterans who also. Send send the rookies the message on how it should be but watched as the New England Patriots all of these young players mature. Like a Jerod Mayo Gary Guyton some of the younger players in there settlement may be some of the younger ones that are up and coming. As they start to develop their own personality and start to be comfortable with there role on the team -- -- to become more established as professionals. I think that's when you'll see more personality come out. And more may be of them being a little bit more open on what these what they say and what they speak because it takes a little bit of time and I I played for coach Belichick for a long time and developing being in their over and over and and and figured out that that that fine tuning up what you can't say and which you can't say but how to say. Your own way I think that's what. Rodney Harrison developed when I developed a lot of players develop as we had more history with coach Belichick so as the the younger players come along. I think you'll see that and I've been waiting to get it and get some credibility to him to talk back in in to speak out right where you -- Win some big games which you guys did which is a lot which is a line in the in the locker room and during those meetings that you did you hear a lot you rookies haven't done anything yet. You know you haven't -- haven't you haven't won a championship you haven't done this you haven't done that and now he can to see stated them over and over a lot of you have never won a playoff game. No because it's been a few years so a lot of younger players that at the don't have that experience so. Those things seeking used to wear that until you get that experience you really don't know world coming from. -- -- playoff game I'll take game in the game right now we're gonna have any games. In September do you think. I'm gonna miss some time from the -- you know you know what I think was was interesting and I can I can give you all the lawyer speak that I've researched and all that stuff and many of them many of your listeners are we talked about it but what I got from. That little roundtable panel discussion while they had their player meetings down in our world is that Marco Island to rule or wherever it was the union meetings this association. The association meetings there was an it was Crable and it was a breeze and it was Foxworth and all those guys. In other disagreements that -- -- -- -- that was said in that panel into the media through the owners. The way this is gonna be solved is what I would -- I interpret that as -- in court. And that's where it's gonna be solved and it's it's this way address this week I believe April 6 there Winston I don't think he gets off on that day because that's when -- hearing gets -- but the judge hears the arguments but. Ten days fourteen days after that when there's a ruling. What I'm doing and I think all all fans should do. Is cheer for that judge to. I believe it's grant that injunction to block the lockout because that means players go back to work and then we to a possibility of a football season is now realize it's gonna happen. But under what terms will happen that's the other thing we don't know. Is really the anti trust. Court case Sweden that's going to be held open court for three -- four years they say that it if you it to block a lockout is blocked you go back two years of Latin -- the the rules of last year. Of 2010 so that's what they would that's that they understand -- -- right. And then so they goes from there I'm talking about contracts I'm talking about lawyers I'm talking about court dates it's stuff that I really hate talking about now you know Silva. But that's with the NFL is in the NFL the issue is going to be decided in the courts -- -- you are talking about the draft how do you feel about these kids going to the draft and -- you've given some opinions -- that before. -- -- to position on red -- awhile back it seem like the NFL PA was encouraging. The rookies nights ago. Two to stay away from the -- -- you know and I Drew Brees said it himself well about the whole line about walking across the stage and shake the commissioner's hand who's who's this very same and that's that's locked out and. I even said myself that. That I would I would encourage them not to go because they sort of have a sense responsibility to the union 222 the players that of that who laid the ground work for them to be able to be successful in the league but it looks like the players association I was gonna have an event before the draft and then that the players will still be able to enjoy. Both. Both of media events the NFL draft and the players the players association draft I want you know he's the guy wanna draft I wanna I wanna traffic got a -- go to either. But doesn't go to the -- to the PA's event that doesn't go to the NFL draft on his -- that has his own party at his house. That was his family with his friends and then when he's drafted they celebrate because just to stay out of it because right now as the lock -- goes on further. Further lengthen they're the the emotions are gonna get higher and higher with these players the ones that are that are missing the ability of rehab when -- -- in the work -- bonuses are all of that -- to be able to be in their facilities the emotions are gonna get more and more volatile so. To give your future teammates that image of view walking across the stage especially if -- quarterback now. If I'm the quarterback everything I do is supposed to send messages to your team. So you're the leader your team and then you walk across the -- and you shake hands with commissioner of the guys that's locked me -- canceled my family's health insurance. Now you have to sort of bridging gap even before you said day one in that. Lock and Alicia rose to encourage you to talk about some articulate this exact point on on ESP here and here full time gig an in where I disagree with you is that. I understand I -- expected from a player. That I expect the players that are coming -- to understand exactly. What the players association -- is not a trade association it is right now but this is a temporary holding pattern we know it's okay on the other hand. Shouldn't young employer had the opportunity to do what guys have done in the years before. By the way have also shown solidarity. To the players association. Whip your family in getting that opportunity to be -- their pop up on the stage you know that they spent a whole lifetime thing at least. And nurturing this individual could get to that point and if anything I would say the players association should be thrilled at Von Miller one. He's putting his name on the anti trust suit which stats showing a lot of stones at that -- can do that that could actually affect what -- installment draft -- He also wants to go up to stage up on that stage so he can -- his family how proud he is of what they've been able to do for him. It and I understand everything that you just said but you said in the past what players have been able to do. And right now the NFL is -- in the same state as it was in the past. I've played in the it's called unifil that's like the golden era you know where there was there was no labor difficulties or anything we just got to play football but. These rookies are coming into the NFL at a crossroads. And for them to have to decide on where to social loyalties. I didn't have to decide that so like I -- have I didn't really understand what -- that the NFL PA wasn't select my third and fourth year in -- had to do is. Was going to go into the locker room and worry about playing football with these players right now after realize the importance and makes it difficult on them you know what any and it's unfortunate for them. But I realised this how they've worked in trained their entire lives for this moment to walk across the stage in and be drafted. And if you've work your entire life. And train your entire life for that moment of -- of being drafted you've trained and worked for the wrong moment. Because that's not the moment. That's not the moment when you become any anything special. The draft to me is only when you find out what team you play for and how much get paid because -- draft positioning. I was an 86 pick in the third round of the 1996 and if -- draft I was in my apartment Tucson Arizona I got a call from Bill Parcells. In my moment on that phone call with my family in my apartment was just specialist -- Shawn Johnson's because -- on Johnson was the number one overall pick. Of that draft so. Listen the moment. That -- that now though. I don't on the fairness -- -- right now but you to know that at the time I -- executed look at it that way now and they got that you have the benefit -- of experience -- championships. In perspective and he's accused when he won two years old. Right now and the and they're they're forced to have sort of an accelerated sense of responsibility which is important which is which is unfortunate because. It's not something you should have to worry about coming into the NFL you should just have to worry about playing football and where's my playbook. But realistically the NFL is in a different time. How many of them those players. And the agents of the same agents that represent a lot of the the players that are already in the players' association how many of these players are probably look at that it sank. We don't want. The players gave in already. On something that's gonna cost me a few bucks because they partied pretty much given up. It we're gonna have a pay scale now. That rookie class so they cost me money like about the draft a year ago before all of this stuff and before the players association. -- you've. On this one specific point Howard -- -- -- more money maybe some -- -- at this at. This -- the player's decision cost me money you know they want because this great moment to what the stage with a staged a rock cats go -- -- What once again but there's the hole right now moment just a moment I should be getting fifty million that and you know I should -- get my cable right now -- an ordinance that had to worry about walking across the stage human nature though right or wrong right. But. What they have to see the future and what what the PA continues to do from EB in a retired player and see. It's something they have to realize how and access and it's before used to realize this. But these rookies coming -- they gotta have that accelerated accelerated sense of of learning things and it's a tough situation. I'm guessing I'm guessing and guessing -- when you're on the set of NFL live. Don't have these text come against it. Teddy you don't know what you're talking about shut up -- what are you talking about I'm sure that's not the case when you're on the set and a felt lives not got to go there and you look at the red light cameras on and you do your thing and I'm never interacted like. Did you know not interactive like this right now we're done it's it's a whole is is just a different deal that in. A part of me doesn't expect fans understand I want them to I I would. All the fans should have to worry about is is their TV show and having a great draft experience to watch on their TVs and the players there but. -- -- I'm a guy I'm a loyal guy you know and and I look at this from the big picture and this is this is. A very serious situation I think that the fans look at this and just see it as it's just the NFL it's football mad just go play football. But there's. It's serious it's serious for the guys that are playing football it's their lives is the way that they've known since they were in high school. And that's what they're fighting for and that's what I respect. The public doesn't seem to understand an awful lot of that Michael I've gone through. Quite a bit of over the last few weeks and I'm not sure people understand an awful lot about it. In that the players are being asked to go backwards. And that would work for me if your business model was falling apart you -- seeing. The cure hemorrhage and we're not seeing that the rest of the world was hemorrhaging financially the National Football League seems to be operating in a totally different set of overalls right now. I totally get. The player's point of view in that respect. But you're one of those guys you were one of those guys you know what those guys -- like. How do you think. That the more Smith is going to be able to keep. 19100. Of those guys to gather on the same page we're already. We're hearing some guys complaining that -- running out of money. The orange you know Teddy -- the owners are gonna be fun. Even even the guys that are that are that are only millionaires and I don't and there's gonna be but how can you 19100. Guys together were already there yet. Come September it's gonna be impossible. If it goes that far if I believe if that the lockout is a paled in in public I believe the lock out as a -- This will go into September because that's when the doors were seriously have leveraged. Because the players won't start to feel that until they stop -- getting paid first -- September 15. And when they start missing those then it's like I got I got decent in -- in this then you start having division that's when it happens. Keeping these guys together for an extended period of time. It is virtually impossible to do. Let's say you were king king of all football matters at this time and you leave the courts out of we have the courts out of it. Your fair -- how would you in the lock. You need to bring it to an -- and satisfy both parties it in your world how would you do. I think the players are gonna have to make some concessions. Seriously. I think the owners decided two years ago of that team into the locker rooms when. When he was he was executive director of of the union he would come in and say he would say guys this is how much you get. This is how much they get. Don't ever give any of it back. But I think that's gonna have to change in the players have to make some concessions to get to make this lockout -- You believed that down with Brady as the first name in the anti trust. Case. You believe in any way you know his image in this -- you know how well he's branded nationally do you think he takes any heat at all on this. I would think he does I would think he does because it goes on further. Down the line and his name is the first is Brady at all and all of that as it goes on further of course emotions get a lot like I said a little bit more volatile for players but also for fans. Him and towards many other players that they look at it -- You're denying me of something that I love the you're denying me my passion of being a fan for the NFL. And I think that's going to be that's going to be something that's gonna have to be dealt with if this goes further and further. -- do you think it affects his relationship of the crash at all. I don't think so I hope it doesn't I know that Tom's relationship with a -- is is spectacular. And I would think that they also saw this as a sign of his loyalty. To the NFL PA. Just sort of my comments right now for the NFL PA is done for me during my career my thirteen career and post NFL career. The -- that I have and that knowing the work that they put in before -- players like Reggie Reggie White Freeman McNeil and Gene Upshaw I think that was -- Tom -- way of showing his loyalty to the cause also. And it is very difficult for a lot of fans understand but I think as businessman and Robert would understand it and went on any type of animosity towards him. Around we got some other things to talk to you about some things you've got going on here Tedy Bruschi live in studio -- -- He was gonna be running in the marathon really get to that a couple of minutes but I wanted to ask you if you love. Go through a season your fourteen and two you'd think he got a pretty good football team you get to the post season you've taken on the team that you just. Destroy gas full weeks before like I got a rap music yeah. And end up losing that game if you're in the patriots camp right now you're embedded in there. You look at this we have to do for next season what are you you've got all these draft picks now. You know that free agencies going to be a little bit different gotten crazy I think you're right I think we may go right down the September report play football. What you have to do to to take it to the next level. The one thing that I believe what they had to do to get this team better to get to that championship level they can't do right now because of labor situation anything is. I thought they needed to bring another veteran a couple more veterans in to help that mentality of the locker room. Because just the way we started this conversation when we talked about how a lot of the younger players are under coach Belichick's down OK and then -- he tells them how how to deal with the media how to how to react to certain situations on the field and they have to end up developing their own temperature interpretations of things that takes time when you bring in a veteran. Like during a lot of our championship -- the veterans that came in. Mike Vrabel from Pittsburgh Roosevelt -- for Chicago. Do is Thomas came from the Baltimore Ravens you're not only bring. A defined set of skills you bring another mentality. Another mentality and that's unique. That's fresh that's a leader all all in the zone so I believe that that had to come in this offseason to give them a little bit more. All of a veteran presence because that's what they needed because. When you look at that playoff game. I saw a lot of younger players and what I that they impression that I got was that. They're looking to Tom Brady look into town greeted decent. And you can't do that in the play you can look your best player now we're struggling what's he gonna do. You gotta do it yourself. And that's when that pass without playoff experience comes in which I believe a lot of them just don't have right now. And with all of the picks that they have in the draft in the uncertainty of what they can do with those picks. I think they have becoming too he. Because if you use all of those six picks -- believe in the first round two -- 221222. -- correct is that yes. All of a -- you've got all of these younger players and those first those first three proposed to be contributors. They're supposed to have its roster spot on your team and now you have a lot of rookies in there that they. You're waiting for these players to develop when you've got one of these. Once an -- generation type of players and Tom Brady where you've got the -- got to put the pieces around him to make a championship. Exposed and are playing until the first or second week of September in the news rookies have no clue about the system. All what you're supposed to do instead of starting in April the beginning of an eight year right. So the development that. According had last year okay and Rob Gronkowski from the beginning of the season all the way to the end okay. -- that by about five months. Because that development start -- -- -- -- that they visited Gillette Stadium right after the draft that's -- rookies come in and you learn everything from. How to lift weights under the New England Patriots system and how to. Learned that terminology of the basic offensive and defense that sets you be coming in in September. And have to learn that stuff so the progression of you learning that this are the realistic possibility of younger players contributing to would be probably in December rather than that early contribution -- from accordion doesn't -- said. You said that in a perfect world in a perfect NFL world where you can sign free agents right now you would bring -- you bring him veterans at a certain position. Is it is it linebacker did you look at at -- or is it just across the board to bring in more veteran. Outside linebacker position. And there there there are superstitious bunch in the air and that in that locker room also and there was a lot of success that always had an an. And when rob Ryan was here's all the all outside linebacker coach. The new outside linebacker they came in he would always put pressure on them because first it was dribble and we win a championship. And then it was -- can -- probably -- what you know what happened with the last guy that was injured outside linebacker yet we in the open and championships and -- -- -- -- And then Thomas came in and gave him this that he -- game but it gave a -- is the same speech so. Bringing in veteran outside linebacker presence I think that's right stark. And maybe we don't even know how that's gonna we're human heavily weeks to go -- sign all the free agents that's what that it was interest -- -- here. Before you ended up -- -- Malacca. So they at least have one guy in here but he can't do -- naked -- goes I think that was. -- -- a step in the right direction and I think that that can tell you gotta you gotta look at the moves that they they're not gonna tell you anything which got interpret what they're doing. And bring in Stroud in published does he have left in his take who knows you know is -- can still make plays who knows but. There there bring him in that sort of a veteran attitude to counteract a lot of the youth that they have started doing now ready. You've talked to some of these kids. Coming out draft haven't haven't every -- some draft stuff for ESP ND going to be in Bristol. They're going to be hanging out with again I doubt impressed our crews going to be Herm Edwards Ron Jaworski at least Susie called rubio out there we won't be in the New York crew. I think that's where Berman will be in town Jackson on the advertisement. We go back and forth from set to sit and would actually occur over the draft are you -- facilities guys. Is there anybody regardless of position you look at you say. While that's the best in draft form really impressed with the skills well I I don't. I think everybody's heard of the top five the Peterson's -- all that stuff and and -- in a lot of that I've been focusing on how the patriots would look at the draft and and who they see and a I say bring him in a veteran outside linebacker but is there is that guy out there and candy do that so is there a guy out there. That I feel as a rookie that may be down there at the bottom the first round they can pick up in. I didn't I didn't have to go far -- instant looking in my home water. When I when there's a kid by the name of brooks reed. And that's a kid that I feel like is the defense of income and not yet agreed combined showed that he had he could drop back in coverage do things that an outside linebacker can do. It's after the passer one -- one of the fastest ten yards splits in the in the draft. He's a guy that. I'm very excited about coming back I would I would love to see him. In New England patriot uniform there's a local kid here too but I think. I has New England patriot written all over -- that's markers. I think that that's a kid that his best footballers in front of him of course he came back from Ewing sarcoma last year the cancerous they put a titanium -- -- but. He didn't look the same way he did when he was the 08. Player of the year defense to play in the conference. But I know -- something about these comebacks and when you get that for -- on your belt that's start playing your best football I think there's a couple of outside linebacker possibilities for the New England Patriots get an answer a key question about the cure for Arizona. Howdy do it justice come doubles. I know again that's just come devil eyes appear and you know. We always do this well -- not gonna draft. Running back that high up but if you look at the depth chart. Right now they've got undersized guys at that position to older guys that you question whether they're gonna come back and it. But this -- you could see him going actually with all of those -- she's got up there and taken a running back. If he's there right seriously considerate and Benny what he does move would hit but it to have that. To have that -- I don't see Corey Dylan type guy that and once that happened that is -- a different guy but. And I watch him on tape -- aegis hates going down. And he did the balance that he has the -- -- that Ingraham as I mean he is just a strong runner that. Would look great you know in in the patriot uniform I think that to reestablish that running game that they did at times last year still had a strong winning game because of that offensive line but. Running back sure possibility they're talking about England's -- is easy is he slipping now because of his health I believe so. Is he gonna be there 33. Who knows but first two picks New England Patriots I'd like I liked -- in the interior offensive line help and an outside linebacker days. Interior offensive line a centrist and right do you is that just because of a Neil. Living in some age on on cope and it's an army what what is it that that stands out those two factors co opens getting up there. Neill is on Logan Mankins. He is franchise. Is he gonna wanna stick around does he feel loyal enough to be here today at the pace is trying to work out and other dealers -- -- up and just wants to just wants to move on so. There's another prosecutor out there. And another thousand brother that may be available they're twins -- just over to the towards our Dana. Every year but I equities and Mike and all that -- I could do about it twins I think dale. We're not. That particular terrorist if you've done the show about -- -- let every night when -- are -- -- outlook are definitely hope they are gonna not to -- definitely and the thing about the -- to give the younger brother though is that. When his brother played -- played guard and then he moved to say so that's that's -- -- need -- like that versatility. Offensive line. Interior Leo I think -- -- to have -- that he -- obviously you run in America -- -- -- -- -- I'll actually forward to Amber's man knocked three our four hour into -- to his team. The Boston Marathon is upon us once again and -- group 43 runners in. My team's go to Eddie's team and we raise funds and awareness for the American stroke association. A group of 43 runners it's our sixth year already. And and these guys just an incredible job men and women themselves so we have seven stroke survivors that -- that are actually running on on the on the team and that makes me look bad. Because it's. Talk about myself. And I haven't been trading for him and don't plan to run it but. I'm very proud of this team. The awareness that they -- the funds for users at theories it's announced overpass. Where can people do to to help you with us we go to stroke association dot org slash -- -- team. That's our website. Which you can really do. I know that but the directors to -- team doesn't really like UNC is but I could care less about you making contributions just go on the website -- the warning signs of stroke beacons. When I had my stroke I didn't realize I was having stroke the severe and explain the numbness down -- -- -- -- loss of vision. Classic signs of stroke that did not know there's a knowledge for you that's all -- -- do is give you -- bit of knowledge of the warning signs and realized it can't happen to someone who's. 31 years old and was in the best shape -- While you talk about contributions. You really could care less what countries who put somebody cares about council -- -- -- And that zero. Exact -- rated as everybody knows -- and I wouldn't want to better use you thought you raised quite a bit of money so far. -- you as a total of. Six is we've raised one point seven million which is where we're we're very proud of and it's it's it's the runners and all the work that they do and and guys -- that Blackburn my director and and it's it's a great team I called -- team because. Once you when you joy and we try to make it feel like a sort of a team atmosphere the way we we get together for kick off dinners and and the Saturday before the marathon. And training runs together. Habits have have a habit a coach that it stays with you throughout the entire process easy coached team. Meetings the whole thing that I went through during my career that I try to keep consistent with -- -- in the American stroke association. And and -- is but a review for like six years -- how's that I know easy that six years he's put at least I heard you stress the importance of bracing for a expert analysis and more more important -- the word so he's he's been great but let's let's -- -- raising the funds -- OK before you get a lot of heat but when you walk out of the studio. If they want to help out. In the fundraising. What do they do it still is is the website stroke association dot org slash steady steam. That's how we we -- we have awareness campaigns you may have seen them throughout the city of Boston just promoting the warning signs that stroke because. Getting knowledge on stroke is just something that that I'm very passionate about. By the way the parties are indeed twins hope. -- -- -- Five weeks ago -- right. Now experts are source. Which are sort of about text aren't -- text started -- -- illegal. Aren't aren't as good at what point does not need to do -- -- their taxes. And they are protected Texans are great the last week. Texas I was talking about. San Antonio Spurs -- said if the Celtics win this game. This with the season couple Texas. Michael the Celtics spurs already. And so I I. -- restore it from that -- oh you were stupid and you listen to believe it's actually I let it out I didn't believe double check that jurors looked sick. I always got to look at I did I did okay after its -- -- a great story and they are. And in one of -- early and he's right now. Originally. Ortiz was the east the sentence and Mike was the garden -- -- -- -- -- and same size but it went there it is in size and it looked like each other. And just pound you attitude is consists in the way things -- came about marquis -- that he was just ST he would finish guys Opel and Rodney Harrison elbow in the -- jugular when you know things like that my high -- and everybody talks about pride and he's an expert that much is that -- can't -- patriot to me now. Is that really -- seventeen. The leaders haven't and we did the patriots in the right things -- from the -- get them on boggles browsers dirty as everybody else that profess how how how. They've got a -- Rex Ryan's record in this. Get how much of that do you think in the in the draft. Is so important and end this day and age you can do -- research you war. You still look at these -- three years later and you sit and see all the failures in the first and second in the third -- is that. It's a guy who loves football eats drinks sleeps -- -- as I'm more that just the intangibles. As much as it this is become more of a science. Steele is not an exact science yet and people miss out on certain certain pledged -- it. More of that research and how much does that play in how good players on the brilliantly. I think it plays a lot because the the obvious intangibles. I don't wanna say easy but you can see them the speed that numbers the bench press numbers even working at a player in the Columbine when you guys are there watch it on the NFL network. -- defense have been whose only rushed to a field his entire career can you drop back and back at an angle 45 you can see if he can do that those editorials. You can get those answers through that type of that type of scouting but. When you watch the film and you see a kid and he's got that attitude of football players should have when you wanna tackle a guy not just tackled him but cost him some -- some some punishment. That's the attitude you should have -- you can see that on film. You can see a -- the way he finishes blocks like that that you get him in the interview room and he loves to steady into those stings you add that along with the numbers along with the attitude you see on film and then that makes you sure. That the guy you've got the god that your drafting. Is going to be that guy you can count on. That takes a lot of doubt -- when you have those attitude answers that are clear yes -- does to a football yes is he intends. Yes will he finish a guy when he doesn't have to. Yes that's the guy -- There's a government pro football weekly who torched. Cam Newton has said he was disingenuous had a fake smile. Audit on. I'm not asking you to comment on Cam Newton smile. Smiles -- come -- -- some -- if he -- a decent player. But what do you think about his skills do you think he's he. Legitimate starting quarterback in and a. How does this keep listen before you know simple by the question and number one pick to Carolina Panthers who would I take it it's a quarterback Blaine Gabbard Cam Newton on taking Camden. That's who I take. A lot of the attitude questions in and all of the the the the negative reports that they've had. I look but what I know and what I've seen in how a player would react to adversity. And I don't think there was another player in college football that had more adversity to deal with last year the Cam Newton in the whole scandal of of getting paid to go to Mississippi state of the whole drama on what it was. And I watched him very closely during that period because I wanted to see this -- probably going to be a top draft pick how was he reacting to this adverse adverse situation. And he handled it with class in in my opinion he never saw him sort of lashing out. Or. Making it sort of what was the attitude he still focused on the football at hand. In the midst of all of that adversity and led that team to a national championship to me that takes an incredible amount of mental toughness. I know what it's like to be going on in the season when there's a lot of outside pressures involving your organization. Okay. 07 the whole spy gate thing are we are why are we blowing all these teams out -- less of a lot of pressure that I was I was put upon us on 07. It's like there's a growing your back some time to deal with that Cam Newton sort of had to deal with that. -- he's he he went through that with flying colors in my opinion that shows a lot about them I'd take him with the number one overall it worked out for Cincinnati today maybe didn't try real hard. -- that happens at ice and payroll or earlier on notice we have cameras and you don't trust us. -- it's great seeing you thanks and thanks for stopping by entities -- check it out on line and help the -- team. Raise an awful lot of money once again here for the Boston are preaching to -- right here on election.

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