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Jon Barry picks the Celtics to win the East

Mar 31, 2011|

Jon Barry of ESPN is still picking the Celtics to win the East. He tells D&C why they will play better in the playoffs even without Perkins.

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Let me do what I promised I would do little -- John ready to go now oh absolutely where John Barrie joins us on the AT&T outlined by the what's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T everything possible John good morning John Jerry in Boston again. Morning -- you don't. Dual greater -- better than the Boston Celtics I think that Curtis saying. All the rest -- -- starting up here shortly right that's that's the current affair -- Yeah obviously since -- gender trade this game has not played well. You know Rondo a particular outlet well. We know how close he wasn't Kendrick Perkins and he's got a PG if you. Include there's been no bones about it that these guys are unhappy to Kendrick left -- Doc Rivers told same way and they had a lot of way to crank it back up period we get started here a bleached the real -- As the regular season winds down John -- we've found ourselves in the analysis and more recently the cycle analysis business a year and and does that surprise you at all. That eight team that would seem to be as mentally tough as constitute with the likes of KG and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and even Rondo to some extent. Would allow the departure of one player who was it looks. That much of a factor on the offensive side. Affect their play and and and allow themselves to get in a funk over it doesn't have to be more than that. Yeah it surprised. I mean you eat this and number 1 team in the Eastern Conference with Kendrick Perkins went all games. I believe that's what he played right -- here so. Yeah the impact that -- -- on the -- obviously has been that big they played through it. Yet -- newly -- number thirteen but -- -- surprise in the big surprise -- losing games are not able to score your situation Vienna incident pork. That guy has kind of been their book the last few years but beyond surprised that you know put a lot of stock. It would happen at the end of deceit and last year the lakers lost seven and on Wednesday. Boston was 2747. Last 54. Got in the finals for the seven games so I wouldn't read too much into this I'm a big concern because I really felt they were the best in the Kendrick Perkins under. Our roster now I think it was a little bit closer to home. I still think if you were in the east and I think it will but I think they've brought is the -- back would have erupted could be. If in the end the Kendrick Perkins trends was the unraveling of this team. Would you blame Danny for make in the trade or would you -- the players that they including -- on the hall of famers Allen pierce Garnett. Rondo would you blend those guys foreign or for not being able overcome and be and for for not being mentally tough enough to play rule such. No such a loss. If you are among the blaming game I mean I think I'm not sure exactly why this deal was done in my opinion it's for the future. That any new watched. Appears Alberta that are on. That he's got to have somebody that he can build a team around your screen not a number one type guy but. A median number two option so you know with the contract talks with Kendrick. They were very very far part so I think this had nothing to do with basketball and -- she's. This is -- double moved to the future but. You don't just say when you got a great opportunity when an NBA championship. And you give it away possibly -- awareness. You know our solidarity deployment on -- I don't know -- it. John but I hear you correctly did you say you expect the Celtics to win the east. I still picked -- -- -- yeah I like their experience in Chicago's that a trend this year but it's looking it hasn't come out the first round. The mighty -- double -- ready to do I think on playoff armed or not built for playoff basketball. And I do believe that this -- the welcome back it'll it'll circle the wagons and be ready to go either team to beat east. It jumped up my estimation might take on this is it's probably a number of different things that sort of led to their stumbling toward the finish line here not the least of which might be. They're waiting for Shaquille and or germane to come back and I think there's a reason probably coaches don't like to talk about guys who were injured. Because it provides nothing but a distraction is there this unconscious sort of unintended oh it'll be better when Shaq was back kind of mentality the doesn't have the players Carter's -- they possibly could while they're waiting for his return. Well I would hope not because that that's certainly not going to be guarantee from the legal right Jermaine O'Neal really played at all I thought Shaq played lovely place. He's been out for what almost two months right. You know so you're out there guys 3839 years old Compaq and who knows how it could come back in my pocket tractor also. About how badly it taken from you gotta. You gotta take what you have in in. Think this is this is this is this sort group or or window is closing. Under -- and any younger. I still do believe they have a chance to an NBA title. And electric pedal I believe that they will circle the wagons and get ready to go deep into the -- Well -- -- in San Antonio tonight the spurs lost four row they are they still try and San Antonio. Could still -- Well. You Greg -- have mastered getting their team ready and an else's obviously the number one issue that they need. He sat down at all the other guys who left -- -- I think parker might be doctor -- But he's certainly not worried about. Winning games right now I think he'd love to hold off the lakers are just three games up and lost all out for the best record in the last. And the best overall record in the league but they'll they'll be fine -- -- -- just goes with what strings temple. You want help over details are dispersed. John -- was the cavaliers win over the heat the other night anything more than just a temporary feel good moment for Dan Gilbert the cavs fans who suffered this year. We created. -- there are well that's what I was going to win this apartment across the bread tastes good doesn't it. Hey that's great and I would say the Indians -- government looked like a mile yeah that's had a and the browser restore their yeah if he were to make a -- If if if the Celtics don't win -- that they continue to in this freefall. Chicago or Miami who would you put your money on. -- -- -- You know I'd love the way Chicago is play I think Derrick Rose the VP. A bigger deal making it security news or use -- it is acknowledging that it into the extended playoff on. Certainly not together of those leaders and playoffs. No knowledge is well. And I'd say India. To beat -- -- I'd probably lean towards Miami Heat player. A Kobe Bryant said yesterday that of all the teams that might provide a stumbling block for them to get to the NBA championship Oklahoma City is the one that he and the lakers are keeping their eyes on the most. You understand that would you agree to that. Sure you know last year -- was the -- -- -- -- series they had electric -- six games of Al -- need to -- and at the buzzer in the sixth game to win the game. Or that was called back to LA for game seven. That was a really young Oklahoma -- in their first it's the playoffs. And are you got a guy like Kendrick Perkins without a ring who understands defense wins championships they won I think eleven of twelve. Right now the -- scored a league a one of the best young point personally Russell Westbrook. Yeah you know I see them. Eight in San Antonio Spurs in the -- around it to pull out restored today it would matchup in the -- around and certainly Oklahoma City beaten dispersant not be shocked. What's your opinion. Of Jeff Green as a player and how do you think he should he is best utilized well positioned. In what way this do you is he most likely to succeed. I don't think she's great at any one particular thing I just think he's really good across the board. I think he can defend he rebounds he can stretch the floor -- shoot threes he can take people really can post up I think it to defender. So he's not you may not one. Saying that he does particularly great. He is good in all areas I like melodic player -- got a chance to see you guys too much out and -- I -- that's decent games. Again it's very difficult coming mid season -- jump into routine especially team consists of the three all gamers and Rondo mean it's it's all about that so. He try to pick his spots and but I do like them like I -- I think he could be number two option type guy I don't media from being number one guy but again like a lot of things about -- and. Jonathan the Celtics final question for me and you get to pick who you play in the first round obviously can't. Philadelphia at New York in Indiana are only separated by -- have games from Philadelphia downed Indiana in your estimation which is easier team that knocked off if you're the Celtics Philadelphia and -- Indiana. I would probably go to next. Guillotine that just doesn't play any defense -- and the and they -- assisting the silver lining for this this Celtic team right now. -- -- not won a lot of ball games but they're not give up any points and only a couple hundred Indian the other day but other than that it -- in the eighties. Anytime you do that you result chance to where there's still the best team defensively I believe in the league even without Chester. You know they continue to do that's what you play in the eighteenth. The knicks can't stop anybody on the Internet last night what score under fourteen points. You know this dreadful defense team and think that those -- you wanna play in the playoffs there are no boss was great future. Should knicks fans assume that -- somehow get fixed in the offseason and they'll be better next year. Well they're gonna happen you know what like Miami you know this summer they had a lot of pieces had -- around this team -- -- -- -- AW for their top eight players. We're not moved to Denver so yeah that. They need another big go -- a lot try to -- Opinion to backup point guard unit to guard yeah they need a lot of pieces so yeah we'll see what happens this summer with a lock out. Going to be interstate but there's certainly not a team that and ready to compete for championship to ship. John Barry thanks very much for taking a few minutes of talks amid BA -- as we appreciate your insights thanks. John Kerry -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- -- it was possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T -- possible I. I know you like a PT you move him big fan and I like it too well I wish them both guys yeah they're they're good together. -- likes it too but is anything more annoying when they do these. Take Boston accents. Yeah applause soul most sort of walks and no. One and raised -- might have a little Boston accent and relax and less soul I think it's Kornheiser. Doing the New York -- say in the saw a suggesting that the that the Boston people thought on one basis side that is blocking he's log Kornheiser -- I miss these gases yeah that's why haven't I think there's a native New -- in -- it's like -- actress -- that it. Gonna pick somebody put you in in in the Tony Kornheiser biography film would -- if it's that Denzel Washington. When president that isn't why -- were brought New York guys lookalike -- that. 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