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Mar 25, 2011|

Greg talked about the latest news with Shaq getting cortisone shots and being in a boot, what a reasonable expectation should be with Jermaine O'Neal returning, Doc Rivers sending a message to the team with a tough practice yesterday, the transition with all the new players coming to the team, if the Celtics made a mistake picking up Troy Murphy over Leon Powe and how Rajon Rondo can get his confidence up.

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We think Greg Dickerson what's up a budding TS cents on. Mark I do a little one shot right Y -- like that but I hear the Sox lose and that's your body. Yeah people -- I got played on any big superstitions you do before the big game. Now that you don't want I don't play this I I could sit there talked about 32 so are now about reality. So was what do -- superstitions isn't like you're getting cortisone shots in going in the boots what's the latest -- I don't want superstition like you can also -- down and read out of ridiculous but that's absolutely -- as the whole the whole shot saying. Adobe obviously. I wasn't really worried -- concerned. Until I heard the stories about the story yesterday. Now when you start your cortisone shot some boots after. All month and a two month -- in activity. It is you really start to concern me Mick -- -- she's in this -- -- -- come back and play and play a regular basis. Let's how quickly changed from that story on Monday with the Nixon -- -- guys had a great shot him in -- suit he's feeling good 75 minute work out and at three days later Greg. He's get a shot up he's got a walking -- how do you go from from one end the -- the other so quickly. You know this as a -- that the book of sponsored content our whole 39 years old -- lot of models. On a -- that's why you I think every time and the close. Something happened and there are a lot of us forget that again these. 39 years old he's not 29 not 31. Eric that the body and he's put hunt and come tomorrow on how I was have you guys thought I was so. Buoyed by the fact that that the road trip last week he cute during the war and the New York he went through some like stop secure on the in Houston and act so I got -- first inkling that. May be that might be something wrong -- everything was going according to plant one on Monday. He controlled the exercise bike in New York can -- didn't participate. In any of the the warped tour or should run on Monday. I hope what the south which is saying it the truth and that's not really -- that but you know the even the most. Positive guy like me wanna come to the Celtics I I I can't not do war. Well -- got tea on the however it okay and I know it's our page talked about the setbacks before. To meet a cortisone shot is OK listen it is still some irritation there dingle weigh in it's all it's. But shoot this thing up let's immobilize the foot and sometimes. I've seen it I hadn't done before. At the -- to a three days go by it hits the right spot and then sometimes -- pain is gone. But I editing. The one thing that jacket set upon two time little loose. I'm old school I'll shoot without the buyout still. Obviously he's done that may have I think you'll. They'll -- without my my question is milk this thing you can probably have to let them is that accurate. At a time can shoot up. There are bought a -- how long can you go in between patent issued a recorder shut. It depends on the area I think you know went and go ahead and my wrist there's -- among those situations or an area where this you know it's not much there's a much -- -- there and he can't keep doing it. But the O'Leary says it deteriorated now. Like I would have liked to see in this shot maybe you'll break before the playoffs they simply a few games get this done right then and there so that way he is feeling a lot better going in the -- Kenny come -- a month in Kenosha and an area I don't know but what thing I do know. Without Shaquille O'Neal. Donald feel too confident. Until less popular -- you know if you're welcome Paul -- being out there in the I think that there are some trouble -- one of them back. Think that's gonna help out the team sit there and in here into the same two guys. I think a lot of people start to panic and water and I understand why they are because this team. Struggle that can really been. Inconsistent but I still -- all these. That shut the notion accurate or no -- that this is looking that you're gonna see a month from now -- I believe that this team is going to be. Much improved and much more consistent a month from now it's. And thought about -- January guys. Want to everybody Campbell the big story around the league it was what's wrong with electorate why the lakers struggling so much. Then turned it around that in February. Everybody was on Miami concerned about Miami and that they were all let. And -- the -- and everybody goes through there during the course of an NBA season. Greg you mentioned JL and Danny mentioned yesterday with gland and Michael on the on the big show. Any mention him more than I've heard him mention I wondered if that was to try to offset his thoughts on Jack that hey maybe -- not going to be quite 100%. They wanna get jail back what's a reasonable expectation. -- Jermaine O'Neal if that when he does return. I think a reasonable expectation that something similar to secure until the guys who -- in them and place do. Directing eighteen minutes -- -- certainly you know when you get to the plot you're not asking him to play. -- minutes again not asking him to play 45 minute game all of basketball you're gonna have at least one day sometimes 23 days. In between him. And -- expectations for -- and -- the same thing but for the entry up Campbell war. He went out that was a small place in defense. Block some shots -- some rebounds. Anything can he get offensively. Is -- you're not asking him to be Kevin Garnett or Kendrick Perkins defensively. -- did get a couple blocked shot here a couple of rebounds and you'll be fine. I got that Sumner outstanding federal material much to an actual -- standing next may with a plate or in his career looking into. -- -- -- -- Well it -- call we're talking to one another no light on the big fitting in the demand all come forward blew me because -- -- -- -- if it. They -- -- to this team last year I don't think anybody thought the way they finish the way they played -- it before games that they could possibly turn on the switch they did. You're around his team a lot like you said he given you massages to Ray Allen what not of it resting on that this year even seen what. We could turn a switch on just that we did last year. Now I I think the big hit legitimately turn the switch on last year and typically done the switch on it would be gone now. And it can just you know between the injuries -- massive change and I don't think if there's a switched. They can automatically turn off I think they are legitimately struggling and trying to find themselves right now I think you'll -- like just ringing. You shut I didn't find his way offensively. With this team. These -- -- back in orbit for between planes and Tori playing explorer. That'll be lost that essentially put. He's really struggling to find its way all the featured event of war the not Krstic is well -- them. -- -- -- off and as the play went into this went through the injury Rajon Rondo is -- battle -- recital at. A mentality turning the switch on this journey that all the different it's just. Extreme of wanting to play together in one thing -- place. With new guys onslaught. Greg Claude Julien put his Bruins were topped practice on Sunday I get the impression that Doc Rivers had an out of the Norma. Tough for the usual practice yesterday available looking for the the same result kind of a refocusing for the steam. Yeah I -- I take a -- I think that there was still have a message site like -- yesterday by a couple of them. The meat grinder so this bickering you know you guys. So all the look at the -- in New York London on Monday night after the first after the Celtics -- -- -- doctors not a guy who. Typically. You know accuses YouTube -- soft. -- -- -- he's not typically guys who really goes off. On this team and let's go on a lucky caps do eat it on Monday and I think he liked a lot -- work. Disappointed I'll -- all about that come back on Monday. With the way that they played on Wednesday against Memphis I think he realized okay I can push some buttons again here plaque that's. Rajon Rondo the other night at the game question some of the play calling in and in -- -- to have two with three bread and butter plays we have. Where does that come from is that is that easy Colin -- outerwear what does that stand as far as that the short run and has some say in the plays that they call late in the game. I don't think it's necessarily calling dot and I think about the -- -- Through -- and frustration. With Rondo. -- -- touched on this. -- -- in the war and -- they wanna cut project in the mall and he still trying to get over the lawsuits. Good -- Kendrick Perkins and at that point guard. He still trying to figure out where Jeff Green like the ball where they're not Krstic. Like football Troy Murphy. And a call also Walt still trying to develop you'll get to play a lot with a -- it last. Because of the interest I think if there's this frustration with him that he's not playing the way that you played. Early in the season this frustration within that thing -- Quite as quickly as probably would've -- Well a lot of the new guys. He's not calling out dot. Even thought about a really good relationship and interest and relationship that the that the two can really cannot. Thought it a little bit with one another and it's not a bad coach player relationship like some coaching at some point cartel or public. Greg and Kevin Garnett we talked to new days look taken back -- surprised by Tony Allen's reaction kind of caught him off guard it. They'll think KG is one that really excited let's -- guys after they'd lose but you had a eight I must say touching interview with Tony after the game. And I'm sure was -- -- very meaningful to you. Was it good to see him the mixed emotions did he come back and have a game in and of how big it was for him. What if they liked -- but gone out. Tony on the floor immediately. You know it was it was like a split second reaction of the company's system. Typical emotional Tony -- -- Org and I'm stairway to Mexico and I can get more some emotional about this in these guys as well. Yup I I don't know one -- Celtics lose -- -- lose -- game I'm glad you guys like Tony Allen and Leon Paul and I and I know. -- there was a love hate relationship a lot times between topic sentence Tony Allen because of the way to -- play and because I think that I Victoria's worst enemy a lot of times what consult. What Tony didn't thank you when Tony doesn't take on the floor. He just uses that lesson to vote up -- place I think that's what he -- that we all respects. Like when he shot a player all the other that you over thinking and trying too hard. When he struggles please just go out there and displaced again I think that he's at his best. -- -- on their -- all right Rickie he delivered a lot to the basketball team and it of people ask this question the other night. At Coney Island re sign with the Celtics. Then do you start making those moves in the middle -- you need. Another -- and do you need to trade. -- -- Kendrick Perkins I think probably the answer is no -- get PA than you do and keeping Kendrick Perkins make you don't you don't try to chip bring. Greg the other so -- guy and -- the other guy we saw on here was Leon -- when he was so good at inside against the Celtics and and Troy Murphy at probably his worst game as a Celtic. Did they make the wrong decision they bring the wrong guy in in Murphy vs file. No I'm I'm I'm not -- second guessed that -- and you know what it's really easy. Africa's the last couple days people's second guessing that movement and -- in the Celtics. Pick up Leon -- and don't know it simply because you just that it is such former community play. Here's horse game it'll you know what -- months with the Celtics mix Ali I'm just awash in that first -- They wanted a guy who stretch the floor a little bit more. Leo I'm still. You know there's the question mark with the knees in the injuring him and every hole bought them and couldn't hold out for the rest of the season. Everything with former -- don't let the guys just yet. He -- earlier on this cease and it barely played new security was not in tip top in -- because that. And it's built the double what sort through them he's trying to get rhythm he's trying to get consistently. Without playing but Heidi get that rhythm and consistency. Without playing Phillips. It's really difficult to understand -- -- resumed playing twenty minutes a game because he can't actually afford do what I understand what threat Mercury. Partly developed that consistency that he's not planning on a regular basis I still think he's got something to add that to him. Much like you don't want don't be surprised it's. Like you do with me walk -- last if you remember. Many struggled down the stretch of the regular season but there were a couple of games where he hit big shots and came up big in the playoffs. I think you'll see the same thing with former -- what they'll be a gamer to where it makes a big shot at the couple -- 67 minutes of playoff in Mexico. Greg real quick circling back to Rondo for second. You you talked about his issues recently some say help some say emotional. What a a lack a competency that played worry you got a break and lamp was a one on two. -- -- Dicey but we've seen him take that to the hole he circled it back out it is Segal -- a bit of an offensive. Confidence issue right now. Yeah -- I definitely think so Matt play English and I watched it on replay a couple of I'm still like what you look like sort correctly lies. How would really -- ticket to the ftp aggressively. If you -- -- reach a lot of the very least. Just based on his -- that -- left the game in the war on commemorate a couple of jump shot -- access. The count surely would -- that back and relax a little bit you just tell by his reaction to basically say yeah I really need is I I think. Confidence standpoint he needs to put up. More he's like he did early on Saturday I think he needs a couple of game. What he had earlier on the seat to become the -- under that we saw in November December January -- that that China. Killer attitude again I think that -- a -- waiting a while. Greg Greg spot we appreciate it enjoy the game tonight. Our Thelma thank -- -- are you -- and we watch it on Comcast he is a Greg Dickerson AT&T hot line he joins us on find out what's possible. But the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible.

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