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Danny Ainge on the Celtics struggles leading into the playoffs and the return of the O'Neals.

Mar 24, 2011|

Danny Ainge joined Holley and Ordway for his weekly appearance and talked about the Celtics struggles since the Perkins trade and the return of the O'Neals... Shaquille and Jermaine.

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Danny Ainge joins us live. On the phone once mr. Angel are you today. Glenn good how are you Mike are you there I didn't hear you like up here. Like yard that's because -- talked so much on here -- you -- -- like a -- for what he's already complaining about performance and believable guy. I had six in my gambling pool. I Shaquille O'Neal postponed his visit to western today to be sworn is as a member of the Worcester County reserve deputy sheriff association. Did the Celtics discourage him from going out and doing listed. I wouldn't even aware. So he did this all on his own and -- problems. Market because. It it says O'Neill will reschedule according to -- -- Celtics senior director of public relations. Aside -- name there I figured the Celtics might have something. To do it as anybody said anything to chat about. Making all of these appearances and doing all of these community things. -- protection -- -- a lot of primary you know an advocate good all the things that he does and and they've internalized a lot of time in fact they hadn't been playing well you've been re happy so. But I think it's getting closer to what that's like. You know Danny we talk to you it seems like it's is coming off some disappointing loss you had one last night to Memphis at home. What what was your take on that game that you had the bottom line it YE. Lighted that does come out of here with a victory. Legal source ultimate losers playing like it's playoff. That they're they're basically in the playoffs right now I for their lives. And you know I just don't think we are and we try to turn it -- We don't give up that starts particularly offensively. And but I -- think and then we try to turn on that -- just went down the stretch we've been able to a couple of tried to get pretty good. And I think it is paternal mercy killing. You know -- into the execution. Even in the first quarter with -- starters. And I'll -- We had nineteen points at eight there go to second quarter last night. That you know what is so we're we're not playing well there it in any after the game consistently for forty minutes. Why why do you think it's -- disjointed go. I don't look at the -- that I think that well. I think a lot of it is effort. And what I think effort I mean I think -- Geithner are are all of -- hired this is the dog isn't that he's got a lot of injuries guys that -- -- -- Obviously more. And I think it's been. That we witnessed last year a little bit our guys have been pared down 88 all the playoff surround quarter. And I don't think that -- -- sense that. When you -- why is that they don't understand the urgency of the game plan right now. That word. In the letting opportunities such as home court -- slip by. Doctor this morning with the DNC said that it's much different this year than it is last year and last year. It was done by designed to cut the minutes back to get the guys ready and get the guys healthy. This year it's different could just sitting around here awaiting. For guys to get back here than you've got acclimate those guys to what you've been doing here. Do you think it stiff. Well I you know regardless. Of what I design I -- last year wasn't really quite the line you were sort of force. To do it -- just because KG was coming off for the surgery it. And that you all had them. A couple of thousand injuries. Solar power and force and there's not a mobile providers are we got hurt. But I think that strategically we we weren't gonna fight in grade it now -- it was more of or seek help the there's no word yet on court appearance last year Berkshire. Not flowing if you have a degree with -- -- Danny obviously the playoffs are playoffs start next month he can't predict what's gonna happen. But roster wise do you feel like are you confident. That you're gonna go into the playoffs healthy with the guys we've been talking about here -- with with Shaq and with Jermaine O'Neal. Yeah yeah yeah at the Jewish it is very quickly I think I mean I've watched him at this is Chicago yesterday about -- work out. It looked better than he looked all year. Better than he did training camp he bought twelve or thirteen -- in the acute belt here. And but yeah I think he will be out he doesn't have to carry. A huge load or in the Shaq Shaq looked better than you look. I think that. You're you're always worried something echoed down -- with those two guys are. But anybody means you're an injury to are key a really key player. It hurt any. So. You know we've been able to play pretty good about always. And all be -- all year from I mean there. The Perkins. Regarding playing beautiful little bit cabinet -- Around for quite awhile so -- -- -- and then burn a lot of -- Gujarat this group. This is a question just about operations how things work their behind the scenes -- you guys have a really strong medical team -- you -- wanted to best trainers in the NBA. Dream team trainer. Why why is Jermaine O'Neal aloud to you rehab away from Boston what's what is the benefit of that to you guys and to him. When we we talked about that and Eddie Eddie are great -- we have a great doctor -- here. The great -- conditioning coach Brian -- But doctors are fifteen guys that they're working at all. And you know I went out to Chicago I talked in great detail with -- about the decision not something that we normally do. The Jermaine paid quite a bit of money at Little Rock in the duet. With committed he felt that you'd get more individual attention. If there's a couple of -- -- sheep they asked you why aren't you wanna answer this sort of focus you know 100% focus on this you -- working out by day and I felt that rather than an -- Saying no. That he's a big boy he's an adult Eagles body as well anybody street. It's on the front -- to get healthy and be ready in the arm them or can darn good job. What is even doing out there is no basketball basketball wise that convinces you could you said he looks great. Convincing you that he could command understanding and you as a player would understand it. Being able to -- through the rigors of of a plane through the playoffs and having to do it now on a regular basis. -- to back it it'll let you rent wait 72 games last year and 82 game schedule. The spotlight any insult that little the swelling issued -- yup it was preparing and doing it. Earlier in the year is not happening right now I mean he would go through these. It's worked out he's in the weight room he's doing -- met sure he's still in strengthening of the squad and blue and use your shooting jump shots and you're doing the -- -- since. You know he's not -- at swelling up. And that's the first time all year that suffered since. Well since the surgery if it's been a lot better and that's what we're trying to do -- how the little cooking here thereby. -- -- the swelling that's preventing him from playing as well it's all play. And that that seemed to be cheered at that stage and I hope that it does. But he can't maintain that I would -- -- -- of Lindsay play. Let that get the -- play. In San Antonio week from today. What does he get back to Boston. That -- Jordan team this weekend at Minneapolis. And India. Danielle would ask you about Jeff Green -- centers throughout -- earlier a guy who has started for the majority of his career at that age. And then he is asked to come off the bench I'm guessing that is typical for a guy keeps him at that age because you don't see a lot of you know 24 to 45 year old Cecilia come off the bench and poverty is feminist by fifteen game and I'll be far would that help the team when you think that is. One of the struggles and you think that's a difficult thing to do for anybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he's Serb minute to play off the edge I think it is cut acute combat and point out that it's occurred. And and you know I think one of the class you're in the NBA. And and one of the most professional. Guys around and how he -- jobs are not worried about at all. And they just done a fantastic job of finding ways to be productive. I think that you know again well I don't think that those are. Legitimate issues -- -- concerns that we have right now aren't I think that. He's human we want regain your credit your New Orleans in the air and everybody in New York. What was the difference in the game. Different -- Ray Allen started -- if you are all -- for the game over KG played like it all our Rondo led by all our all our. I mean that's the difference in the game it's just it's just. Our main guy that got -- play really well the bit that great years politically normal and it -- average. They weren't average C. That's simple I mean I think that. All the other pieces -- big baby -- the year he went and gain a lot it was up to win in New Orleans and New York future green. Look at Israel trip required so as -- as -- -- or sort of -- -- page. You know they don't have to do it all by themselves every single night that they do more pieces that can help but still ultimately. You know we need to look at -- starts. Into really step up and take it and when they can play like all art we are really good. Would you like to settle play debate. That we have going here. My contention is if the leaders of your team the let's say this -- the Big Three still even though he got bit for victory KG. Pierce and Allen come to you. Before you treat parkinson's say Danny please don't do that you're asking for advice. Don't make this trade is not gonna make us better where I'm comfortable with that which -- to -- the trade what I say no to yes. Well I think Barack I could see a scenario where I might do it. Under you know I felt like it was just assure -- I would I would -- greatly to what those guys -- say. And that would not let my. You know I get there which is -- well. So based based on that answer daddy I'm guessing that you didn't have that type of conversation with those guys when you. Mentioned to them or doc mentioned to them what the team had in mind. It did not. Shaquille -- you brought the Jermaine O'Neal said he would play next week. In San Antonio what about -- I'm not sure I think that he years you know dated date starting about I think -- -- -- Probably not gonna play. Premiere put it in the year and -- the -- we're not at circuit it. When you say. Date today is there a. We could play in San Antonio or he may play the next game marked the game after that not not a certain. What are what are you waiting what are you waiting for. With him because. I woke up airports at the end like argue ready to play and you want to practice. Or go to flight and so of the -- virtue Arum. To say that you know are feel ready to go I mean that the players. You can't say hey you're gonna play tonight it up there are. And and so we chapter a little bit I think that Jermaine sort of -- plan that -- them they're two completely different types of injury. And the -- and a sort of an Achilles tendon and he worked rather have a as pain free as possible or he goes out there why. -- have been playing these games right now and so that's what we're trying to whip forward trying to wait to see it its lot more repudiate what last week. There's a report that -- talking contract extension would Doc Rivers were. But -- that are ongoing discussion with the -- in the last summer yeah. I told you what are those we want in and we -- contract discussions yeah. Is it woods would suffer like that be I know you guys wouldn't necessarily announced that it was something like that could something like that be done. Before the playoffs start before the playoffs and. A lot I don't know it's sort of -- doctor there really liked to discuss is that both think during the season. He doesn't really want to drive himself he doesn't like. Player they're worried about. Individuals saying an individual contracts the thing and I think -- sort of either you got me here to elect a discussion. About contract the -- up and talk privately. And that will in the earth and I'm sure we'll have more conversation -- -- over. Hasn't said in past years that he likes to fake it out after he's able to get away from the season sounds. Like this has been a little bit different than that you guys have been talking about it during the course of the season. Well you know cut out contract or go out and we talked about an extension last year cut the lock out complicate things a little that little -- -- Possibility here by the time. I think they're. What will this continue to keep socket -- and I talk every day. About the team and what one comparable to continue our discussion but -- well aware. How much we -- merely. To be active -- have a long term. Contract extension and and and you know ultimately. I think it's gonna come down to do -- That he Warner. -- coaching. That he wanted to take a year off the surrogate away -- Instead I'm a layered notebook this thing which are. Odd time now for the SP allied no nonsense question of the week is brought to you by SP alive this week's question comes from -- -- A Milton Massachusetts and bill asked if the O'Neal's back for the playoffs what are your expectations. For them in terms. Of minutes and statistics. I don't currently expect it to her I mean I think they're between. Germany. Should -- Krstic and -- in -- Between the forum ma'am I expect from the sale or use mayor of -- position. And I expect that they'll be able to do that in and outlook wary about what it matchup so that that they simply have a lot of options there. There we asked you about in the NCAA is last week or that he got little lucky. Kansas was able to sneak by. A Boston University to another close game and halftime you watch and -- I won't watch it I wouldn't you market candidate to. That game and when you determine exactly when that citizen I would have been holed up. It excited them. They were hanging in there for awhile but I think they probably would as far as they were supposed ago Denny any truth to the rumors we keep hearing about Lawrence Frank and entertaining. Any offers in Tennessee. It -- he. -- has committed its coach and about. I have a theory -- -- will get. It's a contract runs out in the this year as well I have -- -- -- -- will be a candidate hurt. I can't all the opportunities and options out. -- a lot of options at least -- a lot of options this summer. I don't I don't know what it. Real unity it in the yet I have not called it -- call it yet. And talk more about it now. -- -- we'll -- -- actually at our Atlanta thanks -- exit any change president of basketball operations. For. Boston Celtics. The measure SPO -- no nonsense question of the week you -- chance to ask your question and win prizes like basketball signed by Danny -- And a chance to see degree in action visit is Beilein. Dot counts watch basketball. You submit your course we get back to the phone calls that such once -- 779 heroic that the 8885250. At fifty next you're an average. This interview with -- Danny age is brought -- you might Telemar laser right consultants 20/20 vision is great but 20/20 habeas better. Is it twenty Tony happy -- -- -- to your 20/20 happy today also -- they -- -- restoration specialists -- ERS search of all of doing. 24/7 at 8774611111. Or XE RS your dot com and by asking allies then no nonsense like insurance companies. Making coverage for your team at home even more affordable with the new lower rates for men and women. This as BLI dot com today.

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