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Kevin Garnett, Celtics Forward

Mar 24, 2011|

Kevin talked about how he is a huge fan of the TV show Big Love, what it was like to have Doc Rivers call out the team as being soft, his feelings on the trade of Kendrick Perkins, building chemistry with the new guys, his thoughts on the critics who say the team isn't as tough since trading Perk, how the team changes dramatically once Shaq returns and what happened after last night's game between himself and Tony Allen.

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Joining us on the eighteenth the hotline find out with possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible Kevin Garnett Kevin like -- -- you it was so you'll. I know Danny Ainge -- a couple of weeks ago that big love on HBO when your favorite TV shows with that back. There -- definitely. A new way. -- There's been a big glow of the -- executed well. A little bit better. Some great show great show so he knows all about though. The polygamous and all the hold on underground. There's sort of -- this serious picture but the six -- -- you know some stuff is gonna parallel to what was going on the reality. So -- go to you know engages your smug stated the -- moment you should actually in the home. A flow of the. So what should they -- finale the other night to watch again. No I have a little too -- government people just of that sort you know that a lot about service -- -- dornin data can accomplish all those who back Obama you don't. There's dust that's my best understood Mahmud this little consequence so. We just Marshall please do not see any theatrical personality. I'm not saying anything. -- -- sparked dismantle hooked on poked him those two. Goes to show let -- emotional. You know those emotions -- But the they KG you listen we all know the competitor you on how intense you wanna wanna know what it was like for you. Did Doc Rivers come out of the to the New York game and halftime and and basically call you guys is to say your plane soft. It alone don't there was only one of the they're the room. You know there was -- there really wasn't. Cool little. But daughter as a way of mortal weakness in the more than one way. You don't have to push buttons you know so we do adjustments on. -- must -- out in early said. You know. He's very good you know -- -- this -- -- is obviously you -- us to vote above news first reform. But that'll -- you got lac won't that was -- -- you don't. Know who told them you know. But I was an -- legitimately you know Mike's widow so he was cool there and it -- But like us they're married you know so -- -- -- bulldozers knows how to push buttons you -- -- He knows us you know and we don't don't take your personal you know because electrocuted in the room -- one. Evaluation. From two perspectives. And reduce their total. Conclusion you. You know there's -- -- way you take you know reporter ask -- the moon who. Put that news release here you could take political worries and don't -- you know -- course assault. -- culprit which you know -- sort of missile toward entry there but I like ranged orbit. And a totally kimbo would allow more hello synergy among them -- -- A brigade. And we got stops -- -- we. Kevin you were pretty emotionally teammates -- emotional when Danny made a tough decision a trader -- Oklahoma City. What's the transition like it's been fourteen games is it feel normal yet play without Kendrick Perkins. Meanest reality auto. Analyst -- other movie. Alone. Deployed as much as it does hurt much you know that you are mostly text alone. So point -- -- over you know most notably used to do the ghastly and -- to change. And but please -- -- it is reality so I think there's simple you. Revolving -- that British. Just -- -- -- ago we've been. The ability chemistry status these -- gaga and made their children local. Home. -- can understand the level of discipline in the professionalism and all those -- -- -- -- Responsibility. Player ought to be very. You know we know we've reached its purpose and we've. You know what's been reading almost everywhere workers or autoworkers and Colombian grown -- -- every -- you try to get better. Just don't talk to promotion -- we've seen over economy and reduce some -- -- -- -- before we do each other you know -- -- loan would be probably. 78 together no social us with each other. No one guy just -- -- to build support. You know we do we really like each you know that is a very very very -- in -- -- and those are virtually gave. You know the team -- between just all the -- to eleven to 1213 double. All social until each other's way of -- informed -- in the so very. -- You know American. Sasha. They'll -- Brothers. But -- welcomed its discover Whitaker is usually go to Kenya -- -- got to do it so that they know people are available click here. Go to. Student -- about it just -- -- in the heartland. But. -- -- Here we go we -- team a little table browsers do though and we really -- removed. So -- page achieving those they've of those. No you don't street tour Murphy's Sasha. Very very very very. Detroit told those -- that was seen at SeaWorld all edited by the other team news together 24 almost 24/7. That's probably well we you know. -- the bucket so keep I'll split. There's also while we were so close and water chemistry as to where it is -- Did you -- Chris Broussard on earlier in the week talking about your team and and the effect of Kendrick Perkins trading sent. There before that treaty guys knew you with the toughest in the league and he felt that some people -- -- the league now with -- being gone that. Maybe you guys a question out -- a -- law is it safe to say that you probably disagree with that statement. Mean just because the first serve in an expert there meaning an expert in -- -- an opinion. Everybody. You know being evaluated -- -- People should realize that. You know -- was one of well. -- -- he was me is really really good news talk. Home. We have built their chemistry report. Just over just as we have was shattered in jail bloopers for the whose players bring similar type presence. But to community which -- the united whereas some that he brings to -- And older definitely agreed to stated that there was or. We'll just I'll play that works us. That would -- documented by the develop and I'll log obviously we've. -- -- -- -- -- But whichever understandable player without the big. And detailed coach video. To say that we don't have to say. Who's presence you're right we don't. It was a brutal physical presence. But. We also. Have -- -- lost Shaquille O'Neal and -- Mayo so. I think that we actually that would not -- attainable results and so has calorie you let we'll agreement. But. We've been playing with the actual -- Big physical presence student so. Oprah was buffalo and we are deployed without. And we still aren't being. Home. So a -- mumps and my guess -- Jerusalem says there was still foreign to me. Played without major pieces so you know I really don't really wanna see -- full -- you've already wanna see us. Everybody. On the roster or the team on the bears playing minutes quotations. You know usually you know Shaq being in Biloxi got hurt so he was -- -- -- he was. -- okay index -- color he was -- you know who just want they got another policy that's what club. And ask -- question -- is losing part of -- did do its cost sources tell everybody. Reopened a physical presence on his -- -- look at the Rican duo. Kevin what about shack we'd always try to get back we talked a couple weeks ago news how does your team change when you get the big Fella back in lineup. There's dramatically -- you have no pulse president by the presence through those factors physical -- In the hall and possessed -- -- he's known from the -- to blow locals though. Operates by the people and our lieutenant Susan JO you know -- goes. Who's been our party's gonna. He's he's he's vertigo and you know who declared change in the -- you know -- presence that we -- him. In the -- -- -- you can't teach art. And anybody told you we have those too about this book you know put -- -- -- one obviously this -- totality but. You know -- applaud a year -- you know everybody's been interpreted by national media pieces back. Fatigue goes in addition. I mean again. And themselves and -- you know coaches or -- -- stations and on so -- -- at this point. Everybody that's everybody on all in the constitution and keep -- help the of that same title winning games and gators. I actually kill Hitler -- And -- -- put themselves in position to where they have home court -- little different. A lot of question bush check -- when he's gonna come back and you look at his style of play yourself coming back from injury may take some time to confident -- get that rhythm offensively we look at Alex jacket his skill set. How how important you think it has -- just get a couple games and he think he needs more than that may be to give beckoned us. Texas there's been an enormous he was afforded 4640. Minutes old -- they'll plug these -- -- In other rhythm of their nuclear do you terribly you know explained you know middlemen usefulness and are -- between twelve it would -- Assures me this debate because without the government any level in -- -- can really give you probably know that specifically but. You know it's pretty basic two assessment do. Don't involve you -- You know being in so many different. You know position -- -- albeit -- a pain there and have to worry about common notion Toledo combo of -- -- you know it's gonna give the ball in the spots. We know is can we play -- little -- -- being an American. Just need to probably out of Stabile government. And induce and current quarterly but other than that medal and a and are really concerned about conducting a process that was incorporated Merrill purchase all of them new life. On the go alarming. You know Gaza understand those games which are negated down there. Don't understand what it is you restore and how we go look how hall resort -- ousting salute. Could reduce this to me you know little little trailer and office two weeks. It is nice save your one stop facility in dilution would execute. And try to -- -- and so tumultuous place in. To target these and you got to understand what adored here I'll -- doors. This is challenged. But on the elect who's used to that approach to what we would lose the picked us you know a circus this article where of of them have been watching. Uses excuses. President do you think you've done but Rome. You have to check back -- personal them I was can machine ripped them. I think with the new guys actually use is too concerned about. Not a major. Kevin last one for me I noticed watching the game last night your reaction. To Tony Allen's reaction. Like he caught off guard a little -- was celebrate becomes its the Boston Memphis wins -- close game. Did did he scary a little bit did he surprise you with that responsible look on your face is priceless. Mittal is scary though fault -- source told to your little brother. I don't know how much you want I knew how much -- you Leo want to play well comment here. And a big -- smaller world as you know all the people -- to -- the -- here. And home. Goes -- this is -- celebrate whatever. -- caught off a little bit of foam from the did antiques. And part of me want to do is wolf call it a little total good game and it started in house correlate. Across closely to. So's you know the bearish outlook you know a note to -- I know I'll bet you Leo want to. The award winner. So our analysis of what is traditionally used to compare the visual compete. It'll -- unity god knows what made in my. But he such a barrel where -- -- -- we played great dude play we're cool we'll give you these guys a little foot. A home the night was there was it was emotional and so. -- we appreciate the time today enjoy it as you guys get ready for the post season enjoyed the the final hours of bill Hendrickson in the folks on big love. A word you just keep -- I'll which gently. KG areas Kevin Garnett nice about the -- a series are Celtics player of the week are Celtics player interview. Is brought to you by the new blows video wave entertainment system is simply have to experience it. To believe that experience talking to KG we'll talk more about it next.

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