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Doc Rivers talks about the loss and what's wrong with Rondo

Mar 24, 2011|

Dino and Gerry talk to Doc Rivers about the recent struggles of the Celtics and what's wrong with Rajon Rondo.

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Doc Rivers is brought you might tell a mobile laser eye consultants 20/20 vision is great but 20/20 happy is better. This is 20/20 happy dot com to fight your 20/20 happy today and by Herb Chambers Chrysler -- die with locations in Denver's in -- we've got to get -- chambers dot com and by Mikey -- here doctor doctor -- at 1800 get hair. -- go to the Boston Celtics to Doc Rivers joins us. Lucky jumped in the -- conversation people we'd like to punch in the mouth without fear of retribution anybody come to my -- a. No one. -- -- -- All you Europe pacifist who -- what's official was that you Dell yelling at about the goaltending call last night. Movement anymore. Johnny get -- just the American you know wanna punch me just one of the talk to yeah I eight -- Out of all the stats that work kind of an -- issue and called a classic -- that that was an ugly loss was not fair to say. There was a smooth and played well but I told we should've won -- Yeah I wanna get to that in just a second but of all the stats that aggravated you last night after the twenty turnovers which I suspect would be first and foremost. Does the difference. A 5226. In the paint stick in your -- more. Memphis is eleven offensive rebounds and 162 half chances also looks at four -- three or maybe some others that I haven't come up with. Don't want to depend a minute and all that duck and point and then when you did but welcome to rebound and -- those -- so. The book was pointing at. As well like you didn't warn about it worked on right. We've talked about it no more I'm gonna go as far as our preparation tool probably play in the men believed important agenda and a great opportunity. And -- know but they didn't that's probably the limit that would produce. I know the simplistic -- put to we're simple guys here on the net than the recent stretch the uneven stretch plus five of nine. It seems to me that that Rajon Rondo doesn't have. The confidence that you need to make this offense working hasn't taken all he's got. Ten free throws in the last nine games and he's not shooting well he's getting his assists his kitten in steals and rebounds but. Is -- playing with -- enough confidence. Coming back I would prevent bad thought you know went to a little stretch he was struggling. With the last day you can see it coming back over the last night. You know potent force the issue a little -- and a member -- Britain -- some place you know. Chad you're going to employ him. But -- build -- habitat -- -- vacuumed that but opened the relevant to utilize. Why do you know why he had. -- happened -- that it's -- it happens with a lot of guys remaining a lot of players -- You know you're so that's what did you put the ball diamond in the win when you get -- and so -- just children go to go out -- -- human. No one should wardrobe would've been -- -- and sometimes of having a more dramatic effect. The effects everybody else and and we hear. Begin with Rondo if he's not if they don't have to pay attention -- that'll have to cover him if they don't have to watch out for the drive. -- touch everyone's obviously because. And remember when that that would include domestic that would be good we can in the playoffs midnight. This bill will look like to know what the British and then go around there have been. No well -- devil ever pulled. On the blow somebody else who guided there and no. Don't need to go to that we've been through bad. -- -- would have mobiblu well. You can do this right now not playing great but he started to turn out well Gomez did confirm with debt. Our two part question out what would you like to have seen happen on the Rondo floater on the -- the shot itself going in. And I'm guessing that big baby shoot the three is exactly what you had in mind. No but you know look in the and they blew it was only five seconds left I want I want go to derived -- will always an open and American life. Also. You don't and then he grabbed the vote are scheduled -- he's trying to make -- play -- episode one -- but I can live with that. Well being run well look look I just know. Are they looked edited transition and I had a great view of it. But it's okay and I just assumed. Ryan who's gonna do -- can make -- play always tell our guys in the league game I don't go to about what we want our best score. To get the ball. And so obviously to myself we're not going to time out more than probably commission. Well where was peers going on the play one bit baby got the three seem to be run into the corner or running away rather than. A curling off. Lindstrom and local -- sort of bad news for Kevin. -- -- -- the -- your problem and then. But I believe they do they do this at its reform. And the -- very well and no one -- as good -- that we don't have a three mr. adequate to with a drive because they won't argue. And -- and well and he wouldn't -- the program. -- talk about the psychology of turnovers and how they build during the course of the game. -- -- it seems to me that once you start turning it over tends to -- and blossom. But that's counter intuitive is it not I would think that if you turn the ball over early in the game you'd be a little more careful and not turn it over later in the game but sometimes just and the spread. We didn't have this year you know -- total was well that's good and I think of in the middle whose turn it over and we're gonna do -- play independent force turnovers and more important we took trying to love split even though. I wonder have resumed an important turnovers than them that's what they're doing well but -- would -- to the table you couldn't look it was turnovers. That created says one point oh with support to the Brett. Tony Allen clearly enjoyed that victory last night I'm sure Leon did as well although not as demonstrative Leo's -- demonstrated -- culture standpoint. Is it easier to take or harder to take when a former player or players come back and beat you. But it suits on the day when the -- there have been -- their ability to do with. -- You know what I didn't like -- you know I thought that they move more aggressive than us right throughout the day you know and then you can let. The retirement does come back to -- his former team. -- -- more do you know -- -- kept them about didn't embed the oil. Was Leon somebody that you and your organization considered the deadline. We looked -- but don't -- this was. Injury wise blues in Madrid -- We just couldn't get good care. If there a tough team inside and we saw that and you knew that common in. Why only three and a half minutes for Troy Murphy -- One struggle to have true got a big -- guys have mellowed toward going to be an enforced. Toward the -- that's gonna spread the floor. -- wouldn't put toward Murtha to be -- it's subsidized in the military and than we ever -- broke through whatever issues. I mean I understand when when the the -- boys come back. We probably won't see a lot of Troy but I just think he needed some size or some somebody. -- -- -- Commended for Detroit. Is good god it's Red Bull dog attitude you would record small. But Troy that's autism limiting them billion Kevin Garnett didn't use size more than tour. So is the time and that the interview when you give us an estimate estimated time of arrival for Shaq and Jermaine O'Neal. I don't such good bad human enjoyment and Indiana I didn't know that the opinion you're gonna play. Then we'll join it in Indiana. No game went down look at them I just looked great and -- that's a different. I hope we sit com we'll be back with in the mix about as good as well. The sultan that we're gonna commit terrible horrible estimated. All the -- to 210 and oh at home against Eastern Conference teams and eight and seven against the visitors from the west. Is that significant of anything. No completely -- love women food and I don't have to -- more. And and looking at the in the remaining stretch yeah what does it. He of Charlotte Friday night and another road it's -- mean one has to happen for you to be ready for the playoffs obviously last year we didn't think you ready for the playoffs you proved everybody wrong. -- the policies in camera on it is not possible again you the things don't look just right right now. Kenya policy flip a switch that's two too glib but can you make that adjustment in the postseason stats and make us all forget this last nine games stretched. Are you haven't moved about. But last year and this year is different I will put that last year it was more our. Doing that on purpose. Met them and then would recognize. We're born with two hour practices and I'm just trying to lessen your. Bill -- fifteen to one -- at Princeton. Because no matter open that would try to get open. This little wind for a global low bid for the Nobel about the you know world changes in general pace and know when you don't get much started the main instrument off the bench with them. They can end here in the event conviction that stronger. -- Up to play better. Improve. We have to get over the back which we -- and someone. We have time to do that. But that's what we need to work. -- healthy personnel returning and just winning ball games between now on the post season beyond those two obvious things what will tell the head coach this team is ready to go into the playoffs what what specific things. Well I wouldn't really and more local personnel -- just no rhythm back yeah and didn't you know our continuity back -- -- everybody and it's about. No you can try to deter rotation down because they're the guys back -- welcome -- I don't know if you've senior Sports Illustrated yet this weekend you dark. Faces in the crowd you have Waverly near she's a track. Runner and Indiana and then the second one Austin river's Winter Park Florida basketball. Which I'm not surprised we -- good. His son is but then he says he was named McDonald's all American. Male player of the year. Joining his father. To become the awards second father son winners so you're the player of the year in the whole country. Was at McDonald's game you player. Are you McDonnell today but. No. I'm blue blooded met with more than a million also the man I wasted no better. And do one word momentum -- the moon and McDonald's. While. I didn't know I mean we we obviously in New York good -- in earlier and that we knew we knew at that age where you this kind of stuff I shot. And it's unbelievable. -- -- -- Well but Google -- you know doing different uppermost slope. Liberal -- include noted to time that was considered the probably -- a little -- to the -- politicos for about four -- five years. Did you have a long list of schools and as it was market. Like the place she wanted to go along. There was too -- at the par -- in Vienna. You know lead you to believe -- -- -- -- -- -- because they're gonna do what I would limit their -- After I play you have to -- much -- -- told Adam what we'll let go into the bar and upload. Two big. No matter how to not days allies since the Pentagon you'd -- clear -- -- Did you do you know. Your coach at the curly Howard was a year your choice plus you know bonds. I know bode well. Terrific and their ability to route to job so bitterly that reform the market. I wouldn't want to. The buzz going and say. One like Austin following dad's footsteps at. Yeah well -- didn't go to new. Clinton wouldn't go anywhere military the Mississippi. That. -- operation conversation docket next week. Doctor -- Dennison talent on the AT&T outlined -- -- -- possible that nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. -- possible.

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